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Author: Linguistica 360

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What is Italian for Beginners Language Theatre? Is it a course or a play? It’s both! We proudly present a one-of-a kind educational program for beginners that includes vocabulary, grammar, exercises, dialogue, and much more in the form of a theatrical performance!

Follow our heroes from Act 1, with conversation mostly in English, to Act 22, where they speak mostly Italian! Together with Silvia's student, you will learn the fundamentals of Italian grammar and expressions. Your vocabulary will expand rapidly and naturally, and your comprehension skills will improve dramatically.
22 Episodes
- personal pronouns - present of ESSERE - negative form - introductions - omission of subject   Expression: Mamma mia!
- gendered adjectives and nouns - present indicative of STARE - Lei/tu - interrogative form   Expression: Non capire un'acca
- indefinite articles - c’è/ci sono   - numbers and idiomatic expressions
- avere - idiomatic expressions with avere - ce l’ho and dov’è   Expression: In bocca al lupo
- verbs in the first conjugation - definite articles - alphabet   Expression: Assolutamente
- verbs in the second conjugation - present indicative of fare and sapere - sounds /k/, /g/, /tf/, /dz/   Expresson: Fare bella e brutta figura
- verbs in the third conjugation - questo/quello - molto - diphthongs - vowels   Expression: Il dolce far niente
- possessives - direct object pronouns (mi, ti, lo, la, ci, vi, li, le) - present indicative of andare and potere - colors - double consonants   Idiomatic Expressions with Colors
- preposizioni articolate - present indicative of venire and dire - capitalization - time   Expression: Non vedere l’ora
- reflexive verbs - modal verbs - personal pronouns with prepositions (con me, per te, a lui/lei, con noi, per voi, con loro) Expression: Volere è potere
- il partitivo - prepositional phrases - seasons - date (month, year, day, etc.)   Expression: Alle calende greche
- adverbs of frequency (tutti i giorni, sempre, spesso, qualche volta, raramente, mai) - vorrei - irregular nouns   Food and idiomatic expressions - Part I
- il passato prossimo (ausiliare essere e avere, participi regolari) - accordo del participio col soggetto - avverbi di tempo (la settimana scorsa, due giorni fa, ieri, oggi, domani, fra due giorni, la prossima settimana) Food and idiomatic expressions - Part II
- irregular participles in the passato prossimo - reflexive verbs in the passato prossimo - rooms in a house   Expression: Prendere il toro per le corna
- direct object pronouns and passato prossimo - preposizioni da - conoscere vs. sapere Expression: L’arte di arrangiarsi
- the imperfect - the imperfect of essere, fare, and stare - special suffixes Expression 1: Buona notte al secchio   Expression 2: Capitare a fagiolo
- indirect object pronouns (mi, ti, le, gli, ci, vi, gli) - personal pronouns and the verb Piacere   Everyday idiomatic expressions: Dai, Meno male, Da morire.
- the gerund - ci (di luogo) - chiedere and domandare   An Italian Tradition: l’aperitivo
- the passato prossimo and the imperfetto together - Modal Verbs in the passato prossimo and the imperfetto - Si impersonale   Expression: Spada di Damocle
- The Future - Irregular Verbs in the Future - Idiomatic Phrases Expressing Need   Expression: Mosca bianca
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Mani Malekan

Thank you for teaching the lesson. Please leave us the script of each lesson .Grazie mille🙏⚘️

May 5th

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Grazie tante 👏😎

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hello and thank you for your content is there any transcript for these episodes??

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Great show, grazie mille!!!

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any place I can get transcript of this to help my learning??

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