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Infexious Records Spotlight
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Infexious Records Spotlight

Author: Toxicating23/Scorpiono

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The Official News of Infexious Records.
4 Episodes
In this episode we will discuss heavy metal musicians that I believe are a legacy and Trubute bands with Jason and Fran from Ohio (while hearing some heavy metal instrumentals between interviews). 
In this episode we will discuss Christmas Traditions With Family and Couples and Official News about Infexious Records. Feel The Chill.It's a Christmas Deal.Give it a listenWith audio as magical as Blitzen. 
In this episode we discuss what is new with Infexious Records.  We talk about the artist of the week and discuss have Covid - 19 pandemic is effecting our lives today.
Christmas Issue

Christmas Issue


In this episode we will discuss, what is new with Infexious Records with the president of Infexious Records, Christmas traditions, Christmas meaning, four special people making a difference.
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