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How About Tomorrow?

Author: Adam Elmore & Dax Raad

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Adam and Dax discuss web technologies, the internet, and the future of (basically) everything.
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Matt chats with Adam and Dax about becoming a voice coach and how that's translated to creating courses and writing books for people wanting to learn TypeScript and coding, the differences between America and European living, Formula 1 racing, juggling, video games, board games, and what Matt's working on next.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.Matt Pocock (@mattpocockuk)Professional TypeScript Training by Matt Pocock | Total TypeScriptFootball ManagerEuro Truck Simulator 2Formula 1 DocumentaryWatch The Queen’s GambitCosmic EncounterCastles of Mad King LudwigGeek EntertainmentTeach for Life-Changing MoneyTopics:(00:00) - Dax is excited for... (00:39) - Voice and accent coaching (05:26) - Teaching tech vs teaching voice (08:47) - Communication as a freelancing power up (14:19) - Is working 8hrs a week the actual dream? (21:36) - Educating Dax and Adam on European life (24:30) - Key (not pee) break (26:00) - Fit and fat, sit and sat (27:19) - Learning to juggle (29:05) - What video games does Matt play? (34:22) - Formula 1 watching (38:47) - Getting into chess (43:37) - Board gaming (48:50) - What's Matt working on next? (57:24) - How many browser tabs do you have open at once? (58:36) - The economics of book publishing
Dan Abramov chats with us about getting hired at Meta, making the move to Bluesky, centralized vs decentralized, product work vs framework work, Bluesky's development and future, and how mean Dax is on the internet.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.dan abramovdan ( — Blueskydan 2 (@dan_abramov2) / Xoverreacted — A blog by Dan Abramovgaearon (dan)ExpoAaron FrancisTopics:(00:00) - So called "entertainers" (00:45) - Hi Dan (02:11) - Hiring on a global scale (05:02) - What's the process like for getting hired by Meta? (09:09) - How has it been at Bluesky? (19:06) - How do you feel about centralized vs decentralized? (23:46) - How do you enjoy product work vs framework work? (27:53) - What's the next milestone for Bluesky? (34:19) - Using Expo (43:11) - How does Facebook think about React? (50:19) - Is the internet too mean?
How About Mostly Technical?

How About Mostly Technical?


Adam and Dax were guests on the Mostly Technical podcast and so we're rebroadcasting that conversation on our feed for your listening pleasure. We take on the Laravel vs. JavaScript discourse, selling coffee over the command line, and a lot more.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.Mostly Technical with Adam and DaxWatch it on YouTubeServerless FrameworkStatMuseLinearVercelAaron's video about Laravel + Livewire terminal dot shop on TwitterBillion Dollar Creator (Podcast)terminal x LaraconAdam's course on AWSTopics:
Taylor Otwell and Ryan Florence join us to talk about whether "full stack" is a term worth using in 2024, how Laravel differs from Rails, why there isn't a real JavaScript community, what Taylor would like to see from the Remix community, and whether Laravel is like Canada. Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.wip: terminalButcherBox: Meat Delivery SubscriptionCloud Monitoring as a Service | DatadogConnect, Protect and Build Everywhere | CloudflareAdam Wathan (@adamwathan) / XWhat is Amazon API Gateway? - Amazon API GatewayInertia.js - The Modern MonolithReason · Reason lets you write simple, fast and quality type safe code while leveraging both the JavaScript & OCaml ecosystems.Topics:(00:00) - Filthy JavaScript developers (00:30) - What does full stack mean? (10:46) - How Laravel different from Rails? (16:17) - Is the frontend and backend team divide real? (18:47) - Why isn't there a JavaScript community? (36:32) - Are JavaScript frameworks in the best position to be the fullest stack? (46:18) - What about Blitz.js? (49:34) - What would Tayor like to see from the Remix community? (54:41) - Is Rails worse than building an app with Cloudflare? (56:38) - Is the top of funnel for web development JavaScript? (01:07:17) - Is Laravel like Canada?
Can you tell that Adam's moved his desk? We talk about how Adam's making banana ice cream, time travel possibilities, the opportunities afforded us as software engineers, being optimistic or a downer on Twitter, the Google IO event compared with the OpenAI event, and reasons to build identical houses.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.wip: terminal (initial commit)Ninja™ CREAMi™The Order of TimeCarlo Rovelli’s Time OrderGoogle I/O 2024Introducing GPT-4oHerDune: Part TwoTopics:(00:00) - This is the beauty of editing (00:47) - Adam's moved (his desk) (02:47) - Our partner for coffee (10:52) - Adam makes banana ice cream but with a new device (15:03) - Is time travel possible? (18:43) - Opportunity cost as a software engineer (36:47) - Gamestop stock is surging again (40:19) - Debbie Downer vs Optimistic Adam (56:04) - Learning from Crypto to inform AI (01:02:13) - The Google IO event (01:07:22) - The OpenAI event (01:11:17) - Her, Dune 2, and good audio (01:15:13) - Why would you build an identical house? (01:22:17) - Listening at 2x speed
Dax has parenting advice for everyone, Adam worries about the point of even living, college as a scam, and theories on the anxious generation.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.Dax's picture of AdamApple apologizes for iPad Pro ‘Crush’ ad: it ‘missed the mark’ | Ad AgeiPad Pro CriticizedRyan Florence’s iPad AngerDax Interview ImpactAnxious Generation BookTopics:(00:00) - It's just like having a dog (00:33) - The third time's the charm (02:02) - Dax's good news (06:00) - Apple's iPad announcement (18:37) - Parenting and technology (28:53) - Haircuts (33:08) - What is the point of being alive? (42:28) - College is a scam (54:01) - Terminal shipping
Are Dax and Adam (and the rest of the crew) drug dealers? We're talking about the coffee industry, what is built on, the origin story of, and how cool it feels to ship physical goods in the real world that real humans will hold in their real human hands.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.wip: terminal (initial commit)Charmbashbunni - TwitchTopics:(00:00) - Dax realizes (again) how amazing he is (00:29) - Dax ruins oat milk (06:14) - EVery company is now a tech company (11:57) - Learning about the coffee industry first hand (15:05) - Terminal coffee update (30:41) - How did we build (38:19) - The fun of running a physical goods business vs software (45:04) - The origin story behind (53:49) - Working with a legal drug
Everyone's recovering from React Miami and the party at Dax's - oh and we launched a company for buying products like coffee in the terminal! Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.terminal.shopTwitchConTopics:(00:31) - This episode brought to you by our sponsor (01:53) - Catching everyone up on the last few weeks (06:48) - How was Miami? (12:28) - Waving at the summit (18:50) - How walkable is your city? (24:43) - How late do you eat? (31:26) - Building for the terminal
Adam's flying as you read this, and he's definitively not still sick. We're talking about Adam's internet being hacked, updates on our secret project, Cloudflare news, NextJS and Vercel benchmarking drama, and very important planning for React Miami and what to feed Adam.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.Cloudflare acquires PartyKit to allow developers to build real-time multi-user applicationsCloudflare acquires Baselime to expand serverless application observability capabilitiesReact MiamaTopics:(00:00) - Adam is basically here. Here being in Miami. (00:37) - Dr. Dax diagnosing Adam (04:34) - Why is sound on the web so bad? (07:05) - Is someone hacking Adam's internet? (12:09) - Update on our secret project (13:11) - Cloudflare news (17:48) - NextJS Vercel infastructure (27:45) - Benchmarking Vercel (33:21) - Is it possible to have a good console? (38:00) - There's only so much caring in a company (41:05) - Plans for React Miami (51:49) - How we going to feed Adam?
How long do you think Adam's crazy expensive Apple monitor will last? Dax tries to pass off all his front end tasks to Liz, Lambda fixed a streaming bug, Adam catches up on Cloudflare Dev week, Dax tries to make fun of Adam about Huberman, AI rizz and Gaussian splatting, and LEGO, Disney, and Universal all nailed it.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.Home · tmux/tmux WikiVisual Studio Code ServerJosh’s Online CoursesCopilot ProgrammerThe Pillars of the Earth (miniseries)Suno AIDax’s AI BangersThe Cloudflare BlogAaron Francis on X: “@thdxr I’ll wait, thanks.” / XCalifornia Workers' RightsAndrew Huberman Profile3D Gaussian SplattingTopics:(00:00) - The mystery project is... (00:42) - How long does a monitor last? (02:25) - Who wants to do front end dev really? (15:42) - Is AI just crypto bros take two? (34:44) - Would you chill at a relaxed job vs going to create more in a company? (38:15) - Lambda fixed the streaming bug (45:19) - Cloudflare Dev week (54:51) - How does Cloudflare pricing really work? (01:06:49) - React Miami teaser (01:08:33) - Was Twitter boring this week? (01:10:36) - Is working long hours in software dev bad? (01:18:50) - Andrew Huberman's methods of control (01:26:08) - AI has no rizz (01:30:47) - Gaussian splatting (01:36:58) - LEGO nailed it (01:41:31) - Disney nailed it (01:43:08) - Universal nailed it
Adam tries on a chain for Florida, Linear fixes GitHub Issues issue for Dax, big vs small vs medium dev teams, how long do startup devs actually have to develop, how much of a factor is luck in a startup's success or failure, Disney and media bundling and unbundling, and are Adam Sandler movies actually any good?Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.GitHub Integration – LinearPaddle – The complete payments, tax, and subscriptions solution for SaaSPaddle Board RentalsBaumol EffectBundling and UnbundlingClaude  AnthropicAdam Sandler FilmsUncut Gems 2019 Film ReviewsReact MiamiTopics:(00:00) - Squeeky boom (00:28) - Adam tries on a chain - or is it a necklace? (03:55) - Do you track your sleep? (04:38) - Linear fixes GitHub issues? (10:08) - Big team vs small team vs medium team (20:57) - Where do startup founders go when their startup dies? (25:02) - How long is the window for a developer? (30:11) - Do you feel like it's all going to come down to luck? (38:21) - It feels like any aquisition feels like a failure (42:08) - Disney, IP, ESPN, and sports rights (48:08) - Bundling and unbundling (50:07) - LLM pricing instability (54:02) - Let's cool it on the robots (56:11) - Are Adam Sandlar
Dax talks about the launch of SST Ion, a video he shot to promote it and get ahead of the q's people ask, what the migration path is like, should companies still do a launch week, the benefits of an SQLite production, catching up on Astro DB, should Adam take a detour into Zed land, Dax goes Mac, finding time to watch movies or play video games, and physical limitations overcome with neural implants.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.SST Ion is finally hereIonsst/ion: ❍ — a new engine for SSTExperience up to 40% faster stack creation with AWS CloudFormationHow we sped up AWS CloudFormation deployments with optimistic stabilization | AWS DevOps BlogNavigate the AWS Maze with Confidence | Pro AWSAstro DBTurso — SQLite for ProductionPrettier DaemonZed Coding SpeedArch LinuxRaycastAlacritty Terminal EmulatorTinker Tailor SoldierAI Business AppsNeuralink enables chess playTopics:(00:00) - 10 years of Arch will do it to you (00:39) - Launching SST Ion (13:49) - What's the migration path right now? (15:30) - Should companies still do a launch week? (18:39) - What are the benefits of SQLite based development? (25:26) - Catching up on Astro DB? (31:18) - What is SST competing with? (34:07) - Should Adam take a detour into Zed land? (35:31) - Dax goes Mac (44:20) - Finding time to game or watch movies (01:06:14) - Did you remember Neural Link? (01:12:19) - Physical limitations of getting older
A brief list of topics discussed in this brief episode: New Jersey follow up from last episode, PlanetScale layoffs and performative twitter responses, free tiers aren't going to last forever, the Devin AI demo, Astro's file format choices, Adam has no thoughts about capitalism, does online bitterness extend to real life, why aren't more of us using Cameo for shit posting, Adam needs more movies to watch, and Dax learns about Adam's LOTR obsession.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.Aaron Francis (@aarondfrancis) / XHow About Tomorrow?Devin: AI EngineerCopilotAI Pair ProgrammerGPT Prompt PluginCursor Code EditorHomeI Am LegendI Am Legend 2007 Francis LawrenceFavorite Stars PersonalizedEx Machina Film ReviewOscar Best Picture Winners by NayanThe Wolf of Wall StreetKillers of the Flower MoonNolan’s FilmsScorsese’s FilmsQuentin Tarantino FilmsThere Will Be BloodNo Country for Old Men Film ReviewDune 2021 Film ReviewsDune: Part TwoGuillermo del Toro FilmsThe Fellowship of the RingIan Mckellen Hobbit BreakdownKing Kong 2005 Peter JacksonMulan TrailerMarley & Me Film ReviewsPlanetScale performs layoff and prioritizes profitabilityTopics:(00:00) - Adam leaves special messages for you on YouTube (00:37) - New Jersey slander on Twitter (06:00) - PlanetScale layoffs (14:37) - Performative Twitter and the stupidity of responses (21:14) - The free tier system (29:22) - Weird noises in the yard (31:52) - The Devin demo (41:07) - Astro choosing their own file format (45:01) - Adam doesn't think about capitalism (51:44) - Does online bitterness extend to real life? (57:58) - Is the future going to be cleaner or messier? (01:04:16) - Why is Twitter the best developer community? (01:05:20) - Cameo as an underutilized service for shitposting (01:09:10) - What movies should Adam watch? (01:17:08) - Miami plans (01:34:52) - Adam sold a domain
Dax's internet is bad, but so are all the internet providers. Should Ken buy a farm as a backup plan to when AI takes over? And does Adam ever feel anything at all? What if this is all a simulation? And how has humanity survived this long really?Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.Astroesbuild - An extremely fast bundler for the webBuy Trees Online | FastGrowingTrees.comStardew ValleyTransistor‎The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) directed by Martin Scorsese • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd‎Dunkirk (2017) directed by Christopher Nolan • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd‘Dunkirk,’ With Quentin Tarantino, Sean Fennessey, and Chris Ryan - The RingerShōgun (2024 miniseries)(00:00) - Shhhh Ken's back (00:28) - Dax's bad internet (02:33) - The internet's bad internet (04:01) - Working on large, old shit (10:28) - Will tree shaking ever work? (13:11) - Buying a farm instead of dealing with AI (14:52) - Mango talk (21:27) - Does Adam feel anything? EveR? (27:41) - What do you do when you hang out with people? (28:38) - Ken's thoughts on AI (37:07) - What if we end up in a simulation? (42:41) - Shogun and exploration (47:12) - How has humanity (and Dax) survived? (01:02:14) - Do people just hang out anymore?
Dax is on the move, Adam learns about grills, and Ken Wheeler stops by for a two episode conversation arc. In this episode we're comparing weather, what we do in a hotel, fishing in the Ozarks and hunting in New Jersey, visiting a temple, using ChatGPT voice to learn, and the kids these days have no respect for NSync.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.DowndetectorBig Green Egg: The Original Kamado, since 1974Kamado Joe® | Ceramic Grills | Ceramic Smoker | Kamado GrillSlow Productivity: Cal Newport On How To Escape Burnout, Do Your Best Work & Achieve More By Doing Less – Rich RollNikita Bier on X: “Maybe we wouldn’t be so glued to our phones if they weren’t the most interesting thing in the world” / XStockX: Sneakers, Streetwear, Trading Cards, Handbags, Watchesbaps temple new jersey50 Cent: BulletproofMartha & SnoopSnoop Dogg Legal Action(00:00) - Worlds colliding (01:32) - How does Dax sound? (07:22) - Dax is still moving (11:24) - Adam learns something new today: grill edition (14:05) - Do you ever think about doing a different profession? (16:12) - Golf and data science (21:31) - Introducing Ken Wheeler (26:46) - Weather update (31:40) - The hotel experience (35:34) - Fishing in the Ozarks and hunting in New Jersey (43:06) - Visiting a Hindu temple (46:25) - Using ChatGPT voice to learn (49:22) - No respect for NSync
The SM7B is everywhere. Adam and Dax can't wait for their AI coworkers to arrive, but should you be concerned about your job with AI? And what does E/ACC mean? Adam asks Dax about his tweets and rules for Twitter. And the US healthcare system is broken with no fix in sight.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.SM7B - Vocal Microphone - Shure USAPerplexityDax on X: “you’ve all had co2 monitors for over a month now and i haven’t seen an improvement”Query Insights — PlanetScale DocumentationIntroducing the Data API for Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 and Amazon Aurora provisioned clusters | AWS Database BlogAI description of this episode.(00:00) - Do it at the beginning (00:29) - Mics and mic technique (05:32) - AI developer coworkers (18:09) - What does the best programming language look like in the future? (24:39) - Are we too optimistic about AI's future? (29:28) - AI is great for cleaning up data (33:17) - You don't have to be human with AI (38:16) - What does E/ACC mean? (40:39) - The White House says we should write Rust (42:07) - Adam asks Dax about his tweets (44:00) - Dax's Twitter avatar rule (46:24) - What's PlanetScale Insights? (53:18) - The state of health care in America (01:02:13) - Interest rates going down - or up? (01:03:39) - Meta ask: leave us a rating please! (01:08:03) - Would you get Neuralink?
Adam and Dax recognize they love monotony and physicality in work, and so are making plans for a post software career, Adam needs your help picking out a good movie to watch, why are web ad companies programming so poorly, how can we save our companies from AI, and how do you cope with being connected to everything everywhere all at once? Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.How to support the Zack DeRose family(00:00) - Adding a hazmat suit to Adam's wishlist (00:30) - Loving monotony in life and work (07:50) - Are software developers like film producers? (10:45) - Help Adam find a good movie to watch (15:57) - Finding weird reasons things work in the data (22:10) - Why are ads programmed so poorly? (25:15) - Will we always be a software programmer? (33:36) - How can I save my business from AI? (37:58) - Are we called software engineers? Developers? (44:49) - AI + databases as the future (51:14) - Coping with being connected to everything all at once at the same time
Adam's brain gets thrown off course, software rot vs serverless life, subscription payments vs one time payment myths, framework devs vs app devs, Adam figures out what Supabase is, Dax reviews an Apple Vision Pro and has thoughts, all while we're headed towards an AI utopia.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.TailwindOncePlexGitHub - benvinegar/counterscale: Scalable web analytics you run yourself on CloudflareAstroBulk Cloud Email Service - Amazon Simple Email Service - AWSConnect, Protect and Build Everywhere | CloudflareVercel: Build and deploy the best Web experiences with The Frontend Cloud – VercelSupabase | The Open Source Firebase AlternativeFirebase | Google’s Mobile and Web App Development PlatformFabrice BellardJonny KimThe Free Software Media System | JellyfinZuckerberg says Quest 3 is ‘the better product’ vs. Apple’s Vision Pro - The VergeMr. Robot‎Gemini - chat to supercharge your ideasReact Miami(00:00) - Chris will definitely cut this out (00:40) - Getting thrown off your week by issues (03:39) - Software rot vs serverless life (07:59) - Subscriptions vs boxed version (16:49) - Framework devs vs app devs (23:27) - Why can't cloud providers bake in dollar limits? (27:27) - Marker 7 (33:42) - What do you do if you're getting ddos'd? (38:40) - Cloudflare's origin story (39:49) - What's Supabase? What's Firebase? (42:42) - Reengineering Plex (44:48) - Take a visit to Fabrice Bellard's Wikipedia (50:43) - Dax's review of Apple Vision Pro (01:08:41) - Heading towards an AI utopia (01:19:35) - Adam's weight is not a static number and is always fluctuating
Can you control your body with your mind? What about your stomach and food? Adam's got more questions about Dax's tweets, SST is changing to Bun, Adam's tired of all the things but can't stop all the things, Dax is trying to move, and we all have a graph partitioning problem.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.Serial: Season OneThe ClearingJohn Carmack on XStardew ValleyMost Measured ManBlueprint Bryan JohnsonExposing SveltePaul Rudd InterviewBobbi AlthoffEffortless FinanceBun JavaScript RuntimeDax and Adam’s Podcast Guest SuggestionsTopics:(00:00) - Adam's not sick (00:34) - The power of your mind (04:03) - The psychology of food (06:49) - True crime podcasting (11:31) - Does the amount of people on earth feel more positive or negative? (15:25) - The developer family tree (18:22) - Do we need more haters? (27:26) - Who is Dax subtweeting? (33:05) - Why SST is using Bun (34:48) - SST live Lambda change (38:02) - What about our guests? (39:40) - Are you tired of everything? (46:04) - What about drugs? (49:19) - Dax is trying to move - you'll never guess where (57:41) - Our online persona vs reality (01:06:49) - Adam's graph partitioning problem
Why don't food companies sponsor podcasts? How rich does Adam need to get to build his own compound? Adam debates skipping on Svelte Melt and going all in on Solid with Dax. And a new segment arrives. Dax explains a tweet to Adam: Corporate Mumbo Jumbo edition.Want to carry on the conversation? Join us in Discord.Microsoft/fast: The adaptive interface system for modern web experiences.jQueryZag - Rapidly build UI components without sweating over the logic. - ZagAlpine.jsLitRadix UIIntroduction – KobalteSvelte • Cybernetically enhanced web appsMelt UIsolidjs.comModular Forms: The modular and type-safe form libraryZod | DocumentationMoving away from CDK (00:00) - Web standards voice guy (00:36) - Food companies should be sponsoring tech podcasts (05:34) - New money vs old money (09:00) - Bundle sizes but not really bundle sizes (12:54) - Why is the web standards process so slow? (20:13) - Web compponents, React, and why? (26:19) - Should Adam skip Svelte and go to Solid? (44:25) - Moving away from CDK (51:09) - Dax explains a tweet to Adam: corporate mumbo jumbo edition (01:03:53) - How's your memory doing? (01:12:38) - How do you listen to podcasts? (01:14:02) - Dax raps about React