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The Just Ingredients Podcast, a place to find all the best ingredients for life. Karalynne Call, creator and owner of the popular Instagram account and product line Just Ingredients, talks about all things nourishing for the mind, body, and soul. Karalynne believes that nature provides the necessary nutrition in order for people to live healthy, happy lives full of energy and inspires others to make a change in their eating habits and daily product use. With the help of her guests, Karalynne shares tips and tricks, how-to’s, and why’s behind choosing better, whole, non-toxic ingredients for your family and healing your body and mind from within.
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In today’s episode, Dr. Davidson and I discuss all things related to parasites and their impact on our health. We discuss how parasites are a common presence in various sources, are a natural part of our ecosystem, and can infect individuals through exposure to contaminated water, consumption of certain foods, or contact with animals. These parasites can lead to a range of health issues, including digestive problems, skin conditions, allergies, and even neurological symptoms. Dr. Davidson explains that parasites disrupt the body’s functions by absorbing nutrients, producing toxins, and causing inflammation. We then dive into the topic of parasite cleanses. Almost everyone could benefit from a parasite cleanse, as these organisms can linger undetected in our systems. He teaches us the signs that indicate a need for a cleanse and offers tips on how to execute one safely and effectively. Don’t miss out on this valuable information that could help improve your overall well-being. Dr. Davidson Instagram: Dr. Davidson Facebook: Make CellCore Account & Purchase Parasite Protocols Here: Do You Have a Parasite Quiz: For 20% off your first order at Llama Naturals Use Code JUST at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Dr. Arrington and I discuss the topic of endometriosis. We discuss how endometriosis can be found in many other places in the body besides the pelvis, leading to symptoms like pain during menstruation, painful intercourse, and infertility. There is a strong genetic component to endometriosis, with family history playing a significant role in the development of the condition. We also explore the role of inflammation in endometriosis and how controlling inflammation can help manage the pain associated with the condition. We discuss various ways to help prevent symptoms, including through nutrition, physical therapy, and acupuncture. Additionally, we look at the different stages of endometriosis and what they might entail, as well as when surgery may be necessary and how to go about it. We also examine the impact of birth control on endometriosis and how it can affect your symptoms. Tune in to learn more about this complex condition and how to manage it effectively. Dr. Arrington Instagram: Dr. Arrington Facebook: Dr. Arrington Website: For 15% off your order at Coconu Use Code KARALYNNE15 at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Dr. Lynch and I discuss the significance of the MTHFR gene, which is responsible for producing the most active form of folate in our bodies, known as methylfolate. Dr. Lynch emphasizes the importance of methylation, a process that methylfolate supports, which is crucial for various bodily functions including DNA repair, detoxification, and neurotransmitter synthesis. A significant portion of our conversation revolves around the detrimental effects of folic acid, a synthetic form of folate that can actually worsen health issues for those with MTHFR variants. Dr. Lynch provides compelling evidence on why we should avoid folic acid and opt for natural food sources of folate or supplements with methylfolate. We also touched upon the relationship between MTHFR variants and mental health. Dr. Lynch shares how imbalances in methylation can lead to mental health issues and the importance of maintaining optimal levels of homocysteine for mental well-being. Tune in now to learn more! Dr. Lynch Instagram: Seeking Health Instagram: Dr. Lynch Prenatals: Dr. Lynch StrateGene Report: Use code JUSTINGREDIENTS at Seeking Health: Folic Acid Paper: For 40% off at the Be Healthy Utah Conference Use Code JUST40 for 40% off your tickets at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Dr. Haver and I dive into the fundamentals of perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause. Dr. Haver sheds light on the biological changes occurring within women’s bodies and how these phases differ from women to women. She clarifies the unique characteristics of each phase to provide a clearer picture. Dr. Haver teaches us about perimenopause and its common/uncommon symptoms that can occur such as hot flashes, fatigue, vertigo, itchy skin, weight gain, heart palpitations and how to identify these signs. We also discuss the role of nutrition, particularly adequate protein and fiber intake, in alleviating symptoms like unexplained weight gain, offering practical tools for navigating this transformative stage in a woman's life. Tune in now to learn more! Dr Haver’s Instagram: Dr. Haver’s TikTok: Dr. Haver’s Facebook: Dr. Haver’s Youtube: Dr. Haver’s Website: The New Menopause Book: For 40% off at the Be Healthy Utah Conference Use Code JUST40 for 40% off your tickets at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Hannah and I discuss all of the mysteries surrounding gut health and its profound impact on our overall well-being. We begin by addressing the common yet perplexing issue of bloating. Understanding what bloating is, its underlying causes, and practical steps to alleviate the discomfort. Next, we delve into the intricate relationship between stress and gut health. Stress emerges as a significant contributor to digestive issues, influencing the delicate balance of bacteria within our stomachs. We then dive into the connection between the gut and the brain, shedding light on how these two organs influence each other and their profound effects on mental health, including depression. Furthermore, we uncover the transformative potential of cleaning up the gut in restoring hormonal balance, thereby aiding fertility. Additionally, we delve into the critical role of blood sugar levels in impacting inflammation and stress, ultimately shaping our gut health and overall wellness. Tune in now to gain insights and strategies to cultivate a harmonious relationship between your gut, mind and body. Hannah’s Instagram: Hannah’s Website: Hannah’s Online Masterclass: Hannah’s 3 Day Gut Reset Challenge: Hannah’s Gut Health Root Cause Quiz: For 30% off at Truly Free Use Code JUSTINGREDIENTS at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In this enlightening episode with Dr. Connealy, we dive deep into the complex world of cancer - from its very formation within our bodies to the increasing numbers of younger individuals being diagnosed. Our conversation explores not just the science behind cancer but also the environmental and lifestyle factors contributing to its rise. We share practical advice on daily habits to fortify your body’s defenses and discuss the critical screenings and innovative treatments beyond chemotherapy. Join us as we navigate through the intricacies of cancer, armed with knowledge and hope for prevention and recovery. Dr. Connealy’s Instagram: Dr. Connealy’s Website: For 10% off BioOptimizers Magnesium, Use Code JUSTINGREDIENTS10 at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Dr. Boham and I dive into all things related to hair growth and hair loss, its natural cycles, and the stages of hair development. She explains the myriad causes of hair loss, ranging from thyroid issues and nutritional deficits to hormonal imbalances and stress, while also uncovering the genetic threads that tie us to our hair’s destiny. Dr. Boham also debunks common hair loss myths, particularly the fear around stress-related permanent hair loss. Tune in now to learn more! Dr. Boham’s Instagram: Dr. Boham’s Facebook: Dr. Boham’s Website’s: For 15% off your order at Coconu Use Code KARALYNNE15 at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Dane dives into his inspiring journey as he battles and conquers ulcerative colitis,a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Through his own experience, he discovered the power of holistic healing, focusing on the mind, body, and food. Dane shares how he overcame IBD and IBS by meticulously monitoring his diet, journaling his experiences, and realizing that healing begins in the mind. He emphasized the importance of addressing the root cause of gut issues and creating a lifestyle that promotes optimal well-being. For anyone out there dealing with gut health issues, this conversation is a must-listen. It's a story of pain turned to purpose, and it's a reminder that with the right mindset and approach, reclaiming your health is possible. CCL Instagram: Dane’s Instagram: Dane’s Website: To contact Dane and his team at CrohnsColitisLifestyle, please use the following link to schedule your Complimentary IBD strategy session. As a gift, you will also receive Dane's 60-Day Healing Journal which he used in his healing journal to customize his solution! Use code justingredients for $100 off/month for Dane’s SHIELD program: From March 6th-8th only, enjoy 17% OFF plus earn 1.7 REWARDS POINTS on our new protein powder and bone broths at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Deborah and I dive into all things related to the hypothalamus. She teaches us what the hypothalamus is and its crucial role in regulating various bodily functions. You will learn how the hypothalamus controls all of our hormones in the body, influencing everything from metabolism to reproductive health. She also shares the symptoms related to a dysregulated hypothalamus such as temperature regulation issues, weight fluctuation issues, and sleep disturbances. You’ll also learn about the connection between the hypothalamus and our mental health, including its role in conditions such as anxiety and depression, and how it produces substances crucial for mental well-being. Lastly, we will dive into the five essential pillars for treating the hypothalamus, including nutrition, physical activity, quality sleep (and the significance of dreaming), mindset, and nutraceutical support, along with stress management. Tune in now to learn more! Deborah’s Instagram: Deborah’s Facebook: Deborah’s Twitter: Deborah’s Youtube: Deborah’s Book Info Page: Deborah’s Bookstore on Amazon: For 10% off anything on Deborah’s web shop and a special offer for a FREE hormone reboot training, Use Code JUSTINGREDIENTS10 at For 10% off BioOptimizers Magnesium, Use Code JUSTINGREDIENTS10 at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Angie teaches about the critical role nutrition plays in enhancing athletic performance. From improving endurance to aiding in recovery, the right nutrients can make a significant difference in your training regimen. Angie explains about the power and importance of our diet and how carbohydrates aren’t always bad. She teaches how carbs are not just fuel; they’re essential for workout energy and post-exercise recovery. We also discuss all things related to muscle soreness. We explore specific foods and nutrients that can alleviate muscle soreness, aiding in faster recovery. As well as energy drinks and the importance of staying hydrated and so much more. Tune in to learn how strategic nutrition choices can elevate your athletic performance and overall well-being. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, this episode has something for everyone striving to reach their peak potential. Angie’s Instagram: Angie’s Website: Angie’s Cookbook: For 10% off BioOptimizers Magnesium, Use Code JUSTINGREDIENTS10 at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Dr. Youn and I delve into all things plastic surgery with a focus on keeping individuals out of the operating room while helping them look and feel their best. Our guest, a holistic plastic surgeon, shares insights into how 80% of our aging process depends on lifestyle factors, offering a roadmap to combat the effects of aging naturally. We explore the five main causes of aging on the skin, emphasizing how the root cause often stems from our dietary choices. Our guest introduces the concept of autojuvenation and elaborates on the five pillars essential for achieving it. Discover the correlation between diet and youthful skin, as we uncover the types of foods that contribute to a radiant complexion. We debunk myths surrounding collagen and highlight its significance in maintaining skin elasticity, hydration, and combating fine lines and wrinkles. Explore the transformative power of intermittent fasting, understanding how it cleanses our cells and enhances skin appearance. Learn about tailored skincare routines based on individual skin types and the benefits of incorporating retinol. Dr. Youn then sheds light on non-invasive treatments as an alternative for those on a budget, offering insights into their efficacy in achieving desired changes. Lastly, we navigate through discussions and studies surrounding botox, fillers, and breast implants, providing valuable considerations for those contemplating such procedures. Tune in to discover the holistic approach to aging gracefully and uncover the secrets to timeless beauty without the need for invasive interventions. Dr. Youn’s Instagram: Dr. Youn’s YouTube: Dr. Youn’s TikTok: Dr. Youn’s Facebook: Dr. Youn’s Twitter: Dr. Youn’s Website: Dr. Youn’s Book: Dr. Youn’s Podcast: For 15% off your order at Coconu Use Code KARALYNNE15 at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Aubrey shares her powerful and personal journey through depression and thoughts of suicide as a new mom. She sheds light on the unexpected challenges of motherhood and the toll it took on her mental health. Aubrey emphasizes the commonality of mental health struggles among new moms, reassuring listeners that they are not alone. She highlights the importance of seeking help and normalizing the conversation around mental well-being for mothers. Delving into the complexities of postpartum, Aubrey explains the various stages and the individualized experience many moms go through. She provides valuable insights into recognizing the signs and symptoms of postpartum, emphasizing that every mom feels it at different levels. Practical tips for maintaining mental health during this challenging period are discussed, including the significance of nourishing the body, getting enough sleep, and fueling the body appropriately. Aubrey introduces the power of stillness and offers simple strategies for busy moms to cope with depression and anxiety. Join us as Aubrey’s story unfolds, offering hope, understanding, and practical tools for moms facing similar struggles. Remember, you’re not alone, and there’s help available! Aubrey’s Instagram: Aubrey’s Website: He Came For Me book: Sara Blondin: Meditation Resource: Starting today February 5-6, enjoy 20% OFF all of our NEW MEN’S LINE at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Julie and I delve into the essential aspects of prenatal health and fertility. She teaches us the difference between a prenatal and a multivitamin, the crucial nutrients needed during pregnancy, and what to consider when choosing a prenatal supplement. We’ll discuss the optimal time to start taking prenatal vitamins and why omega-3s play a vital role in pregnancy. You’ll learn about the importance of sourcing and selecting the right omega-3 supplement and how these fatty acids contribute to overall women’s health, supporting hormones and mental well-being. Egg quality is a significant factor in fertility, and we’ll uncover why it matters and what factors can impact it. She explains how lifestyle factors can affect both women’s and men’s fertility, and shares supplements designed to support men’s reproductive health. Lastly, we’ll discuss digestive enzymes, understanding what they are, why they’re essential, and how they can positively impact pregnancy. Tune in now to learn more about prenatal health, fertility and so much more! Julie’s Instagram: Julie’s Websites: For 20% off your first order at Needed Use Code JIPODCAST at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Dr. Noorda and I discuss all about toxins, longevity and aging gracefully, especially when it comes to Alzheimers. He teaches us what toxins are and how they can affect our brain health. We then dive into Alzheimers. Dr. Noorda explains what Alzheimers is, how it affects our bodies and what we can do to prevent it. He also teaches us about how food can impact our mental health and what foods we should focus on. Tune in now to learn more from Dr. Scott Noorda. Dr. Noorda’s Instagram: Dr. Noorda’s Website: For 15% off your order at Coconu Use Code KARALYNNE15 at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Jared and I dive into the world of supplements and how they can help with many health issues. Jared shares with us his vital 5 supplements and why they are so important for our health. These vital 5 are: magnesium, omega 3, digestive enzymes, probiotics and multivitamins. He explains who might need these supplements and how they can help you, how to know if you’re getting a good quality kind, how to know what supplement you need personally and so much more! Tune in now to learn more! Jared’s Instagram: Jared’s Website: Jared’s Podcast: Jared’s Facebook: For 15% off your order at Vitality Nutrition Use Code JUSTINGREDIENTS at For 15% off your order at Fontana Candles Use Code JIPODCAST at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
In today’s episode, Dr. Temple and I dive deep into common childhood illnesses that seem to spike during the winter months. Dr. Temple provides invaluable insights and practical tips on how to manage and prevent these ailments, emphasizing the importance of understanding the body's natural defense mechanisms. Dr. Temple explains that fevers are the body's natural response to fighting off infections by halting the replication of viruses and boosting antibody production. She advises against the immediate use of fever-reducing medications, as they can prolong the illness. She teaches us that sore throats in children are viral and can be effectively treated with home remedies like honey, saltwater gargles, and staying hydrated. We discussed the viral nature of most coughs and the effectiveness of honey vs. over-the-counter cough syrups. Dr. Temple also recommends Epsom salt baths and staying well-hydrated. You’ll also learn about ear infections. Ear infections are often caused by congestion leading to fluid buildup in the middle ear. Dr. Temple shares alternative treatments to antibiotics, such as craniosacral therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and the use of Sinex nasal spray for a short duration. Lastly, to keep children healthy during the winter, Dr. Temple stressed the importance of reducing processed foods, limiting sugar intake, and eliminating dairy when children are congested. Dr. Temple’s Instagram: Dr. Temple’s Youtube: Dr. Temple’s TikTok: Dr. Temple’s Website: Dr. Temple’s Store: From January 11-12, get 20% OFF ALL SUBSCRIPTION ORDERS for the lifetime of the subscription at Want more Just Ingredients content: Find our non-toxic product line here:
Jenny Wecker is the owner and founder of Fawn Design, a motherhood bag and accessories brand. Fawn was founded in 2014 by Jenny when her friend was pregnant and couldn’t find a diaper bag that she loved! Jenny went to work not only designing Fawn Original diaper bag (still Fawn’s bestseller today!), but hand making each one out of faux leather. Today, things are very different from those early start-up sewing at the kitchen table days! Fawn has sold hundreds of thousands of diaper bags and supporting products for almost a decade! They have collaborated with brands such as Nordstrom and Anthropologie. When Jenny isn’t working, you can find her with her three daughters, at a concert, or maybe singing karaoke. If you ask her, she is still shocked and so grateful for what Fawn is today! In today’s episode, Jenny and I discuss the work-life balance of being a mom and a CEO, as well as the challenges and joys that come with it. We explore the unique perspective of being a mom in a leadership position and delve into topics such as work-life balance and the juggling act of being a mom and a professional. Tune in to gain valuable perspectives on navigating the complexities of being a working mother. Fawn Design Instagram: Fawn Design Website: For $250 off your Lumebox, preorder for their updated model launching this January 2024, using this link:
Drew Ramsey, MD @DrewRamseyMD is a board certified psychiatrist, author, and mental health advocate. His work focuses on clinical excellence, nutritional psychiatry, male mental health and creative media. He is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and founded the Brain Food Clinic, a digital mental health clinical practice. His work has been featured by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Lancet Psychiatry, The Today Show, BBC, and NPR and he has given three TEDx talks. He is co-author of the Antidepressant Food Scale and created the first e-courses on Nutritional Psychiatry education for the public and clinicians. His books Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety (Harperwave 2021), Eat Complete, 50 Shades of Kale, and The Happiness Diet explore the connections between mental health and nutrition. He is on the Advisory Board at Men’s Health, the Editorial Board at Medscape Psychiatry, and the Scientific Advisory Board of the anti-stigma nonprofit Bring Change To Mind. He lives in Jackson, Wyoming with his wife and two children. In today’s episode, Dr. Ramsey and I discuss how food can contribute to our mood. He emphasizes the importance of nourishing the brain with the right foods to optimize mental health and potentially prevent and treat mental health concerns. Dr. Ramsey also highlights the significance of educating ourselves about the nutrients our brains need, such as magnesium, vitamin E, and omega-3 fats, and where to find them in our diets. In addition to food, we touched on the topic of alternative treatments for mental health, particularly ketamine. Dr. Ramsey explained ketamine’s history, its use in treating depression, and its potential to open up neuroplastic windows in the brain, offering new pathways for healing. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the powerful connection between what we eat and how we feel. Dr. Ramsey’s expertise and passion for nutritional psychiatry is truly inspiring, and his insights could be the key to unlocking a happier, healthier life for you! Dr. Ramsey’s Instagram: Dr. Ramsey’s Youtube: Dr. Ramsey’s Latest Book: Healing the Modern Brain course: For $250 off your Lumebox, preorder for their updated model launching this January 2024, using this link:
Fatima Dedrickson is the creator behind @stylefitfatty. Ben Dedrickson, her husband, is a Physician assistant who studied in Arizona and loves primary medicine. He was trained to practice with a “body, mind, and spirit” outlook and approach to treatments and healing. He loves this application as he believes this can be implemented into more than just medicine. Together they have 4 beautiful children. They have a strong passion for sharing daily life experiences regarding family, local adventures, home, humor and fitness content to help inspire those around them. “Do something for you today” is just one of Fatima’s daily mantras that motivates her social community to make their mental and physical health a priority regularly. Always having fun conversations, her and her followers feel a sense of togetherness being part of “Fatty's University”. Come for the humor, laughs, and discussion, but stay for the community. In today’s episode, Ben, Fatima and I discuss the mind-body-spirit connection and its application to relationships. They emphasize the importance of caring for one's partner on multiple levels, including physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. They highlight the need for intentional engagement and communication in order to support and uplift each other. They also touch on acknowledging the challenges of understanding women's needs and navigating busy seasons of life. Overall, the episode encourages listeners to prioritize holistic care and intentional communication in building healthy relationships. Fatima’s Instagram: Fatima’s TikTok: Fatima’s Campus Store: For 10% off BiOptimizers Magnesium, Use Code JUSTINGREDIENTS10 at
Jordan Gundersen is a world famous Iridologist and Master herbalist. He is also an Amazon best-selling author, a husband, and a homeschooling dad. He has been featured around the world in various podcasts, news shows, documentaries, health publications and more. He is best known as the creator of the world famous herbal formula known as “HMCTN” which has helped thousands around the world get through COVID and aid in recovery from long haul COVID. He has also pioneered the first "Family Iridologist" program to empower families to take a proactive approach to health by learning the fundamentals of iridology in the comfort of their home. He runs Health Saves, an organization dedicated to helping individuals make healthier choices through faith, herbs, and food. When he is not working, Jordan loves to spend time with his wife and kids outdoors or playing games. You can find Jordan at In today’s episode, Jordan teaches us all about the fascinating world of iridology. He explains how iridology can be a tool to identify underlying issues like depression. Iridology involves examining the iris of the eye to gather information about a person’s health. He also explains how iridology can potentially reveal inflammation in the body, which can be a root cause to many illnesses, including depression and autoimmune issues. Tune in to learn more! Jordan’s Website: For 10% off BiOptimizers Magnesium, Use Code JUSTINGREDIENTS10 at
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