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Author: Rob Lapham, Liam Layton

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Welcome to In Moderation, taking an approach to life, health, fitness and nutrition with a moderate approach where you don't have to sacrifice everything you love to achieve your goals.  We emphasis having a fun, positive experience and we want you to feel like you're sitting at a table having a good chat with us instead of just listening to an interview.

Rob: Co-host of the podcast "In Moderation" and fitness enthusiast. Rob has a background in exercise science and is passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the show, providing valuable insights on topics such as calories, metabolism, and weight loss.

Liam: Co-host of the podcast "In Moderation" and new father. Liam has a background in nutrition and is dedicated to promoting a balanced and sustainable approach to health and wellness. With his witty and sarcastic style, Liam adds a unique flavor to the show, making it both informative and entertaining.

30 Episodes
Ever wrestled with the notion that something you've staunchly believed in might be, well, a tad off-base? That's where I found myself in a vigorous debate with Brendan Ruh of Santa Cruz Medicinals, as we unpack the complexities of health, diet, and the ever-evolving landscape of food safety. Our vibrant discourse leads us through the murky waters of raw milk controversies to the sobering reality of alcohol endorsements by health influencers, challenging us to reconsider the narratives woven by the wellness industry.Navigating the choppy seas of health misinformation can feel like a Herculean task, but fear not! Brendan and I dissect the intricacies of nutrition and the role it plays in weight management, digesting buzzwords like 'calories in, calories out' with a pinch of skepticism and a dollop of science. From the battlegrounds of seed oil myths to the treasure trove of gut health, we've anchored our ship on the shores of truth, ready to offer you a map to the hidden gems of a balanced diet and the underappreciated pillars of sleep and regular exercise.But wait, there's more than just food for thought! We take a detour into the realm of personal tales, sharing everything from the lessons learned in past job endeavors to the sheer exhilaration of beach volleyball. This episode isn't just a foray into health; it's a celebration of the communities that keep us afloat, the mental gymnastics of kickboxing, and the simple joys of a walk in the park. Join us on this enlightening expedition, as we seek to forge a path to a healthier, happier, and more informed you.You can find Brendan Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Ready to challenge the status quo on carbs and crush gym intimidation? Our latest chat with the delightful and insightful Nikkiey will leave you both informed and entertained. As she opens up about her fitness journey and the life-changing power of strength training, you'll find yourself nodding along to her relatable stories and chuckling at our mutual disdain for diet myths. From the empowering transformation Nikkiey underwent following a pivotal breakup to the raw honesty about the grueling demands of professional bodybuilding, this episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to redefine their relationship with fitness.Let's flip the script on what it means to be strong. Join us as we confront the bogeyman of carbohydrates and dissect the misplaced fears surrounding women and weightlifting. Whether you're a beginner looking to pick up your first set of dumbbells or a seasoned lifter seeking solidarity, Nikkiey's personal anecdotes, coupled with our myth-busting banter, will leave you inspired and ready to embrace the weights. Plus, we don't just talk the talk—we're walking you through overcoming those first-time gym jitters and the underestimated superpower of consistency.As we wrap up this heart-to-heart, we take a playful jab at the fitness industry's less savory practices and the allure of 'reverse transformations.' With a blend of humor and hard truths, we navigate the murky waters of scams, genetics, and the ethics of marketing within the fitness realm. And if that's not enough, we tie in the surprising parallels between fitness and gaming, advocate for strength training's role in women's health, and even learn a little something from the wrestling world. So, toss on your headphones, and let's hit play on an episode that's more refreshing than a post-workout protein shake!You can find Nikkiey Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Embark on a journey through the digital maze with the ever-astute Dr. Michelle Wong, our guide from Lab Muffin Beauty Science, as she unpacks the peculiarities of social media's impact on mental health. She maps out the terrain of Facebook's familiar ground, wades through Twitter's rapid streams, and scales the trendy heights of TikTok and Instagram, all while juggling a spectrum of audience feedback. Our conversation reveals how certain corners of the internet can become sanctuaries, albeit sometimes ensnaring ones, for content creators like Michelle. The art of dealing with comments, particularly on a platform like YouTube Shorts, emerges as a tightrope walk between constructive dialogue and the odd internet skirmish.Prepare for a dose of vitamin "Sea" as we sail into the tempestuous waters of sunscreen debates with Michelle, our science-first skipper. We chart the reasons why sun protection stirs up such a squall among consumers and navigate through the misinformation cyclones fueled by entities like the EWG. The discussion anchors on sun safety, the underestimated importance of vitamin D, and how public health advice must be a tailor-fit life jacket for individuals. Our exchange promises to leave you both sun-kissed with knowledge and shielded from the burn of skincare myths.As we cap off this episode, we scrutinize the toxicity of benzene exposure and dismantle the 'natural versus synthetic' barricade that often clouds public judgement. Michelle lends her expertise to demystify the relationship between skincare, diet, and the waves of wellness trends that lap at our doors. We leave no stone unturned, from the market tides of coconut oil to the biohacking craze, and Michelle even teases her book, "The Science of Beauty," as the compass for navigating the enigmatic world of beauty products. Tune in for a concoction of humor and hard science that will sate your curiosity and perhaps inspire a more enlightened skincare routine.You can find Dr. Wong Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Ever found yourself counting sheep at 2 A.M., wondering why those elusive Z's are giving you the slip? Our latest gabfest with sleep sage Dr. Sujay Kansagra is a goldmine for anyone seeking the Holy Grail of a good night's rest. We kick things off with a confession of my own nocturnal blunders, weaving humor and earnestness into a tapestry of sleep science revelations. From the cultural badges of honor tied to burning the midnight oil, to the paradoxical techniques that might just coax you into the dreamland, this episode is packed with pillow talk that's as informative as it is engaging.Dr. Kansagra doesn't just stop at dismantling the stigmas of CPAP machines and narcolepsy; he dives headfirst into the world of sleep aids, supplements, and the often-ignored importance of sleep hygiene. We share candid insights into the pros and cons of cannabis for sleep, the misunderstood role of melatonin, and why your bedroom should be more sanctuary and less screen-filled war zone. This episode peels back the curtain on the sleep issues we whisper about and offers a generous helping of practical advice, served with a side of laughter, to help you embrace the night.By the time you reach the end of our banter, your perspective on sleep disorders, parasomnias, and the intriguing world of persuasive sleep videos might just be forever altered. We tackle everything from the perils of pet-induced sleep interruptions to the surprising connection between dream behavior and neurodegenerative diseases. You'll leave armed with knowledge, ready to question the 'magic pill' solutions to health and sleep, and maybe, just maybe, you'll find yourself adopting a new nighttime mantra: "Don't be your worst enemy in the pursuit of a good night's rest." So fluff up your pillows and settle in; sleep has never sounded so good.You can find Dr. Sujay Kansagra Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Prepare to have your fitness myths busted and truths unveiled as Beefcake Brina, the kinesiology maven with a no-nonsense TikTok reputation, joins us in a lively banter that's as real as it gets. We're zeroing in on the industry's notorious charlatans, from V Shred's dubious dealings to Brittany Dawn Davis's infamous scandals. Sabrina isn't holding back, and neither are we, as we dissect the consequences of deception and stress the vital need for integrity in a world where workouts meet wordplay.This episode serves up a hearty dose of skepticism for those tantalizing "quick fix" claims and sheds light on the perils of spot reduction and other fitness fairy tales. We're calling out the misleading mantras and championing the credible champions of the fitness realm, like Jeff Nippard and Shyla, who have earned their stripes and our respect with their evidence-based approach. So, whether you're a gym rookie or a seasoned vet, prepare to be armed with knowledge that's as potent as your pre-workout.As our conversation winds down, we transition to the sweet sounds of balance and harmony with Beefcake_Brina's other passion - music production. Brina spins her story of mixing beats and lifting bars, a testament to the rhythm of living a full, authentic life. By the end of this episode, you'll be pumped with the right advice to fuel your fitness journey and perhaps, inspired to dance to your own beat in life beyond the gym.You can find Brina Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Embark on a thought-provoking journey with us as we peel back the layers of misinformation and anti-intellectualism saturating social media. From a deceptive cheese video to the chilling legacy of a Soviet scientist whose agrarian blunders led to famine, we explore the curious interplay of fear, skepticism, and public perception. Our discussion reveals the alarming ease with which trivia gains attention while pressing issues fade into the background, a pattern that has echoed through history and remains a critical concern in today's information age.Grapple with the tension between freedom of speech and the urgent need to halt the spread of harmful falsehoods, especially when it comes to medical misinformation. As I express my unease over the potential damage caused by unchecked narratives, our special guest, PhD candidate and content creator Chem Thug, brings a fresh lens to the debate. We share a collective frustration over the enduring presence of debunked ideas and the importance of fostering a culture where critical thinking isn't just encouraged but celebrated. The fine line between simple ignorance and a deliberate disregard for truth becomes a focal point for our impassioned conversation.Then, we lighten the mood as Chem Thug takes us through his adventures in demystifying chemistry via social media. With infectious enthusiasm, he recounts his efforts to educate and entertain an online audience, from busting myths to creating viral educational content. We're reminded of the unpredictable nature of digital platforms through personal stories, including a controversial video takedown, and how such experiences teach us humility. It's a reminder that passion for learning and a touch of humility can go a long way in guiding us through the ever-evolving landscape of online information.You can find ChemThug Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Ever find yourself scratching your head at scientific headlines that sound more like science fiction than fact? GT from Bear Bait official joins us on a rollicking ride through the landscape of scientific research, ready to arm you with the tools to separate the wheat from the chaff. Bear with us (pun intended) as we tackle sensationalized science and chat about everything from inherited memories in mice to the pitfalls of diet fads.Hold onto your headphones as we cut through the jargon and lay bare the hierarchy of evidence in scientific studies. We're not just talking about reading beyond the abstracts; we're getting into the meat of clinical trials, debunking gut microbiome myths, and questioning the cleanliness craze of detoxes. And yes, we even ponder the gustatory merits of munching on a raw appendix, all while keeping a critical eye on the role of social media and financial incentives in shaping what we believe about our health.To wrap it all up, I'll share a tale that's part cautionary, part comical: a bear encounter on a hike that goes hilariously awry. It's a reminder that whether you're facing down a furry beast in the wild or navigating the wilderness of dubious scientific claims, staying composed and well-informed is your best defense. Join us for a lighthearted yet enlightening expedition into the world of science with our trailblazing guest, GT.You can find GT Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Have you ever considered that the key to lasting weight loss might actually reside in your mindset and how you view yourself? Get ready to have your perspective shifted as fitness guru Adam Wright joins us to discuss sustainable weight loss through the lens of self-love and mental well-being. We confront the challenges that calorie counting and diet culture present, highlighting how these often lead to detrimental cycles of behavior. Adam provides invaluable insights into how prioritizing motivation from a place of self-appreciation, rather than self-criticism, can pave the way for genuine and long-lasting health changes.As we venture further into the nuances of body image and health, we celebrate non-scale victories and the transformative power of positive self-talk. Our conversation reveals the importance of finding a neutral stance on body positivity, allowing for an appreciation of progress that goes beyond mere numbers on a scale. We discuss how mothers and individuals wrestling with body image concerns can find solace in embracing incremental enhancements in their strength, energy, and overall well-being. These shifts in perception are not only empowering but are the crux of adopting healthier lifestyle habits.To wrap up, we bring a splash of levity to the table with a playful debate on the superior Oreo variety. We also share a chuckle over the quieter aspects of podcasting and the balance one must strike between professional passion and personal life. Join us for an episode that will leave you enlightened, possibly a bit hungry for cookies, and definitely equipped with a fresh outlook on your health journey.You can find more Adam Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Ever found yourself pivoting from one passion to another, only to discover it was where you belonged all along? That's exactly what happened to Tyson, the tattoo-adorned warrior philosopher whose story from competitive swimming to teaching Brazilian jiu-jitsu and kickboxing unfurls in our 22nd episode. Tyson shares his transition into the fitness world, from a massage therapist to a kettlebell course maestro, and how martial arts became his true calling.Selecting the perfect martial arts gym can be as nuanced as the disciplines themselves – a subject Tyson and I tackle with gusto. From addressing parents in search of the right fit for their kids to individuals aligning martial arts with fitness aspirations, we shed light on the importance of environment and authenticity within these spaces. We even get into the nitty-gritty of how martial arts training evolves from a grueling workout to a more technical skill set as one advances, offering an insider glimpse into the journey from novice to proficiency.There's a hearty mix of humor and expertise as we discuss the rise of Brazilian jiu-jitsu's popularity, the sometimes comedic misunderstandings in fitness retail, and the curious tale of BJJ's hashtag ban on TikTok. Plus, we send off our friend Liam with playful farewells and ponder why sometimes, names can feel downright silly. So, if you're ready for gym stories that pack a punch and insights that hit the mark, grab your gi and tune in to one of our most engaging episodes yet.You can find more Tyson Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Strap in for a gut-busting journey through the twists and turns of gut health, as we're joined by the one-of-a-kind Gabrielle, also affectionately known as Gabes. She's not just any registered dietitian; she's the myth-busting hero your belly has been waiting for. Get ready to chuckle and learn as we tickle the truth out from the fibs about bloating, IBS, and the dreaded 'leaky gut syndrome'. Gabes is here to dish out the digestive deets with a side of laughs, ensuring you leave our chat with a belly full of knowledge – and maybe even a craving for peanut M&M's.Fermentation fan or probiotic skeptic, our second course serves up a flavorful discussion on the benefits of bacteria, with a sprinkle of personal shopping anecdotes and a dash of kombucha love. We'll also simmer down the stress stew that's been boiling over in your gut by serving up simple, mindful eating tactics that could quiet the rumble in your tummy. And we'll pop the lid on the placebo effect—could your mind be the most potent ingredient in your nutrition?To digest or not to digest gluten – that is the question we knead out in the final slice of our episode. Gabes rolls out the dough on the gluten-free craze, the carb conundrum, and the greens powder puzzle. We whisk away the fluff to reveal the hearty facts you need before you bite into the next big health trend. Send your gut health fairytales packing and tune in for an episode that's equal parts educational, entertaining, and unexpectedly enamored with the crunchy charm of peanut M&M's – because let's face it, they're the real MVPs.You can find more Gabes Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Have you ever witnessed a nutrition transformation first-hand? Our esteemed guest, Shyla, a registered dietitian from Maryland, shares her incredible journey from staunch veganism to embracing a more inclusive, adaptable approach to eating. She brings to the table a refreshing perspective on personalizing nutrition, steering clear of one-size-fits-all diets, and the importance of respecting individual dietary needs. Together, we peel back the layers of our nutritional education and the challenges of disseminating sound dietary advice in the era of social media echoes.As we chew over the topic of fiber and sugar alcohols, brace yourself for a gut-busting discussion, literally! Ever wondered why SmartSweets might send you sprinting to the restroom? Shyla and I explore the digestive quirks associated with these food components, alongside the economic factors that make healthier food options like OLIPOP a tough swallow for some budgets. You'll come away with a nuanced understanding of the fiber in your diet and why a good bowel movement can be a source of joy.Gather round as we slice into the meat of misconceptions surrounding protein, carbs, and the artistry of crafting a balanced meal. Discover why nuts and plant-based proteins deserve a break from the bad rap they often get and how fibrous foods can keep your blood sugar in check, even when indulging. We also spill the beans on why homemade stock is a chef's secret weapon and how you can eat well without emptying your wallet. And for the cherry on top, we'll serve up the truth about lemon water and those detox fads that seem too good to be true. So tuck in your napkin and get ready for a hearty serving of humor and insight in this feast of a conversation.You can find Shyla Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Ever wondered how the food influencer craze is influencing our choices and perceptions? Rob and I, Liam, are here to dissect the fearmongering and fantastical claims of online food personalities like Courtney and Gary Brecka. With our milestone 50,000th download celebration, we're taking a no-holds-barred approach, sharing the untold stories from behind the scenes. Tune in for a rare glimpse into the influencer culture that's shaping the culinary landscape, and laugh along as we take a few playful jabs at their expense.Switching gears, our call-in show with Patreon supporters brings to light the dietary hurdles of those who serve and protect, from the firehouse to the freeway. Imagine the challenges of crafting nutritious meals that fuel powerlifting firefighters or sustain long-haul truckers. We're not just spitballing ideas here; we're serving up a buffet of practical solutions, from communal cooking to the strategic use of kitchen appliances. This episode is your ticket to understanding the delicate art of feeding our everyday heroes, and you might just pick up a tip or two for your own hectic lifestyle.But wait, there's more! Get ready to tackle the universal conundrum of road trip snacks and healthy options without snoozing at the wheel. We're sharing our personal snack hacks, from bargain finds to keeping that road trip belt from tightening, along with a sprinkle of our own quirky food preferences that'll have you questioning your own. And yes, we confront my bizarre banana boycott head-on. So, buckle up, grab your favorite munchies, and join us on this journey through the flavors, textures, and chuckles of the snacking world. Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Unlock the secrets to navigating the complex world of food allergies as we sit down with Dr. Rubin, a renowned TikTok allergist. This episode promises to arm you with key strategies for reducing allergy risks, including the surprising benefits of early food exposure. Dr. Rubin dives into the gut microbiome's role and the intricate connection between eczema and food allergies, shedding light on the delicate balance our immune system strikes to protect us.Bite into the curious case of Alpha Gal Syndrome with us as we explore how a tick's tiny chomp can unleash an allergic storm, and how climate change plays a part in its spread. We tackle everything from the syndrome's baffling reaction times to the hopeful possibility of outgrowing the allergy, plus a candid look at the soaring costs of EpiPens and the ethical quagmires of medical trials. Let's navigate these waters together, facing the challenges head-on with knowledge and a touch of humor.Finally, we wrap up with some purr-fectly good news for cat lovers battling allergies. Could egg yolk be the unlikely hero for those sneezy fits? We debate the merits of feline companionship, the Canadian art of snow eating, and why sometimes, parenting with a dash of playfulness is just what the doctor ordered. Join us for a heartfelt reminder to savor the day-to-day – and don't worry, we'll steer clear of any yellow snow advice!You can find Dr. Rubin Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Ever wonder why that guy on your Instagram feed is using a sledgehammer for his workout, or why your aunt swears by a diet of exclusively meat and air? Buckle in, folks, because this episode is a rollercoaster of laughter and enlightenment. Joined by the muscle-whisperer Snitch, we're decoding the viral vortex of bizarre fitness trends and the myths that bedazzle diet enthusiasts. Get ready for an uproarious journey through the good, the bad, and the just plain silly of fitness and nutrition advice.Hold onto your kale smoothies, because we're not just debunking fads; we're slicing through the thicket of nutrition nonsense and giving you the real skinny on eating well without emptying your wallet. Discover the magic of discount grocery hunting and get the scoop on how to turn pantry staples into nutritional goldmines. From the truth about tuna and mercury to a candid chat about the fiber fanfare, we are dishing out the digestible facts on what really fuels your body and your laughs.As we wrap up, don't miss our foodie banter that'll have you considering whether oats can legitimately become the new cake. We'll regale you with tales from the culinary frontiers of pre-workout potions, showcasing flavors that sound like they belong in a candy store rather than a gym bag. If you're tired of the same old chocolate peanut butter routine, we've got your taste buds covered. So tune in, chow down, and let's get fortified with both knowledge and nibbles in this episode that's as entertaining as it is informative.You can find Snitch Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Embark on a journey through the human body with Ashley Freeman, a luminary in the field of human physiology, who makes a special appearance on our podcast to unravel the mysteries of skeletal muscle metabolism, especially within the context of cancer patients. From her transition from nursing assistance to researching the depths of muscle systems, Ashley's narrative is not just educational but peppered with laughter and a nod to her surprising TikTok fame. Together, we tackle the marvels of muscle structure, dissecting the complex processes from the macroscopic fascicles to the sarcomeres' microscopic dance during muscle contraction, all while busting myths about protein powders and the need for steroids.Get ready to flex your brain as well as your biceps, as we sift through the best practices for muscle growth, emphasizing the synergy between resistance training, nutrition, and the often-overlooked superhero of recovery—sleep. Ashley expertly guides us on how to optimize protein intake and why that shaker bottle might just be your best gym buddy. Our conversation isn't limited to the gym goers; we also shed light on the intricacies of electrolyte balance, making sense of the sodium-potassium pump, and calling out the health marketing industry on their sometimes misleading narratives.As we draw a close to this enlightening session, hydration takes center stage. We critically evaluate the strategies behind sports drinks, like Prime and Liquid IV, and even play with the idea of launching our own hydration line—because who wouldn't want a cute bottle that might also contain a fruit infuser? Lastly, we demystify creatine monohydrate supplementation, highlighting its benefits and dismissing the myths that often follow this well-researched supplement. So tune in, not just for the knowledge bombs dropped by Ashley but for a healthy dose of critical thinking and a few laughs along the way.You can find Ashley Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Prepare to have your culinary curiosity satiated as Chef Mike, the culinary wizard who once orchestrated McDonald's menu magic, joins us to spill the beans on the alchemy of fast-food flavors. Ever wondered if Canadian McDonald's fries have a secret ingredient? Chef Mike playfully addresses this and more as we navigate the labyrinth of international taste preferences and what it takes to keep those iconic golden arches shining brightly around the globe. Get ready for a generous helping of industry insights sprinkled with just the right amount of humor, all while decoding the food supply chain mysteries that bring your favorite bites from farm to tray.Chef Mike isn't holding back as we explore the fast-food coliseum, where giants like McDonald's battle for your taste buds. We're unboxing the process behind crafting those crave-worthy menu items, from the beloved chicken nuggets to the staple Egg McMuffin. Discover the intricate dance between product development and marketing genius, and how they mold our cravings. And if you're curious about the plant-based revolution at the drive-thru, you're in for a treat. Our chat slices through the nutritional noise, dissecting how these meatless marvels stack up against their carnivorous counterparts, and the marketing muscle that can make or break their success.We wrap up our session with a lively debate that might just rattle your ethical and nutritional compass. Is sneaking healthier options into fast food without trumpeting it the new secret sauce for public health, or should transparency reign supreme? Plus, we tackle the 'healthy halo' effect, suggesting that perhaps it's time for a radical rebranding of nutritious nosh. Chef Mike's riveting projects and the power of a playful brand promise to not just tickle your taste buds but also inspire your next mealtime choice. So, whether you're a fast-food aficionado or just hungry for a behind-the-scenes feast, this talk with Chef Mike is sure to satisfy your appetite for knowledge—and perhaps leave you with a craving for a side of fries.You can find Chef Mike Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Embark on an enlightening adventure with Dr. Free Hess, pediatric emergency medicine guru and child safety consultant, as we navigate the tumultuous seas of parenting and child health. With the holiday spirits still lingering, our latest conversation is a treasure trove of professional wisdom and personal reflections that will equip you with the tools to foster a safer, healthier environment for your children. From the dark humor that buoys ER staff through the roughest nights to the heartfelt stories that underscore the real-world impact of misinformation, we traverse a landscape rich with knowledge and empathy.Dr. Hess doesn't shy away from confronting the contentious issues head-on, sharing her battle scars from advocating safe sleep practices and debunking dangerous social media trends. Discover the historical dangers of DIY baby formulas versus the security of regulated nutrition, and ponder the broader implications of how, as a society, we handle the delicate topics of vaccines and child health. This episode peels back the curtain, revealing the trials faced by medical professionals and the importance of credible information in an era where myths too often masquerade as truth.Concluding our journey on a lighter, yet equally passionate note, we tackle the culinary controversy of pineapple on pizza and advocate for a balanced approach to food and body image. Join us in a robust discussion about the significance of creating a positive relationship with food for our children amidst a culture obsessed with diets. And for those with a sweet tooth for both knowledge and pineapple-topped delights, Dr. Hess extends an invitation to continue the conversation on her various platforms. So, buckle up for a ride that promises to be as informative as it is engaging, with a dash of humor sprinkled in for good measure.You can find Dr. Hess Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Get ready to have your assumptions about health and nutrition thoroughly entertained and, more importantly, challenged by the witty wisdom of Dr. Terry Simpson. We're popping the lid off the creamy myths surrounding pasteurized versus unpasteurized milk, with a side of chuckles over the perplexing world of burger math. With Dr. Simpson on board, our 13th episode promises not just laughs, but a debunking session on those pesky health misconceptions that cling to us like stubborn calories.Prepare your palate for a culinary adventure as we sink our teeth into the delectable Mediterranean diet and its cousin, the DASH diet, serving up hearty helpings of nutritional insights and practical advice. Our discussion includes a recipe for success with weight loss surgery patients, and we sprinkle in some simple, Mediterranean-inspired meal tips that'll make healthy eating a breeze. Plus, we'll stir the pot on sensational health trends, like hydrogen water and seed oils, providing a critique that's as refreshing as a glass of lemon water on a summer's day.As we bid a fond (and partially glitchy) farewell to Dr. Terry, we leave you with a smorgasbord of thoughts on the supplement industry and the credentials of self-proclaimed health gurus. Remember, a dash of skepticism can be the key ingredient in your diet of information. For more of Dr. Terry's insights—and a few more laughs—be sure to follow him on his digital haunts. You're invited to join us on this enlightening journey through the delicious landscape of nutrition and health!You can find Dr. Terry Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Ready for a joyride? Buckle up, as your hosts Dr. Rubin, Rob, and Liam take you on a hilarious journey, where we tackle everything from favorite TV shows and Mario Kart characters, to elbow-licking abilities and peanut butter preferences. Ever wondered what it would be like to have the ability to lick your elbow or face a zombie apocalypse? Well, we've got you covered! Not only do we delve into these fun and random topics, but we also tackle more serious discussions like overcoming challenges, dealing with hate on social media, and even our perspectives on TV show cancellations and future goals.So, sit back, relax, and join us for an episode that promises to be a wild roller coaster ride of fun, laughter, and insightful discussions.You can find Dr. Rubin Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
Unlock the mysteries of optimal fitness routines with the charismatic Redain Caije, a guru in lifestyle coaching and fitness, who joins us to challenge the status quo of gym splits and training myths. Whether you've been timid about touching a dumbbell or you're stuck in a workout rut, this episode is your ticket to a revolutionized approach to hitting the gym. We're tearing down misconceptions and arming you with the knowledge to navigate your unique fitness path, from the 'bro split' to the 'push pull legs' routine that has been Redain's go-to for years.Ever wonder how to keep the flame of gym motivation burning bright, or when to call it quits on a routine that's lost its spark? Redain brings forth his insightful perspective on recognizing progress plateaus and the art of introducing fresh elements to your workouts. We also delve into the warmhearted realm of gym etiquette, where you'll find that the most intimidating figures are often the most supportive allies. If you've been searching for camaraderie and guidance amidst the clanging weights, look no further.Capping off with a laugh, Redain dissects the intriguing geographical paradoxes while drawing parallels to the elusive quest for fitness perfection. We address the basics for gym newbies, from the role of body types to the smart use of supplements and equipment. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gym enthusiast, we leave no stone unturned, ensuring this episode is not just a guide but a steadfast companion on your journey to achieving peak physical form.You can find Redain Support the showYou can find us on social media here:Rob TiktokRob InstagramLiam TiktokLiam Instagram
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