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“Intention to Treat,” hosted by health care journalist Rachel Gotbaum, draws on the world-class expertise of the New England Journal of Medicine to present breaking news and incisive analysis of critical and timely issues in medicine and health care. Through interviews with NEJM editors, specialized experts, physicians, and affected patients, each episode explores a story-behind-the-story, giving listeners needed context and a deeper understanding of complex research, cutting-edge medical interventions, and urgent health policy debates that affect patients and the clinicians who care for them. Practicing clinicians, biomedical researchers, medical trainees, patients, and anyone with an interest in health will find unique insights in “Intention to Treat.”
6 Episodes
In this episode of “Intention to Treat,” Anthony Fauci sits down with host Rachel Gotbaum to discuss his long career in infectious disease and public health, what has motivated him, and the lessons he has learned and taught along the way. A full transcript of this episode is available at
The Fauci Phenomenon

The Fauci Phenomenon


In this episode of “Intention to Treat,” some of the people who have worked closely with “America’s Doctor,” Anthony Fauci, offer insights into his character, values, accomplishments, and adventures over his decades of service at the NIH. A full transcript of this episode is available at
In this episode of “Intention to Treat,” a study participant and a long-time investigator of hallucinogenic drugs for psychiatric conditions illuminate the effects of psilocybin in patients with depression. A full transcript of this episode is available at
Post-Roe Realities

Post-Roe Realities


In this episode of “Intention to Treat,” host Rachel Gotbaum takes us to Tennessee and Ohio, where new abortion bans are already harming patients and threatening their physicians.   A full transcript of this episode is available at
In this first episode of “Intention to Treat,” NEJM editor-in-chief Eric Rubin and his colleague at the FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee, Paul Offit, consider the achievements, limitations, and expectations of Covid vaccines.   A transcript of this episode is available at
From the New England Journal of Medicine, welcome to “Intention to Treat,” a podcast exploring the most complicated, perplexing, and fascinating issues facing medicine today. From groundbreaking research, to clinical advances, to personal stories from doctors and their patients, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at discoveries that are changing medical practice and provide you with the knowledge to thrive on the front lines of health care.
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