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Author: Isaac Kight

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Unbiased news and insights about Israel from an American who has worked within the Israeli Parliament. World news and international relations from an American conservative commentator. Support this podcast:
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Biden defends his candidacy following his poor debate performance. Trump has taken a clear lead in the Presidential election. Israel continues to respond to Hezbollah provocation from Lebanon. Netanyahu's government negotiates for a comprehensive ceasefire with Hamas and Hezbollah. How should NATO handle the Ukraine War? Britain and France see the rise of leftwing parties in recent elections as the rest of Europe moves right. --- Support this podcast:
Donald Trump continues to lead I the polls, now Minnesota and Virginia are in play. Who will be Trump's VP nominee? Israel wraps up major operation in Gaza and switches gears to longer term control of the area. Hezbollah continues to provoke Israel as the IDF approves a major operation in Lebanon against the Iranian proxy group. European Parliament elections mean major defeats for many of Europe's governing parties. France will see snap Parliamentary elections. UK elections are coming up starring Brexiteer Nigel Farrage. --- Support this podcast:
Trump is convicted of 34 felonies as America becomes a Banana Republic. Can Trump still win the Presidency? Israel continues its operation in Rafah. Hamas refuses a ceasefire that requires its disarmament. Who are the Axis Powers in WW3 by Proxy and what are their goals? --- Support this podcast:
Ebrahum Raisi, Iran’s President, known as the “Butcher of Tehran” dies in a helicopter accident. IDF finds tunnels to Egypt under Rafah. Are Putin’s threats of nuclear war a bluff? Also, October Rain by Eden Golani. --- Support this podcast:
House Speaker Mike Johnson narrowly survives a motion to vacate filed by Marjorie Taylor Greene. Israeli ground forces enter Rafah in the final stage operations against Hamas. And finally, more lessons from the Second World War concerning the World War III by proxy and status update on the conflict. --- Support this podcast:
Israel prepares to enter Rafah and finish off Hamas. College protests see violence against Jews, exclusion of Jews from campus, and calls for a second Holocaust. Can WW3 be prevented? What lessons can be learned from the failure to prevent the Second World War. --- Support this podcast:
What is the current reality of Israeli politics? A discussion of recent polls and the changing political landscape. Congress passes aid bills for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and other allies. Why was this aid delayed and what is the longterm harm of the delay? --- Support this podcast:
E115: Iran Attacks Israel

E115: Iran Attacks Israel


Iran launches a full scale attack on Israel. A baby is stabbed outside a Synagogue in Philadelphia, antisemitism in America is dangerous and out of control. Voices from the left and right are fanning the flames. --- Support this podcast:
Israel is ready for the final battle with Hamas in the Rafah area of Gaza. Trump tells Israel to hurry up and finish the job. How do Democracies fail: thoughts from Walter Lippmann. Is it moral to coexist with evil? French President Macron is in a bind, how can he preserve his legacy? --- Support this podcast:
The good, the bad, and the Ugly from YouTuber, army vet, and cyber security expert Ryan McBeth. --- Support this podcast:
Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee. Is Trump running his own foreign policy in Europe making them get tough on Ukraine? Will China’s economic woes lead to collapse or can the regime survive the crisis? --- Support this podcast:
Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin shows the dictator is deluded and detached from reality. Hamas terrorists in Gaza are on their last leg. Israel rescues hostages in Rafah. Trump wins SC primary and looks set to win the GOP nomination. Will Israel have to fight Hezbollah in Lebanon next? WW3 by Proxy enters a dark and slow phase. Is America headed for a golden era? --- Support this podcast:
Charlie Kirk and Tucker Carlson attempt to sabotage the Conservative movement. Rob Reiner’s hateful lies. Can Gaza be rebuilt without terrorists? Update on WW3 by Proxy. --- Support this podcast:
The IDF now controls Gaza City and is securing Gaza. What is the status of the 2024 Presidential Election? Does Trump have a path to Victory? Will China use Taiwan’s election as a pretext to war? --- Support this podcast:
Israeli hostages killed by IDF after Hamas releases them in line of fire. Hamas refuses 7-day ceasefire in exchange for last women and children held hostage. Biden Administration continues to refuse compromise on border security for Israel/Ukraine Aid. --- Support this podcast:
Hamas resumes conflict with IDF. Hamas terrorists begin to surrender in large numbers. Polls show Americans are disaffected by Biden’s economic policies and international chaos. Trump takes a commanding lead. Congress debates a compromise on aid to Ukraine and Israel with increased border security. --- Support this podcast:
Israel accepts a temporary ceasefire in exchange for hostages. Hamas immediately violated the ceasefire. What is the definition of antisemitism? How to spot and call out antisemitic bigotry. WW3 by proxy: the big picture. --- Support this podcast:
Hamas leadership attempts to flee Gaza as Israeli forces encircle Gaza City. Arab countries come to Israel’s aid in small but significant ways. President Zelenskyy invites Donald Trump to visit Ukraine. --- Support this podcast:
Israeli ground forces move into the Gaza Strip on their mission to destroy Hamas. The US if confronted by Russia, China, and Iran and their desire to overthrow the US established order in the world. With Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan as the targets of their enmity. How can the US prevail in this conflict by defending our allies? --- Support this podcast:
Israel is blamed for a hospital attack that was actually a terrorist missile and it did not hit a hospital. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s political future is now tied to a victory against Hamas. Ukraine continues its counter offensive; why doesn’t the US offer a strategy for victory? Finally, the charities that offer the greatest help to Israeli in these difficult times. --- Support this podcast: