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Incandescent used to be an unconventional meditation podcast providing unique styles of meditation to engage even those who believe, falsely, that they cannot meditate. Thought now it mostly is a home for the host, Marisa Imôn, to express herself random through music that you can choose to listen to as an energy healing transmission, a song, a meditation, or whatever you choose!

Almost all of the meditations in this podcast are created to be enjoyed while sitting in stillness or while going about your day.* There are many episodes subliminal and supra-liminal affirmations to give you an emotional boost of mental wellness, there rampages of appreciation similar to Abraham Hicks, there are 3d audio meditative song journeys, singing meditations, story-telling immersive 3D audio experiences, 8-hour sleep talk downs and more. If you think you can't meditate, this show is designed to help you understand that you can turn every day moments into a meditation.* Everyone can meditate.

*We love your health and wellbeing so please listen safely. No heavy machinery, etc. etc.
312 Episodes
"I am Beloved" - 10k Reps - Subliminal This subliminal has 10,000 reps of one statement, "I am beloved," hidden in the background to help you brainwash yourself into feeling this as your truth, because daring, it is. YOU ARE BELOVED. Music by me and Unison MIDI Wizard.
5 Min "Drink Coffee With Me" Unconventional Morning (unguided) Meditation with Positive Messages - head to my YouTube channel if you're listening to this on a podcast platform that doesn't have video and would rather have video.   
Manifest new beginnings with this audio on any and every new moon. Every single second of audio contains 3 reps of the following affirmation subliminally in the background: My life is in perfect alignment to receive all the positive resources, opportunities, new beginnings and experiences that I can from this new moon in the highest best most loving good way for me in accordance with my highest personal timeline. Thank you new moon. Trust yourself as your own best guide, but my advice is to listen 2 nights before, the night of the new moon, and the 2 nights after for best results each new moon. I layered effects on the subliminal, channeled music and energy, and worked with Unison's MIDI Wizard for the instruments you hear.  Trust you've attracted a tool for your life to help serve you for your greatest good, you miracle you. Cheers to effortlessly manifesting by letting the beautiful subconscious do most the work for you! XO Sonic   Copyright 2024 Music and Miracles
If you've been struggling to love and accept yourself and are looking for a positive self talk full of unconventional affirmations and askfirmations made specifically for a currently (and TEMPORARILY even if it doesn't feel that way) self-loathing, doubtful person. DUDE I've been there. You're not alone. YOU CAN LOVE YOURSELF. IT IS POSSIBLE. Let this be the pep talk and reminder you've been looking for. LOVE YOU, for real, Sonic    Menu: 0:00 -welcome/what is this How to listen: 0:43  Begin: 1:11   
This new moon in cancer subliminal contains all the affirmations in this practice:   Plus the following affirmations are repeated three times every single second: My life is in perfect alignment to receive all the positive resources, opportunities, new beginnings and experiences that I can from this new moon in the highest best most loving good way for me in accordance with my highest personal timeline. Thank you new moon. If you're looking to make the most out of your new moon ritual, I recommend adding this to your sleep playlist within the 5 day window of the new moon.  HOW TO USE:As with all of my work, use it however you want. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. Do you want it on while you sleep? Do you want it in the background while you make art or read? Whatever calls you, give it a try - just make sure you're taking responsibility for your safety. I make no claims about my audios except that the people who listen to them are AMAZINNNGGGGGGG BEYOND MEASURE!!!!!!! I edited the audio to sound like deep space cuz if you're like me, sometimes there's just nothing quite as soothing as slightly strange deep spacey sounds. Happy new moon and new beginnings!  XOXO Sonic Https:// 
Emotional Freedom Meditation (happy independence day) By now we've discovered the ultimate freedom is simply an emotional experience. Being capable of appreciating and enjoying our inner emotional world no matter what is like having a key that unlocks everything within us. Let this message be a capstone and/or refresher for you as a little emotional-booster message to help you access that emotionally free state through this positive message meditation. You are so loved. You are so unique. You are so incredible. I am so grateful to you for your existence and all that you are. XO Sonic  disclaimer: I am just a human sharing things, I make no claims. You take responsibility for your safety and wellbeing by listening. XO
Cancer New Moon 5 Minute Affirmations   The overnight audio is on its way, in the meantime use this:   Also, I really liked this new moon in cancer 7/5/24 overview and energy reading: 
0:00 - welcome 0:51 -Sacred Affirmations for Love Attraction 7:09 - Positive Personal Message from Your Host   These sacred affirmations for Love Attraction work like magic, at least for my heart personally. Tune in however feels best to you, but if you want guidance on how to begin, this is what I recommend: Clear your space and set your intentions. Put your headphones on and listen as you watch the video, reading the affirmations. Continue to the positive message from me IF you wish otherwise skip straight to journaling. Either way I'd either write or say out loud any thoughts you're having from this. Keep the energy going a little, following inspiration of what feels best FOR YOU after listening Thanks for being here! Disclaimer: I'm just a human sharing things I make for myself in hopes they serve you as well. I make no claims and am not a mental health professional of any kind. But I do know this: you're amazing. Learn more at  
20 min Positive Affirmations for Empaths (Super Empath Affirmation Audio) - Headphones HIGHLY encouraged   Affirmations used in this audio: My emotions are a powerful indicator of my inner wisdom. I choose to live in harmony and alignment with my strong sensitive abilities. I love my ability to feel things deeply and to intuit knowledge from this ability. I fully understand my extrasensory abilities. I know my emotions are teachers and I no longer react to them as anything other than that. I select the ones I wish to feel and experience and those I don’t, I simply use as guidance and move on. I no longer make a big deal about things that feel “off” to me. Instead, I use that “off” feeling to instead guide me towards a direction that feels good and clear in my body, heart and soul. I trust my empathic abilities and intuition and know that if something feels good, clear and light to me, this is my empathic guidance directing me to what would be best for me in that moment. I trust the sensations I get in my physical body and understand fully how to listen to them. I transmute energy easily and effortlessly to give my body an inner feeling of lightness and tranquility. I deserve to feel blissfully at peace and I recognize my empathic gifts assist me in being that way. All viewpoints I have about my empathic abilities are now positive and empowering for me. I get that I have had a superpower all along. When others do not understand me, I know it’s because I’m tapping into a wisdom they have not learned how to access yet. I accept my inner guidance no matter what. I trust my feelings and intuition so much that I cannot imagine living my daily life without them. My emotions are a gift and I can easily parse out feelings that do not belong to me and release them for transmutation. This process is effortless and natural for me, a lot like breathing, because... (repeat)   YOU'RE AMAZING. XOXOXO   Disclaimer: I'm just a human sharing things that serve me in case you find them helpful too. I make no claims.  Learn more at: 
Manifest Romance, Career and Flow Goals with this Saturn Retrograde in Pisces Affirmation Audio This 1 hour affirmation tape for making the most of Saturn Retrograde in Pisces can be listened to while sleeping or awake, as often as feels best to you.    Saturn in Retrograde (in pisces) affirmations: I invite and allow the energies of this Saturn retrograde in Pisces to work with me for my greatest good in accordance with the greatest good of all. I use this time wisely to reflect on my ways of showing up in this world thus far and I gain beautiful new clarity on any new directions I wish to take at this time. I let this time be easy and dreamy on me, while still being productive in the most blissfully aligned way. I am deeply supported by the energies of Saturn and Pisces at this time. I effortlessly assess my current boundaries and improve any that could use improvements right now. I am comfortable asking people to be clear about their boundaries as well. I let myself relax and get dreamy as I invite in new awarenesses of myself to unfold effortlessly and naturally at this time. I let my view of my self worth increase beyond my imagination thus far. I allow myself to receive financial windfalls at this time. I trust everything is unfolding perfectly for me. It’s safe to relax and allow life to unfold with me, through me, and for me. I gain new skill mastery at this time at a level that is best for me now. Any new projects or tasks or responsibilities I undertake come to me with a surprising level of ease. I surprise myself at how naturally I rise to any occasion presented to me. I develop and maintain excellent systems and structures in place to support me at this time in attaining my own perfect flow with the currents of Life. I experience a perfect blend and union of structure and creative flow. Both of which are in harmony at this time, in a way that feels good and satisfying to me. I use a brilliant and beautiful blend of intuition and empirical data to make decisions. This Saturn retrograde nourishes me and brings me great energy and a lucidness that I will take with me into the future. This is why... (repeat)   -- When is Saturn in Pisces?  3/7/23 - 2/13/26   When is Saturn retrograde in Pisces? 6/29/24-11/15024 3/7/25-5/24/25 8/31/25-2/13/26   --   Subscribe for more and get more like this at htts://  Disclaimer: I'm just a human sharing things I make for myself in case others like them as well. I make no claims. You take full responsibility for your safety and wellbeing xoxo
A "rampage" for sensitive sweethearts doing their inner work at this time. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!   If you've been on your spiritual journey, with your big, wide open heart and vulnerability for the world to see and you're healing from all sorts of things in your past, it's my hope that this is an emotional booster to you whenever you could use it.  Disclaimer: I'm just a human sharing things that help me in hopes they benefit you. I make no claims and you take responsibility for your wellbeing by listening. You're so great.
Ultimate Success Booster and Bundle - Overnight Subliminal Yooo okay, I cannot tell you how much I love this. I of course can't and won't make any claims about my audios but I will share the intentions and what all went into this one and why I am claiming it the "ultimate success booster and bundle"  So, first off the Capricorn Moon and Venus in Cancer affs are so good (I'll link them below), but they're getting only a few views and the seasons limited but 98% of the affirmations in them are good for forever so I blended them into a background for "success in love and career" because coupled together that's pretty much a good sumation... And then I added the amazing LUCKY ALWAYS affirmation tape. And then...I added in my own secret formula personal 8-hour subliminal booster that does not stand alone anywhere publicaly and utilizes Neville Goddard and Abraham Hicks concepts.  And then...I decided I needed to channel music for it, so I did. The vocals/music you hear in any of my meditations, affirmation tapes or subliminals here are always made by me.. And then...I felt called to layer it with "overall success" affirmations that are UNIQUE to YOU. LIke, "what would ultimate success look like and feel like for you personally?" - whatever that is (even if you don't think you know it) is what the affirmations are designed to support. I then added layers for protection and for ensuring "positive/desired benefits only." From there I added some light language and effects to round it all out. I was told to trust the name: The ultimate  My INTENTIONS poured into this while creating: You can ONLY experience positive/desired effect from this. This is gentle and yet powerfully effective on the listener; any positive change inspired by this subliminal feels effortless for the listener. The listener is guided by their Higher Self/Source (whatever language they like for this) throughout the whole practice - in fact; the experience could be different each time as "Source/Self" works behind the scenes while you sleep on whatever most serves at the moment. You are your most preferred self. You LOVE your life beyond any measure. Things that you perceive as good and wanted and desired in your world just show up for you. You have ultimate success in love, whatever that is for you. You have ultimate succewssin careeer, whatever that is for you. You have ultimate success in every area of your life as it relates to you and what you most passionately desire - even if you think you're not sure yet. Increased clarity for the listener. Improved connected to higher self/source/intuition. This is the ultimate booster and bundle. This booster and bundle will assist you with subliminals you've listen to in the past but didn't get results from - they'll be unlocked if you're ready now. You sleep well and feel loved. The only thing I wonder could have made it better (but I'm hearing it'd be too much - however, use it as a quick short booster as needed) is this 3:33  "ultimate self concept" subliminal:   I want you to be on the lookout for subtle changes in your reality after listening. Make sure to appreciate whatever happens that shows you signs of desired improvement in your world. You don't have to listen while you sleep btw. You can play this any time. Headphones make it sound better, but they're not necessary or required. You can speed it up and bundle. Do whatever you feel called. Thank you so much for being here! Thank you for being YOU! Here are the audios used that have their own separate files: Full moon in capricorn:  Venus in Cancer:  Lucky Always: Disclaimer: I'm just a human sharing tools that help me personally. I make no claims of what they'll do for you, but I do enjoy sharing my intentions. I so hope this is of service to you dear wonderful One!  Learn more at:   
Look how lucky you are, dear magnificent being! You've stumbled upon this 9 hour positive affirmation audio designed to attach you to your luckiest timeline. How does it get any luckier than that? Manifest good luck while you sleep or as you play this during the day - this audio contains not only 9 hours of the following supraliminal affirmations and afformations/askfirmations, I also sped it up 4x with a 23x echo in. the background - on top of the 8x repetitive echo on the supraliminal recording-  making it like 1 overnight listen equals approximately 2 years and 3 months of listening to just the 9 hour affirmations alone. I may identify as trans and non-binary, but that doesn't make me exempt from girl math and that may be what I'm doing here, idk. But basically you're getting all 9 hours repeated 828x while you sleep. It's also made with my own personal booster for any desired outcome in the background. Of course, I make no claims and am just sharing stuff I make for myself with you. You lucky star!  Here are the "circumstances DO NOT MATTER" Lucky Always Affirmations/Askfirmations: No matter how things may seem, everything is literally working out even better than I can imagine behind the scenes. Everything truly is working out for me. I am an incredibly lucky person. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. It seems like everywhere I go, and everything I do, I can’t help but experience remarkable strokes of great luck. Even if it doesn’t appear like great luck at first, I trust and know it ALWAYS truly IS and that if it doesn’t appear that way, I simply don’t have all the data yet. In actuality everything truly is on my side and eagerly aligning for my greatest good. Lucky moments fill my days completely. It is as if good luck chases me. No matter what the circumstances appear to be to anyone other than me, I see and experience good luck in literally everything I do. I’m a lucky person and any person who is connected to me benefits from how lucky I am. I truly do not care if evidence ever appears contrary to this for I know that is only an insignificant fraction of the actual story. There is so much happening behind the scenes for me that I don’t even know about yet but that I know is a result of my inherent good luck. You see, I was born with good luck. I don’t need a lucky charm, I AM the lucky charm. I always feel encouraged in all settings because I have myself, the luckiest charm on the planet. Learn more here:  Https://    Disclaimer: I'm just a human sharing things I make in hopes they serve you as much as they serve me. I make no claims and you take responsibility for your wellbeing. Thanks for being here!    Music made by me with Logic Pro X and Unison software
3 Morning Affirmations for an AMAZING Day!  The following affirmations are repeated 500 times in the background subliminally: Wow isn’t today amazing? Today is so incredibly amazing I feel so lucky to get to exist Here i am alive again for yet again another beautiful day How lucky is this? How lucky am I? How amazing is this day? What an amazing day I’m getting to experience. Thank you for another amazing day? Isn’t today so amazing? How did today get to be so amazing for me? I love today in every way! Today is absolutely amazing, isn’t it?   Learn more at    Disclaimer: I'm just a human sharing things I make for myself with you in hopes it serves. I make no claims. 
Find Your Perfection Place in life - experimental affirmation audio designed to help you tap into you inner wisdom. For full effect, this is what I recommend (but TRUST your own guidance always): Clear a space and light a candle with the intention of connecting to the wisdom within. Put headphones on. Tune into your heart and thank it in advance for any and all guidance received during and after the practice. Hit play. Journal anything that comes to you and pay attention to whatever lights you up best over the course of the next 7 days or so (trust your timeline) as you continue to receive guidance.*  (Optional): If you discovered your inner guidance feels you are meant to live with at least 1 other person, I recommend this subliminal: Welcome: 0:00 Practice begins: 0:20    This experimental affiramtion audio with subliminal light language and energy work is designed to open up your mind to creative possibilities for manifesting and aligning with your ideal life scenarios in every way. Not just for manifesting a house but also "where you're meant to be" in every aspect: romantically, physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, creatively, etc. Can't wait to hear how this is for you!    *We all receive our inner guidance in our own unique ways. If you're new to being aware of how your Inner Being (or Consciousness, Source, Love, Light, whatever name you wish) speaks to you, I recommend a process of beginning to listen by tuning into what feels best to your in your life. Who do you most like to be with? Where do you most like to go? What do you most like to do? What does it feel like to be in those scenarios? Those feelings are like True North in your compass. Trust if something feels as light and good as the current best things you can think about in your life, then it is likely you are following and listening to your own inner wisdom. It takes testing phases you'll put yourself through to really listen and understand your own guidance, but that's a great place to start if you're new! xoxo Learn more at  Disclaimer: I'm just a human sharing content I make for myself in hopes it serves you as well. I make no claims. Use your own guidance and discretion when listening.
Full Moon in Capricorn 10 Hour Overnight Affirmations for Success If you're looking for a full moon meditation or full moon ritual for the full moon in capricorn, this 10 hour affirmation meditation can be used either as a stand alone to meditate to for however long you wish, or in the background of your ritual for the full moon in capricorn, or simply (how I like to do it) as a sleep audio with not only 10 hours of affirmations but also 10 hours of subliminal messages for your highest, best, most loving good. I have looped "I AM and all is well" over 400k times in the background of this and created an energy charged musical audio with healing frequencies. Here is the statement that is on repeat for this full moon in capricorn affirmation meditation: I take responsibility for the actions, choices and decisions I make. I take action in an aligned and inspired way. My interactions with the outside physical world are infused with magic and miracles. The world around me loves and shows me how good it is to get to show up as myself in this world. I love being seen as I am. I love being free to be ambitious knowing my ambitions lead me to my desired success - whatever that looks like to me. I literally cannot stop the success that is coming to me. The full moon in capricorn highlights my successes and brings me the appearance of great luck and prosperity. However, in truth, I know this is just a reflection of how successful and wealthy I naturally am and I appreciate the full moon in capricorn for reflecting that to me. It’s easy for me to be focused on my goals and visions. I take inspired action effortlessly and engage in the world around me with total ease. My goals all come together naturally and joyfully at this time. I am determined to succeed simply because I know it is what’s natural and right for me. I show up in this physical world as my authentic self and the physical world shows me how safe and nurturing it is towards me. I keep receiving evidence of how successful and abundant I truly am. My hard work from the past pays off heavily at this time. I love taking inspired action during the full moon in Capricorn. I can trust the decisions I make and the way I show up in the world. I make the most of the energy of full moon in Capricorn effortlessly and naturally. All desired tasks and accomplishments are possible for me. There is no other way. ----   Let yourself align with the powerful positive qualities brought to you during the time of this Capricorn Full Moon.    If you want to also make the most of the other celestial activites occuring now too, find them in this playlist:   Learn more:  Disclaimer: I'm just a human sharing things I make for myself with you. You take responsibility for your wellbeing, safety and results by listening to this. I make no claims besides this one: you're amazing.
Summer Solstice Experimental Affirmation Loop | 10 Hour Overnight Sleep Messages These are experimental for a few reasons, but for me particularly because I alternate between I and we statements. If you are not a fan of oneness practices or interconnectivity work, you will not want to listen to this.  Here are the affirmations: I align more deeply now and forever more with the Light that lives within. I expand my consciousness as I sleep and allow divine light of love and tranquility to comfort, ease and soothe me into my most powerful truth: that I, an expression of Earth, am naturally abundant. I am inherently Loved and I let in the Light of understanding now. I utilize this time of increased Light to experience the extreme and massive growth and positive change I know is available to us all right now. I choose it for me first, and in doing so, I entrust all others to do the same. I know all is well, on behalf of all of us. I KNOW we are okay. We are safe. This season of increased Light benefits all life at this time. I welcome in a return of even greater level of the light within each and every one of us, shedding truth upon us all, for our common greatest good. We are a part of something greater. For I know I am a part, of all of those listening, who care so deeply about each other even though we may never meet, and I know this means a powerful and positive change in a desired reaction and a return to go within. We believe in ourselves first and foremost, and therefore each other again. We know that collectively, we are witnessing the unfolding of our dreams, together. In a time of great chaos we expose Light upon all shadows within and choose to experience the abundance of peace again. Let peace reign supreme as we enter this summer solstice and experience its powerful energetic assistance in harmony with our evolution at this time. I am grateful to co-collectively manifest the powerful positive summer solstice experiences at this time. This is a time of great miracles and powerful inner and higher self growth. I effortlessly align fully with the version of me I MOST came here to be that is accessible to me at this time. I welcome powerful leaps in my experience of myself and my life. I expect powerful positive change to appear as if overnight. Why wouldn’t it? Why wouldn’t our realities wish to love us and nurture us at this time? There is no logical reason to not experience the greatest, most powerful positive shifts imaginable for the greatest good of all at this time. We deserve to shine. We deserve to prosper. And this is why… Learn more at  (ps if you like the background voice, check out @iammarisalynn) disclaimer: no claims made, I'm just a human sharing the stuff I make for myself.
Venus in Cancer 10 Hour Affirmations (with echos and sound fx) - HEALTHY LOVE LIFE AND HEALTHY ATTACHMENT STYLE (get the non-echoy sound fx one here: Venus moves into Cancer 6/16/24 but this is also good for anyone who resonates with venus in cancer with strong venus and/or cancer placements, as well as for anyone who is feeling ready to align with healthier relationship attachments and boundaries.  Affirmations: My love life is dependable. I can count on those I am in love with. Those I love, also love me. My love is solid, reliable and expressed and felt in ways that signify a healthy attachment style. I have a healthy, stable attachment style. I can depend on myself, but I don’t need to because others love me so much. It’s safe for me to open up and be vulnerable. I am met with kindness, compassion and genuine heartfelt connection. My world is safe and secure in all manners related to love and relationships. I feel like I live in a cocoon of pink fluffy clouds full of the energy of unconditional kindness, compassion and love. As a human with an overly active imagination, unpredictable attention span, and intense emotionality, I like to have positive messages on in the background of my day and night as much as possible as it helps keep 1 tab open in my brain of JUST that. I believe it can help us reprogram ourselves so that our outer world reflects more of what we focus on by listening to audios like this. And the best part: I also believe you don’t have to pay attention. Just having it on the in the background, in my opinion (I’m not making any claims), creates a positive difference for me personally. I have recorded two different kinds: 1 calm, without effects (this one). The other with echo effects (I prefer, but I've had feedback some don't, hence both).  Both have subliminal messages in the background that repeat this 411,786 times: “I AM and All is Well.” The background audio may sound a little “Strange” but it has been programmed in accordance with that which I refer to as my guides/intuition with intention of being the most powerful background audio to serve you for any and all supraliminal (the affirmations you hear) messages. It has been charged and activated and took over 12 hours to create for you. Listen with or without headphones, any speed you like. Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. You take responsibility for your well being by listening. Love you.    Learn more: 
15 minutes of self-hypnosis with over 250k affirmations in the background designed to help you saturate your Mind with this truth: YOU HAVE ALL THE RESOURCES YOU COULD EVER POSSIBLY NEED TO DO ALL THE CREATIVE PROJECTS THAT MOST LIGHT YOU UP AND MAKE YOU MOST HAPPY. Starts at 1:06 Only one of the many positive subliminal statements can be heard in this: I have all the resources and equipment that I need to do all the creative things I would like to do. Get short (1-3 minute) "power subs" as I call them, short little subliminal BURSTS with anywhere from a few hundred to a few MILLION affirmations in under 3 minutes. Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only and you take responsibility for yourself by listening.  
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Draminess, ease, flow and aligned productivity…such an excellent collection of affirmations. One of my favourite meditations on Incandescent! Thank you Marisa. ☺️♥️

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Mozhde Zandi

I love your angle number affirmations. Thank you❤️

Nov 5th

Sanaz Hdr

wow!💫That was great.Thank you💖💫

Feb 14th

Amanda Reber

I love how she is playful even while elevating our alignment.

Sep 21st


who is the singer of this Ho'oponopono song? Is it on YouTube or Spotify? I love it

Jan 24th
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which are the songs playing at the beginning and the end? Thanks

Jan 7th
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Beautiful! I love the echo, it helps me anchoring the affirmations very deeply. Thanks!

Jan 7th
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