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Jen Psaki draws on her 20 years with a seat at the table – from the campaign bus to the Oval Office – to tackle the most pressing issues of the week, interview the biggest names in politics, and pull back the curtain on the lives of the people shaping every aspect of American life.
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Guest host Michael Steele examines how Justices on the Supreme Court, as well as Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon, have delayed Trump's federal trials indefinitely.  Michael speaks to Andrew Weissmann and Lisa Rubin about how unusual their behavior has been, given the stakes for the election and the country. In preparation for the debate between President Joe Biden and Trump, Jennifer Palmieri and Molly Jong-Fast join to talk about how each is preparing and what hot button topics they may address on stage. Later, journalist Ramin Setoodeh talks to Michael about his new book, "Apprentice in Wonderland," detailing Trump's years as a reality TV star as well as his noticeable cognitive decline since leaving office. Finally Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude talks to Michael about the recent law Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed, which mandated that all classrooms in the state display the ten commandments. Check out our social pages below:
Jen Psaki outlines Donald Trump's Big Lie 2.0 as he revives his 'stop the steal' playbook ahead of the presidential election and signals he'll pardon supporters who commit crimes on his behalf. Rep. Adam Schiff joins the show to reflect on Trump's increasingly dark proposals and their implications for November, as well as Speaker Mike Johnson's allegiance to the former president. Next, Jen is joined by Quentin Fulks, Biden-Harris 2024 principal deputy campaign manager, to discuss the campaign's recent $50 million ad buy highlighting Trump's criminal conviction. Jen is also joined by Patrick Gaspard and Anthony Romero to discuss the groundwork being laid by progressive groups to resist Trump's authoritarian plans in a potential second term. Later, Senator Bob Casey joins Jen to discuss some of the top issues for Pennsylvania voters, including inflation, abortion rights, and Trump's guilty verdict. Finally, Jen shares the inspiring story of Gabrielle Rose, a 46-year-old swimmer who was the oldest competitor at the Olympic trials this year.Check out our social pages below:
Jen Psaki breaks down how willingly the GOP enables Trump's worst instincts, including his plan to weaponize the legal system in a possible second term. In a wide-ranging interview, Senator Cory Booker talks to Jen about what we learned from Trump's first visit to Capitol Hill since January 6th, as well as the impact of his legal troubles, the need for SCOTUS ethics reform, and protecting IVF access. Next, Jen explains why President Joe Biden's decision not to pardon his son Hunter Biden reveals his commitment to protecting the justice system. Later, Congressman Jamie Raskin joins Jen to discuss Democratic lawmakers' efforts to install an inspector general in the Supreme Court, the double standard on age when it comes to Trump and Biden, and the Senate-led investigation into Jared Kushner's hedge fund. Finally, Jen shares some heartfelt thoughts on this Father's Day, including a passage about her own father from her new book, "Say More".Check out our social pages below:
Jen Psaki breaks down Justice Samuel Alito's latest scandal, involving partisan remarks secretly recorded by an undercover progressive activist. Civil rights attorney Sherrilyn Ifill joins Jen to discuss Alito's "alarming" comments and why they call the Supreme Court's impartiality even further into question. Next, Jen is joined by legal analyst Kristy Greenberg to recap Trump's meeting with his probation officer ahead of his sentencing for conviction on 34 criminal counts.  Later, Jen explains why Trump's revenge rhetoric is just cover for his long-held plans to remake the justice system and the executive branch.  Governor Josh Shapiro joins the show to reflect on Trump's plan to indict his political rivals, the fallout from Trump's guilty verdict and the Supreme Court's credibility crisis, among other things. Finally, Jen is joined by Sarah Longwell and Dan Pfeiffer to discuss the current state of the presidential race and former Trump voters who may not turn out for a convicted felon. Check out our social pages below:
Jen Psaki outlines the starkly different visions of America that President Biden and Donald Trump hold - both at home and abroad. She is joined by Mitch Landrieu, Biden-Harris 2024 National Co-Chair, to discuss Trump's departure the values the country should expect from a president, as well as the upcoming debate and the Biden campaign's messaging strategy. Next, Jen is joined by legal expert Andrew Weissmann to discuss a dubious Facebook post that Trump claimed was grounds for a mistrial. Later, Representative Jim Himes weighs in on Israel's hostage rescue operation and offers his reaction to Speaker Mike Johnson's appointment of two die-hard Trump loyalists to the House Intelligence Committee. Finally, Jen is joined by Missouri State Rep. Tara Peters to discuss GOP lawmakers' efforts to restrict access to birth control in state legislatures across the country.Check out our social pages below:
Jen dissects the partisan fallout in the aftermath of Donald Trump's refusal to accept the verdict of his New York "hush money" trial. Legal analyst and former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara debunks Trump’s claims of a “rigged” ruling. JB Pritzker discusses what Democrats should be focusing on now that Donald Trump’s guilty verdict is behind us. Jen addresses the hypocrisy of Trump's attempted courtship of Black voters. And finally, Amy Walter breaks down how “double haters” could decide this election.Check out our social pages below:
Jen Psaki breaks down the fallout following Donald Trump’s conviction all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in his New York “hush money” criminal case. Jen is joined by legal analysts Andrew Weissman and Neal Katyal to discuss the all-out MAGA assault on the rule of law after Trump’s guilty verdict. Michael Cohen’s attorney and former Assistant United States Attorney Danya Perry discus the significance of her client’s testimony in Donald Trump’s conviction. Former FBI Director James Comey lends his insights on the viability of incarcerating Donald Trump. And finally, Michael Tyler, Communications Director for the Biden Campaign, sheds light on the implications of the verdict for the Biden campaign, along with President Biden's strategic focus for the upcoming presidential debates.Check out our social pages below:
Check out our social pages below:
On day 12 of the Donald Trump’s criminal trial, Judge Juan Merchan ruled that Trump violated his gag order for the tenth time, again citing a possibility of jail time for the former president. Jen also breaks down the new documents detailing the alleged scheme to reimburse the hush money used to silence a port star. Former US Attorney Preet Bharara discusses the extensive paper trail that has proven so useful to prosecutors. Jen also delves into how Trump was juggling his official responsibilities as president while simultaneously signing the checks to repay Michael Cohen, discussing how he orchestrated the coverup  with Former US Senator Claire McCaskill. Later Jen talks about Trump and the Republicans attempt to legally force states like Nevada to not count mail in ballots received at polling stations after Election day. She is joined by Harvard Law professor Sherrilyn Ifill to talk about the impact of limiting mail-in ballots. Tim Miller later joins to talk about loyalty amongst republicans towards Trump to vie for the position of his Vice President.  Check out our social pages below:
Jen Psaki is joined by all-star legal analysts Neal Katyal, Andrew Weissmann, and Lisa Rubin to discuss what went down at the Supreme Court, where Trump lawyers argued for sweeping presidential immunity, as well as the latest in Trump's criminal fraud trial in New York. Former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain also joined to talk about the stark contrast between the former President spending most of his time in court while Joe Biden campaigns for a second term. And hosts of the podcast Pod Save America, Jon Lovett and Jon Favreau, talk to Jen about their thoughts on how Trump's legal troubles might impact the 2024 election results and how close the presidential would be between voters who seem unsure about both candidates. Finally, Jen addresses the latest indictments of Trump's cronies in the state of Arizona. 
Ahead of opening statements in the Trump hush money trial, Jen Psaki breaks down the unprecedented situation that jurors face as Trump attempts to undermine and intimidate them. Legal experts Andrew Weissmann and Neal Katyal join Jen to preview what we can expect to hear this week. Next, Jen is joined by Governor Gavin Newsom to debut and discuss his new ad raising awareness about the Republican rollback of reproductive rights, among other topics. Later, Jen discusses the House's long-awaited passage of a foreign aid bill and the precarious state of Speaker Mike Johnson's speakership. Finally, John Legend joins the show to talk about his advocacy work for criminal justice reform and why he will be voting for Joe Biden in the presidential election.Check out our social pages below:
On the first day of Donald Trump's first criminal trial, Jen Psaki explains why the case is both extraordinary and ordinary: extraordinary in its unprecedented nature and circus-like atmosphere, but also ordinary in how it demonstrates a functioning justice system. Former US Attorney for SDNY Preet Bharara joins Jen to unpack the details of the case, from the admissibility of the evidence, to the gag order and jury selection. Next, Norm Eisen joins Jen to break down the narrative arc that prosecutors must outline to jurors. Later, Rep. Dan Goldman joins the show to discuss the case and set the stakes for what may be the only Trump trial before the presidential election. Finally, former Executive Editor for The National Enquirer Lachlan Cartwright joins Jen to outline the news outlet's 'catch and kill scheme' that served to protect, and benefit Donald Trump in the leadup to the 2016 election - and how it connects to the hush money trial. Check out our social pages below:
Iran's Attack on Israel

Iran's Attack on Israel


Jen Psaki is joined by White House National Security Communications Adviser John Kirby to break down what's at stake following Iran's unprecedented attack on Israel, discussing what President Biden can do to de-escalate tensions in an already volatile region. Next, Representative Elissa Slotkin joins to provide insight into the reactions on Capitol Hill as House GOP leaders claim they'll finally take up an Israel aid package. Later, Jen is joined by Lanny Davis, legal advisor to Michael Cohen, to preview what to expect in Donald Trump's first criminal trial which begins this week. Finally, Representative Jamie Raskin joins Jen to discuss the dangerous groundwork that Republicans are laying for their effort to interfere in the 2024 election.Check out our social pages below:
Legal experts Lisa Rubin and Sherrilyn Ifill join Jen Psaki to break down Jack Smith's scathing response to Donald Trump's immunity claim, which will be decided by the Supreme Court later this month. Former Army Secretary Louisa Caldera also joins the show to discuss the unprecedented amicus brief he filed, along with other high-ranking former military and civilian officials urging SCOTUS to reject Trump's argument that he's above the law. Next, Jen explains how Trump's ever-changing stance on abortion is rooted in his desire to win at all costs. Later, Senator Sherrod Brown joins Jen to offer his thoughts on the state of the Republican party and the priorities of Ohio voters heading into the presidential election. Finally, Jen comments on the absurd fear-mongering espoused by the right-wing in light of the solar eclipse.Check out our social pages below:
Jen Psaki breaks down the hypocrisy of Donald Trump campaigning as a law-and-order candidate while simultaneously supporting amnesty for violent criminals involved in January 6th. Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano joins Jen to discuss how Trump's sensational claims of a nationwide crime wave are not substantiated by the facts. Next, Jen is joined by legal experts Andrew Weissmann and Neal Katyal to discuss Trump's last-ditch effort to delay his first criminal trial in New York, just days before it's set to begin. Later, International Rescue Committee President David Miliband joins the show to outline the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza in the midst of war following the Israeli strikes that killed 7 aid workers. Finally, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg joins Jen to discuss a variety of topics, including the stark difference between President Biden's pledge to rebuild the Baltimore bridge using federal funds and Trump's complete lack of a response.Check out our social pages below:
Guest host Michael Steele sits in for Jen this week, addressing Trump's vitriolic rhetoric targeting Judge Juan Merchan, who just expanded an existing gag order on Trump to protect family members of the court in the hush money case in New York. Former Assistant Attorney General for National Security, Mary McCord, and former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner join Steele to discuss the breaking development and later, former assistant attorney general for New York, Tristan Snell, gives his analysis on Trump’s $175M bond, which he posted late in the evening. Former Obama campaign manager, David Plouffe, joins to talk about how Republicans critical of Trump could benefit the Biden campaign. Florida State Rep. Anna Eskamani of talks about State's Supreme Court's dual rulings, putting abortion on the ballot in November while upholding a draconian abortion ban. Check out our social pages below:
Jen Psaki explains why Donald Trump has been a beneficiary, rather than a victim, of the two-tiered justice system in this country. Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and legal analyst Kristy Greenberg join Jen to break down the latest in Trump's hush money case, which is set to go to trial on April 15. Next, Jen is joined by former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson to discuss the GOP's attempts to discredit the January 6th committee's findings under the direction of Trump. Later, Jen offers her thoughts on NBC's hiring of former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel and the importance of honest, good-faith discourse in the face of election denialism. Finally, former Senator Al Franken joins the show to discuss the current state of our political system as the Republican party veers closer towards becoming the party of Donald Trump.Check out our social pages below:
Jen Psaki breaks down Trump's cash problems and his ongoing grift-- using other people's money to cover his personal legal expenses. House Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi joins Jen to outline the stark differences between the chaos reigning the GOP and the accomplishments uniting the Democratic party. Jen is also joined by Ambassador Michael McFaul to discuss Vladimir Putin's baseless attempt to shift blame for a deadly terrorist attack from ISIS to Ukraine. Next, legal experts Andrew Weissmann and Neal Katyal join to discuss what to expect in Trump's criminal trials ahead of the bond deadline in his fraud case. Later, Kara Swisher joins Jen to discuss her new book, "Burn Book: A Tech Love Story", including Elon Musk and his echoing of Trump's threatening immigration rhetoric. Finally, Jen is joined by veteran political reporter Amy Chozick to preview her new show on MAX, "The Girls on the Bus," which follows four women journalists on the campaign trail.Check out our social pages below:
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So if somebody throws out hate speech we need to arrest them and throw the book at them unless their name is Trump. that's what I'm getting out of this. I want to know why everybody is so afraid of Trump. he's an old old old man and that's it

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MSNBC... you've done it again. Wrong episode dum dum. Surely you wouldn't drop Sunday's program I thought. I mean the write up was for Monday's. good guess. safe bet I thought. you never fail to disappoint.

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Ed Potter

Can we agree that the most likely reason Meadow has testified in Court laying himself bare, is because the Fulton county jail just might be the lowest level of Hell on earth. Five years in Fulton hell vs a hell that's at least a clean and well lighted place.

Sep 3rd