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Don't forget;) I am on tour! Get tickets at Lala Kent is back! We saw the Bros movie but why didn’t you? Giselle appears to have hired a divorce attorney. Who should Tom date? More celebrities file for divorce. Pete Davidson removed his Kim tattoo and Post Malone got more. Angelina wants us to know what Brad Pitt did to their children and herself on that private plane. The Met gala theme is out. Constance Wu’s memoir includes an essay about her sexual harassment. Fashion week has Kanye pissing off everyone. Britney’s fans are turning faster than she spins. Cartoon lesbian characters are revealed. RHOBH reunion looks are out. RHSLC Mormonism storyline is fascinating. Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors:
Don't forget;) I am on tour! Get tickets at Kim Kardashian is in trouble again for her paid ad posts, and this time it cost her 1.26 Million. RHSLC has Meredith *not* spreading rumors, cough cough. Comedian Iliza Shlesinger is back! She has a new book and stand-up special. We discuss how Florida linemen workers have women on Tik Tok going to war with each other. Why do girls come home hating each other after a girls’ weekend in Miami? When will kids start suing their parents for exploiting them on the internet? Kelly Ripa wants you to know she has a lot of sex. Nepo-babies have their struggles, too, and who doesn’t love having a trust fund? Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors:
Don't forget;) I am on tour! Get tickets at AND get tickets to the Live Stream at David Beador is getting divorced from his second wife, and I have a lot of thoughts about it.  Lisa Rinna confronts Kathy Hilton. Hailey Bieber likes basic sex. Then the hilarious Fortune Feimster is here! How much do Uber drivers hear, and what if you cheat in their car? Hilaria and her 7th baby Ilaria are doubling down on being Spanish. Shakira has had a bad year. Armie Hammer’s ex-wife is caught. Sisterwives are back, and Fortune identifies as Kody. Such a fun show, enjoy it! Get extra juice on Patreon: Support our sponsors:
Don't forget;) I am on tour! Get tickets at Lisa Rinna said Kathy Hilton would take Kyle and her whole family down on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What did she mean, and who is the serial sister? Chris is here, and we will summarize all of Adam Levine’s and girls. Is Brad Pitt dating Emily Ratajkowski? The Bling Ring is out. Too Funny to Fail on Hulu is an inside to TV executives. Is Ellen awful to kids? How did Tiffany Haddish get them to drop that lawsuit? Juicy Scoop Sports has entered the building. Britney would rather do what in her pool? Khloe’s pain is Kardashian’s premier gain. Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors:
Don't forget;) I am on tour! Get tickets at This episode is full of juice. I dive deeper into the Adam Levine cheating scandal. More models have said he DM’d them.  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sneak peek came out last night, and I am shaking with excitement. It is much worse than I thought it would be for Kathy Hilton. The Bachelorette season came to an end… finally. Then I have Yuri Godinez, a Kardashian impressionist, give her take on the new Hulu show as each sister. And finally, Matt Murphy joins me in the studio to talk about Sherri Papini, so now we can hear a prosecutor’s opinion on the case. Netflix is coming out with a new documentary about Jeffery Dahmer. What makes a serial killer, and who is a Dirty John?Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors:
Big announcement! I am going on tour! Get tickets at Justin is here to recap our live Juicy Scoop shows in the Midwest, and he might have been kidnapped.  Tell Me Lies on Hulu is juicy and got me horny while flying. Sherri Papini has been sentenced, and I can relate to why she committed this thirsty crime.  Post Malone stole my bit and fell on stage. We have a new app idea that involves gay besties, and it’s going to bring America together.  Adam Levine’s alleged mistress did a TikTok tell-all. Lisa Rinna can’t keep a secret. Kim K bought a Malibu mansion, and Erika and Tom’s estate sale leaves little to be desired. Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors:
Big announcement! I am going on tour! Get tickets at The new Little Mermaid live-action trailer is out, and the reactions on TikTok are priceless. I watched the Emmys and have much to say about Jimmy Kimmel and the fashions. Britney fat-shamed Christina Aguilera’s backup dancers. I will update you on what's happening at Windsor Castle since the Queen’s passing. The Bravo Con schedule is out, and it seems like a Family Feud rip-off. Sherri Papini was sentenced to 8 months. Then Jamie Fiore Higgins is here to talk about her book Bully Market. She talks about her experience as a woman who worked on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs. She addresses the toxic work culture and how it impacted her personal life leading her to do things she never thought she would. So juicy! Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors: continue your credit journey with Chime. No Monthly Fees. No vibe-killing fees. Sign-up for a Chime Checking Account. Only takes two minutes and doesn't affect your credit score. Get started at
Big announcement! I am going on tour! Get tickets at Why is Megan Markle getting ignored by the commoners in mourning? Kourtney Kardashian kopied me! Ray J tells and shows all proving Kim K set out to sell a sex tape all those years ago. Britney tells off her sons again on IG. RHOA Kandi mocks She by Sheree. RHOD star Caroline confirms she was on Epstein’s plane and was friends with them all. RHOBH Erika shows no sympathy except for herself, and no one wants Kathy’s tequila. Alex Hall is a single mom with a surprising life story which makes her experience on Netflix’s Selling the OC so much more enjoyable. Then I give my predictions on what might happen in season 2. Enjoy! Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors:
Big announcement! I am going on tour! Get tickets at There was so much juicy scoop to cover I had to do it solo. My Labor Day weekend in Newport was everything I secreted.  The Britney, Kevin, and Jayden saga continues, and I share why it is sadly so relatable. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills crosses over to Vanderpump, involving cheating and real estate. Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears are being sued for molesting two children.  Kim K is giving us heroine 1970s chic, which reminds me of a movie. Kanye is the worst man to co-parent with. Lori Vallow’s son was arrested for rape. Did Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine? She by Sheree of RHOA joggers seems to be from another company. The RHOP trailer got me excited. Is Rinna quitting or just finally repainting? Meghan Markle is not original. This is a jammed-packed, juicy episode. Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors:
Big announcement! I am going on tour! Get tickets at I recap Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and discuss how the trip to Aspen turned into a mean girl's sleepover. Maitland Ward from Boy Meets World is here, but she has gone through some changes since you last saw her on that family-friendly sitcom. Her first on-screen role was on the soap opera Bold and Beautiful when she was 16, but as an adult, she found herself in the porn industry. Since starting porn, she has won many awards and plans to continue to explore her sexual side but only on-screen. Go check out her book that comes out today, Rated X, and it focuses on her story of transitioning from Hollywood to porn. Enjoy! It’s a juicy one.Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors: is about more than just styling. A daily hair and scalp health regimen can make a huge difference. OUAI’s NEW Scalp Serum and Thick & Full Supplements are a complete solution for promoting the appearance of thicker, fuller, healthier hair. Grow all the OUAI with OUAI’s Scalp Serum and Thick & Full supplements. Use code JUICY on for 15% off your entire purchase.
Big announcement! I am going on tour! Get tickets at The hilarious Julie Goldman is here! Britney Spears's former employee breaks his NDA and tweets truths. Is Britney's former fiancé gay or not? RHOSLC trailer dropped, and we analyze and predict the season. Erika Jayne is not ordered to pay in the 5 Million dollar lawsuit against her. Is Lisa Rinna planning on leaving or wanting us to beg her to stay? The Goldberg's Jeff Garlin is a jerk, and Julie was an eyewitness to it twice! Tom got together with Raquel at Sheana's wedding, and therefore, Vanderpump Rules is hopeful. RHOA is fighting about wigs, joggers, and husbands. Anna Delvey's ex-BFF is suing Netflix. Were Lorne Michael and Jimmy Fallon of SNL complacent when a female minor may have been violated? Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors:
Big announcement! I am going on tour! Get tickets at Chris and I got into our weekend feud, which spilled over on social media.  Britney Spears recorded herself and put it on YouTube.  She shares details about her life under the conservatorship. Was Johnny Depo at The VMA’s? Jlo sang for Ben at her wedding, and it was embarrassing. Jen Garner is happy to be rid of Ben. Shia LaBeouf shares a video proving Olivia Wilde lied about firing him. Selling the OC is all we imagined. Dating on apps is soul-crushing.Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors: Chef is a CCOF-certified meal kit company. Green Chef makes eating well easy with plans to fit every lifestyle. Whether you’re Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, or just looking to eat more balanced meals, Green Chef offers a range of recipes to suit your preferences. Use code juicy135 to get $135 off across five boxes, plus free shipping on your first box! For the #1 Meal Kit for Eating Well go to Right now, it’s time to reclaim your health and arm your immune system with convenient daily nutrition! It’s just one scoop in a cup of water every day. That’s it! No need for a million different pills and supplements to look out for your health. To make it easy, Athletic Greens is going to give you a FREE 1-year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit to take ownership of your health and pick up the ultimate daily nutritional insurance!
Big announcement! I added a second show to Dallas! Get tickets at Spencer Pratt is in the studio with me, and I show him my old pregnancy photoshoot to compare it to Heidi’s. We discuss the new Netflix doc from Untold, The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist. Nene Leakes dropped her lawsuit with Bravo, and Spencer thinks he knows why. Kim Kardashian’s name is still branded on Pete Davidson’s chest, and fans wonder if he has plans to change that. Kim did a weird spam ad post on Instagram. Jay Cutler regrets being so nice to his fans. Heather has a new conspiracy theory about Britney Spears. Amanda Bynes had an identity crisis after she was in the movie She’s The Man.  Spencer has a great idea to help Selling Sunset. Then we talk about Andrew Tate and his misogynistic statements circling the internet. Enjoy!Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors:
Big announcement! I added a second show to Dallas! Get tickets at Jlo and Ben had their 2nd wedding, and I got the details. Bethenny Frankel maybe can’t take a joke. And Just Like That, Aiden returns, and I predict what will happen between him and Carrie. USC Frats are defecting, and I’m glad to be a boy mom. RHOBH Lisa Rinna says she’s been worse, and that was when her mom was alive. Then return guest Kimberlee Archie is here to explain how the victims of Tom Girardi could recoup their money. What does it mean that Tom’s former judge/mistress returns his gifts to the trustee? Could more people and politicians be forced to do the same? Why did a lawyer contact Sutton? What is truth and not alleged, and why is this the most significant legal scandal in California history? This is So juicy, informative, and still funny.  Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors:
Big announcement! I am coming to see you! Get tickets at heathermcdonald.netComedian Justin Martindale is here! Love is Blind couple is divorcing. A woman is facing murder charges for sneaking her lover meth in prison.  We get into Anne Heche’s accident and the conspiracy theories surrounding it. Anne’s past with Ellen and Rosie O’Donnell is coming to light. Amber Heard got new attorneys while Johnny got jobs. Did Melissa and Joe do the right thing for everyone by not attending Teresa’s wedding? Bryce Howard made less than Chris Pratt. Brandy Granville gets all mama bear on a thirsty TikTok girl. Then Justin brought major scoop on why Pete broke up with Kim is confirmed. Demi’s new song is out, and the lyrics are juicy.Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors: continue your credit journey with Chime. No Monthly Fees. No vibe-killing fees. Sign-up for a Chime Checking Account. Only takes two minutes and doesn't affect your credit score. Get started at
Big announcement! I am coming to see you! Get tickets at Did HBO send in college girls with hidden microphones to Alabama sorority houses to film a documentary about Bama Rush?? Then Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt from the iconic reality series, The Girls Next Door, are here, and they do tell all. They are now rewatching all of the show’s episodes and sharing what was real and what was fake. They answered my questions about what it was like to be intimate with Heff. We cover their relationship with Kendra, the recent A&E Playboy Documentary, and some of its shocking claims. This interview is juicy, honest, and funny; enjoy! Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors:
Big announcement! I am coming to see you! Get tickets at How can Pete Davidson alter his tattoos, and what to do with his career? Britney goes after her teenage boys, calling them rude and hateful. Comedian, Dane Cook, had parties at his home where teenage girls were in constant attendance. Did Melissa of RHONJ cheat? Jennette McCurdy’s book is out, and she tells of her jealousy toward Ariana Grande. Anne Heche’s and other recent deadly car crash in LA. Gabby Petito’s parents are suing for $50 Million. Alabama Rush is here, and I share my sorority secrets. I predict Nene Leaks will never work at Bravo again. The Armie Hammer documentary is here. Did he and Erika Jayne date? Victoria Beckham’s beef with her daughter-in-law will never happen with me.  Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors: your OUAI. Get a customized hair routine when you take their quiz at And use code JUICY to get 15% off your purchase. That’s 15% off your entire order at
Big announcement! I am coming to see you! Get tickets at Kim and Pete broke up… making another prediction of mine true. Khloe and Tristan Thompson have another baby via surrogate. Teresa Giudice got married, and Melissa and Joe didn’t show. Brandy and Julie came for my last podcast from Newport. They just returned from Europe, where they ran in the Lenny Kravitz. Celebrities are getting slammed for private jets… but would you do the same thing? Demi Lovato is back to being she/her. You can get canceled for calling a tampon a feminine product. Wendy Williams got married to an NYPD officer. Did Chris Rock play the Will Smith slap perfectly? SNL might end after 50 seasons.  Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors: is a great time to try Thrive Causemetics for yourself! Their products are certified 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and every purchase supports organizations that help women thrive. Right now, you can get 15% off your first order when you visit
Big announcement I am coming to see you! Get tickets at Demi Lovato is going back to her original pronouns for now. Beyonce has changed words in her songs because people are pissed at her. I hope Shakira does a documentary about why she didnt pay her taxes. Naomi Judd left her daughters out of her will. A doctor is convicted of shooting his wife on a safari with her. We have an update on the Fiji honeymoon murder. Dane Cook is marrying his 5-year-long girlfriend, who is 27 years his junior. Lisa Vanderpump has a juicy stepson story. Is Lala Kent dating 50 Cent? Can Johnny Depp get it up? Does Britney regret not being Catholic?Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors: 
Will Smith interviewed himself and apologized. Real Housewife of Beverly Hills transfers to Orange County. Actress Florence Pugh is allegedly upset about her director Olivia Wilde’s affair with costar Harry Styles. Then Matt Murphy, who you know from 20/20 and the Hulu show Fatal Flaw gets into detail about his life as a prosecutor. Matt prosecuted many cases in Newport Beach, two of which involved murders. The first involved a sugar baby, a wealthy older man, and the sugar baby’s boyfriend. The second one involved a couple, their yacht, and the heartless murderer who wanted it. We get into details of these crimes, how he went into prosecuting them, what the defense was and where they are today. Get extra juice on Patreon: our sponsors: 
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Shannon Spears

The original Non-animated Cinderella was Leslie Anne Warren had brown hair and brown eyes. Still my favorite.

Sep 15th


Thanks for sharing..

Jul 28th

Chantelle Stx

Love juicy scoop but Spencer Pratt is always creepy and weird. Much rather hear you solo.

May 20th


Tell Spencer Pratt he is not the best guest on Juicy Scoop. He rambles on with his pipe dream of being a squatter and he's not funny. Sorry bruh, you're horrible.

May 20th

Rochel Rochel

Heather, I’m so happy to hear ur ok! Tysm for always being an inspiration. May we always hear only good news!!

Feb 8th

Michele Caceres

I cannot believe you came through and did the podcast. I'm so happy you are well. you are a boss. so happy for my juicy scoop today!!

Feb 8th

Nicole Danielle

there were no mashed potatoes amd it was worse than you said grrr

Dec 29th

Rhonda Dupuis

Thank you for this!! So important!!!

Dec 16th


one of the best pods, so funny and i like the coverage of timely entertainment and true crime news.

Oct 27th


Best podcast for all entertainment and pop culture news. Heather keeps us in the know and definitely understands the assignment as an interviewer.

Oct 18th

Nichole Case

The podcast I listened to about Mother Teresa was Swindled. It was an interesting episode.

Oct 12th

Mel Dolly

Sorry Heather if your guest's audio quality sucks that badly you need to either reschedule or figure out how to fix it.

Sep 11th

Chloe King

it's not that they were meaner, people are still mean, its integrity and transparency I could never put someone on a call without their knowledge regardless

Aug 29th

EJ Holden

The nanny story: The nanny is actually the wife ... it's a joke on TikTok.

Aug 20th

Mindy Mindy

maybe she'll get to talk next time

Aug 20th

Bonnita Despy

This guy is slimy

Jul 16th

Elle Schultz

LOVE SPENCER! He is an absolute riot and this episode was even better than the last! Very much looking forward to Part 2 on Patreon!

Jul 8th


Spencer is insufferable.

Jul 8th
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Elle Schultz

I wake up every Tuesday and Thursday happy knowing I have new Juicy Scoop to listen to! I recently added Patreon so now I'm happy on Friday mornings too! The other days I wake up sad. 🙂☹️😜

Jul 5th

Elle Schultz

Another fantastic episode full of juicy details! Really great guest and personal commentary as always! Love Tuesdays, Thursdays and now Fridays (thanks to Patreon)!!!

Jun 22nd
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