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Sound like a tech pro, even if you’re not! Award-winning popular host Kim Komando is your secret weapon.

Kim is in a class all her own. Her widely successful radio show is heard on over 500 stations in the United States and internationally in 175 different countries. Kim has millions of fans who love her down-to-earth, deeply relatable, and easy-to-understand way of talking about consumer tech.

Every episode is loaded with the scoop about the latest gadgets, online security, social media trends, and digital privacy. Kim makes it all entertaining and fun. With a mix of important news, practical advice, and compelling conversations, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech world. 

Kim started her show and still owns it herself. She’s not part of a big broadcasting company. Her company has no debt or investors. That’s why many small business owners also turn to her for advice on growing their businesses using web-based tools. 

In the Kim Komando Today Podcast, every episode is loaded with ways to better your tech life. New episodes of the Kim Komando Podcast drop every Monday through Friday.

To learn more about Kim, the things she mentions, or submit a topic or question, drop by
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Target shoppers saw him slip a phone under a woman's dress (ew). Plus, get updates on the TikTok ban, dark web blackmail, and a major ground beef recall. We also talk with popular YouTuber Kitboga about taking on scammers by wasting their time.
The FBI says Chinese gov-backed hackers are waiting to 'deal a devastating blow.' Plus, Taylor Swift's album leaks, Meta's AI chatbot goes live, and lots of big retailers are shutting down (so long, 99 Cents Only store). 
It's not a bird or a plane — it's your insurance company. Plus, tech phrases you’ll never use again, simple phones to keep kids off social media, and Cybertruck fails. 
Yes, the Change Healthcare hack just got worse. Here's what you need to know. Plus, X charges a $1 fee to post, a foodie side hustle saves a guy $40K, and beware of scary SIM swapping scams.
A new tech ban is coming, this time it targets Russia. Trade your data for money? I tell you the real cost of cash-incentive offers (it’s not pretty). True crime lovers — here’s a side hustle you won’t want to miss. Plus, a gal wonders if her Roomba records her. Creepy! 
In 2020, Breeze Liu found a nude video of herself — recorded without her knowledge — on P*rnhub. That video then spiraled into hundreds of deepfakes created of her. Seeking help to take them down, she found little to none. Now, she's taking matters into her own hands.
TikTok claims an oatmeal and lime smoothie can help you lose 20 pounds a month. Plus, there’s a major Roku hack, you can’t be anonymous on OpenTable and be careful what you click on X.
Everyone's connected, yet isolation is at record levels. Have an opinion on Elon Musk? Here's why judgment pours out for him, both good and bad. Plus, a new AI danger at work, the death of ad-free streaming, and why you're still getting scam calls.
Invasion of privacy? CJ Sveen says his home insurance was dropped after aerial pics were used to spy on his property. Plus, Russian troops smuggle Starlink, Android's new "Find My Device" feature, and the crazy lengths one hacker took to avoid paying $100,000 in child support. 
Is it the end of the world? Rumors fly online about the solar eclipse — I'll tell you what's fact and fiction. Also, the government filmed an Army vet's front porch for 68 days. Plus, Silicon Valley icon Guy Kawasaki talks about his new book, "Think Remarkable."
Big tech will pay top dollar for your cringey Myspace pics. Plus, how to file a claim in Walmart's $45 million lawsuit (you could get $500), phony AI image generators run wild on Facebook, and Disney+ stops password sharing. And all the weird stuff you can gamble on online!
Will it hold up in court? Plus, illegal Wi-Fi jammers for sale on Amazon, why even the pros are dumping fitness trackers and why wired matters when it comes to home security.
They said the data was impossible to find ... until a judge ruled on a class-action settlement. Plus, we talk with Guy Kawasaki, Apple's first Mac marketer, about his book "Think Remarkable" and becoming remarkable yourself!
Sarah from Portland, Oregon, has been stalked on and off for years. Now, she has a sinking feeling that her estranged brother, who works in IT, is behind it. Plus, use an older router? Be careful, hackers are getting smarter and you’re at risk.
Over 73 million accounts are at risk. Plus, viral claims that the world could end on April 8th, and Kia has recalled thousands of Telluride SUVs. Also, why you should watch your fingers around the new Cybertruck. OUCH! 
Plus, an interview with a guy who lost big money to fake investments — and he's smart, folks. It can happen to anyone!
Will it hold up in court? Plus, illegal Wi-Fi jammers for sale on Amazon, why even the pros are dumping fitness trackers and why wired matters when it comes to home security.
Florida wants to ban teens from social media, 15 malicious apps spotted on Google Play and AI to make beer taste better.
The U.S. government is suing Apple and Glassdoor's reviews aren't anonymous after all. And Jim calls to ask if he can trust a nice woman online who is pushing crypto. Spoiler: No!
Check if you're on a Boeing flight, the solar eclipse is coming, and Replika founder and CEO Eugenia Kuyda on the rise of AI romance.
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Adam Balogh

poor Kim !!!!

Apr 13th

Adam Balogh

shes always been a woman you dummies !!! geez... dumbasses !!!

Apr 13th

Adam Balogh

shes a gear head too !!! Corvette girl ??? dodge demon ??? maybe a hell cat ???

Apr 12th

Robert Hale

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Apr 9th

Paja Storec


Jan 15th

Karl Schmidt

I've been listening to your Friday show since it came on as Tech Refresh. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and it is a great way to get good information in a humorous way. I would recommend everyone to tune in even if you're not into tech.

Oct 6th

Rosalie Steame

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Dec 25th

Albert Young

Thank you for sharing such an engaging discussion and the topic. I agree that self-driving cars aren’t some crazy future tech because they are here now. I think that self-driving automobiles are not 100% secure (like anything in the real world), but it has an excellent opportunity to solve issues such as; I came to this conclusion while reading their thoughts on drunk driving essays. They will work because they do already now; they will work more safely and smoothly with some upgrades and testing requirements.

May 2nd

Emilia Gray

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Dec 28th


speaking of that (those) mario games AND that decluttr thing, well decluttr sounds like an online pawn site and that is just the scam that the mario game(s) are involved in. Heritage Auctions buys the games, cleans it up and "grades" it- or basically seals and authorizes it, than sells it but get this TO THEMSELF. This largely inflates the price and collectors hate this practice. Now you may notice I don't particularly comprehend the details so you might say I'm feedig to much into the youtube conspiracies and you'd probably be right! I'd just like to inform you that this (and probably the ipod/iphone thing heck any shocking too good to be true story- you know what we've all been taught about that) is probably a scam and we'd just appreciate if you didn't advertise that kind of stuff. Just realize we may be nutty conspiracy theorists (after all we don't want the prices inflated on our hobby lol is that so wrong?) but sometimes even the conspirators are right... or on the right track in

Aug 15th

Doug Ruggles

Kim, why does your add for buyraycom/kimk.... take me to a bogus website with links deemed potentially harmful? (

Nov 12th


Just started listening to this podcast. One episode in (virtual concerts) and I must say I realy like the ping pong aspect of host and guest. My only complaint is please sync the volume better. It might be on my end but from what I noticed is the ads that roll are super loud and im finding myself having to adjust the volume every time an ad rolls.

Nov 3rd


Freaks and Geeks is such a fun highly underrated show with an 80s vibe, no idea where to find it though but its well worth the search. Red Oaks is another coming of age series with a strong 80s vibe made by Amazon Prime video. I really like the Prime series, Mozart in the Jungle.

Oct 28th

Clinton Knight

last year the Prime Day prices were the same as July prices. It was truly a disappointment.

Oct 11th

JC Preston

True story. Several of my podcast guests have been Digital Nomads. Many of them prefer to be called "Citizens of the World".

Mar 30th

Ray Jayatunga

Great discussion and really valuable insight. My only criticism is that the background track is extremely distracting

Jan 18th
Reply (1)

Russell Hicks

love Kim Komando,

Jan 16th

Phil Conti

thkq..very informative in laymen language.

Aug 2nd

Pamela Grebe Richardson

Interesting content (have listened to several episodes) but it's a painful experience. There is way too much noise underneath the speaker and/or used to "illustrate" the information being presented. Unfortunately, with this episode, I have finally been driven away and will be unsubscribing.

May 18th
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