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Known for her wit and candor, lifestyle personality and digital creator Tinx brings the voice that made her an overnight sensation celebrated by millions to It’s Me, Tinx. From her satirical takes on pop culture to her sought after recommendations and expert advice, It’s Me, Tinx dives into all of the hot topics and burning questions you want to hear from the social media phenom, all while sharing an intimate glimpse into Tinx’s life. Grab yourself a Tinky Tequila and tune in, it’s going to be a wild ride! New episodes are available every Monday and Friday, with a live call in radio show every Wednesday at 8am PT / 11am ET on Radio Andy, channel 102.
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Your husband moves his mother into the house. At first you’re all for it, because it’s only temporary.  However, three years later she’s still there….and she completely took over your living room!  What do you do? 
I’ve done pods on friendship before, but this is my first about “medium friends”.  I came across this topic in the New York Times article “The Vexing Problem of the Medium Friend” and found it quite interesting.   Medium friends are people who are more than acquaintances but not your closest friends…which can create a whole host of problems.
I finally get to welcome my best friend Adam Riker “Wig” to Office Hours.  If you’ve heard us past episodes, you know we’ll eventually talk about sex…and that streak continues.  We also share a few (inside) jokes, air a few grievances, and discuss my favorite stories to hit the internet this week.     
I could NEVER snoop through a boyfriend’s phone…but some of you are so wild!  Case and point?  One of our girls who is preparing to move in with her boyfriend.  While he was asleep, she went through his phone in search of red flags.   She even deleted a text thread from a past fling!  He noticed it was gone…but doesn’t know why…do you think she should come clean? 
I’m grateful for every single moment I’ve spent in the Hamptons!  From partying with some of my closest friends, making new ones along the way, Lucas and I opening up for Diplo…and that one night where I flashed the entire club…which actually ties into the second part of today’s pod.  Nudes!  (and the ins and outs of confidently taking, sending, and responding to them)
Today the very funny Chris Klemens steps into the office to talk about some of the latest stories to hit the internet.  We also talked about “bedroom divorces”…and sex.   Sex on vacation.  Sex with yourself.  Sex with a group of people…because why not? 
Sometimes you already know the answer, but just need to hear it from a friend.  That’s where I come in.  We had a lot of good calls on today’s AMA.  Like one from a girl who’s been stuck in a situationship for the past year.  This guy would send her heartfelt messages…like wanting her to be the mother of his kids.  But then he would immediately go silent.  Oh, and he also has a girlfriend.  Can you guess what I told her?  
We’ve talked a lot about relationships getting boring.  How things can dry up both sexually and mentally.  And you know what he quickest way to fix that is? Become more interesting…(before you eye roll)..this is not one of those guides on “how to ‘blow’ his mind”.  This advice is for us to invest in ourselves, because that is one of the most attractive things we can do. 
We’ve enjoyed great conversations and lots of laughs on Office Hours…especially when Claudia Oshry stopped by a few months ago!  Today, we get to revisit that episode. Delicious drinks and catching up with an amazing friend….what more can a girlie ask for?  I’m thrilled I finally had the chance to try Claudia’s line of Spritz cocktails!  We cracked open a few cans, sat down at my kitchen table, and let the conversation flow. 
We’re listening back to a some memorable AMA moments! Including the time we got a call from a girl who’s married brother was soliciting feet pics from other women.  Should she tell her sister-in-law?  Also, you’ve inevitably heard me reference Jonathan from Hinge.  Today you’ll hear the origin story & more! 
We’re kicking off Christmas in July with the return of my monthly faves…and some good old-fashioned retail therapy!
The wildly talented Taylor Strecker is my guest for today’s Office Hours!  Taylor and I were online friends well before we ever met IRL…so I know you’ll love her sense of humor, and unique voice, as we go through a few stories from this week.  
The topic of open relationships came up on today's show.  A caller, who is married, hooked up with her friends younger brother and we got to hear all the hot details! We also explored they way people make relationships their own, which is something I find inspiring and could possibly see for myself in the future. 
You already know “comparison is the thief of joy” is one of my favorite mantras…but I wanted to make this episode during peak comparisionitis.  This summer let’s not fall into trap of wishing our life was someone else’s, but instead love the one we have! 
This week social media creator & my SiriusXM co-worker, Davis Burleson is stepping into my office.  Davis helps me dive into only the most interesting parts of the internet this week including Kim K’s ticking time bomb of hotness, people visiting graveyards to help name their babies, and the cryptic crumbs Britney Spears dropped on Instagram in an applaud worthy troll effort of her ex-Justin Timberlake.
Tinx will return next week with an all-new AMA!  While she’s away, we’re listening back to some of our favorite calls from recent weeks. Offering advice on when to pause certain parts of your life, boyfriends who just won’t listen to us, and helping a member of the team step into her sexuality. 
I’m the queen of ick intolerance.  If you can name the smallest reason not to like a guy, I’ve probably done it.  But I’m starting to wonder if we’ve gone too far…can having an ick list hurt us more than it helps us?  I’m not sure, but hope to find the answer by the end of this episode.     Ps - listen to this episode if you don’t know what icks are. xx
Breakout RHONY star, Jessel Taank, is in the office today and she is spilling the tea! Who is the Housewife she wouldn’t mind inviting in the bedroom? Which celeb RHONY fan slid into her DM’s?  What can we expect on the upcoming season?   Join us as we discuss the juicy details and the latest pop culture trends. 
Boyfriends come and go, but friends are for a is it every okay to pursue a friend's ex?  We'll talk about that and more on today's episode.
POV: You have 9 bridesmaids.  Only 2 are coming to your bachelorette.  However you made sure you showed up to every bridal shower and bachelorette party.  Even threw most of them.  Oh and you bought all their dresses.  Does that make you the better friend?  Let’s dive in.
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going through the same thing right now at 32, thank you for talking about this.

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