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Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Nah. Happiness isn’t the goal. Resilience is. Confidence is. Growth is. We can’t be happy all of the time, and yet, we’re taught from such a young age that happiness is all that matters. So, when we inevitably find ourselves in seasons or situations that leave us feeling something other than happy and joyful, we make it mean that there is something wrong with us. What if, instead of being in constant pursuit of happiness, we focused on being in constant pursuit of presence… no matter what emotion comes up. In todays episode I’ll break down what this looks like  in real time practice. And how to shift your thinking so that when you’re feeling an emotion that doesn’t feel great, its not because you’re doing it wrong. You’re doing it exactly right. Lean into it. Learn from it. Grow stronger, more confident, more resilient.. and then, when happiness does greet you, bask in it for as long as its there… knowing it too, shall pass. Todays episode is about feeling ALL of life. See you inside 💥
11. Journaling

11. Journaling


Our brains are busy. They think something like 60,000 thoughts a day. Journaling has become a daily practice for me that has allowed me to see recurring thoughts I’ve been thinking that haven’t been serving me. Journaling has allowed me to organize my day when I feel overwhelmed, work through a problem when I feel stuck, come to a conclusion about where I want to go, vision cast, goal set, affirm myself… In todays episode I walk you through what my journaling practice looks like. And I hope you’ll see that the hardest part of journaling is just your thoughts about it. Its actually a super easy thing to do, you just have to be committed (and remain committed) to doing it. And when you do, I think you’ll see that your life blows wide open!
This week I bring you part of a session with one of my clients where she shares that she is feeling overwhelmed and touched out. She thinks it is because of what is going on around her, but what I hope you’ll hear is that her thoughts are actually what are causing her emotions.   I wanted to share this particular session with you because its a beautiful human brain at work. A brain attached to a story of “the problem is out there,” because that feels like less work for your brain. When the problem is outside of you, it doesn’t have to change- the outside stuff does.   The problem is, we don’t have control over the outside stuff. We can only control the inside stuff. But the beautiful part is: the inside stuff controls EVERYTHING ELSE.   I hope as you listen you can find a parallel with your life, where you are also feeling unsettled because of what’s going on “out there,” and then shift the focus to how you can fix what’s going on “in here.” Because once you master the inside, the outside becomes sort of irrelevant to your inner peace.   See you inside 💥
Because you are a human on this planet, you’ve likely been exposed to a whole lot of diet culture rules and fear based, insecurity inducing strategies. And over rate years you’ve adopted many of them as rules for your life.   In todays episode, I do a gentle dive into how I went from a serial dieter, to an intuitive eater, to where I am now: INTENTIONAL eating and movement.   I share with you how you can remove some of the hyper-fixation on doing it right according to “the experts,” and start learning to listen to your own internal cues and joy signals. Its just scratching the surface of this topic, but I hope it makes you think about what truly feels good to you, and how we can tap into more of that.   See you inside 💥
Have you ever found yourself wanting to convince someone to think the way you do? Have you ever found yourself defending the way you do something when someone else communicates their way of doing things and it doesn’t align with yours? I think most of us have. Maybe even in the last couple years when it has come to politics and public health? Cause same.   But a couple years ago I realized that me being “right” had me living in a charged up state that didn’t really feel all that peaceful. In todays episode I want to offer a new way of thinking so that we can all live OUR lives, and let people live theirs- while still maintaining love and respect for one another.
Many of us have people who bring “toxic” energy into our lives.   About six or seven years ago I cut my mom out of my life. I had so much anger and resentment that removing her from my life felt like the best thing I could do to honor me.   But, what that actually did, was habitualize my pain. It had me holding onto my anger and resentment. Neither of which felt fun to feel. So, I got to work on feeling better. Not for anyone else but me. Now I feel only love and gratitude for my mom. And I am so thankful for this growth.   In todays episode I walk you through the several year process I went on in forgive someone who caused me immense pain, because *I* deserved that peace.   I hope you find it helpful.
Is who you are today who you want to be? If not, todays episode is going to walk you through how to change that.   Because we show up to the level of beliefs we have about ourselves. And we tolerate people showing up for us the way we show up for ourselves. If we want a bigger, bolder life, we have to have bigger and bolder beliefs about ourselves.   Join me today to hear how you can level up your internal story, so you can level up your whole life and those in it.   See you inside 💥
Its a totally normal desire to want to fit in, to desire to be liked. But, its an impossible task to be liked by everyone.   We’ve all got “haters” or people who criticize us, who just don’t like our vibe - whether you’re experiencing it face to face in your life by your family, coworkers, in laws, etc, or because you’re a public figure in some way. I am no stranger to them, in fact I’ve got quite a large fan club of people who watch my every move so they can complain about said moves.   But, I no longer let their opinions of me determine my opinion of myself or what I do. In todays episode I walk you through my gameplay and the steps I take to bring myself back up, when I feel like I’ve been knocked down. 7 simple steps to practice getting back in the game when you’ve been sidelined by the boos.
The bad news, you can’t control what happens to you. But you can control your thoughts, and your thoughts control everything else. In this episode, Ashlie breaks down how the brain cycle works and illustrates that no matter how much adversity you have or are facing, you can still create a better reality for yourself but thinking with intention and choosing thoughts that serve you. The first step of changing any thought that doesn’t serve you is awareness. You have to recognize that you are not your thoughts, you’re just the thinker of them. Once you understand that you can get to work on changing them, and in turn, changing your life. See you inside 💥
As we near the end of 2022, I find myself reflecting. And the truth is, I haven’t done much over the last two years that would look good on a resume. At first glance, I’m tempted to gloss over this last year especially, for lack of achieving anything others would recognize. But when I look deeper, I see that 2022 is one of the most important and life changing years of my life. I actually accomplished so much. And I am willing to bet you have too.  But, are you giving yourself credit for it? For the battles you’ve won, for the storms you’ve walked through, for the resiliency the you brought when facing severe adversity? Maybe this year doesn’t make your highlight reel, but after listening to this episode, I’m hoping you’ll think it should. See you inside! 💥
I was born a beautiful baby, full of confidence that my needs mattered. Like most of us, I screamed when I was hungry, tired, uncomfortable or bored. And I was taken care of. But, somewhere over the next few years I learned to look out more than I looked in. I started prioritizing the needs of others over the needs of myself, and because I was a child, this seemed like the right thing to do. I didn’t know any better. But, as an adult I’ve learned that that outside in living led me to abandon and reject myself. And that rejection led to depression and an awful inside voice. It was from the bottom of that black hole that I started my journey of insourcing- of changing the story I had come to believe about myself.  And in doing so, I went from a serial dieter who checked all the “right” boxes but found herself depressed and suicidal, to someone who is thriving in her body and life- with 100% certainty that I matter. On todays show I walk you through what my story of insourcing looked like, and I hope you can see some of your own story within mine. See you inside! 💥
1. WTF is Insourcing?

1. WTF is Insourcing?


in·source /ˈinˌsô(ə)rs/ verb 1. use one's own personnel or resources to accomplish (a task) that was previously outsourced. "production is expected to be fully insourced during the third quarter"   Welcome to episode one. Where I dive into what you can expect from this podcast, and in turn start expecting from yourself. I touch on some of the common themes we’ve been taught to believe about ourselves and the world we’re living in, so you can start to see some of these patterns and how they show up in your life, and then, go to work changing them if you’ve outgrown them serving you. See you inside 💥
Insource Podcast Trailer

Insource Podcast Trailer


Welcome to the Insource Podcast - Coming December 1! Together, we’re going to stop being told how to think, look and feel- and instead, go within and BEGIN. I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve gone through life checking the boxes the world told me to - college, smaller body, marriage, house, Botox. I trusted that I was always just one box away from true happiness until I realized it was a fucking hamster wheel. Once I stopped listening to the “experts” and decided the only true expert on me is me, my entire life changed. The Insource Podcast is about learning how to recognize and lean into your internal voice; to learn who YOU are and honoring your discoveries. Get ready to take your journey inside and watch your outside world align to where it was always meant to be. see you inside 💥
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Catherine Breen-Thomas

❤️ I loved this episode & and I love this podcast! ❤️ so helpful

Dec 31st

Ashley Purvis

amazing, so loving the podcast so far!! it's the breath of fresh air I've needed. I love Brene Brown, but I equally love your perspective and ability to break things down a different way. 💕

Dec 30th

Charity Bishop

I definitely needed to find this podcast, and this first episode was exactly what I needed to hear today.

Dec 21st

Mahmoud Adel

i hope it will be an awesome podcast

Dec 3rd
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