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It's A Shaw Thing with Tommy Shaw
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It's A Shaw Thing with Tommy Shaw

Author: Tommy Shaw

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Too much time on your hands? Join Tommy Shaw (Styx) as he sits down for his new 9-5 job as host of It's A Shaw Thing diving into all things Tommy Shaw. The new micro-cast goes behind-the-scenes into the life of a rockstar with the stories behind songs that have lasted generations, life the road, epic parties, and special guests he has met along the way.
6 Episodes
Steve Cropper is back for a little more pickin', grinnin' and talkin' stories
Tommy is joined by Steve Cropper to talk guitars and dive into Steve's illustrious career. 



Did you know NASA and Styx have a long history together? From the first pictures of Pluto to the naming of a moon and more!
Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon is back for round 2 to talk collaborations and songwriting with a special performance.
Tommy is joined by special guest Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon and the two reminisce about their long history together from a high school battle of the bands to battling it out on the charts. 
Tommy Shaw recalls the night Bob Dylan wanted to hang out with Styx and cornering Van Morrison. If you hang around long enough, stuff happens. And that's how stories get told.
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