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Welcome to It's Up There Podcast With Looney, AKA BIG LOON! Loon strives to be a business leader for the culture. When he speaks about the podcast business, record label business and contracts, he does it with a level of understanding that your average consumer would not have. Being able to see through the smoke and mirrors within the industry and the industry tricks, people come to It’s Up There for a one of a kind perspective and to get a full breakdown. Tune in! Audio drops on Mondays and video drops on Thursdays!
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Karlous Miller From the  @WildNOut  Show stops by with Big Loon On the heels of Dave Chappelle comedy special and Katt Williams on Shannon Sharpe's club shay shay Karlous miller in this full episode of Its Up There Podcast. Uncover the untold stories and heated debates as we delve into the enigmatic aura of 50 Cent, dissect Young Buck's departure from G-Unit, and engage in a fiery debate on the battle between Netflix and HBO. Get ready for an unfiltered conversation that explores the depths of the entertainment industry." Key Discussion Highlights: 50 Cent's Aura: Dive into the mystique surrounding 50 Cent, exploring his impact on the industry and the intricacies of his business ventures. Young Buck Leaving G-Unit: Analyze the dynamics of Young Buck's departure from G-Unit and the fallout within the hip-hop landscape. 50 Cent vs. Suge Knight: Explore the legendary rivalry between 50 Cent and Suge Knight, questioning whether Suge was dethroned as the industry's boogeyman. Diddy, Jay-Z, and 50 Cent Rivalry: Uncover the long-standing rivalry between Diddy, Jay-Z, and 50 Cent as they jockey for billionaire positions in the entertainment industry. Heated Debate: Netflix vs. HBO: Witness a passionate debate between Loon and Karlous Miller on the supremacy of Netflix over HBO or vice versa. Loon argues that Netflix dominates the market, while Karlous defends HBO's enduring relevance. Dave Chappelle's $40 Million Deal: Delve into the intriguing question of why Netflix would release the exact amount of Dave Chappelle's deal and explore Loon's curiosity about ownership in the context of 85 South's Netflix special. Community Engagement: "Which streaming giant do you think reigns supreme – Netflix or HBO? Share your thoughts on the 50 Cent aura, Young Buck's departure, and the Netflix vs. HBO debate in the comments below." Exclusive Patreon Content: "Access exclusive content and extended discussions by joining our Patreon at Dive deeper into the minds of Karlous Miller and Big Loon with behind-the-scenes insights and unreleased content." Relevant Hashtags: #itsuptherepodcast #karlousmiller #50cent #youngbuck #netflix #davechappelle #kattwiliams #chicobean #davechappelle #85southshow #karlousmiller #dcyoungfly #netflix Connect with Us: Join our Discord for privacy information.
#dee1 J.COLE #jcole #kendricklamar #masterp #hiphopculture #debate We Talk J.Cole , Kendrick Lamar, Dee-1, Master p, Qc pee, Coach K, & more Cole and Kendrick may have some label interest we don't notice "Dive into Part 2 of the riveting 'It's Up There Podcast' where Dee-1 and Big Loon bring intense energy and insightful perspectives to the table. This episode features a deep dive into J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar's legacies, revisits past comments from Dee-1 about the rap game, and explodes into a passionate debate over the influential powerhouses of hip-hop: Master P's No Limit and QC's Pee and Coach K. What's Inside This Episode: J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar Discussion: Dee-1 and Big Loon revisit their thoughts on these two hip-hop icons, exploring their impact on the genre and culture. Dee-1's Rap Journey: Reflecting on Dee-1’s grind in the rap industry, Big Loon highlights his longstanding efforts to succeed and make a mark. Master P vs. QC Debate: The core of this episode features a heated debate between Dee-1 and Big Loon. Dee-1 champions Master P’s dual role as a pioneer similar to both Coach K and QC Pee combined, arguing for his foundational impact in shaping independent hip-hop success. Meanwhile, Big Loon advocates for the modern business model and investing prowess of Quality Control, emphasizing their strategic influence in today's music scene. Industry Evolution Discussion: This debate also touches on how the music industry’s landscape has shifted from the era of No Limit to the current dominance of labels like Quality Control. Viewer Engagement: 💬 Your Take: Are you team Master P or team QC? How do you view their contributions to hip-hop differently? 👍 Interact With Us: Like this discussion? Hit like, drop a comment with your views, and subscribe for more heated debates and deep dives into hip-hop history and current affairs on 'It's Up There Podcast.' Conclusion: This episode not only revisits the legacies of J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar but also stirs a spirited discussion on the evolution of hip-hop entrepreneurship and leadership, showcasing the contrasting styles of Master P’s pioneering groundwork against the modern dynamism of QC. Tune in to see where you stand in this debate of hip-hop titans." Join Our Its Up There Podcast Clip Channel now Discord For all exclusive interviews & more content not here click here 🚨Unreleased Interviews 🦺All Merch Options 🎧LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: 👀 SUBSCRIBE HERE: 👂 LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS: 👣FOLLOW ITS UP THERE PODCAST HOST : INSTAGRAM | fogfo_looney TIKTOK | PATREON| SUBSCRIBE TO Youtube Channel ➡️ WATCH MORE ➡️ for privacy information.
#kanyewest #ye #drake #quavo #chrisbrown | Drake diss on the loose, Kanye West Gets on "like that: Remix and reveals rapper future called Kanye! Ye says drake is in the way and everyone is excited about the elimination of drake, Chris brown gets dissed again by Quavo Brown in new diss song is called "crackhead" as Quavo runs alongside take off loon wonders does this mean all bets are off and take off will be dissed? also loon explores ye new interview on the download and looks over ye and drakes past as well as points out some hidden agendas. "Get ready for a rollercoaster of hip-hop drama in this episode as we dive into a series of high-profile disses and revelations shaking the industry. From Drake finding himself increasingly isolated, to Kanye West stirring the pot in a major remix, and Quavo's harsh words for Chris Brown, there’s no shortage of action. Join Loon as he unpacks each development, explores past conflicts, and deciphers hidden agendas in the game. Highlights of This Episode: Drake Diss Frenzy: Unpacking the latest diss track aimed at Drake and the growing sentiment in the industry looking to dethrone him. What’s driving this unified stance against one of hip-hop’s biggest names? Kanye’s Surprise in 'Like That' Remix: Analyzing Kanye West’s appearance on the remix and his revelation about Future’s call—what does Ye’s comment about 'Drake being in the way' signify for their ongoing rivalry? Quavo vs. Chris Brown: Breaking down Quavo’s new track "Crackhead," where he takes shots at Chris Brown. Loon discusses the implications and whether this opens the door for further disses towards Takeoff. Ye’s Latest Interview Insights: Loon delves into Kanye West’s most recent interview, piecing together Ye’s strategies and his historical tension with Drake. Navigating Hidden Agendas: What are the underlying motives in these celebrity conflicts? Loon provides his perspective on what these artists might be orchestrating behind the scenes. Engage With Us: 💬 Discussion Point: With all these conflicts unfolding, who do you think will come out on top? Are there any reconciliation possibilities, or is it all-out war? 👍 Like, Comment, and Subscribe: Share your thoughts in the comments, hit the like button if you enjoy our deep dives, and subscribe to stay updated with the latest in hip-hop drama. Join Our Its Up There Podcast Clip Channel now    / @fogfo_looney   Discord   / discord   For all exclusive interviews & more content not here click here   / itsuptherepodcast   🚨Unreleased Interviews   / itsuptherepodcast   🦺All Merch Options 🎧LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: 👀 SUBSCRIBE HERE:   / @itsuptherepodcast   👂 LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS: 👣FOLLOW ITS UP THERE PODCAST HOST : INSTAGRAM | fogfo_looney TIKTOK |   / fogfo_looney   PATREON|   / itsuptherepodcast   SUBSCRIBE TO Youtube Channel ➡️    / @itsuptherepodcast   WATCH MORE ➡️    • EPISODE 069| WAR ON RAPPERS |LIBERATI...  See for privacy information.
#drake #drakevskendrick #kaicenat #akademiks #kendricklamar #diss #beef #kendrick Kai Cenat Big Loon dives deep into the ongoing feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. In this electrifying episode, Loon dissects Drake's latest diss track, 'Heart Part 6,' aimed squarely at Kendrick, and unveils Kendrick's response, 'Not Like Us.' But the drama doesn't stop there – Loon also unveils exclusive insights into the brewing conflict between Drake Akademiks& Kai cenat, exposing shocking details why drake could be upset and proof that could reshape the landscape of hip-hop. Highlights: Feud Analysis: Join Loon as he unpacks the escalating tensions between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, analyzing the lyrical shots fired and exploring the underlying dynamics driving the feud. Insider Intel: Prepare to be blown away by Loon's insider knowledge as he reveals behind-the-scenes details of the rift between Drake and Kaicent, offering a glimpse into the inner workings of the hip-hop industry. Media Mayhem: Discover the fallout from DJ Akademiks' misstep and its impact on Drake's relationship with the media, as Loon delves into the intricate web of celebrity, influence, and controversy. Engage with Us: Share your thoughts on Drake's diss track, Kendrick's response, and the unfolding drama in the comments below! Don't forget to subscribe for more exclusive content and insights from the world of hip-hop. Don't miss out on this explosive episode of 'It's Up There Podcast,' where Loon pulls back the curtain on the headline-grabbing clashes and hidden machinations of the rap game. Tune in for an unfiltered look at the intersection of art, ego, and ambition in the world of hip-hop. Join Our Its Up There Podcast Clip Channel now Discord For all exclusive interviews & more content not here click here 🚨Unreleased Interviews 🦺All Merch Options 🎧LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: 👀 SUBSCRIBE HERE: 👂 LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS: 👣FOLLOW ITS UP THERE PODCAST HOST : INSTAGRAM | fogfo_looney TIKTOK | PATREON| SUBSCRIBE TO Youtube Channel ➡️ WATCH MORE ➡️ for privacy information.
"Get ready for an explosive episode of 'It's Up There Podcast' as Big Loon dives into the latest diss tracks from Drake and Kendrick Lamar. In this must-watch installment, Loon shares his candid reactions to Drake's 'Family Matters' diss and Kendrick Lamar's 'Euphoria.' But that's not all – Loon also delves into Future's ongoing issues and questions whether Drake has what it takes to handle Kendrick's lyrical onslaught. Key Highlights: Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar: Loon shares his unfiltered thoughts on Drake's response to Kendrick's diss track, 'Euphoria.' Will Drake be able to hold his own in this high-stakes lyrical battle? 'Family Matters' Diss Breakdown: Join us as we dissect Drake's latest diss track and explore its implications for the ongoing feud between hip-hop heavyweights. Future's Troubles: Loon weighs in on Future's recent challenges and reflects on the rapper's place in the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop. Drake's Cultural Cache: Does Drake have the cultural clout to navigate the intricate web of diss tracks and lyrical warfare? Loon shares his insights on Drake's standing within the hip-hop community." 💬 Share Your Thoughts: What's your take on Drake's response to Kendrick Lamar's diss track? Join the conversation in the comments below! 🚀 Subscribe for More: Don't miss out on future episodes where we explore the hottest topics in hip-hop and beyond. Don't miss this explosive episode of 'It's Up There Podcast,' where we break down the latest diss tracks and dive deep into the world of hip-hop. Tune in for Loon's raw and unfiltered reactions to the biggest stories in music."See for privacy information.
Meg Thee Stallion , Diddy His Raid And Allegations Young thug trial and more , we speak about Meg The Stallion Lawyers with Megan Cuniff who was the Primary Jounalist known for her coverage of the cases #megthestallion #diddy #pdiddy #seancombs #lawandcrime Meghan Cuniff spills the beans on Diddy behind-the-scenes drama, Tory Lanez's court case developments, and a groundbreaking revelation on Young Thug's trial! 🚨 Join us in this explosive episode as investigative reporter Meghan Cuniff dives deep into the heart of celebrity controversies with never-before-heard updates. From the glitzy, secretive gatherings of Sean 'Diddy' Combs to the intense legal battles involving Tory Lanez and Meg the Stallion, we're uncovering it all. But that's not all - Meghan drops a bombshell about Detective Quinn's involvement in the Young Thug trial that could change everything. Plus, could Gunna's testimony turn the tide for Young Thug? Stay tuned as we navigate through the twists and turns of these high-profile cases, offering unparalleled insights straight from the investigative frontline. 👉 What do you think about these revelations? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don't forget to hit like and subscribe for more exclusive content." #PDiddy #MeghanCunniff #InvestigativeReport #ToryLanez #MegTheeStallion #YoungThugTrial #itsuptherepodcast 00:00 : 🔍 Investigation into rapper Diddy's properties, celebrity drama, and legal affairs journalist's insights on high-profile cases. 06:00 : 🔍 Discussion on media speculation and lack of leaks in ongoing investigation surrounding Diddy's case. 11:39 : 🔍 Investigation updates on Diddy and related civil lawsuits, balancing factual reporting with sensational coverage. 17:37 : 💰 Possible motives behind unauthorized photos of Kobe Bryant crash site being leaked. 23:11 : 🚁 Military-style raid on Diddy's properties conducted by authorities with TV helicopters and search warrants issued for his accounts. 28:59 : ⚖️ Update on arrest details and potential impact on ongoing investigation involving Diddy. 34:46 : 🕵️ Diddy's legal team prepares for potential legal challenges with multiple lawyers in different jurisdictions. 40:44 : ⚖️ Speculation on why Young Thug did not receive a plea deal despite his codefendant's release on probation. 46:29 : ⚖️ Challenges faced by individuals pressured to testify in Young Thug trial and implications of taking plea deals. 52:13 : 🕵️ Investigator reveals interactions with celebrities and police involvement in TV shows. 57:56 : 🔍 Media influence on rap industry, intertwining of gossip and street culture, changing perceptions of black media. 1:04:00 : ⚖️ Investigation into video evidence potentially proving innocence of imprisoned individual raises questions about legal process. 1:09:52: ⚖️ Investigation reveals political corruption involving gambling trips, wire-wearing informants, and convictions.See for privacy information.
Unpacking a whirlwind of controversy in this electrifying episode of 'It's Up There Podcast,' host Loon tackles the hot topic of J. Cole’s perceived failure to uphold the competitive spirit of Southern rap, contrasted starkly against Lil Wayne's iconic legacy. Dive into the depths of industry rivalry, personal betrayals, and the unseen control exerted by streaming platforms. IUTP: J Cole Failed The South! | Wayne’s Legacy, Meek Mill Betrayal & Kai Cenet Controlled by Twitch In This Episode: J. Cole Controversy: Loon critically examines J. Cole's recent public apology to Kendrick Lamar, arguing that it signifies a broader letdown to the Southern rap ethos traditionally marked by fierce competitiveness and self-assertion, as epitomized by legends like Lil Wayne. Wayne’s Enduring Legacy: Explore how Lil Wayne set the bar for excellence and relentless ambition in the South, maintaining his status through both talent and strategic moves against industry giants. Betrayal in the Ranks: Delve into the unfolding drama of Meek Mill as close friend Dean turns against him, highlighting a painful breach of trust within Meek's inner circle and its ripple effects across the hip-hop community. Kai Cenat vs. Twitch Control: Discuss the broader implications of Twitch’s influence over content creators like Kai Cenat, questioning whether platforms should have the power to dictate the boundaries of creativity and personal expression. Engage with Us: 💬 Your Voice Matters: Do you agree with Loon’s take on J. Cole? How do you view the role of platforms like Twitch in shaping content and creator freedom? 👍 Like & Subscribe: Hit the like button, subscribe, and ring the bell for notifications on our latest discussions and deep dives into the dynamics shaping today's hip-hop culture and beyond. Tag Us & Join the Conversation: #itsuptherepodcast #jcole #kendricklamar #drake For all exclusive interviews & more content not here click here 🚨Unreleased Interviews 🦺All Merch Options 🎧LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: 👀 SUBSCRIBE HERE: 👂 LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS: 👣FOLLOW ITS UP THERE PODCAST HOST : INSTAGRAM | fogfo_looney TIKTOK | PATREON| SUBSCRIBE TO Youtube Channel ➡️ WATCH MORE ➡️ for privacy information.
Chico Bean Of  @WildNOut  Comes back after going to #thebreakfastclub and speaks to #bigloon in an revealing episode of Its Up There Podcast, Chico Bean returns to share candid insights on relationships, love, and vulnerability. Join Chico as he delves into the intricacies of understanding women's minds, the importance of setting clear expectations, and the challenges of honesty and open communication in relationships. From exploring the dynamics of love and pain to discussing the impact of past trauma on dating, Chico offers invaluable wisdom on building safe and authentic connections. With discussions on accountability, collaboration, and the influence of comedy legends like Dave Chappelle, this episode is a must-watch for anyone navigating the complexities of modern relationships." Key Discussion Highlights: Importance of understanding women's minds and setting clear expectations in relationships. Challenges of honesty and open communication, and the outcomes of embracing vulnerability. Insights on building safe relationships and embracing authenticity. Impact of past trauma on dating interactions and relationship expectations. Accountability and consequences in relationships, and supporting fellow artists in the comedy industry. Share your thoughts on Chico Bean's relationship insights! How do you navigate the complexities of modern dating and relationships? Join the discussion in the comments below! Unlock exclusive content and behind-the-scenes insights by joining our Patreon community at Listen to the full episode and catch up on previous discussions on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube. Subscribe now to stay updated on our latest releases! 00:12: 💡 Importance of understanding a woman's mind in relationships and setting clear expectations in a course-like manner. 04:48: 💔 Struggling with honesty in relationships, feeling unfamiliar with open communication and its outcomes. 09:33: 💡 Understanding the dynamics of love and pain in relationships and the importance of individual perspectives. 14:31: 🎓 Chico Bean explains his approach to teaching a life lesson as a professor in a metaphorical class. 19:12: 💡 Insight on building safe relationships with women and being true to oneself as a man. 23:30: 💔 Insights on relationships and femininity, revealing the impact of not fully embracing one's true self. 28:47: 💡 Understanding fear of vulnerability and the decision to stop lying in relationships. 33:25: ⚠️ Complex relationships and past trauma affecting interactions and expectations in dating. 38:02: ⚠️ Importance of holding each other accountable and being aware of potential consequences in relationships. 42:53: 🤔 Discussion about a man whose ex-wife allowed multiple people to drive his car, resulting in it being stolen three times. 49:02: 🎤 Discussion on the impact of Dave Chappelle's comedy on a generation and the influence of his writing style. 54:32: 🤝 Importance of supporting fellow artists and creating opportunities for collaboration. 59:31: ⚡ Embrace opportunities, stay prepared, and support each other in the comedy industry. #chicobean #itsuptherepodcast #itsuptherepodcast #chicobean #wildnout #NickCannon ##85south #dcyoungfly #comedy #podcast #ChicoBean #85SouthShow #DCYoungFly #KarlousMiller #StandUpComedy #comedypodcast #FunnyMoments #ComedyChallenge #ComedianLife For all exclusive interviews & more content not here click here 🚨Unreleased Interviews 🦺All Merch Options 🎧LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: 👀 SUBSCRIBE HERE: 👂 LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS: 👣FOLLOW ITS UP THERE PODCAST HOST : INSTAGRAM | fogfo_looney TIKTOK | PATREON| SUBSCRIBE TO Youtube Channel ➡️ WATCH MORE ➡️ for privacy information.
Whether its Druski Coulda Been Records House with Kaicent or Katt Williams Interview with Shannon Sharpe both sides of comedy are on another level right now, we start today discussing Katt Williams interview doing 60 million views Did he deserve a backend? Druski , Desi Banks & Kountry Wayne Skits Are Viral Everywhere And monetized what is the Process? Navv Greene And Big Loon Get Into that and much more on this episode. Discover the untold story behind Navv Greene's iconic online persona, Shift Leader, in this exclusive Its Up There Podcast episode. Navv unveils the journey of viral fame, the artistry of comedy, and critical lessons from industry giants. From the impact of viral moments to the essence of work ethic learned from Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle, and the poignant absence of specials from legends like Bernie Mac, this episode is a treasure trove for comedy enthusiasts and aspiring comedians alike." Free 100 on sign up here with our code IUTP Key Discussion Highlights: Shift Leader Unveiled: Dive into the creation and evolution of Navv Greene's Shift Leader, the challenges and triumphs of viral fame in the digital age. Comedy Greats on Work Ethic: Navv shares invaluable insights on what makes comedy legends stand out, emphasizing lessons from Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle’s unparalleled dedication. Bernie Mac’s Legacy & Comedy Specials: Reflecting on the comedy landscape and the unique space Bernie Mac holds within it, Navv discusses the changing dynamics of comedy specials. Character Development & Loss: The story behind the 'Shift Leader' and the consequences of not fully capitalizing on viral characters in a competitive industry. Navigating Viral Fame: Insights into leveraging viral moments for sustained success and the importance of authenticity in building an online presence. 0:00: 🎥 Social media characters like Desi Banks are shaping the new era of entertainment and comedy. 4:46: 🕵️ Hood upbringing reveals secrets of successful hustling and evading detection in the streets. 9:10: 🤝 Black influencers discussing unity and collaboration to overcome challenges in the industry. 13:38: 💼 Desire to collaborate with Kevin Hart, but content with current collaborations. 18:08: ⚡️ Unveiling unexpected Halloween costume trend and recognizing Tik Tok creativity in a conversation. 22:27: ⏱️ Reflection on long career as a shift leader and the need for new content. 26:28: 💡 Impact of social media skits on diverse audiences and monetization opportunities. 31:29: 💡 Desi Banks reflects on past collaborations and focuses on individual work in comedy skits. 35:31: ⚡ The future of comedy movies relies on developing internet characters from social media for replay value. 39:44: 💰 Monetizing relationships is misunderstood as showing love, leading to confusion in modern culture. 44:09: 💬 Discussion on dating publicly, family, and relationships between friends. 48:40: 💡 Discussion on gender roles and expectations in relationships, particularly regarding household duties and social media influence. 53:10: 💬 Discussion on the importance of seeking help when feeling negative energy towards women. "Which aspect of Navv Greene's Shift Leader persona resonates with you most? How do you see the work ethic of comedy legends influencing the next generation? Share your views and join the conversation on the evolving landscape of digital comedy." Exclusive Patreon Content: "Unlock more secrets to viral success and comedy mastery with Navv Greene on our Patreon. Visit for exclusive content." #NavvGreene #ShiftLeader #ComedyLegends #kattwiliams #couldabeenrecords #85southcomedy #ItsUpTherePodcast #KevinHart #DaveChappelle #BernieMacSee for privacy information.
After Calling Out Future, Meek mill , Joe Budden , Rick Ross & more Dee-1 delivers a raw, unfiltered take on a series of controversial topics, from Joe Budden's clout chasing claims to the weaponization of the word of God in hip-hop. This episode doesn't shy away from the hard conversations, as Dee-1 also tackles the blame placed on Future for Juice WRLD's passing, Nicki Minaj's probing questions, and the quest for authenticity in an industry filled with pretense. Key Discussion Highlights: Clout Chasing Claims by Joe Budden: Dee-1 responds to accusations of clout chasing in the music industry, offering his perspective on maintaining integrity amidst the chaos. Debate on Weaponizing the Word of God: A deep dive into the intense discussion surrounding the use and misuse of religious references in hip-hop, exploring the fine line between expression and exploitation. Blaming Future for Juice WRLD's Passing: Dee-1 weighs in on the controversial discussion about Future's influence on younger artists and listeners, questioning the fairness of placing blame on individual artists for broader cultural issues. Nicki Minaj's Inquisitive Nature: Reacting to Nicki Minaj's direct questioning of Future about drug use, Dee-1 discusses the balance between public curiosity and personal privacy. Seeking Authentic Connections in the Industry: Dee-1 opens up about the challenges of finding real, genuine connections in the music industry, from Meek Mill to Jim Jones, Rick Ross, and beyond, including the symbolic act of asking for a hug in a world of facades. Community Engagement: What's your take on Dee-1's responses to these complex issues? Do you agree with his stance on authenticity and the responsibility of artists in shaping culture? Dive into the discussion and share your thoughts in the comments below. 0:00: 💥 Rappers' personas versus reality, Future's influence on Juice Wrld, and relationship context with Nicki Minaj. 6:10: 💥 Intense conversation with Dee-1 discussing self-belief, overcoming challenges, and his background in New Orleans. 11:16: ⚡️ Rapper takes a leap of faith by pursuing music full-time after working as a teacher and facing financial struggles. 16:32: 💥 Dee-1 discusses the glorification of violence in rap music by mainstream artists and contrasts it with the underground rap culture. 22:19: 💥 Rapper calls out hypocrisy in portraying violent image while being respectful in reality, highlighting the entertainment aspect. 28:10: ⚡️ Dee-1 emphasizes the importance of artists being passionate on stage and using their platform to convey meaningful messages. 33:20: 💥 Dee-1 expresses frustration over business impact, emphasizes giving back to people, and dismisses criticism. 38:50: 💥 Dee-1 discusses the difference between talking about murder and actually threatening it, emphasizing the importance of being specific. 44:05: 💡 Jesus dines with sinners to show compassion and calls out self-righteousness among religious leaders. 49:39: 💥 Dee-1 addresses accusations of clout chasing and highlights the difference between journey and character assessment. 55:10: 💥 Dee-1 confronts Joe Budden's approach and discusses resolving conflicts with Waka Flocka. 1:00:30: 🔥 Struggles of growing up in a challenging environment leading to a hustle-driven lifestyle for survival. 1:05:59: 💡 Encouraging rappers to prioritize financial security, seize opportunities, and be cautious of contracts and entourages. For more exclusive content, behind-the-scenes insights, and extended discussions, support Its Up There Podcast on Patreon at for privacy information.
Don dc curry speaks on Katt williams interview's Crossing the line after Katt did the club shay shay podcast and the joe rogan podcast , in this interview you get a chance to see a side of the legendary don dc curry. "In a candid and explosive episode of Its Up There Podcast, Don 'DC' Curry pulls no punches as he reveals shocking truths about Hollywood drama, including clashes with Katt Williams, Steve Harvey, and more. Get ready for eye-opening insights and unfiltered commentary from the comedy veteran!" Key Discussion Highlights: Katt Williams Exposé: Don 'DC' Curry opens up about Katt Williams crossing the line after controversial interviews with Joe Rogan and Shannon Sharpe, shedding light on the aftermath and personal conflicts. Steve Harvey Revealed: Explore the allegations of joke stealing and comedic cadence similarities between Don 'DC' Curry and Steve Harvey, as well as behind-the-scenes tensions. Next Friday Drama: Dive deep into the real story behind Next Friday, including pay disparities, conflicts with producers, and efforts to address issues with Ice Cube. Kevin Hart's Wife Tour: Discover the truth behind Kevin Hart's wife being put on tour and the implications for Don 'DC' Curry's career and relationships in the comedy industry. Kings of Comedy Beef: Uncover the reasons behind Don 'DC' Curry's absence from the Kings of Comedy tour and address any lingering beef with fellow comedians. Comedy Industry Insights: Gain valuable insights into the comedy industry as Don 'DC' Curry discusses his experiences with Dave Chappelle, Andrew Dice Clay, Corey Holcomb, and more. Community Engagement:"Join the conversation! What are your thoughts on the controversies surrounding Katt Williams, Steve Harvey, and the comedy industry as a whole? Share your opinions in the comments below!" Don Dc Curry Shares Insights on Comedy Industry Challenges, Personal Integrity, and Confrontations with Fellow Comedians, Including Steve Harvey and Katt Williams 0:00: 🎤 Don Dc Curry discusses the state of comedy, highlighting challenges and observations within the industry. 6:13: 💥 Comedian shares insights on boundaries in comedy, personal integrity, and the impact of social media on new comedians. 10:56: 🎤 Comic industry insights shared by Don Dc Curry, including mentorship experiences and unique comedic cadence comparisons. 16:31: 💥 Comedian Don Dc Curry shares personal anecdotes and confrontations with fellow comedians, including Steve Harvey and Katt Williams. 22:13: 💥 Don Dc Curry discusses his experience in the entertainment industry, including his involvement in the Friday movies and the impact of Comedy View and Def Comedy Jam. 27:54: 🎤 Insights on the challenges of comedians gaining experience through live performances and the significance of honing their craft. 33:30: 💬 Discussion on the challenges faced by successful black comedians and the impact of wealth on comedic performance. 38:27: 💥 Don Dc Curry discusses his experience in the comedy world, his views on Hollywood, and upcoming projects. 43:16: 💬 Comedian Don Dc Curry discusses his approach to comedy, ownership of his content, and camaraderie among comics. 47:57: 💬 Discussion on the evolution of comedy, impact of shock factor, comparison between black and white comedy, and views on immigration. 53:36: 🎙️ Comedian discusses historical injustices faced by his people and the impact of voluntary migration. Exclusive Patreon Content:"For exclusive behind-the-scenes content and extended interviews, join our Patreon community at Unlock bonus episodes and exclusive content you won't find anywhere else!" #kattwilliamsinterview #kattwiliams #dccurry #steveharvey #comedy #coreyholcomb #interview #itsuptherepodcastSee for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... It's Up There! Gear up for a fiery Part 2 on Its Up There Podcast as Ajna Surah and Big Loon dive deep into the complexities of celebrity life, spotlighting Tyrese Gibson's publicized personal battles. From discussing the fine line between public perception and private woes to tackling gender dynamics in the digital age, this episode doesn’t shy away from the hard truths." Key Discussion Highlights: Tyrese Gibson's Public Struggles: An exploration into Tyrese Gibson's relationship with his ex-wife and current girlfriend, and the broader implications of dealing with personal issues in the limelight. Navigating Hard Times Publicly: Loon argues the importance of sharing struggles to potentially help others, while Ajna questions the boundaries of public disclosure. Online Attacks & Gender Dynamics: Ajna shares her experiences with online harassment by men, sparking a broader discussion on controlling relationships and when assertiveness crosses into coercion. The Vetting Process in Relationships: Insights into the importance of carefully choosing who enters your life, with Loon emphasizing the need for a thorough 'vetting process.' Masculinity and Emotional Toughness: A critical look at why some men display toughness towards the women they love but not in other environments, and the psychological impact on women who observe these behaviors. Community Engagement: "What are your thoughts on the topics Ajna Surah and Big Loon tackled in this heated episode? From Tyrese Gibson's personal saga to the debate on public vulnerability and relationship dynamics, where do you stand? Engage with us in the comments section below." Exclusive Patreon Content: "Dive deeper into 'Its Up There Podcast' with exclusive content available on our Patreon at Join the community for more insightful discussions and behind-the-scenes access." #itsuptherepodcast #tyresegibson #divorce #debateSee for privacy information.
OMB Peezy opens up about his relationship with one of Future's baby mamas. Dive into the truth behind the viral jewelry rumors and the shocking story of jewelry repossession involving 12." Key Discussion Highlights: OMB Peezy's insights into his relationship with Future's baby mama and the dynamics surrounding it. Clearing up the viral rumors about jewelry associated with this relationship. The untold story of a jewelry repossession, including the involvement of 12, and its implications. Community Engagement: "What's your take on OMB Peezy's revelations about the jewelry rumors and his relationship? How do you view the situation of repossession involving 12? Share your thoughts and perspectives in the comments below." Exclusive Patreon Content: "Get exclusive access to more in-depth conversations and behind-the-scenes content on our Patreon at Join our community for extended discussions and unique insights into the world of hip-hop and beyond." #itsuptherepodcast #ombpeezy #FutureBabyMama #future #drama #HipHopGossip #viralstories #entertainmentnews #42dugg #roddyricch For all exclusive interviews & more content not here click here 🚨Unreleased Interviews 🦺All Merch Options 🎧LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: 👀 SUBSCRIBE HERE: 👂 LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS: 👣FOLLOW ITS UP THERE PODCAST HOST : INSTAGRAM | fogfo_looney TIKTOK | PATREON| SUBSCRIBE TO Youtube Channel ➡️ WATCH MORE ➡️ for privacy information.
Navv Greene often compared to Funny Marco desi banks and others in the new comedy scene he still found his way on 85 south and coming to america 2 find out Navv Greene's experience with 'Coming to America' and the lack of communication from Amazon regarding cuts. The story behind Tracy Morgan replacing him in a movie role and his thoughts on navigating the competitive landscape of comedy. Discussion on racial dynamics in comedy, referencing Bert Kreischer, Lil Duval, and the acceptance of repeated jokes by different audiences. Insights into Dave Chappelle's practice of locking up phones during shows and whether the 85 South Show influenced his career. A deep dive into sports betting, including revealing proof of its influence on the sports world. Nav's take on Druski's comedy style, the controversy around comedians wearing dresses, and a candid question to Hollywood regarding this issue. Community Engagement: "What stood out to you in Nav Greene's revelations about Hollywood and the comedy scene? Do you agree with his views on the differences in comedic reception based on race? Share your thoughts and engage with us in the comments section below." Exclusive Patreon Content: "For an even deeper exploration into the world of comedy and entertainment, join our Patreon at Gain access to exclusive interviews, unseen content, and behind-the-scenes stories from guests like Nav Greene." #itsuptherepodcast #NavGreene ##kattwiliams #karlousmiller #dcyoungfly #chicobean #comedy #podcast #funnymarco #desibanks #druski #couldabeenrecords #lilduvalSee for privacy information.
Part 3 of our engaging series with Chico Bean on Its Up There Podcast. In this episode, Chico opens up about his challenging experiences with Nick Cannon and being booed at a comedy club in front of Martin. He also delves into profound discussions about men's roles in households and avoiding crucial conversations with loved ones." Key Discussion Highlights: Chico Bean's recount of getting kicked out of a comedy club and Nick Cannon's reaction. The experience of being booed during a performance in front of Martin. His insights on the societal expectations of men as household leaders. Chico's personal reflections on evading important discussions with people he cares about. Community Engagement: "How do you relate to Chico Bean's experiences and viewpoints on manhood and leadership? Have you ever found yourself avoiding significant conversations with loved ones? Share your stories and thoughts in the comments below." Exclusive Patreon Content: "Join us for more exclusive conversations and deeper insights on our Patreon at Become a part of our community for additional content and unique perspectives on life, comedy, and personal growth." #itsuptherepodcast #chicobean #wildnout #NickCannon #karlousmiller #dcyoungfly #comedy #podcast #comedy #dcyoungfly #wildnout #wildnoutwednesday For all exclusive interviews & more content not here click here 🚨Unreleased Interviews 🦺All Merch Options 🎧LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: 👀 SUBSCRIBE HERE: 👂 LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS: 👣FOLLOW ITS UP THERE PODCAST HOST : INSTAGRAM | fogfo_looney TIKTOK | PATREON| See for privacy information.
Adam22 of No Jumper fame on our podcast! Get ready for a captivating conversation with the man behind the iconic podcast that's been a driving force in the hip-hop and streetwear scenes. Uncover the untold stories, behind-the-scenes insights, and candid perspectives that have made No Jumper a cultural phenomenon. From interviewing music legends to exploring the latest trends, we'll explore how Adam22 has become a trailblazer in the digital age. Don't miss this exciting episode that promises an unfiltered look into the world of No Jumper and the innovative mind behind it all. Tune in for an engaging discussion with Adam22 that's sure to leave you inspired and entertained!" ❤️Make sure to Like and Share This Video For Algorithm , I appreciate each and every one of you guys who are watching this to support come to 🚨2 SEE Unreleased Interviews 🦺All Merch To Support The Show Options 🎧LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: 👀 SUBSCRIBE TO YOUTUBE HERE: 👂 LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS: 👣FOLLOW ITS UP THERE PODCAST HOST : FOLLOW LOON ON INSTAGRAM | fogfo_looney FOLLOW LOON ON TIKTOK | WATCH LOON SPEAK ON CULTURE ON PATREON| SUBSCRIBE TO Youtube Channel  🦅➡️ WATCH MORE VIDEOS WITH GUEST ON YOUTUBE ➡️  See for privacy information.
Dr Umar Johnson returns to #itsuptherepodcast To have a great debate on this podcast and in this part 3 him and big loon get into a heated exchanged about a recent story that hit blogs like the shade room, TMZ and other blog sites about a black woman (RODA OSMAN’S SOCIAL MEDIA POST ABOUT A MAN ALLEGEDLY ASSAULTING HER WITH A BRICK WENT VIRAL, AND SHE RAISED MORE THAN $40,000. BUT AUTHORITIES NOW BELIEVE IT WAS A SCAM.) who said that black men "allowed her to be hit with a brick" and they sat and watched, Big Loon says now that we know she is lying! why would Dr Umar still be critical of black men still? it's get heated but it delivers like only its up there podcast and loon can, Houston’s viral brick lady surrenders amidst scandal of fraudulent GoFundMe campaign, Also Dr umar johnon defends the statment " the black woman can not choose a bad mate if black men didnt allow one to be there! loon gets heated and says stop blaming black men! Get ready for an electrifying Part 3 of Its Up There Podcast with Dr. Umar Johnson. Watch as he and Big Loon engage in a heated debate about the recent viral scandal involving a Black woman, fraudulent campaigns, and the broader issue of accountability among Black men." Key Discussion Highlights: -Dr. Umar Johnson and Big Loon's intense discussion about the woman who falsely claimed Black men allowed her to be hit with a brick. -Analysis of why Dr. Umar remains critical of Black men, even after revelations of the woman's dishonesty. -Dr. Umar's defense of his statement about the role of Black men in the choice of partners by Black women, and Big Loon's fiery counterarguments. Community Engagement: -"What's your stance on the issues discussed by Dr. Umar and Big Loon? How do you feel about the accountability within the Black community? Share your views and join this critical conversation in the comments below." Exclusive Patreon Content: "For a deeper exploration of these topics and more exclusive content, visit our Patreon at Be part of extended discussions and get access to additional insights." #trending #ItsUpTherePodcast #DrUmarJohnson #bigloon #HeatedDebate ##itsuptherepodcast #umarjohnson #debate #podcastSee for privacy information.
"It's Up There Podcast with Loon." Feat Ajna surah This episode, packed with shocking revelations, tackles the intricate challenges faced by single mothers, especially in raising boys within the modern cultural landscape. Loon brings a blend of hard-hitting questions and insightful discussions, from exploring the impact of key figures like Ajna Surah to debating the contentious issues of parenting in today's world. Hear about the struggles of young girls gaining the courage to speak up, the unique difficulties single mothers face, and how children's upbringing is influenced by the absence or presence of fathers. Loon doesn't shy away from tough topics, such as the potential negative impacts mothers can have on their sons' confidence, the vaping epidemic among teens, and the complex dynamics of modern parent-child relationships. Join us for an episode that's not only thought-provoking but also filled with practical insights on parenting, cultural dynamics, and personal growth. "It's Up There Podcast with Loon" promises to be an enlightening journey, challenging your perspectives and offering new angles on everyday issues. #itsuptherepodcast #redpill #deabte For all exclusive interviews & more content not here click here for privacy information.
OMB Peezy came through for Its up there podcast interview, and this time around, he spoke about how his career has grown , He detailed working with NBA YoungBoy on "Doin' Bad," and meeting him through E-40, who OMB Peezy revealed he's no longer signed to, but adds that they're on good terms. During the sit-down, OMB Peezy spoke about doing the "Big Homie" remix with King Von, Loon discusses OMB Peezy's shocking revelations about his $20K signing, the truth behind NBA YoungBoy song rights, and deep-seated feuds with No Cap and others. Witness the conversation about the tragic incident involving HoneyKomb Brazy, the drama with Chrisean Rock, and insights into the Alabama hip-hop scene's reception of Peezy." Peezy Also talks about Paying a whopping 12k For a gaming PC Listen to find out why and if he got scammed? OMB Peezy's industry deal and its aftermath. The implications of song ownership and rights in Peezy's career. Peezy's perspective on Alabama's hip-hop community and if he feels targeted or ostracized. In-depth analysis of Peezy's feuds and the complex dynamics they reveal about the rap industry. "Share your reactions to OMB Peezy's disclosures and how you view the rap industry's inner workings. Do you think artists like Peezy are given a fair chance? Let us know in the comments." "Join our Patreon at for more exclusive content and deeper dives into the issues that shape hip-hop today." "#itsuptherepodcast #ombpeezy #nbayoungboy #honeykombbrazy #rap #hiphopnews #itsuptherepodcast #saycheesetv See for privacy information.
Dive deeper in Part 2 of our conversation with Chico Bean on Its Up There Podcast. Loon and Chico Bean discuss the often-overlooked realities of showbiz, the inner workings of 'Wild 'N Out,' and Nick Cannon's journey through the industry's highs and lows." Discussion Highlights: Chico Bean's perspective on why '85' lacks corporate sponsorships compared to 'Wild 'N Out.' The power ranking of hip-hop media and its impact on the industry. Insights into the tiered structure and behind-the-scenes decisions of 'Wild 'N Out.' Chico Bean's revelations about Nick Cannon's challenges during his darker times and the financial aspects of 'Wild 'N Out.' Comparing 'Wild 'N Out' to 'In Living Color' and discussing the implications of show cancellations. Community Engagement: "What are your thoughts on Chico Bean's revelations and the realities of showbiz? Share your opinions and join the conversation in the comments below." Exclusive Patreon Content: "For more exclusive behind-the-scenes stories and industry insights, visit our Patreon at Dive into the deeper layers of the entertainment world with us." #ItsUpTherePodcast #ChicoBean #WildNOut #NickCannon ##85south #dcyoungfly #comedy #podcastSee for privacy information.
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