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Author: Crystal Renee Hayslett

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A safe space for women to heal, love and grow, curated by Crystal Renee Hayslett.

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I had the honor of interviewing Sarah Jakes Roberts while she was in town for her Power Moves book tour. Y'all it really felt like I was sitting down with a longtime girlfriend! We talked about her upbringing, family, shame, self worth and our toxic traits. I could not be more proud of the woman that Sarah is and how her ministry is changing lives everyday. Please make sure y'all go out and buy her book, Power Moves. It is now a New York Times Bestseller.
I had the pleasure of sitting with the wonderful and incredibly talented Nona Jones. We hadn't realized how much we had in common until we sat down. We talk about everything from her upbringing, childhood trauma, healing and so much more. Make sure you catch the gems that she's dropping.
I had the pleasure of sitting down with singer Dante Bowe, whom I've been a fan of for a long time. He is one of my favorite voices on most of my Maverick City Music songs! We talk about his upbringing, being homeless, his love for fashion and transitioning from a gospel artist to an R&B singer.
This week I have my friend, comedian and artist Emmanuel Hudson, on the couch. Not only is he funny, but he is serious about his faith walk and has one of the most relatable testimony's. It's not easy navigating this thing called fame and we get into some of the weird encounters that we've had!
Ya'll have no idea how excited I am to have Amber on the show. We met very early on in my career and so much has changed for the two of us. It's been beautiful to see each other's rise and growth in the industry over the years. She's a prime example that you can stand on business and do it with your friends at the same time.
This week we have my friend and entrepreneur Shabazz the OG on the couch. We go waaaay back, when I was pursuing my music career. He's been a great friend and a supporter of mine since day one. He's lived many lives and he wrote a book Flip Ya Life, sharing his life and many lessons that he learned along the way. Shabazz is a great example of "never judge a book by it's cover".
Y'all have been asking for my brother and costar Devale to join me on the couch and we finally made it happen! We talk about everything from football, business, faith and most importantly family. If you know anything about Devale, you know he loves his family and he's proud to be from Brooklyn. Grab your tissues because this one is a tear jerker.
This week I have the talented and fabulous Miss Lawrence on the couch. I knew we were going to kiki, but I had no idea that he was going to preach a good sermon. He reminds all of us to nurture the gifts that God gave us and to always be our authentic self.
Excited to kick off season 4 with my good sis, Khadeen Ellis. A lot of y'all see her on social media and know her as a wife and mom to 4 whole boys, but she is so much more than that and I felt it as important for you to see her heart and hear her voice.
This week I have none other than the incredibly funny, God fearing, sweet and gracious Pretty Vee on the couch. Ever since I met Vee she's been a bright light and I wanted the world to know that she's so much more than a comedian. Get to know the woman behind the skits. Sis is prophetic in the word!
In this weeks episode, I have former NBA player now author, Josh Powell on the couch. I learned about Josh through mutual friends who shared with me how moved they were by his vulnerability and the open conversations he has been having about healing his relationship with love, lust and sex. So many of us can relate to his journey! Tune in and be sure to get his book, What I Wish I Knew: The Wisdom Gained From Relationships, Love, and Lust
This week I invited my longtime friend and brother from another mother, MarQuis, to join me on the couch. MarQuis has been riding with me since college and we've seen each other through so many ups and downs. We talked about everything from coming out, heartbreak, his heart condition and so much more. Make sure you check out his non-profit www.thebeatitfoundation.
Dear Crystal

Dear Crystal


Hey Sweeties! A lot of you send me fan mail and I'm honored that you take the time to send me encouraging messages and ask for advice. Many of you are really bold with your questions too, so I decided to answer some of them so you can get to know me better. Keep the questions coming Sweetie because you never know when you'll hear yours on the show.
This week we have my brother, Change Church worship leader, songwriter and recording artist, Todd Galberth on the couch. We talk about how dope God is, when he first encountered him, and how every door that Todd has walked through is one that he didn't even see for himself but God made a way. He is the personification of God will make room for your gift. Make sure you listen closely because he's doing his good preaching today.
This week I brought my friend and powerhouse, Shanti Das, on the show to share her story with us. After an unstoppable career as one of the most impactful women in hip-hop, she stepped away from the music industry and started on her own journey of healing and uplifting the community with her non-profit, Silence The Shame. I get a lot of letters from you all about mental health and wanting to give up. If you are any of your loved ones struggle with suicidal thoughts, please call the suicide hotline at 988. I love you Sweeties!
Season 3 Episode 4 | Welcome back Sweeties! This year our first guest is none other than the super talented, highly motivated Peloton Instructor, author and speaker, Alex Toussaint. Alex and I met when I was in the process of purchasing a Peloton bike and we've been friends ever since. His story as a first generation immigrant is inspiring to say the least. Join on us on the couch as we talk about everything from his early beginnings, his faith and his new book, Activate Your Greatness.
Season 3 Episode 3 | My good friend, sis and realtor Quiana stopped by to have girl talk and talk about the pros and cons of being an alpha female, relationships, her career as a real estate agent and a whole lot more. Quiana is a BAWSE who knows what she wants and has no problem getting the job done. Listen and watch as she shares her thoughts on whether or not the alpha woman can have it all.
Season 3 Episode 2 | Oftentimes when people get in the limelight, they hide their love for God and only acknowledge Him publicly during their acceptance speeches. But today's guest loves God publicly and proudly. I invited Megan Ashley on the show to discuss her faith and how she's navigating this new season in her life post her divorce and life after Know For Sure podcast. Get your notes ready because Megan preached a good WORD!
Season 3 Episode 1 | We're kicking season 3 off with the one and only, Kirk Franklin. Not only is he one of my favorite artists, but his music helped me during some of the toughest seasons of my life. In this episode you get to learn about the man behind the mega hits -- and he should high key be a comedian. We talk about everything from his upbringing, his new documentary, his career and so much more.
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