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Author: Ani B & Nadine

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This one’s for the girlies who want to elevate their energy and start manifesting the life they deserve. From letting go of things that no longer serve you, to aligning with your purpose, let go of the old you and step into the new one with Ani B and Nadine ♥FOLLOW US ON TIKTOK & INSTAGRAM:@THEINFLOWPODCAST
13 Episodes
THE JOURNEY TO SELF SERIES: One of our most asked questions is how we started our spiritual journey and learned all the things we preach... In this episode we dive into our pasts and share the experiences that brought us onto this journey of loving consciousness! Through discovering yoga, battling depression, and connecting deeply with source, we've completely changed our lives! From feeling dull and directionless to full of passion and light, here's how we did it♥
Ever feel like you want to pour into your passions, just don't have the time? Or maybe you do, but you just don't know where to start? Sounds like a sign to me sis! In this episode, we chat about what it means to go "all in". Wether that's in your business, your healing journey, your dreams...ANYTHING! Even if you are busy and have a life of chaos, there is always a way to commit to the life you deserve. Let us show you how. ♡
Nothing feels better than a bestie that loves you deep and wants to see you succeed! It's time for all of us to do a little spring cleaning of our friendships and toss out the ones that are no longer serving our highest and best good. If they put you down, make you feel like you need to dim your light, or even just don't align with you energetically... THEY HAVE GOT TO GO SISTA! Divine connection is at the heart of our existence!  Without quality relationships with others, we are missing out on the experience of being heard, understood, and  fully loved. In this episode, we dive into how to build genuine friendships, how to handle comparison, and how to communicate effectively in your relationships! Keep your circle small.. quality over quantity bae! ♡TRY SHILAJIT HERE: code "FLOW" at checkoutFollow us: @theinflowpodcast on tiktok & instagram 
Hot girls have trauma too... but instead of letting it define us, we're taking back our power and using it as STRENGTH. Every single thing you've been though is a vital stepping stone to getting you to your highest purpose in this life. Even if you don't see it now, once you get to the top of this mountain peak you will be able to look down and understand why every challenge you've been faced with was placed in your life at the time it was. In this feelsy episode, we dive into our own traumas and what we are doing daily to  process, cope and release them. By allowing ourselves to fully feel and process our experiences, we have been able to change our perspective on them and feel gratitude and ease for all that we've been through. Tune in to feel SEEN, HEARD, and UNDERSTOOD. We love you♥ TRIGGER WARNING: In this episode we discuss topics such as: Alcoholism, Death, and Sexual Trauma. Please listen at your own discretion.
Have you been stuck in a self sabotaging era? Maybe your limiting beliefs are still holding you back from what you really want in life.... WELL NOT FOR LONG!!  In this episode, we go over how you can put an end to your self sabotage and begin shifting your mind into become your biggest hype man. Let go of your old agreements about what you can and can't do, and reprogram your mind to align with your highest and best self NOW. 
 Living in a world ruled by the masculine,  it is hard for us women to stay in touch with our divine femininity. Thankfully, it is still very much possible! By connecting with our intuition, tuning into our moon cycles, and learning to properly harness our energy; we are able to tap into the beautiful power we hold within us. In this episode, we chat about the incredible gifts we hold as women and how we can stay in constant harmony with our divinity. 
Are you shy? Boring? Lazy? Well not anymore sis! In this episode, we will show you how you can rewire your mind and create a new identity based off of who you want to be. Who you are right now is built on agreements you've made with yourself for who knows how long.. its time to get rid of them! Break out of your shell and into the confident, outgoing, NEW VERSION OF YOU! 
Tired of being broke? Yeah, so were we.... which is why we changed our relationship with money and became rich b*tches instead. Abundance starts with your energy and translates into your bank balance. So, how do you change your energy to start attracting money FAST? Tune in to this episode to find out! 
Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back... were over that shit! In this episode, hosts Ani B & Nadine will break down the walls of "caring too much" and how you can transform yourself into the bad ass boss b*tch you are meant to be!!! 
2022 was a sh*t show... in the best way possible. It was hard, but the lessons we learned along the way were worth the fight.  From losing loved ones to ending relationships, our self discoveries pave the way for a beautiful start to 2023. Cheers to pain, for it is how we know joy! 
In this episode, Ani B & Nadine dive into the importance of connecting with source energy and how they practice doing that on a daily basis. Through yoga, meditation, diet, and more, they have achieved a peacefully way of life connected to "all that is". If you are curious about what it means to be connected to source, or just want to learn more ways to do so, this is going to be a powerful episode for you.
If you want to jumpstart your manifestations, discover your purpose and/or just improve your relationships, you're going to want to hear this! In this episode, hosts Ani B and Nadine deep dive into the power of PRESENCE and its impact on your quality of life. From your career, to your relationships with yourself and with others, presence is the key to unlocking true happiness and success.
EP. 1 Living In Flow

EP. 1 Living In Flow


Introducing your new podcast BESTIES who are here to guide you through life with lots of laughs, mindset switches, and ah-ha moments! In this episode, hosts Ani B & Nadine kick off the very first series of the IN FLOW PODCAST by diving into what 'in flow' means to them and why it is a powerful way to life. 
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