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Season 2 Episode 3 | I’m so excited to welcome my friend and Praise This co-star Kountry Wayne to the couch! We talked about his experience growing up, his past life as a drug dealer, his love for God, road to success and so much more. Make sure you buy his new book “Help Is on The Way: Stay Up and Live Your Truth” and watch his Netflix special ” A Woman’s Prayer”.
Season 2 Episode 2 | This week, I am sitting with the talented and beautiful, Eva Marcille! Many of you may know her as America’s Next Top Model or from the many TV shows she’s been in, but she’s so much more than what meets the eye — a true beauty on the inside just as much as she is on the outside. Get ready and grab your tissues as we dive deep and get deep with Eva.
Season 2 Episode 1 | Welcome back SWEETIES! I am so excited to have my big brother, boss, and one of my biggest inspirations, Tyler Perry, on the couch. Ya’ll have no idea how monumental this moment is for me — for US! We talked about everything from his upbringing, to fear, my man issues and more! Get your notebook out for these notes, because he dropped so many gems.
Season 1 Episode 11 | As we bring this season to an end, I invited my brother Cyhi on the show to discuss dating a woman of my caliber. Over the years, Cyhi and I have had countless talks about dating, love and relationships. I appreciate his perspective because he gives it to you straight, no chaser. Join us on the couch to listen to our raw and unfiltered conversation. Cyhi:



Season 1 Episode 10 | This week I have my sistas on the couch. Join us as we talk about sisterhood, love, relationships, boundaries and much more. I pray that all of the women out there have a village of women that supports and pours into them like mine, because I truly don't know what I'd do without my girls. Get into the kiki that I had with my girls  @raiyonda @ninacemonewright @loveari_2112 !! #KIPS
My Salvation Story

My Salvation Story


Season 1 Episode 9 | So many of you have shared how my love for God has been inspiring and I wanted to share my salvation story with you. We all have our own journey in our faith walk and one is not greater than the other. It’s never too late to draw nearer to God. My hope is that this episode blesses you real good and encourages you to strengthen your bond with Him. Join me on my couch as I share my personal testimony.
Purging Season

Purging Season


Season 1 Episode 8 |While purging is very necessary to get rid of dead weight and start anew, the process isn’t always easy.  You can know that you need to do the right thing, but the right decision doesn’t always feel pleasant. Letting go of people and things that you love and that have been in your life for some time can be very lonely. Join me on the couch as I talk about how I’m going through and growing through this purging season in my life. Love y’all and don’t forget to Keep It Positive, Sweetie!
Navigating Anxiety

Navigating Anxiety


Season 1 Episode 7 | In today's society, we are going through so much and a lot of us are going through it alone and in silence. Our anxiety has gotten worse since the pandemic and we're coping the best we know how. Come join my therapist @delenazimmermantherapy and I on my couch as we discuss how to navigate anxiety. Y'all get a glimpse into our therapy sessions and let me tell you...Delena keeps it REAL and gets me right together! I hope this episode blesses you the way it blessed me.
Soft Life

Soft Life


Season 1 Episode 6 | OK now, KIPS gang. If you didn’t already know it, I am in my soft life era, like FR FR. I have chosen to live more in my feminine and do the things that feel good, alleviate stress, bring me joy, glorify God and create an environment for me to thrive. It can be as simple as running a bath for myself, listening to worship music, sipping a glass of champagne in lounge wear, or time with my closest girls. I hope you join me in the soft life; keep it soft, sweetie!
Season 1 Episode 5 | Y'all I feel like this is my year for LOVE. I am ready for my man, my man, my man! So often, we start dating someone and God is nowhere to be found. If we gon do this thing, I need it be rooted in Jesus' name...okay!!! Come join me on the couch with my pastors Shameka Daniels and Dr. Dharius Daniels of Change Church in Atlanta and New Jersey as they keep it real and spicy with me!  Follow Shameka Daniels: Dr. Dharius Daniels: Follow KIPS: KIPS is produced and executive produced by Dinorah Peña, co produced by Chanel Laren. Audio and Visual by Kvle. ⁠
Dating In Your 40's

Dating In Your 40's


Season 1 Episode 4 | Whew chile the ghetto!  Dating in today’s society is HARD, especially with social media and all of the apps. But dating in your 40’s seems to be even harder. Is it just me?! Ladies, the older we get, the more we know ourselves, therefore we know exactly what we want and don’t want. Our tolerance for BS is very low. Come join me on the couch as I share some of my dating stories, the good and the bad and much more. Follow KIPS: KIPS is produced and executive produced by Dinorah Peña, co produced by Chanel Laren. Audio and Visual by Kvle.
Season 1 Episode 3 | Let's talk about SEX, baby -- cause some of us want a freak in the morning and a freak in the evening 👀 Ladies, is it just me, or are you also tired of how society shames you for your body count, or how men oftentimes use it against you? I mean let's be real, most of our thoughts and mindset around sex are just plain-old antiquated, in my opinion. Sit on my couch for a conversation with my girl, the hilarious -- and also my whole arch nemesis on Sistas and ZATIMA, Jasmin "Watch Jazzy" Brown, for a conversation about all things S-E-X. I mean we're talking losing our virginities, hoe phases and hoe-tations, slut shaming, and more! Follow Jasmin: Follow KIPS: KIPS is produced and executive produced by Dinorah Peña, co-produced by Chanel Gross. Audio and visual by Kvle.
Get to Know Me

Get to Know Me


Season 1 Episode 2 | Whew, this is a lot! For years I have remained guarded and have only shared the pieces of me that I felt safe to do so. But for some reason, this year I felt God calling me to be vulnerable and most importantly, be safe being myself in every room. I'm excited (and nervous) to share my heart with you and I'm glad to be here, at my most rawest, realest, and confident. I pray the same for you. Hosted by: Crystal Renee Hayslett Producer & Executive Producer: Dinorah Peña Co-Producer: Chanel Gross Video & Editing: Kvle
Season 1 Episode 1 | Survivor's remorse is when a person has feelings of guilt because they survived a life-threatening situation when others did not. The truth is, that same type of guilt can bleed into our day to day lives as we experience our own ascension and those we love perhaps are still figuring things out -- and sometimes even making us feel bad for how much we have accomplished. How do we navigate those seasons in our lives and the ever-changing dynamics with friends and loved ones as a result of our success? Come sit on my couch for a conversation with my dear friend, Isaac Carree, about experiencing survivor's remorse. Follow Isaac: Follow KIPS: KIPS is produced and executive produced by Dinorah Peña, co-produced by Chanel Gross. Audio and visual by Kvle.
Welcome to keep it Positive, Sweetie!
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