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Do you get a thrill when you get a jury summons in the mail? I have a great side hustle for you in this one-minute podcast. 
Consider this - everything that ChatGPT knows comes from the work of others. Here's why that's a big deal, in 60 seconds. 
Is your Amazon Echo always listening? Listen to this one-minute episode for my privacy protection strategy.
You found the perfect job listing, but is it fake? Here's the deal, in 60 seconds. 
Do you connect your smartphone to rental cars? Listen to this one-minute podcast for a few consequences you didn't know about.
The US is inching closer to banning TikTok. But does that stop China from listening in? I have the scoop, in 60 seconds. 
On the hunt for a new job? Avoid these big CV blunders, in 60 seconds. 
Show off your pantry on TikTok? One Loyola professor says that's racist. Get the details in this 60-second podcast. 
Is your webcam light on? That's one clue a creep's watching in. I share more signs, in one minute. 
Is AI ready to take on mundane work tasks? I have the scoop, in 60 seconds. 
Tired of recipe sites with long-winded stories? Get the ingredients and instructions only with my tricks, in 60 seconds. 
DJI radio commands are not encrypted. Drone pilots, here's what that means for your privacy in this one-minute podcast.
About to hit the road on a crazy journey? Here are some great apps to help you store every memory, in 60 seconds.
TikTok's only option to remain in the US? Split from China or risk a ban. I have the details in this one-minute podcast.
Looking for a word processor? In this one-minute podcast, I'll share four free programs that can get you writing in no time.
Sure, ChatGPT can pass the bar - but is it ready to be a lawyer? I tell you why not, in 60 seconds. 
Do you suspect that your TV remote batteries might be running low? I have a quick trick, in one minute. 
GPT-4 needs a lot more

GPT-4 needs a lot more


The latest incarnation of ChatGPT is here. Should you trust it? In this one-minute podcast, I give my take.
Have you secured every gadget in your workspace? Here's how cybercriminals can take advantage of your printer, in just 60 seconds.
Are stores watching you while you shop for groceries? In one minute, I share how they're cracking down on crime by tracking your face.
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Laura sounds so naive asking why a con man who is really rich would be so public. Instead, she should be asking why didn't SBF run for President? That way he would get immunity, like Trump.

Dec 25th

Amy McKnight

Christine is off the mark in this one in a bad way. Very offensive.

Nov 12th

Parietal Polymath

The day i listen to Erik Voorhees is the day i cash out of crypto...guy is an well-educated asshat.

Nov 11th

Big Boy Pants

This means if there is a copy of all of erc20 token on the eth pow then all of the bragging from Richard Heart that he is giving us free coins is gonna be roaring of an empty vessel

Sep 13th

Bob Bain

Mysterious Matters will have between 16 to 20 episodes (close to the average of 24-32) by the end of 2022. Then we will be setting a new goal of more episodes in 2023 than I've ever released/produced. in a year!

Aug 20th

Tracy Santimaw

I wish you'd get to the story sooner. Alot of the pre-story chatter is boring. I usually skip three quarters of the show.

Jul 21st

baby rock

can't understand with the filter. fail.

Jul 16th

Carol Lawrence

Unlike most of my friends and family, I like shopping considerably more than they do. Consequently, I'm continuously on the lookout for places where you may get good deals on goods. The website not only helps you find the best deals on AliExpress, but it also offers other features. Every time I want to buy anything from them, I go via their website.

Apr 20th

Bisiriyu Abdul-Azeez Oluwadamilare

unable to play this episode, I have tried multiple podcast apps. doesn't play

Mar 15th


Thank you for standing up for free speech.

Feb 10th


I love this show! I checked it out for the Audio Verse awards and I'm so glad I did! The episodes are short but super engaging, and I fell in love with the characters super fast

Jan 8th


As a person who IS afraid of butterflies and HAS had a bad time at a botanical garden, I feel very seen. Non-sarcastically, thanks!

Jan 8th

Ali Pishbin

so regarding to secret, if not all users on Blockchain can check and access to whole smart contract details (which I think is point of Blockchain) what's point of using Blockchain?

Nov 7th

Safwan Dar

best podcast ever

Oct 28th

Lee Perrin

audio is very low, can't hear the episode.

Oct 22nd

BTC is minted out of thin air. what a statement. Your prejudice tips into stupidity thanks Mr Eth. you help me understand BTC maximslists.

Sep 16th

Jonathan Bosch

Ummm, there's a slight problem. Felicia Madison isn't Felecia Michaels, 2 very different people & stories. I know Felicia Michaels & was overjoyed when I thought that she was the guest on this episode. Rather than complaining, I'll eventually listen & hope that the other Felecia is another guest soon. Ms Michaels is SO storyworthy, I look forward to her stories raising eyebrows while making people laugh.

Jul 20th

Denise Nichols

this chick is ahhh...umhh.. different.

Jul 16th

Patrick Brennan

anyone else think this guy should lay off the Adderall? lol

Jun 11th


Inn Between is a beautiful labor of love. This fantasy story skips the battles and gets right down to the emotional connections of the adventuring party. Its all the conversations that happen in between battles. Think D&D with the fat of combat trimmed off, just leaving the meat of role play. Very funny, with lots of meta jokes, and lovable characters that you’re gonna fall in love with instantly. As well as extra bonus points for the queer representation. The voice acting is wonderful despite the just passable audio quality and sometimes on the nose sound design (it gets better with time as all podcasts do). Its short yet I would say more emotional gripping then most long form actual play podcasts. (This is not an actual play podcasts to be clear, completed scripted fiction.) Honestly, its in my top 10 favorite podcasts right now. If you like narrative driven D&D like Dungeons and Daddies or The Adventure Zone, then you need to listen to Inn Between.

Dec 21st
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