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I'm Horrified!

Author: Sam Buntich & Allie Raynor

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Sam Buntich and Allie Raynor are horrified. Enter an abyss of lighthearted panic and heartfelt hysteria with a podcast that explores the ups and downs of being alive in 2020 (all through the lense of two unconscionably anxious women). The world is chaos: be horrified with us.

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Do you hear the distant ding-a-ling of an ice cream truck? Are you instacart-ing your groceries but feel stuck on the frozen food page? Are you venturing back into the world and need tips on the best Cold Stone Creamery creation? Sam and Allie break down the best Ice Cream options for you. Don't get brain freeze, and be well!
Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter


Here's a link to all the resources we talk about in this episode: Be Well.
Today, we find the Greatest Meme of All Time, or the GMOAT. Would that be pronounced like G-Moat or like Gamoat? Either way, we discover it here today.
It's time for the theatre nerds to jump out. Today we talk about adaptations of Shakespeare's canon, and why Jimmy Neutron may have done it best. Grab your complete works, admire the performance of Keanu Reeves, and Be Well!
Today we ask the pivotal question when faced with three choices? Who would you share a night of passion with? Who would you share your life with? And who would you remove from this earth? Otherwise known as a good old fashion game of Fuck, Marry, Kill.
Sometimes, you just need to get away. And when you can't, you can still talk about your most unrealistic vacation dreams. Enjoy our tropical dreams, and Be Well!
Welcome back! This week we break down which conspiracy theories we think might be legit! Did we land on the moon? What's in Area 51? You'll find nothing but conjecture here, so enjoy and Be Well.
In honor of Midnight Sun's triumph, we cover some of our favorite Young Adult Novels. Enjoy the nostalgia, and Be Well!
It's time for a little something delicious. Get ready to find out our favorite snacks, and also listen to us scream about Midnight Sun for 10 minutes. Be Well!
We're all need to feed our souls during social distancing, but we also need to feed our bodies! Enjoy some of our favorite easy-to-make recipes, and be well.
We can't go out to enjoy Boston, but we can still watch our favorite Boston movies! Tune in to hear why The Departed is overrated and Be Well!
At last Disney Fortnight draws to a close. Get ready to discover which Disney villain is the most evil. And as a special bonus: Which villain is the sexiest.
You thought Disney Week was over, but it turns out time means nothing right now. Enjoy our episode on the best Disney sidekicks, and be well!
It's finally here! The moment where we decide who is definitively the worst Disney prince. Let us know if you agree, and be well!
In this time of darkness, we have to focus on the things that give us joy. So, enjoy Disney Week as we talk about who exactly is the Best Disney Princess.
It's time for some hot takes on the galaxy far, far away. Get ready to debate, and be well!
Grab your favorite issue of Tiger Beat or J-14, because today we're talking about the hunkiest heartthrob of all time. Have a teenage dream tonight, and be well!
And now for something a little lighter. Today we debate what the best animal is, but we agree that they are all very good boys.
While we do the right thing and stay inside, we talk about times we did the wrong thing with the clothes we were wearing. Join us for another special QuaranTeeny-sode!
We're back with some more distraction from sitting in your house and staring at the wall! This week we debate which holiday is the least exciting.
Comments (8)

Grace L

underrated. how do y'all only have a little over 300 subs.

Apr 14th

Bethany Scofield

the urine that you pee out is NOT sterile...just an fyi

Feb 19th

Bethany Scofield

Silver lining, I like to think that gypsy rose while being in prison Maybe sees it more of like a College dormitory type situation where she can get her education but she has housing and 3 meals 3 meals a day, supervision, etc....friends, integrate in to social situations. it is 100% better then the hell she was in, but I agree she shouldn't be there

Feb 13th

Bethany Scofield

I feel the same way about The final destination movies that she do about it.

Feb 13th


to say you can't have reasonable debate due to threats is not true. ben shapiro and milo Yiannopoulos recieve death threats daily yet still encourage reasonable debate and even travel to areas in wich people have told them you will die if you come here. if you truly believe what you stand for then a couple of as you say incels arent going to take action in a public setting. i should mention im here to learn the other side of what happened during gamergate not to cast hatred or crucify people with oposing opinions

Feb 18th
Reply (1)

Rónán Rupp

The new year's episode was my favorite so far. I love the podcast content but the *ding* everytime someone says "I'm horrified" is obnoxious and is actually a bit of a sensory overload for me. I like the absence of "dings" in this episode.

Jan 9th

Rónán Rupp

Well, I was going to move back to Oregon... not sure I'll be doing that now.

Jan 8th
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