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Eight years after Sabine Eliot was persuaded by her family to break up with her college sweetheart, the exes are set to meet again at an A-list wedding in the French countryside. While Sabine is enjoying a flourishing career as an influencer, her heart’s never been the same since she said goodbye to sweet and sensitive Wyatt. 

Meanwhile, if Wyatt had something to prove in the years since he was rejected by Sabine, boy has he proved it. He’s the most sought-after photographer in L.A., friend to the stars, and he’s never been more eligible. With a four-day wedding extravaganza ahead of her, Sabine is in for oodles of star-studded events and also lingering, weird feelings for her ex. Then Sabine meets Henrietta Louise Musgrove, current It Girl and darling of the cinema. It’s the friendship Sabine always dreamed of striking up (and using to her advantage). These two are destined to be the next “Taylena.” That is, until Henrietta Louise Musgrove has eyes for Wyatt, and wants Sabine’s help securing his heart. Jane Austen’s Persuasion for the modern era, Influence is a playful re-imagining of one woman’s climb up the social ladder, and about if true love can conquer all–even Hollywood.

Story by Kristina Libby. Produced and Directed by Vincent Cacchione. Story Editor: Amarlie Foster. Director of Creative Production: Lucie Ledbetter. Starring: Edie Salas Miller, Tom Donoghue, Anne Hogan, Helen Shephard, Marcella Lentz-Pope, Joseph Lymous, David Commander, Danny Tamberelli, Julie Lamendola, Magali Charron, Vincent Cacchione, Alan Kelly.

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Meet Cute Presents: Influence. The tea is spilled when Sabine Eliot, influencer and aspiring actress, is invited to the celebrity wedding of the decade but instead finds herself riding the coattails of Wyatt Wolfe, total-nobody-come-superstar, and also her long lost ex. It’s Jane Austen’s Persuasion, but for TikTok.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Part 1

Part 1


Meet Cute Presents: Influence - Part 1, Influencer Sabine Eliot has just landed the wedding invite of the century. It’s the Harville-Clusterman wedding, and Moet is paying for Sabine’s entire weekend in the French countryside, so long as she gets lots of great spon-con. But Sabine has loftier ambitions: this is THE melting pot of A-list celebs, casting directors, agents… She’s sure to walk away from the weekend with at least one audition, if not a part in the next Spielberg. One teeny tiny problem, though. Her assistant forgot to book her a hotel. And now Sabine’s going to be sharing a Double-Room-No-View with none other than wyatt Wolfe. Why should Sabine complain? Wyatt is the best celebrity photographer since Leibovitz. His connections must be amazing! Well, Wyatt is also Sabine’s ex, who she dumped freshmen year, only to watch Wyatt’s career soar in the years since. Ugh. It’s Jane Austen’s Persuasion, and it’s all happening on TikTok.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Feb 5th
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