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Incandescent is an unconventional meditation podcast providing unique styles of meditation to engage even those who believe, falsely, that they cannot meditate. Almost all of the meditations in this podcast are created to be enjoyed while sitting in stillness or while going about your day.* There are many episodes subliminal and supraliminal affirmations to give you an emotional boost of mental wellness, there rampages of appreciation similar to Abraham Hicks, there are 3d audio meditative song journeys, singing meditations, story-telling immersive 3D audio experiences, 8-hour sleep talkdowns and more. If you think you can't meditate, this show is designed to help you understand that you can turn every day moments into a meditation.* Everyone can meditate.

*Listen at your own risk. Do not operate heavy machinery.
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This positive affirmation meditation is designed to be listened to while sitting in stillness or while doing movement based activity like yoga or walking, so that you can feel yourself receiving blessings - and giving them back to the world around you!   Want more traditional meditations? Check these out here:
Back in July 2019, I had the remarkable Chris O'Hearn (from The Strong Within Weekly Affirmation Podcast) pop on the show to share how to best use affirmations and how they changed his life. You can listen to that episode here. In that interview, I asked what his favorite affirmation is, and he responded with "My Life is Unfolding Perfectly" - and that message inspired today's episode. I spent the past week at Podfest 2020 in Orlando and had the most incredible time. I put that affirmation into play and it really felt like everything unfolded perfectly.  Listen to this short positive affirmation meditation while doing any safe activity (no heavy machinery), and watch all the goodness unfold before your eyes.   
There is a loving energy all around and within you. If you need guidance in your life, you are never alone or unable to access it. It's always there for you and this short affirmation meditation can help you connected to it.
Forgiveness Meditation

Forgiveness Meditation


No matter how hard it may seem to do so, forgiveness is a powerful tool to set you free from emotional discomfort. During times when it feels almost impossible, how to to forgive is to simply be willing. This forgiveness meditation helps you move from being willing to forgive, to letting go.
We often focus on how we feel constrained, instead of focusing on all of the freedoms that we have. This positive affirmation meditation is designed to help you refocus your attention on the opportunities around you so that you may feel more free in this moment and all throughout the rest of the day. You are free my friend!
Raise your hand if you need to lift your vibration right now (my hands up too!) This affirmation meditation helps you realign with feelings of appreciation that will raise your frequency and help lift your emotions. This is an Abraham Hicks-Style rampage of appreciation. It starts at approx 4 min into the episode. Do not operate heavy machinery while listening.  Watch Marisa's angry song here. 
Intuition can be like a good friend by your side whenever you need it. Use this positive affirmation meditation (in the vein of Abraham Hicks rampage of appreciation) to help you connect with your intuition and playful imagination. This is designed to be enjoyed while going about your day - while walking, practicing yoga, doing the laundry even.  Every moment can be a meditation. Make this moment one now. This intuition boost meditation start approx 7.5 min into this audio.  Do not listen while operating heavy machinery.  
This is a more conventional meditation than usual. This 10 min self love meditation can be done while seated for you to feel more connected to your inner child. This practice is so beautiful and one I know you will want to return to again and again. Get more free meditations like this at 
Happy Valentine's Day! Today is a very special day. My new album, "Watch Her Burn" is available anywhere you listen to music and one song off the album is about ideal romantic love. One of my favorite ways to manifest love (or deepen it) is by feeling into a romantic song as if it's my current truth/reality. It's my hope you can do that with this song today to attract or deepen romantic love. 
Let yourself ground and anchor into the Earth with this short meditation designed to help you feel more connected to our planet.  Get more free meditations at 
Any time we feel restricted, it's just an illusion. It happens to me all the time and I know that by identifying where you feel constriction and being opening to perceiving it differently, it can help widen you up to creative possibilities to experience more freedom in your life.  Get more free meditations at 
Be guided into a deep sleep with this meditation designed to help align with feelings of wealth and prosperity. This 6 hour meditation walks you through a body scan and guided relaxation followed by over 5 hours of affirmations about wealth, love and financial abundance. This is my 111th episode!!! So to celebrate I'm giving you a nice long episode!  Get more meditations at
This meditation helps you tap into the power of your heart chakra and use that love in your heart to be a beacon of love to the world. This is of such a great service and the world needs you and your heart light now. <3  Get more free meditations (including the year long free meditation service with Captain Heartsong) here:
Enjoy this meditation while sitting in stillness or while going about your day. You can listen to these positive affirmations during any (safe) activity (no heavy machinery, friend) and allow yourself to align with the highest timeline for your prosperity.  This episode includes a short guided meditation with affirmations that use ASMR and peaceful music to help you truly feel prosperous. This is a production of Imon Love Media. Access more free meditations at 
It's not easy to practice gratitude when you're sick, or stressed, or scared...but it's probably the most important time to turn to it. This this episode Marisa shares an unconventional affirmation meditation with ASMR vocals and peaceful music designed to help you feel grateful even when you think you can't. Even when you feel sick. Even when you're tired, or stressed, or worried.  Want more free meditations? Head to for more!  This is a production of Imon Love Media
Do you beat yourself up every time you get a cold? Do you avoid telling people you're "sick" because you don't want to admit it? I do!! I only say it when it's like undeniable. And until then I try to act like it's not happening and I beat myself up for feeling weak.  What the heck?  It's doesn't help!!!! SO today, with a cold fresh on my mind (and running rampant throughout my body), I lead a meditation for when you have a cold, or any other illness that you're beating yourself up about. This is a production of Imon Love Media Get more free meditations at 
This 5 minute meditation will get you dancing and grooving and feeling the love & support of the Universe. It's the first 5 min break to feel your best today! Plus, you get a sneak peak at my new album, "Watch Her Burn" out 2/14. The intro song to my podcast and the 2 songs in today's episode are both on the album.  Get a free download of one of the songs and pre-save the album here. This is a production of Imon Love Media   
There is no real separation between love and wealth. Any separation we feel or experience is something we've made up. Now is the time to unravel that and reconnect to the inherent truth that you are born into love and wealth (and anything else that is loving). Let yourself feel wealthy in this meditation for abundance and love. Get more free meditations at  This is a production of Imon Love Media.
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Amanda Reber

I love how she is playful even while elevating our alignment.

Sep 21st


who is the singer of this Ho'oponopono song? Is it on YouTube or Spotify? I love it

Jan 24th
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which are the songs playing at the beginning and the end? Thanks

Jan 7th
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Beautiful! I love the echo, it helps me anchoring the affirmations very deeply. Thanks!

Jan 7th
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