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Three-time BAFTA award-winning F1 commentator James Allen returns to the broadcast mic with a thoughtful and engaging new podcast, looking at the human side of the sport.

Every episode will feature an insightful 20-minute interview with a prominent figure from inside and around the sport focusing on themes beyond the everyday news cycle. Joining James in the studio for analysis and discussion will be a rotating cast of key figures from Autosport and Motorsport’s global editorial team and guests from the broader F1 media world.

Thoughtful, accessible and insightful, the James Allen on F1 podcast takes the helmet off the sport. It is a must for any fans looking for a glimpse behind the scenes at the human beings who make the fascinating world of F1.

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5 Episodes
This week we have a British GP themed discussion, with special guest Damon Hill, the 1996 F1 World Champion. Damon knows all about how an F1 driver goes from winning their first Grand Prix to winning multiple races and contending for a championship. We get into that in detail with him, with particular reference to Lando Norris and George Russell. F1 sparked into life in Austria with a controversial clash as Norris and Max Verstappen fought for the win. Russell was the main beneficiary, taking his second Grand Prix victory. All of which sets us up for a fiercely competitive weekend at Silverstone. There hasn’t been anything like the animosity between Norris and Verstappen that there was in 2021 between Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The pair have been good friends up to now… so what happens next? In the studio this week to help read between the lines are Autosport Editor-In-Chief Rebecca Clancy and Chief Motorsport writer Ben Hunt. To find out more about Damon Hill’s fundraising cycle ride and the work of Neuro UK, go to and if you'd like to see the video version of Damon's interview, you can see it here: Email your comments or questions to:
This week we speak to the man with arguably the hardest job in F1: Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur. Fred is bringing Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari next year. We get into that with him, what (or who) else Ferrari still needs to win a world championship and how Fred uses humour to get his way. He talks about managing the fragile confidence of Ferrari team members and how he is pushing them to take more risks. Former Ferrari F1 engineer Rob Smedley of “Fernando is faster than you” fame helps us read between the lines along with Italy’s F1 Editor Roberto Chinchero. Fred Vasseur, 56, has been in motorsport for 35 years. He had huge success in F3 and GP2 (the forerunner of F2) with ART – making champions of drivers like Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Nico Hulkenberg. He came into F1 in 2016 as boss of Renault F1 team, (now known as Alpine) he joined Sauber in 2017 and gave Charles Leclerc his F1 break with the team. He transferred to Ferrari for the start of the 2023 season and is now a multiple F1 Grand Prix winner. Get in touch with the show at
This week we welcome none other than Greg Maffei onto the James Allen on F1 podcast. Greg is the CEO of Liberty Media and the man who had his eye on F1 for many years before he bought it. F1 has changed a lot in the seven years since; bringing in millions of new, younger fans around the world. But how do they get the balance between those younger fans and long-standing fans, who aren’t so keen on all the showbiz? Greg reveals how F1 plans to have a more direct relationship with its fans. He tells us which new countries could soon host Grands Prix, why F1 teams could soon be worth as many billions as NFL and Premier League teams and reveals the threats to F1 that he worries most about. James is joined in the studio for chat and analysis by Autosport F1 editor Jon Noble and Sam Agini, Sports Reporter of the Financial Times. Email your comments or questions to:
This week the James Allen on F1 podcast comes face to face with the most powerful woman in F1; Renee Wilm. Renee is Chief Legal And Administrative Officer of Liberty Media, the company that owns F1. She has played a central role in the way the company has shaped and grown F1 since 2017. But she is also the CEO of Las Vegas Grand Prix, which meant she was in the hot seat and responsible for delivering F1’s most ambitious race in barely a year from the announcement.  There were a few hiccups to say the least, from locals irate about road closures and grumbles about unsold hospitality units, through to the manhole cover that lifted during practice, damaging Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari. But it yielded a spectacular race and gave Willm a notebook full of ideas on how to improve for year two.  Uniquely for F1, Renee heads a female dominated leadership team at Las Vegas GP and we discuss her mission to create opportunities for women to grow into whatever role they want to be in, whether that's an engineer, a mechanic, a business executive, a team principal, or the ultimate goal: an F1 driver. We discuss why she thinks F1 has only scratched the surface in the US and how Renee felt when the local authority told her that the economic impact of the race on the city had been $1.5 billion, more than double the Superbowl that took place three months later. And she explains what F1 learned from being the race promoter itself for the first time. James is joined in the studio for chat and analysis by Autosport GP editor Jon Noble and Joshua Robinson of the Wall Street Journal. Email your comments or questions to:
This month the F1 world is celebrating Ayrton Senna, the three-time world champion who died 30 years ago. For many lovers of the sport, he remains the greatest driver of all time. His story and passionate, intense character are captured in the 2010 documentary Senna, a movie that crossed F1 over to mainstream entertainment audiences. This wasn’t a film about cars and race results. It was about a human being. Without the Senna movie would Drive to Survive have been the crossover hit it has been? And would F1 have the fanbase it has today? In our main feature interview the writer & producer of Senna, Manish Pandey gives us his take.  Senna’s niece Bianca gives the family’s point of view and reveals how over 36 million children in Brazil have been given educational support by the Ayrton Senna Institute. Joining James in the studio to discuss all things Senna are Autosport Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Clancy and Brazilian journalist Julianne Cerasoli. They also go behind the scenes on the bombshell story that Adrian Newey, the designer of the last F1 car Senna raced, is to leave Red Bull at the end of the season. Get in touch with the show at