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Incandescent is an unconventional meditation podcast providing unique styles of meditation to engage even those who believe, falsely, that they cannot meditate. Almost all of the meditations in this podcast are created to be enjoyed while sitting in stillness or while going about your day.* There are many episodes subliminal and supraliminal affirmations to give you an emotional boost of mental wellness, there rampages of appreciation similar to Abraham Hicks, there are 3d audio meditative song journeys, singing meditations, story-telling immersive 3D audio experiences, 8-hour sleep talkdowns and more. If you think you can't meditate, this show is designed to help you understand that you can turn every day moments into a meditation.* Everyone can meditate.

*We love your health and wellbeing so please listen safely. No heavy machinery, etc. etc.
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This was the most-listened to meditation of 2019 and I think it's perfect as we enter a new decade to lean into this feeling.  I was surprised to find the statistics listing this as far and above the most-loved meditation episode from last year, but so happy it was the case. What better message to give yourself during a time of year when the world is like "set a goal" "do better" change yourself" - no, no, you can constantly be growing but let's not future trip. Let's appreciate where we are and be excited for where we're headed!  
Step into the fullness of who you are in 2020 using this unconventional meditation designed to be enjoyed while going about your day or while sitting in stillness. We are so much more than our physical bodies. Take a moment to connect with the richness of all you are now! This meditation is only a start to this process, but it will get you prepared to continue to open up and connect to the fullness of who you are.
You have a massive amount of power within you. You are the one responsible for the way you view the world, and the way you write your own life's story. For New Year's Eve 2020, take back this responsibility by listening to this unconventional meditation that can be enjoyed while walking, taking a bath, doing the dishes or (of course) sitting in stillness. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, the goal is that you feel more connected with your power to write your own life's story. Follow this podcast on Instagram. Get more free meditations here.
Take Inspired Action

Take Inspired Action


The best way to make your dreams come true, is to make them come true. Okay, okay, of course there's surrendering involved and trusting in the Universe - you can't FORCE your dreams. BUT you can take INSPIRED action. If you simply dream your dreams without following through on inspired action, you're missing out on the exciting part of following your dreams. If you need a boost of motivation, consider this your motivation meditation for the December New Moon in Capricorn to get you ready for the New Year! 
With this December New Moon in Capricorn, this is the perfect time for a fresh start. Use the energy of this time in your favor by truly believing that anything is possible as you listen to this positive affirmation meditation that can be enjoyed while sitting in stillness or while active.   
Marvel in Your Magic

Marvel in Your Magic


Recognize that you wield a special kind of magic - you can witness miracles, you can change the energy of a room, you can attract and magnetize that which you desire into your life! It's time to marvel in your magic with this mini meditation with ASMR vocals set to peaceful music with whale songs.  Access Captain Heartsong's free year long meditation service here: 
        We often seek love and support outside of ourselves. Looking to a romantic partner or a close friend. But what happens if those people are not available? Or what if you haven't even found them yet?   Usually, what we desire in the world around us doesn't come to be until we allow ourselves to experience it inside of us first. Therefore, in order to attract love and support, you must allow yourself to feel love and support first.   One of the best ways to feels loved and supported is through meditation.   In the latest episode of the Incandescent Podcast, I share a meditation designed to help you generate feelings of unconditional love and support within yourself - instead of seeking it from the outside world. Through this meditation you can feel that you and the Universe love, support and accept you fully and completely.   What feeling could be better than that?   You can listen to this meditation while sitting or lying in stillness, while taking a bath, or while going about your day. This meditation can be used as an active meditation - listen while walking the dog, washing the dishes, running errands. Listen any time you need a reminder that you are loved and supported.   Because, you truly are loved and supported.
Law of Attraction 101: Feel the feelings you desire to experience. You don't have to wait for a million dollars in order to feel rich. You don't have to wait for prince, princess or prinx charming to feel loved. You can feel it right now! And with today's episode- a special TRL -style ep that was requested by a listener - is all about feeling confident.  I share my favorite and most fun confidence hack that you can easily implement in your life to feel the feeling of confidence whenever you want.  Step 1: Think about something you're super confident about - for me it's the fact that peanut butter is dope. I am confident that it is absolutely delicious and I can lean into that confidence all day long. Step 2: Notice what that confidence feels like and just keep feeling it. Doesn't matter that it's about something meaningless.  Step 3: Take take feeling with you throughout your daily activities. It's like doing kegels for confidence! Optional step: Listen to this meditation. If you're having a hard time feeling confident, this meditation is designed to pump you up emotionally!  
Did you know that when you focus on your heart's energy center - located in the middle of your chest - you can tap into an endless well of unconditional love?  It's true! And this guided meditation set to Yanni and Oprah inspired backing music (no joke, they were my inspiration for the backing track) is designed to help you do just that!    
As you review this past decade, what thoughts or beliefs about life once served you that no longer do? For the Full Moon in Gemini 2020, this is a great time to reflect back with appreciation on what you've outgrown and are ready to step out of. Let this Thank U, Next meditation help you do just that.
Had a bad day? Eat too much junk food? Got in an argument? Whatever it is you don't have to wait for tomorrow for a fresh start - you can have it right now, in this moment. Listen to this meditation any time you feel like you've "Wasted" time or had a bad day and just need to hit the reset button. All music composed and performed by Marisa Imôn.
S2E11- I Know Who I Am

S2E11- I Know Who I Am


If you're always contemplating "Why am I here?" "What is my purpose" - this positive affirmation meditation is perfect for you! You know who you are - deep inside. And you know your purpose. Let this active meditation remind you - with vocals designed to trigger ASMR relaxation. Like the theme song? Get it on Spotify here. Theme song is "Warmth" by Marisa Imon. Get more free meditations here. 
Take a minute to pause and recognize your greatness. Admit it, you've grown, A LOT! You've overcome obstacles and hurdles you may have never thought possible. But if you just keep looking ahead without appreciating how far you've come, you do yourself a disservice. In this meditation, take time to appreciate yourself and your accomplishments while also looking forward at what's to come. You're amazing. And this meditation will remind you. More music here & here by Marisa Imon. Produced by Imon Love Media.
Turn this very moment into a meditation. Use this meditation to let you be more mindful whatever task you're doing (or while sitting in stillness). The more you practice this, the more your daily life becomes a meditation. Of course, don't listen while operating heavy machinery. I meditate while walking, grocery shopping, riding in the car, showering, and so many other tasks in my daily life - WITHOUT the help of guided meditation. This is because I practice tuning into my breath. Feeling my body in the moment. Being aware of the world around me. Allowing my emotions and thoughts to be present without getting attached to them. Every moment can be a meditation. It makes the world SO much more peaceful. And today's episode is me guiding you through the process of doing it. It's essentially my whole goal of this show. If you get this down, I promise you, your daily life will be so much more enjoyable.   Liked the music? Listen to Nature's Conversations by Holographic Universe on Spotify. Intro music is Warmth, by Marisa Imon. Produced by Imon Love Media.
I was listening to Marie Forleo's Podcast today (she talks about doing a "Decade in Review" - check it out) - and she mentions that a good way to discover your greatest lessons in life, is to look at your biggest mistakes. Today I was making one "mistake" after another. I kept losing focus - procrastinating - doing random things to bide my time. Then when I realized I was doing it I had the choice - I could beat myself up for "losing time" or I could use it as more motivation to move forward.  Today's positive affirmation meditation set to relaxing music with asmr relaxation, is designed to help you feel that no matter where you are, no matter what you've done, it's all okay. It's all led to where you are. You're exactly where you're meant to be and nothing can change that.   
Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude Meditation


Enjoy this meditation for gratitude this Thanksgiving to reflect on all the blessings you have in your life and to send loving kindness to the world.  Get more free meditations here. Follow the show to get mini-meditations in your Instagram feed.
Affirmations to help you make the most of the new moon in Sagittarius November 2019 set to relaxing music with ASMR vocals. Enjoy this new moon meditation 11/27-11/28.  Learn more about this new moon here.  Create a longer ritual for this New Moon by going to Danielle Mercurio Show (link above) and listening to Star Slander - released 11/26. 
When we lovingly accept what we feel instead of trying to hide it or push it away, it softens. Not only that, we can gain wisdom from it. This positive affirmation meditation with ASMR vocals is designed to aid in relaxation. DM the host if you have any messages you'd like to hear on the show.   
An unconventional meditation designed for you to enjoy while walking, shopping, cooking, or sitting quietly to help you be in the present moment while believing your dreams are highly likely to help you manifest a life of your wildest dreams.  
Welcome to Part 1 in a 3 part series of unconventional meditations for living a life of your wildest dreams. To begin we must first be OPEN to the possibility that your wildest dream isn't just possible, but perhaps even probable. ---- Meditate more at   
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I love how she is playful even while elevating our alignment.

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who is the singer of this Ho'oponopono song? Is it on YouTube or Spotify? I love it

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which are the songs playing at the beginning and the end? Thanks

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Beautiful! I love the echo, it helps me anchoring the affirmations very deeply. Thanks!

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