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When a shocking crime occurs, people ask “Why?” Was it about power, ego, or revenge? On Killer Psyche, retired FBI agent Candice DeLong draws on her decades of experience to reveal why these murderers and criminals committed these heinous acts. She will reveal fascinating new details about what drove these people, including cases she was close to. Candice will share specific psychological methods and profiling techniques that experts use to understand the deepest part of the most complex, fascinating, and twisted minds, from the Unabomber to Alex Murdaugh to Mary Bell.

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163 Episodes
Retired FBI agent and criminal profiler Candice DeLong digs into a tragic family betrayal: the antifreeze murders. Diane Staudte, a seemingly ordinary wife and mother from Missouri, shocked her community when it was revealed she was responsible for a series of poisonings that led to the deaths of her husband, her son and the hospitalization of her daughter. In a twisted bid for control and financial gain, Staudte poisoned her family with antifreeze–and acted with the help of her middle daughter and favorite child, RachelSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
In February, former “mommy vlogger” Ruby Franke and therapist Jodi Hildebrandt were sent to prison after their abuse of Ruby’s children came to light. But even with the duo behind bars, new information has made its way into the headlines – including Ruby’s own diary, in which she meticulously documented the abuse of her children whom she deemed “manipulative” and possessed. In today’s Headlines, Candice is joined by Jessica Lowther, executive producer, and Cooper Moll, writer and producer of the Law & Crime podcast The Rise and Fall of Ruby Franke. They discuss how Ruby and Jodi’s relationship only intensified their extreme beliefs and behavior, and the revelations from Ruby’s diary.  Listen to The Rise and Fall of Ruby Franke, exclusively on Wondery+: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Retired FBI agent and criminal profiler Candice DeLong explores the case of Jennifer Pan, a Canadian woman of Vietnamese descent who gained infamy for orchestrating a complex deception that culminated in the murder of her mother and the attempted murder of her father in 2010. Unable to meet her controlling parents high expectations, Jennifer fabricated a double life of academic achievement while secretly leading a rebellious lifestyle. Fueled by a desire to escape her parents' control and inherit her family's wealth, Pan devised a plan to have them killed by hiring hitmen. Candice digs into the myths surrounding "tiger parenting" and explores how Jennifer's upbringing may have pushed her over the edge. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
When longtime Sherman Oaks resident Charles Wilding stopped leaving his house in 2020, his neighbors became concerned. But what troubled them the most was the arrival of Caroline Herrling, a stranger claiming to be Charles’ trustee, responsible for restoring and selling his home. Eventually, neighbors and authorities would learn that Caroline was the mastermind behind a multi million dollar fraud scheme – and getting rid of Charles was simply the first step.In today’s Headlines, Candice is joined by LA Times staff writer Brittny Mejia, who has covered the case in-depth. They discuss how Caroline’s scheme was exposed, how she targeted other victims, and where the investigation stands now.For more of Brittny's reporting, visit See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Retired FBI agent and criminal profiler Candice DeLong walks us through the sordid case of Israel Keyes, one of the most prolific serial killers in American history. Though Keyes was only formally charged with one murder, he is suspected of the sexual assault and killing of eleven other victims. His ability to evade detection for years left behind a trail of unsolved murders scattered across the country. Raised in a strict religious household, Candice explores how his early fascination with violence and his strict fundamentalist beliefs shaped him into the murderer he became. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Retired FBI agent and criminal profiler Candice DeLong delves into the case of Yolanda Saldivar, who became famous after she murdered the Queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla. Claiming to be Selena’s biggest fan, Yolanda was given permission to form the young singer’s fan club and became an integral part of Selena’s other business ventures. But when it was discovered that she had stolen money from Selena and their “friendship” was over, Yolanda’s response turned deadly. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
In 2020, Chad Daybell was arrested alongside his wife, Lori Vallow, in the deaths of Lori’s two children and his first wife Tammy. The murders have been tied to Chad and Lori’s belief of an impending apocalypse. Lori has been convicted and sentenced for her role in the crimes – and with Chad’s trial just around the corner, many are wondering how his case will play out in court. In today’s Headlines, Candice is joined by journalist Lauren Matthias, who has been covering the case extensively on her podcast Hidden True Crime. They discuss how Chad’s history and belief system played a role in his alleged crimes, and what we can expect from his defense at trial.To listen to Hidden True Crime, visit To watch on YouTube, visit Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Retired FBI agent and criminal profiler Candice DeLong examines the famous case of Jim Jones and the massacre in Jonestown, Guyana. Jones was the dynamic leader of The People's Temple cult, who moved his followers to a compound in Guyana to escape scrutiny. When California Congressman Leo Ryan took a group of journalists to investigate the claims the cult members were held against their will, he was assassinated by Jones' followers. This spurred Jones to mass murder and suicide within the compound, leaving over 900 people dead. While many people know about the Jonestown tragedy, Candice illuminates Jim Jones' journey from student pastor in the Methodist church to cult leader. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
When 13-year-old Madeline Soto did not show up to middle school on February 26th, her mother’s boyfriend, Stephan Sterns, claimed he dropped the teenager off that morning safe and sound. Since then, investigators have found evidence suggesting that Stephan sexually abused Madeline for years. When her body was found just days later, their missing persons report quickly turned into a homicide investigation. In today’s Headlines, Candice is joined by WFTV 9 reporter Shannon Butler to discuss how Stephan became the “prime suspect” in Madeline’s death, how Shannon learned of inconsistencies in statements made by Madeline’s mother, and where the investigation stands now.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Retired FBI agent and criminal profiler Candice DeLong unearths the case of Randall Woodfield, also known as the "I-5 Killer." A former football player turned serial killer who terrorized the West Coast in the 1970s, he preyed on victims along the Interstate 5 corridor, committing a string of murders, rapes, and robberies. Despite his charming facade, Woodfield's heinous crimes shocked the nation. Candice explores his seemingly normal upbringing and when he began to show signs of psychopathy. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Karen Read was charged with second-degree murder for the death of her boyfriend, Boston Police officer John O’Keefe. According to prosecutors, Karen deliberately hit John with her car while dropping him off at a friend’s house, leaving him to die in the snow. But her defense team claims that she is the victim of a cover up, perpetrated by the police. Karen was supposed to go to trial this month, but now, it is delayed due to new evidence. In today’s Headlines, Candice is joined by legal analyst Josh Ritter to discuss why the trial date was pushed, and what we can expect to see from both sides when they finally face a jury.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Retired FBI agent and criminal profiler Candice DeLong digs into the death of Sherry Rasmussen, who was murdered by her boyfriend's jilted ex-lover, a former Los Angeles Police Department detective. Candice unravels the layers of deception, betrayal, and obsession that culminated in murder. The episode explores the devastating consequences of Stephanie Lazarus' unchecked obsession.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Ruby Franke’s popular YouTube channel, 8 Passengers, amassed millions of followers in just a few years. Viewers were drawn to vlogs about her life as a mother of six children. But her online facade fell apart when it was revealed that she, with the help of her counselor and business partner Jodi Hildebrandt, horrifically abused her children behind the camera. In today’s Headlines, Candice is joined by clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. John Matthias to discuss what influence Jodi had on Ruby, and how their partnership only intensified their nightmarish approach to parenting.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Retired FBI agent and criminal profiler Candice DeLong walks us through the many crimes of Joseph Paul Franklin. Desperate to start a "race war," Franklin's antisemitic and racist beliefs led him to murder over twenty-two people, from interracial couples to magazine publishers who stood against white supremacy. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
The Netflix docuseries “Lover, Stalker, Killer” digs into the head-scratching story of Liz Golyar, who, for three years, fooled her ex-fling Dave into thinking that his current partner, Cari Farver, was a deranged and deadly stalker. But in reality, Liz had killed Cari. It was Liz who assumed her identity and terrorized Dave – and herself – just to get him back. In today’s Headlines, Candice and her producer Julie Berke discuss how obsession and jealousy drove Liz to commit such an unthinkable act, and how she was able to deceive Dave for so long.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Retired FBI agent and criminal profiler Candice DeLong bites into the case of Dean Corrl, also known as The Candyman. Corrl sexually assaulted two young men and manipulated them into recruiting victims for him to torture, rape and kill. Eventually, Dean lost control - and his life - to one of his young accomplices, but not before he killed over twenty seven young men. Dean's twenty eighth victim has not been identified. Please see the link below if you have any information: Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
When Denise Huskins was kidnapped in 2015, police in Vallejo California were skeptical, convinced she and her boyfriend were carrying out an elaborate hoax. Now, their unbelievable true story is the subject of the Netflix docuseries “American Nightmare,” which details how investigators got it all wrong. Local crime journalist Henry Lee was contacted by the kidnapper Matthew Muller early in the investigation, hoping to use him as a conduit to the press. In today’s Headlines, Henry joins Candice to discuss his role in the case, and how he navigated being pulled into the story himself. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Retired FBI agent and criminal profiler Candice DeLong dives into the case of Arthur Shawcross, known as The Genesee River Killer. A notorious American serial killer, Shawcross' reign of terror spanned from 1972 to 1989. Candice digs into how his time in the army during the Vietnam war may have made him a murderer. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
In 2021, 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley killed four of his classmates at Oxford High School in Michigan. He was convicted for his crimes – and this week, so was his mother, Jennifer Crumbley. For the first time in US history, a parent of a mass school shooter was held criminally responsible for their child’s actions. In today’s Headlines episode, Candice speaks with legal analyst Josh Ritter to break down the key evidence from the trial, and discuss how the landmark ruling could affect similar cases in the future.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Retired FBI agent and criminal profiler Candice DeLong digs into the case of mass murderer Charles Roberts. In 2006, Roberts took an Amish school in Pennsylvania hostage and killed ten young girls before shooting himself. Candice explores how Charles could have gone from a devoted father of two, and loving husband, into a child murderer.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Comments (618)

Cobra 7

Not suicide at all. He was going to bomb another place. The bomb had a mercury switch, and as he was pulling from his car he tipped it the wrong way, and it detonated. Candace is correct.

Apr 17th

Sean Rosenau

Possessed? Was the mother religious? Religious people are dangerous.

Apr 13th

Lenora Thorium

What kind of burglar steals a marriage license?? That should have been the most enormous red flag of a clue

Mar 30th
Reply (24)

Maja Matusinović

as an ex Catholic, I WISH sex was impossible in churches...

Mar 12th



Feb 20th


this medical abuse is not as rare as we think ... it's just rarely caught or reported!

Jan 20th
Reply (1)

Sean Rosenau


Jan 20th

Sean Rosenau

Glad the poor girl is out. Her and her guy friend should never have been imprisoned in the first place. What happened to the mother was self-defense goddammit.

Jan 20th
Reply (1)

Sharmin Sultana

🔴💚Really Amazing ️You Can Try This💚WATCH💚ᗪOᗯᑎᒪOᗩᗪ LINK >👉

Jan 18th

Lo K

The host has such a bad take on this. Poor Aileen.

Jan 8th

Rebecca Butcher

This is the only podcast I've found about Winnie Ruth Judd. Such a fascinating case!

Jan 7th

John Doe 36 "likes them young"

How can anyone be called an "insurrectionist" when they've literally never been charged with, hence never been convicted of insurrection?

Jan 3rd
Reply (2)

Art 34

Got to get the woke ideology in there. So sick of this.

Jan 1st
Reply (2)


Please turn down the dramatic background music. It's annoying AF and drowns out Candaces voice.

Dec 31st

Lenora Thorium

LSD does not *cause* mental illness. It can aggravate pre-existing mental illness, however (just like any other drug). And, contrary to what is said in this episode, negative life consequences due to "bad trips" are actually quite UNcommon. Much of the bad press concerning LSD stems from either government propaganda or urban legend. And "LSD addiction" is practically unheard of, so much so that you might say it does not exist! (See above about government propaganda.)

Dec 7th
Reply (2)


Too many episodes that sound like bad armchair psychologist who got info from detective shows, books, pop culture and other true crime pods. Oh and just fast Google search without looking more deeply. Show just don't sound like someone that did work on mental health field. Shame as this would have been new and interesting way to see crime.

Nov 1st

kristen chatten

if I wanted to listen to red-handed I would have

Oct 30th

Aakash Amanat

In the captivating world of true crime podcasts, "Killer Psyche" stands out as an enthralling exploration of the complex and often chilling minds of some of history's most notorious killers. This podcast delves deep into the psychological aspects of their crimes, offering listeners a comprehensive understanding of what drives individuals to commit such heinous acts. "Killer Psyche" employs a multifaceted approach to dissect the minds of these killers. It draws on the expertise of forensic psychologists, criminologists, and seasoned criminal profilers to provide well-researched insights into the motives, behaviors, and backgrounds of these criminals.

Oct 25th

Lenora Thorium

For planning the "perfect murder", they sure made a lot of mistakes. Typical narcissistic little shits

Oct 25th

Toilet Brush Head

NY demoncrap vermin pulls fire alarm in the House in protest of the CR (which sniveling Joe Briben' told the demoncraps to do to save face), and MAGA are the extremists?

Sep 30th
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