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Jamie Lynne chats about everything from current events to pop culture, tv/film, books, life and dating in Los Angeles, friendships, a non-preachy vegan lifestyle and even the supernatural in this witty, informative, and truly all over podcast that feels like the perfect combination of comfort from a bestie and empowering advice from a woman in business (she is an investor in Sugar Taco restaurants, Azucar tequila brand, and on the board of Little Bear Animal Sanctuary). Best of all, she embraces her love of emo music and shares raw, real life lessons to help us defeat the demons and non-believers. 

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After a solo intro, Jamie is joined by Jamie Logan, an animal activist, actress, and content creator. Her Youtube channel, "Jamie's Corner", has amassed millions of views with her unique approach to chatting with people on the streets of NYC about how food gets to their plates. Jamie discusses her starring role in upcoming film, "The Next Girl". She reveals her secret acting technique and details about the haunted filming location. Both Jamies will be at Socal Veg Fest this weekend and The V Kind Experience in November. Hear more info about both events and how you can attend. Discount code for 10% off: JAMIESCORNER Maui donations: Follow our guest: @itsjamiescorner and @itsjamielogan Follow: @jamielynneallover Patreon: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie is podcasting after she lost her voice for a week... kind of the most inconvenient cold symptom for a podcaster to have but she's on the mend! Thank you for your patience! This is a quick, solo episode until her voice is back to 100%. @jamielynneallover Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Welcome To Season 2!

Welcome To Season 2!


Jamie is back from her summer break and kicking off Season 2 of the show with a drop in from Ivy. Jamie recaps her summer, the purpose of her break, what has her feeling so happy, and upcoming birthday plans. Then, she shares 3 natural things she's been loving to help with ADHD symptoms. One of them even helped her completely reorganize and redecorate her home! It is also her #1 best skincare secret! To close out, Ivy joins with summer travel stories, a back to school update, and "Ivy's Interesting Facts". Patreon: Instagram: @jamielynneallover Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What was meant to be a Patreon post, turned out to be an impromptu podcast episode because Jamie's phone died before she could publish it. Instead of retyping everything, she turned on the mic! We like to believe everything happens for a reason here. Jamie shares a weekly update since deplugging from her phone and social media, taking pressure off herself business-wise, and getting quiet so she could be open to her nexts steps. She explains boundaries implemented in an effort to not spread herself too thin and then details an unexpected email from someone she mentioned in last week's episode. (Shocked face emoji) She also discusses her upcoming week starting with Emo Nite this Friday where your favorite VPR girls will be doing another dj set. Then Jamie and Ivy are off to a small country town in PA, where she used to spend her summers as a child... apparently an Amish child. Outro song: "Vindicated" by Dashboard Confessional Follow us: @jamielynneallover Support us by joining Patreon: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie is joined by Mia Wilson to discuss the dark truth about the horse racing industry. The recent surge in horse deaths, 12 just at Churchill Downs, is one reason why horse racing needs to end. Then they segue into the tragic story of Catherine Kassenoff, an attorney and mother who died by assisted suicide due to the U.S. family court system and extreme abuse by her ex husband. Mia then shares her story of surviving cancer, all while her husband at the time was cheating on her with a family friend. Follow our guest: @miss_miajuana Follow us: @jamielynneallover Outro song: Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfield Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie starts off with her recent experience getting gua sha and goes over the benefits of this ancient eastern medicine technique. Plus she has a special offer for SoCal locals! Then she discusses a recent influencer event at The Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach and recalls her previous time there when she was set up on a blind date with an ex husband of a Real Housewife of Orange County. Then she answers listener questions: How do podcasters make a living? + What documentaries and supplements does she recommend for new vegans? Next she shares her various jobs, how adhd effects career jumping, and how she became a Playboy model. Up last is the infamous emo drama that Jamie has a first hand account of - the fight between former best friends in Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. Plus the two songs that emerged from the feud. Outro song: There's No "I" In Team by Taking Back Sunday... and maybe a hidden track ;) Follow us: @jamielynneallover Patreon: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hot Topics (Literally)

Hot Topics (Literally)


Jamie covers the bts of the Hulu special she was featured in, "The Anatomy of a Scandoval". Find out how it all transpired and which fellow podcasters were sadly cut from the footage. Then she recaps her recent NYC trip including WWHL, an awkward encounter with Andy Cohen, a secret party in the clubhouse, meeting The Mayor of NYC Eric Adams at Gracie Mansion, Scheana's Smirnoff event that was packed with Bravolebs, her live podcast at The Vegan Women Summit, and two amazing vegan restaurants she dined at by Chef Guy Vaknin (Hell's Kitchen Season 10 & one of Shark Tank's largest deals)! Jamie shares an update on her ADHD meds and how it's effected recent social gatherings such as the VPR Reunion watch party. Ivy stops by to discuss a metaphysical theory and to detail their recent outing to none other than... Hot Topic. Outro song: "Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us" by My Chemical Romance Follow us: @jamielynneallover Patreon: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie is joined by actress, entrepreneur, animal advocate, and her Sugar Taco business partner, Daniella Monet. They just returned from NYC where Daniella was Jamie's guest for her live podcast. They have a lot to talk about that wasn't covered in the live podcast, such as the Vanderpump Rules finale! Plus Jamie spills some tea on an upcoming Hulu special she was interviewed for. You may remember Daniella as Trina Vega from Nickelodeon's "Victorious". They discuss what it was like being vegan on set, and her new venture, The Kinder Beauty Box. Stay tuned for the upcoming live podcast episode. Outro song: Stop by Spice Girls Follow our guest: @daniellamonet Follow us: @jamielynneallover Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie is finally sharing the heavily requested Saddle Ranch video of Tom and Raquel after boy's night. She is raising funds for a podcast listener whose family home burned down in a house fire. The family lost everything so proceeds from this month's Patreon will go to their Go Fund Me. It was the push Jamie needed to launch the page; hear what else will be on there. Then Jamie discusses her first week on adderall and if it's helping her ADHD symptoms. Last, she shares updates including Scheana's birthday party (Happy Birthday Scheana!!), the grand openings for Sugar Taco #3 and The Plant Butchers, and her live podcast in NYC next week! Outro song: "Calm down" by Rema w/ Selena Gomez Follow us: @jamielynneallover Patreon: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Ryan Bailey, host of "So Bad It's Good With Ryan Bailey" Podcast, returns to the show and he has a lot to talk about! Jamie shares a new piece of information regarding #Scandoval. If you think nothing else can shock you, you may be wrong. Ryan weighs in and offers his incredible insight. Jamie also drops some hints about a few things, including an upcoming documentary. Ryan mentions a recent mental health breakdown that Jamie can relate to. We understand the division between those who are hungry for more vs those who are sick of hearing about it. If you are the latter, we recommend skipping this one! Follow our guest; @sobaditsgoodwithryanbailey Follow us: @jamielynneallover Outro song: Ryan chose it and it's a surprise. To the artist, please don't sue us. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie is joined by Rob Schulte, host of "Vanderpump Robs", a VPR recap podcast. Rob's shares a strange story of how his episode with former cast member, Danica Dow, mysteriously disappeared; Jamie theorizes about why she also disappeared from the show. Rob discusses what it's been like doing a VPR pod during Scandoval. Rob has over 10 years of experience in podcasting, from working with Sirius FM, Vice, Conan O'Brien and his own shows. He and Jamie breakdown the steps for starting a podcast including: Equipment Recording devices Editing Free Software Marketing Insider secrets & tips Thank you for your questions. Due to episode length, the rest will be answered next week including monetization, ads/sponsors, booking guests, choosing topics, naming your pod, episode titles, how many downloads top pods have, and more. Outro song: "Brand new colony" by The Postal Service Follow our guest: @vanderpumprobs Follow us: @jamielynneallover Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jamie rants about the term, "thirsty" and discusses the differences between men and women when they attempt to insult someone. Then she answers listener questions about what she misses about the east coast, a falling out with a former bff, how to handle sad news going on in the world, if she is going to Stagecoach, and one piece of advice for her teenage self. Last, Jamie shares advice and wisdom that was sent in by listeners. Thank you for your contributions! Outro song: "I miss you" by Blink 182 Follow us: @jamielynneallover Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
A rundown of Scheana, Ariana & Katie dj'ing Emo Nite. The story behind the now kind of famous hoodie and how you can get one. A full circle moment with Mod Sun. Good friends don't do you dirty in photos. A certain cover band has been on a blocking rampage... hear about the latest victims. Misconceptions on a previous Vanderpump Rules episode. A symptom of ADHD called rejection sensitive dysphoria. TRIGGER WARNING: Hey it's Jamie here. I briefly mention suicide in this episode, which I know can be distressing. If you need resources or support, please call/text the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988 in the U.S. or in all countries. Follow us: @jamielynneallover Outro song: "Since You've Been Gone" cover by A Day To Remember Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dating Dark Arts

Dating Dark Arts


Ok, so it isn't really the dark arts because no one is being manipulated. However, Jamie shares dating techniques to empower women. Based on psychology, sales training, and personal experience, she reveals secrets to increase his attraction and interest. The goal of this episode is to bring out your best, most authentic and confident self. You will learn: How to convey you are high value How to be more approachable What pushes men away vs what attracts How to set yourself up for more success when online or irl dating How to take your power back, understand you are the prize, and you are worthy Follow us: @jamielynneallover Outro song: "Better off alone" by Alice Deejay Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Cheating Exposed

Cheating Exposed


Trigger Warning - This episode contains accounts of infidelity and domestic abuse. Jamie asked 3 questions in her Instagram story: Have you been cheated on? Have you cheated on someone? Have you been the other woman? Stories from listeners poured in and Jamie reads some of them, including one about a reality star you may know. She also shares a story of her own and shares her insight after reading hundreds of cheating experiences. Follow us: @jamielynneallover Outro song: "Say It Ain't So" by Weezer Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



Jamie and friend Kael Ramsey Ackerson discuss Scandoval: Conversations with Raquel after the news broke Coachella rumors When it started and what led up to it Jamie's Instagram stories explained in depth The TRO and false allegations Follow our guest: @kaelramseyackerson Follow us: @jamielynneallover Outro song: "Karma" by Mod Sun Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Scheana Shay joins Jamie for an impromptu episode from Palm Springs. Jamie checks in with how Scheana has been handling the recent events that have shaken the friend group, the Bravoverse, and pretty much the world. Scheana just attended a birthday party with current and former cast from Vanderpump Rules. She gives updates on the dynamics of those who attended, as well as the status of the VPR reunion, and a hint about her dress. Then the ladies answer listener questions that take the conversation all over from former cast mates, Mexico wedding drama, and much more. Don't miss the next Scheananigans, as Scheana and Jamie continue the conversation there! Follow our guest: @scheana Follow us: @jamielynneallover Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
FYI: This episode is not suitable for kids in the car Jamie is joined by Craig MacNeil, host of "Craig & Friends" podcast. They have mutual friends in the "Bravo-sphere" and he used to host a Vanderpump Rules recap podcast that may have pushed the limits with the cast. What happened when he was confronted by Stassi? He lived in the same building as Katie, Schwartz, Jax and Brittany when he was with his former partner. Of course, Kristen knew he was being cheated on before he did! All of this, plus a discussion about his non-monogamous relationship, coming out as bi-sexual and meeting his partner, Ada, on Zoom during the pandemic. You won't believe what happened when they finally met in person after 18 months! Jamie goes into more detail than ever about a past relationship. Then they ponder if one person can be your everything and if monogamy is natural. Jamie shares why so many people on Hinge are mentioning pineapple on pizza; she was shocked to find out what it really means!!! Follow our guest: @craigandfriendspod Follow us: @jamielynneallover Outro song: "This is radio clash" by The Clash Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In this solo episode, Jamie discusses her recent trip to Houston, TX. Hear details about her fab room at Hotel Icon, an emo meetup with previous podcast guest, Chris Kamrada, and a travel nightmare. She lost her ID, credit cards, cash, and only car key while in TX! Kind people helped her along the way, but she also encountered several shady ones. This tale has an unexpected ending! Jamie also answers listener questions and updates us on the Vanderpump Rules premiere watch party, a fun Galentine's Day event, a tarot card reading from Grace of Stella Maris Readings, and her recent existential musings. Outro song: "I miss you" by Incubus Follow us: @jamielynneallover Thank you @hotel_icon & @stellamarisreadings Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Stephan Speaks: Part 2

Stephan Speaks: Part 2


In Part 2, Stephan, Jamie and Kael discuss how social media is harmful for relationships, and where is the line drawn with cyber cheating... following a bunch of hot IG models, liking pics, commenting, or dm'ing? Then Stephan describes feminine vs masculine energy, what to do when you see a red flag (the answer is not to run!), and he evaluates if Jamie has high standards or a just fear of commitment! Both episodes are great reminders that until we heal past traumas and heartbreaks, we will be blinded to bad behavior and will not be able to attract the right partner. Check out Stephan's books here: Follow our guest: @stephanspeaks Follow us: @jamielynneallover @kaelramseyackerson Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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