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How Rude, Tanneritos!
A Full House Rewatch Podcast is here!!

Stephanie Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler are a pivotal part of American pop culture. These iconic characters are ingrained in the lives of actresses Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber for eternity.

Frenemies onscreen and BFFs off, they’ve decided to team back up and look back…from the very VERY beginning.

Think you know everything about your favorite Friday night comfort show? HOW RUDE!!

So join us, and say hola Tanneritos, as Jodie and Andrea tell all.

They’re heading home and our hearts are full.
28 Episodes
You know the first guest on How Rude, Tanneritos had to be a good one! Jodie & Andrea welcome Uncle Jesse himself, John Stamos, to the podcast to talk about his brand new, best-selling, memoir and his favorite Full House memories. Why did Jodie intimidate John since day 1? Which cast member found themselves late to cast intros because of a possible “moment” with a masseuse? And why did he dislike Bob Saget so much during the early seasons? It’s time to for John Stamos to carry us home - on the newest episode of How Rude, Tanneritos!See for privacy information.
“Just One of the Guys” Recap Season 1, Episode 18 It’s time for another Cameron to enter the Tanner household, as ‘80s heartthrob Kirk makes a THUNDEROUS cameo in the newest episode to recap. And no matter how loud the audience was, no one was more excited than a young Kimmy Gibbler, who’s back on the show and ready to go! We’re introduced to “geek burger” and there is no real grasp on the family tree yet - but we do know women don’t like, or know anything about, sports. Grab a pickle and get ready for a game of touch football - it’s an action-packed new episode of How Rude, Tanneritos.See for privacy information.
The ladies dive into their Uncle Jesse’s new best-selling memoir, If You Would Have Told Me, and share stories about their loving co-star, John Stamos.  They detail his annual cast pool parties and how just a little text from him can mean the world.  And who’s the only cast member now without a book? They answer this, and so much more, on the newest minisode of How Rude, Tanneritos.See for privacy information.
Gather around the hive, it’s time for a Honey Bees meeting - and another recap session with Jodie and Andrea. Danny is hesitant to finally move on and start dating because he knows how hard introducing someone to his kids could be. Or maybe he just knows he’s gonna make his date wait 45 minutes while he gets ready. We learn a major secret about getting Mary-Kate and Ashley to hit their marks and Jodie gets passionate about school inventive programs. Not to mention - boob and butt talk. You’ve been warned: it’s a new How Rude, Tanneritos!See for privacy information.
It’s time to kick the comedy into high gear, or at least try to, when Joey gets his big break in front of an HBO scout, but professional TV guest star Phyllis Diller arrives to steal all his thunder. And as if that’s not enough, Andrea returns when Kimmy Gibbler belts out a tune, with some helpful advice from a certain co-star. Jodie wonders where the duck went and they both agree: clowns are creepy. And can it really be that corporate Joey is better looking than Jesse? Some producers think so. Put in your Bracelets tape - it’s time to listen to How Rude, Tanneritos! See for privacy information.
We’re back in the mailbag for a new minisode where Jodie & Andrea reflect on the season-ending swag they got from their many years on Full House - and you can bet that Andrea still has it all! Which shirt is now worth $400? Who was on the show’s softball team? And is there anything more ‘90s than a Full House fanny pack??? Listen to our very own Antiques Roadshow, TGIF style, on the newest How Rude, Tanneritos!See for privacy information.
Jodie & Andrea are back and itching to recap - or maybe that’s just a raging case of Chicken Pox. Either way, Jesse has a massive doo-wop group with mullets and a turquoise shiny suit to match.  The Tanner household deals with a contagion in the family and though we haven’t met Mr. Bear yet, Stephanie sure seems to know what he looks like. And it’s important to establish how much babysitters made in the ‘80s. Blow the air horn - it’s a new episode of How Rude, Tanneritos!See for privacy information.
Love is in the air - and maybe a little too much - for our newest recap where Uncle Jesse finds a new love interest at Danny’s workplace. Jodie & Andrea analyze a possible love addiction, and try to figure out in what world giving a random baby a tummy raspberry is acceptable. What special relationship did Andrea have with this week’s guest star? How did they manage to get so many actors at the dinner table? And did Full House unknowingly create the F Boy? These questions get answered, and then more get asked, on the newest How Rude, Tanneritos!See for privacy information.
Jodie and Andrea are answering YOUR fan questions on brand new minisode! They recall all of the past guest stars that have come on the show from Little Richard to Kirk Cameron and, of course, The Beach Boys.  So get ready for some stories of booty slapping and stage tripping as the ladies remember all the legends that stepped foot on the Full House set.See for privacy information.
We need to talk to Mr. Oat Boat, because this recap is a killer! Jodie and Andrea sit down to tackle a classic case of jealousy amongst sisters when Stephanie accidentally books a commercial that DJ auditioned for.  And what a perfect moment for the debut of a very famous, and snarky, FH line! Hear all about what auditioning in the ‘90s was like, and what famous sitcom best friend was at EVERY audition. It’s time to call Information and tear open your cereal - it’s a brand new How Rude, Tanneritos!See for privacy information.
It’s time to welcome back Kimmy Gibbler, even if just for 3 minutes, and then weirdly pretend Joey never moved into the garage!  The Tanner family is ready for their close-up when Danny’s station is ready to profile their newest sportscaster - but have some notes about his surroundings.Jodie & Andrea use some real impressive words while critiquing a ferret and noticing the beginning of the DJ / Stephanie rivalry (which had some elements of art imitating life).  What iconic horror movie role did Andrea almost land? And why did Jesse call Jodie by her real name in a scene? It’s time to check back in on Full House - the San Francisco treat possibly sponsored by the Giants - on the newest How Rude, Tanneritos!See for privacy information.
Storytime Minisode #2

Storytime Minisode #2


Jodie & Andrea recently made the nostalgic pilgrimage to Tampa, Florida to participate in '90s Con, an all-out celebration of the decade's finest pop culture! Surrounded by other music, movie and TV icons, they're returned with stories, including their run-in with a 96-year-old Mr. Feeny and Jeff Franklin's first ever convention. And which Full House cast member keeps forcing their ASL translator to sign potty words? Hand over your friendship bracelets and join a boy band, it's time for a new How Rude, Tanneritos!See for privacy information.
Yes, Danny Tanner was only 29 when Full House started, which should make you feel ancient! But it’s still time to celebrate with a surprise party, even though Uncle Jesse has completely destroyed a car and and no one cares if he’s injured. Can you park a vehicle in the Tanner backyard? Absolutely. How? No one knows.Jodie & Andrea get into this, and belly dancer math, on the newest How Rude, Tanneritos!See for privacy information.
This description maybe TL;DR, but Jodie & Andrea are thrilled for this week’s recap, thanks to its incredible Janice Sweetin cameo! When Joey feels neglected, Danny has some surprise plans for a quick remodel - all while we find out how Bob prepped for America’s Funniest Home Videos while on the FH set. So say goodbye to the alcove, but hello to the “frunk,” on the newest How Rude, Tanneritos!See for privacy information.
Storytime Minisode #1

Storytime Minisode #1


We want even MORE stories from Jodie & Andrea - so we're sitting them down to answer one fan question per minisode and seeing where it takes us! And this first journey is quite a DOOZY. Find out which '90s superstar concert the cast attended in a limo and how everyone was almost killed in a drive-by shooting. And in happier news, the ladies reveal which cast member influenced their musical tastes forever. Listen in as we learn even more behind the scenes secrets on a brand new How Rude, Tanneritos!See for privacy information.
Nothing says "TGIF" like a holiday episode! Jodie & Andrea are tackling the extended Tanner family's first Thanksgiving and the complicated feelings that come with their first holiday without Pam. Hang with the ladies as they witness another beautiful Danny / DJ moment, a very burnt turkey and the layered emotional laughs that would later become Full House's calling card. What does Jodie remember from that incredible dance scene? Did an Olsen twin really pop a wheelie? And which cast member has a freakishly long tongue? Break out that legendary stuffing recipe - it's a brand new How Rude, Tanneritos! See for privacy information.
It's time for Full House's first flashback episode: a sitcom trope as old as John's tattoo is fake. Joey's Wizard of Oz skills steal a love interest from Jesse and now the whole family must listen to the gory details, which includes a 7-hour first date and something called "the Hoover method." Jodie and Andrea are worried about mosquitos and reveal what producers would use to keep the attention of the Olsen babies during filming. All this, and more behind-the-scenes details of a flirty character trying to break up the Tanner household, on this new installment of How, Rude Tanneritos...See for privacy information.
It's fight night in San Francisco as Danny gets a brand new gig as a Color Commentator for Boxing, even if Jodie and Andrea don't know what that means. We get our first big guest star with a Ghostbuster and find out if the kids on set sometimes actually made the gifts they gave their "dad" and "uncles." The music streak continues, but will the mannequin step up once again? All this AND reports from John Stamos's big 60th birthday party on this new knockout episode of How Rude, Tanneritos...See for privacy information.
The Tanners may have been Jodie’s sitcom family, but in reality it was her mom, Janice Sweetin, who was driving her to set everyday and changing her own life to accommodate ABC’s newest little TV star. Find out how Stephanie Tanner was ready for the spotlight immediately and which cast members had to be regularly reminded to keep it clean around the kids. And they honor Andrea’s mom, Sherry Barber, another supportive parent that helped make Full House possible. And yes, Janice still hates Sea Cruise.See for privacy information.
Jodie & Andrea tackle Joey’s identity crisis and realize it was probably difficult to get TWO identical leather daddy outfits. But it WAS easy to get a massive pink Walkman, as we learn about a fun Kirk Cameron Easter Egg and what Austin Powers has in common with Full House. And how did they get those Olsen Twin sounds? It might just surprise you. Pull up your chopper and play some Don Ho - it’s time for a brand new How Rude, Tanneritos.See for privacy information.
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Linda Taylor

Jodie and Buffy are from Family Affair.

Oct 24th

Levi brandsen

ohh please, let's not already start the podcast out talking about how "homophobic" certain moments are. it's ridiculous.

Aug 3rd
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