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Author: André Duqum

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The Know Thyself Podcast is a place to dive deep into the perennial questions of life; such as “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?”
Each week the host André Duqum connects with various teachers, spiritual leaders, doctors, heart-led creators and storytellers on topics such as the true nature of ‘Self’, consciousness, philosophy, health optimization, and personal growth.
These conversations are aimed at supporting individuals on their awakening journey, reducing human suffering and providing actionable tips for experiencing a truly liberated and fulfilling life. The Know Thyself Podcast is here to reveal ancient wisdom applicable for these modern times.
75 Episodes
For anyone looking to start and grow a THRIVING podcast - Click Relationship expert Stephan Speaks shares his wisdom and expertise on how to cultivate a thriving and healthy relationship. He delves into the nuances between love and infatuation, providing valuable insights on how to distinguish between these intense emotions and last after the honeymoon phase. He sheds light on the common blockages that keep people from falling in love - from courting while dating to co-dependancy. Stephan also reveals the 3 factors that determine if your relationship is going to work.  Cultivating healthy masculine and feminine dynamics within a partnership is crucial for sustainable and harmonious relationships. Stephan shares invaluable advice on fostering a balanced and supportive dynamic, allowing each partner to thrive authentically. On the flip-side of falling in love, heartbreak can be one of our greatest teachers in life. Stephan and André discuss how to heal after a breakup and cultivate the courage to start dating again. ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 1:22 Exciting Update with Know Thyself 2:29 The Difference Between Love and Infatuation 4:27 Is it Trauma-Bonding or Genuine Attraction? 6:22 How to Heal Neediness & Co-dependancy  8:44 3 Factors that Determine If a Relationship Works (Chemistry, Compatibility, Connection) 12:54 Why Courting Ruins Relationships 16:11 Using Relationships as a Mirror for your Growth 20:44 Stephan’s Journey of Becoming His True Self 25:13  The Power of Authenticity  29:18 Cultivating the Courage to Fall in Love Again 36:01 When to Lean in vs. When to Let Go 41:02 How to Heal Through Heartbreak 46:53 Why Some Women Like Bad Boys 49:35 This is a HUGE Problem for Men... 52:38 Why He Has Commitment Issues 58:45 Spiritual Connection in relationship 1:01:58 Getting Clear on What You Want 1:05:50 Can They Change? Pattern vs Potential 1:10:04 “You Complete Me” 1:13:18 Navigating The Biological Pressure to Have Kids 1:19:20 Revering and Supporting the Feminine 1:25:55 Everybody Needs to Heal 1:27:49 Conclusion ___________ Stephan Labossiere is a man on a mission, and that mission is to make relationships happier and more fulfilling. As a certified relationship coach, a speaker and author, Stephan seizes every opportunity to help both men and women overcome the challenges that hinder their relationships. From understanding the opposite sex, to navigating the paths and avoiding the pitfalls of relationships and self growth, Stephan’s relationship advice and insight helps countless individuals achieve an authentically amazing life. Stephan empowers millions to take charge of the difficult situations standing in the way of the life and love they seek and to make impactful changes on a daily basis. Dedicated to helping, and devoted to keeping it real, Stephan’s straightforward, yet compassionate delivery style, attracts a versatile clientele including; notable celebrities, civic and social organizations, academic institutions, singles, and couples alike, who can and are ready to handle the truth! Instagram: Website: ___________ Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
For anyone looking to start and grow a THRIVING podcast - Click for 50% off through Black Friday. Special gift for Know Thyself listeners, to enter raffle giveaway click here - On this special episode of Know Thyself, we're joined by two top podcasters: Aubrey Marcus & Samir Chaudry (Colin & Samir) to discuss the formula for creating a successful podcast that you love. This episode is dense and packed with valuable information for anyone looking to share their voice with the world. Aubrey Marcus shares the challenges and rewards of podcasting, revealing what has contributed most to the growth of his show, and why he loves what he does. He shares the secret to getting big guests and conducting a powerful, and vulnerable interview with anyone. He gives advice for how to stand out in a saturated market and create a podcast that brings your fulfillment. We then sit down with Samir Chaudry, co-host of the Colin & Samir Podcast for a deep dive into the technicals of podcasting: from going viral on YouTube, to building a dedicated following, to making an income doing what you love. Samir shares what he's learned from sitting down with top YouTube executives and successful content creators. ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 1:30 About Today's Episode 3:38 Exciting Announcement! The Podcast with Purpose Course 5:00 Aubrey Marcus: The Most Rewarding Thing About Podcasting 6:58 The Secret to Aubrey's Podcast Growth 8:54 Why Most Podcasts Fail 9:40 How Aubrey Prepares for Interviews 12:14 Guiding the Interview as a Good Host 14:42 How to Encourage Vulnerability Within Guests 18:02 Getting Big Guests 19:17 Aubrey Marcus' Podcast Team 20:39 Choosing a Show Theme & Name 25:59 Standing Out in A Saturated Market 38:54 Samir Chaudry - Colin & Samir 40:46 Balancing Your Artistry With the Algorithm 42:17 Clarifying your Niche/Audience & Practicing in Private 46:22 Scaling Colin & Samir - A Community of Creators 49:02 Pros/Cons of Audio VS Video Podcast 54:11 Key Secrets to Keeping an Audience Engaged & Growing on YouTube 1:01:05 Important Qualities for a Great Thumbnail 1:05:56 Getting Your Dream Guests 1:09:45 AI & The Future of YouTube 1:13:58 YouTube Adsense: Colin & Samir’s Revenue and Analytics 1:20:07 Making Money: Getting and Pricing Sponsorships 1:25:39 Building an Empire with Creator-Made Products 1:32:45 The Value of Newsletters & Building Your Email List 1:35:48 Best Parts About Podcasting & Reasons for Samir's Success 1:36:03 Samir's Interview Preparation 1:36:34 Outsourcing/ Growing a Team 1:37:06 Saying 'No' to Potential Guests 1:38:20 The One Thing You Must Know Before Podcasting 1:41:45 How to Get Started Today ___________ Aubrey Marcus currently hosts the Aubrey Marcus Podcast, a motivational destination for conversations with the brightest minds in athletics, business, mindset, and spirituality with over 100 million listens. He is the author of the NYT Bestselling book Own The Day, Own Your Life and has been featured on the cover of Men’s Health and other publications. He has also produced several documentaries including Awake In The Darkness, Dragon of the Jungle, Ayahuasca, and Huachuma. Instagram: YouTube: ___________ Samir Chaudry is a dynamic and engaging podcast host, co-hosting the popular Colin & Samir show. With a background in film and digital media, they sit down with YouTube's most well-known content creators, sharing advice for the creator community. Instagram: YouTube: ___________ Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: Know Thyself Instagram: Website: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Dr. John Demartini uncovers the universal laws that govern our reality and reveals how we can use this information to create the life of our dreams. He shares how the resistance to duality causes suffering and trauma to arise within the human psyche. Giving examples, tools and practices we can use to move from victim of history to master of destiny. He also shares how to engineer your reality to match your true desires, by getting clear on your hierarchy of values, and creating a life centered around doing what you love. Known for his work in the film, 'The Secret', Dr. Demartini explains how the law of attraction really works, revealing why it only works if you're in alignment with your highest values.  __________ Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 2:18 What it Means to Know Thyself  4:29 Answering the Question: Who Are You? 6:15 Defining Your Hierarchy of Values & Claiming Your Ideal Life 10:52 How Our Highest Excitement Serves the Planet  13:02 Reflective Awareness: Transcending Our Judgement Of Others 21:30 Holding Paradox Simultaneously: From Polarity to Unicity  25:45 How The Law of Attraction ACTUALLY Works - The Secret to the 'Secret' 35:19 Mastering Your Craft: How Dr. Demartini Overcame Difficulty to Live His Purpose 39:33 Reframing Trauma: From Victim of History to Master of Destiny  49:56 "We Only Need 3 Hours to Grieve" Rapidly Transforming Grief 53:15 Breaking the Spell of Infatuation and Finding True Love 56:41 The Trap of Self Righteousness & Moral Hypocrisy  59:28 The Shadow Side of Trying to Create World Peace 1:06:23 Liberating Yourself From the Unnecessary Pain of Suffering 1:10:47 Life’s Inherent Intelligence With Order and Chaos  1:20:13 Unifying Science and Spirit & Transforming Judgement into Love 1:24:40 The Merging of Wisdom and Love 1:25:44 Defining What God Is to Humans 1:31:25 Keeping Clear Metrics on Your Life  1:35:56 Dr. Demartini's Mystical & Psychedelic Experiences 1:42:27 Conclusion ___________ Dr. John Demartini is a polymath and a world-renowned human behavior expert. His work has been described by students as the "most comprehensive body of work", "an extensive library of wisdom". Dr. John Demartini's mission and vision is to share knowledge and wisdom that empowers you to become a master of your own life and destiny. He's an internationally published author, a global educator and the founder of the Demartini Method, a revolutionary tool in modern psychology. His education curriculum ranges from personal growth seminars to corporate empowerment programs His teachings are the synthesis of knowledge and wisdom from the greatest minds through history and his curriculum is designed to help you empower and inspire all 7 areas of your life. Website: Instagram: ___________ Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart reveals the neuroscience behind the law of attraction, intuition, and extra-sensory perceptions.  In order to create the life of our dreams, we must first understand what limits us from doing so. Tara discusses the origin of our identity and how the formation of it during childhood can either help or hinder our manifestation. Explaining that by harnessing the power of neuroplasticity, we can learn to reinvent ourselves. She dives into practices for self-transformation, rewiring survival mechanisms, and releasing stress. She also shares her insights from studying Indigenous wisdom, discussing the creative potential of nature, the power of gratitude, and the mystery of consciousness beyond the human brain.  ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 2:06 Introspection: The Practice of Understanding Our Bodies Signals 3:57 The Reality of Extra Sensory Perception  7:03 Honoring Your Intuition & Gut Feelings 12:50 Watch Out For Your Thoughts & Rewire Your Brain  16:00 The Science of Identity and How It's Holding You Back 21:40 Harnessing The Power of Neuroplasticity To Reinvent Yourself  26:20 Cultivating Magnetic Desire: Getting Clear On What You REALLY Want  28:42 Top Practices for Self Transformation  31:02 Rewiring Survival Mechanisms to Have an Abundant Outlook on Life 40:53 How Our Hormones Complicate Casual Sex 44:28 How Our Own Biology is Screwing Us  46:05 The Essential Tool to Happiness: Nature & Creativity 53:19 A Grounded Approach to the Law of Attraction  57:56 How Stress Hinders Your Manifestations  1:01:45 Patience: The Essential Key to Manifestation 1:06:35 The Greatest Source of Unhappiness: Navigating the Dance of Being & Becoming 1:14:15 What Percentage of Our Brain Do We Actually Use? 1:19:29 Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times  1:25:47 The Science of Reaching Human potential & Unlocking Spiritual Superpowers 1:36:18 Why Consciousness May Not Be Limited to the Human Brain 1:41:10 What Neuroscience Says About the Pineal Gland 1:46:00 The Most Important Things in Life: Love & Gratitude 1:46:57 Conclusion ___________ Dr Tara Swart is a neuroscientist, medical doctor, executive advisor, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan, and author of best-seller ‘The Source’ which has translations in 38 global territories. Tara is passionate about disseminating simple, pragmatic neuroscience-based messages that change the way people live and work. She personally advises a small number of executives via personal recommendation only, and speaks at major conferences globally. Previous residencies include Brown’s Fashion; Annabel’s, a private members’ club in Mayfair; and she was the world’s first Neuroscientist-in-Residence at the Corinthia Hotel, London. Tara was on the EFG Asset Management Future Leaders Panel 2018-19. Tara is currently the Chief Science Officer at Heights, was Neuroscience and Psychological Advisor at To Be Magnetic and Chief Neuroscience Officer at Arowana International (Private Equity). In 2020 Tara became the Spokesperson for Aromatherapy Associates and now represents several beauty brands focusing on health, wellbeing and innovative technologies such as the probiotic Symprove. Tara is a Trustee at The Lady Garden Foundation, a charity for gynaecological cancers. Instagram: Dr. Tara's Podcast: Website: ___________ Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Indigenous Arctic Siberian woman, Snow Raven, delves into the rich tapestry of her heritage, sharing the ancient traditions and practices of her people. From mystical shamanism, to mimicking birds and animal sounds to go into trance - Snow Raven reveals the wisdom of her people, and how it can change the world. She recounts her childhood in Arctic Siberia, where it reaches -96 degrees in the winter, and 100 degrees in the summer. She reflects on how surrendering to a harsh environment and the natural cycles of life, has helped her people to live in harmony with the Earth. Snow Raven offers invaluable perspectives on the merging the wisdom of indigenous traditions and the Western world, reminding us that we are all indigenous to Mother Earth.  ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 2:31 Growing up in Arctic Siberia  5:31 The Contrast of Moving to America 7:02 Traditions of Shamanism in Arctic Siberia 10:19 Symbolic Meaning of 'Snow Raven' 14:19 The Healing Power of Singing Traditional Songs 15:39 Listening to the Sounds of Nature & Cultivating Inner Silence 19:51 Magical Tools of Shamanism 27:05 Mimicking Birds and Animal Sounds to Go Into Trance 34:54 Arctic Beatboxing: Transforming Reindeer Breath into Music 36:37 The Instrument of a Jaw Harp 41:46 Embodying Ancestors through Shamanic Singing 46:05 Connecting to the Heart & Crown Through Bird Songs 49:50 Singing Techniques for Healing Different Energy Centers 54:15 Snow Raven Shares a Song 59:05 The Power of Connecting with Our Ancestors 1:05:24 Facing the Fear of Death & Embracing the Cycles of Life 1:12:55 Merging Indigenous Wisdom with Modern Times 1:22:44 Snow Raven's Upcoming Offerings 1:24:31 Conclusion ___________ SNOW RAVEN - SUOR was born in one of the most remote and cold inhabited places in the world - the Republic of Sakha - Yakutia (arctic Siberia). She was three years old when she started to learn the language of birds and animals. Her voice takes its breath from traditional Sakha culture and is truly an instrument. She is the OG of “arctic beatbox” - the reindeer breath and the founder of OLOX, the NEOshamanic Portal to a Decentralized Humanity, Earth and Consciousness.  Instagram: YouTube: Music: ___________ Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Blu is back on Know Thyself this week sharing her journey over the past year of overcoming the grief of heartbreak and learning to self-source her power. André and Blu reflect on their breakup, revealing the challenges that arose and how they chose to move through them with grace.  As an artist and someone who has the gift of feeling the fullness of being human, Blu shares how she harnesses the power of her sensitivity to live a life of gratitude and beauty. She also explains the importance embodying our unique authentic beauty, finding clarity in confusion, and living to impress our 5 year old selves.  ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro  3:13 A New Season of Life: Blu on Self-Sourcing Her Power 8:59 Feeling the Fullness of Grief & Finding Wholeness 17:33 The Painful Parts of Our Breakup  30:33 Sharing Vulnerably on Social Media 34:48 Living to Impress Our 5 Year Old Self  37:14 Harnessing the Power of our Sensitivity  42:13 Living a Life of Beauty and Authenticity  46:05 Seeing the Authentic Beauty in Others 1:01:59 Practice for Gaining Clarity within Challenge 1:06:41 Conclusion  ___________ Blu is a motivational speaker, artist, musician & host of the Deja Blu Podcast with over 4 million listeners worldwide, interviewing some of the most prolific spiritual leaders of our generation. She is the co-founder of Florescence, a modern mystery school which connects a global community of women in sisterhood through online sharing circles & in-person events. Instagram: YouTube: Website: ___________ Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
World Renowned Hypnotherapist and Author Marisa Peer reveals how to use the power of belief and language to create the life of your dreams. Having coached Hollywood celebrities, CEOs, royalty, and sports stars - Marisa shares the common things that hold most people back from achieving greatness. She explains how to rewrite negative thinking patterns and create a new story for yourself.  She also discusses her "I am Enough" movement, revealing that at the root of most problems is the belief of unworthiness. And when we learn transcend that, we step into a new reality. Marisa shares how she overcame some of her personal struggles including infertility, cancer, and getting run over by a car. She also explains why hypnosis is a powerful tool that the best athletes in the world are using, and how you can start using it today. ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro  2:10 Power of the subconscious mind  4:02 Exposing Ourself to the Fear Frequency  6:29 Impact of Negative Thoughts  9:42 How to Get Out of a Negative Mindset  14:30 Recognizing & Healing Repressed Emotions  19:24 How We Inherit our Parents' Shadows  23:26 Choosing a New Story & Questioning Old Beliefs 29:22 The Root of All Our Problems: "I’m not enough" 33:03 Why We Self Sabotage & How to Stop Doing It 42:51 Self-Sourcing Your Power & Meeting Your Own Needs 47:22 Affirmations Won’t Work: Try This Instead  53:54 Letting Go of the Past and Embracing a New Future 56:43 Facing Cancer, Infertility, and Run Over By a Car 1:03:01 Shifting Toxic A Body Image  1:06:34 The Secret to Growth: Facing and Embracing the Unfamiliar  1:15:48 How Our Friends & Family Influence Us 1:18:49 Making Subtle Shifts For Major Changes 1:21:30 Bringing The Future Into the Present  1:25:48 Why Billionaires Are Still Struggling 1:28:47 10x Your Life to Attract Money & Success 1:34:21 Marisa's Tools for Overcoming Any Block  1:35:35 How Hypnotherapy Works  1:38:58 The Best Time of Day to Do This Work 1:40:46 Conclusion ___________ Marisa Peer is a globally acclaimed therapist, best-selling author, and award-winning speaker. Her mission is to spread the message that there are simple, rapid, and effective techniques everyone can use that can truly change your life. Having helped clients, including Hollywood celebrities, CEOs, royalty, and sports stars for over 30 years, She created Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) to make these techniques available to everyone. RTT® now trains thousands of therapists each year, creating a ripple effect of transformation worldwide. She also dedicates her time to developing powerful self-hypnosis programs designed to release common blocks people face in every area of their life, from self-confidence, weight, relationships, finances, and much more. Her latest program, Dietless Life, is perhaps my most exciting yet. Dietless Life helps you powerfully update how you think about food and weight loss for good and is supported by a free information group. A best-selling author of five books, you may also know her from starting the I Am Enough movement. Website: Free Meditations: Instagram: Become an RTT® Therapist: ___________ Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Matt Dahlia, cofounder of Yes Theory, discusses his reason for quitting YouTube, and what he has gained as a result of that decision. Starting at the beginning, Matt shares his journey from entrepreneur to creating and scaling Yes Theory with his best friends. He openly discusses the challenges that came along with the success of the channel, including burnout, anxiety, and questioning if it was the right thing for him.  After making the decision to leave Yes Theory, Matt went on a journey of facing off with trauma and ultimately strengthening his ability to listen to his inner voice. Matt also discusses some of the hardest things he has experienced, from completing an Iron Man to writing a book, he leaves us with an inspiring message to face off with the challenges and continue to choose growth.   ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 3:17 Reflecting on Leaving Yes Theory and Writing a Book 7:39 Creating Yes Theory: Clarifying & Claiming the Life that You Want 15:54 The YouTube Creator Burnout: Why it Happens and How to Avoid it 25:18 Facing off with Trauma & Anxiety  32:38 The Time I Yelled at God and He Answered: Listening to Your Inner Voice 43:19 Healing within Community: Our Men’s Group  54:59 Navigating the World as a Highly Sensitive Person 1:04:09 The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done: Writing a Book 1:14:56 What the World Needs Most: Each Other 1:22:32 André on Working with Logan Paul 1:29:30 Finding Success Without College 1:35:41 Why Matt Changed His Name 1:52:35 What’s Coming Next for Matt 1:54:24 Conclusion ___________ Matt Dahlia is a French-American author and entrepreneur. He is the cofounder of Yes Theory as well as Seek Discomfort, a clothing brand, and Fan of a Fan, a brand factory for creators. He has a newsletter at where he openly shares his experiences and life lessons. He loves making up songs on the guitar and dabbles in tennis, salsa, and mountain climbing. Pre-order "Talk to Strangers": Matt's Newsletter: Watch Matt's Podcast: ___________ Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Peter Crone is back on the Know Thyself Podcast today, sharing how to overcome self-limitation and realize true inner freedom. Known as the 'Mind Architect', Peter guides us on a transformative journey, illuminating the path to release self-limiting beliefs, heal deep-seated wounds, and ultimately step into a new and empowering reality. Peter reveals the secrets to dismantling the invisible barriers that hold us captive and prevent us from embracing our true potential. Through his unique insights and compassionate approach, he empowers listeners to confront the pain of their past, offering practical tools and profound wisdom to navigate through inner turmoil and emerge stronger than ever. ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 2:44 Freedom is Available in the Here and Now 6:33 Seeing Beyond Your Limited Self 13:14 Understanding Our True Nature Beyond Duality 17:04 Making Peace with Your Shadow  26:16 Rewriting Negative Self-Narratives 35:24 Discovering the Origin of Our Limitations 39:04 Using Language to Move From Victim to Creator Consciousness 49:49 What Causes Triggers & How to Release Them 1:04:03 How to See Your Inherent Worthiness  1:08:55 Relationships & Listening as a Catalyst for Growth 1:17:41 Commitment is the Key to Growth 1:19:50 Taking a Stand For Love 1:25:35 Conclusion  ___________ Peter Crone: Peter Crone is a thought leader in human potential and performance. He devotes his life to sharing insights and strategies to create an inspired life and find true freedom by awakening new levels of awareness. Peter helps redesign the subconscious mind that drives behavior and performance and uses the wisdom of Ayurveda to help people find balance through diet and lifestyle. He’s worked with entertainers, professional athletes, as well as global organizations. Instagram: Website: ___________ Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Grammy-nominated artist and songwriter Mike Posner vulnerably shares his personal journey of achieving success at young age and what made him wake up beyond it.  From the disillusionment of fame to transformative experiences, today Mike explores topics like purpose, resilience, and personal growth. With captivating stories of walking across America, facing death, and meeting Ram Dass, this podcast offers profound insights and daily practices for living a meaningful life. Mike also shares his tools for healing the past, finding your why, and living a life that you love every day. ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro  3:11 Becoming Successful & Waking Up to the Reality of It 7:59 Experiencing the Disillusionment of Fame 11:15 Why Mike Took a Pill in Ibiza  20:39 Meditation Retreats, Shadow Work & Apologizing for the Past 30:04 Why the 'Work' is Worth It 33:56 Finding Your ‘Why’ to Live 39:33 The Importance of Holding a Vision For Your Future 44:47 Walking Across America 48:58 Getting Bit By a Rattlesnake, Facing Death and Deciding to Keep Going 1:05:27 The Power of Choosing Challenge 1:09:20 How Big Sean Changed Mike's Life 1:14:17 A Transcendent Experience of Meeting Ram Dass 1:21:43 Daily Practices: Waking Up with Depression & Choosing Happiness  1:34:10 Mike Shares a Poem: I Believe 1:38:06 Conclusion ___________ Mike Posner:  Since 2009, International multi-platinum selling, GRAMMY-nominated artist and songwriter Mike Posner has quietly become one of the world’s most successful and recognizable voices. From his 2016 sophomore full-length album, At Night, Alone, which included the ubiquitous RIAA 4x-platinum smash “I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ which made history as “one of Spotify’s Top 10 Most Streamed Songs of All Time” with 3 billion streams and earned Mike a 2017 GRAMMY® nomination for “Song of The Year.” To his most recent and fourth studio album A REAL GOOD KID and 2019 mixtape release Keep Going, featuring special guests Logic, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Talib Kweli, ‘Keep Going’ chronicled and commemorated his well-documented and celebrated 3,000-mile hike across America. His most recent return explores depression, self-loathing and isolation by way of a 36-minute rap opera titled Operation: Wake Up.  Instagram: YouTube: Spotify Music: ___________ Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Today we are joined by the warrior poet himself, Aubrey Marcus, for a deep dive into the journey of awakening and integration. Aubrey shares what it means to be a warrior poet, stepping into the role of divine masculinity, and discovering his worth beyond his accomplishments.  Aubrey also opens up about the recent death of his father, and how he healed from grief and loss. He shares his path with plant medicine. Beginning at the age of 18, he has used psychedelics as a tool for growth and expansion, explaining that he doesn't know who he'd be without them. He shares how to avoid common pitfalls on the plant medicine path, and why integration is simpler than most think.  Aubrey also dives into his journey with building and selling a multi-million dollar company, what success feels like, and why money won't solve everything. ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 2:06 Embodying the Warrior Poet Within 4:08 Asking the Question: Who am I?  11:35 Discovering Your Inherent Worthiness & Finding the middle way  19:15 The Death of My Father 23:48 Healing Unconscious Relationship Patterns  29:54 I Can’t Imagine My Life Without Plant Medicine 33:07 Pitfalls of the Plant Medicine Path  37:46 The Secret to Integration  43:00 Overcoming the Hungry Ghost of Desire 49:15 Success, Selling Onnit, and What Comes After Wealth 59:02 Projections, Polyamory & Transcending Jealousy  1:09:09 Embodying the Divine Masculine  1:12:13 Rebalancing Masculine & Feminine Energies 1:17:55 The Power of Community  1:26:43 Conclusion ___________ Aubrey Marcus is the founder of Onnit, a globally disruptive brand based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. Onnit remains an industry leader with products optimizing millions of lives, including many top professional athletes around the world. Aubrey currently hosts the Aubrey Marcus Podcast, a motivational destination for conversations with the brightest minds in athletics, business, mindset, and spirituality with over 100 million listens. He is the author of the NYT Bestselling book Own The Day, Own Your Life and has been featured on the cover of Men’s Health and other publications. He has also produced several documentaries including Awake In The Darkness, Dragon of the Jungle, Ayahuasca, and Huachuma. He is currently the visionary behind the donation based coaching platform Fit For Service which recently hosted the transformational music festival, Arkadia. If you ask Aubrey what he is most passionate about, it is raising awareness for psychedelic medicine, including dedicated philanthropic support to and Heffter Institute. He is a 27 year native of Austin, Texas where he currently resides with his wife Vylana. Instagram: YouTube: Fit for Service: Website: ___________ Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
In this thought-provoking episode, cognitive psychologist and author Donald Hoffman takes us on a journey through the mysteries of consciousness and reality. From questioning the nature of what we perceive to pondering the existence of inanimate consciousness, Hoffman challenges conventional beliefs and explores the profound implications of proving local realism false.  He delves into topics such as the illusion of free will, the role of love in metaphysics, and the possibility of reincarnation. Prepare to have your mind expanded as we contemplate the nature of reality itself and how this paradigm-shifting understanding will change everything.  SPONSOR: Receive a free rechargeable frother with your MUDWTR order: Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: ___________ Timecodes: (0:00) Introduction (2:30) The Question of Consciousness & Evolution (9:56) Is What We See Real?  (12:47) Implications of Proving Local Realism is False  (16:55) Are Inanimate Objects Conscious? (24:53) What Makes Something Conscious? (29:06) We’re looking at the problem wrong  (40:34) How evolution hid the truth from us  (47:22) Conscious Agents: what’s outside of space time? (54:00) Are We in a Simulation? (1:00:40) Seeing the Oneness in All (1:02:38) Concepts of Karma and Reincarnation (1:07:00) Implications on how we act in the world  (1:12:02) Self Compassion (1:13:35) Death & Facing the idea of impermanence  (1:17:14) Does reincarnation exist?  (1:22:41) Meditation & Spiritual Practices (1:30:30) The role that love plays in metaphysics  (1:31:54) Free will & The illusion of choice  (1:41:40) How Relationships Serve Purpose on the evolution of consciousness  (1:45:23) AI & technology assisting the collective awakening  (1:53:52) What it takes to prove this theory (1:58:30) This will change everything  ___________ Donald David Hoffman is an American cognitive psychologist and popular science author. He is a professor in the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, Irvine, with joint appointments in the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, and the School of Computer Science. Hoffman studies consciousness, visual perception and evolutionary psychology using mathematical models and psychophysical experiments. His research subjects include facial attractiveness, the recognition of shape, the perception of motion and color, the evolution of perception, and the mind–body problem. He has co-authored two technical books; Observer Mechanics: A Formal Theory of Perception (1989) offers a theory of consciousness and its relationship to physics; Automotive Lighting and Human Vision (2005) applies vision science to vehicle lighting. His book Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See (1998) presents the modern science of visual perception to a broad audience. His 2015 TED Talk, "Do we see reality as it is?" argues that our perceptions have evolved to hide reality from us. Book: ___________ Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Polymath Robert Edward Grant explains the journey of knowing thyself through the 7 Hermetic Principles AND shares several new discoveries that he has made in relation to the pyramids & the Declaration of Independence.  The Hermetic Principles are seven foundational laws of our reality that can help us to understand and ascend in this lifetime. Grant takes us on a journey through those principles on this episode of Know Thyself, thoroughly explaining each one and how you can apply it's wisdom to your life today.  He also dives deep on the concept of enlightenment, his journey of balancing his masculine/feminine energy, and how together, we can create a New Earth.  Sponsor: To find a sense of peace and improve your mental wellbeing, get started with Aura today for free. The first 500 people to use my link will also get 25% off + a free trial to the Aura membership: Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro  2:15 What it Means To Know Thyself  4:50 Defining Enlightenment: From Fact Seeking to Facet  15:56 Why We Choose Our Challenges  25:57 Understanding the 7 Hermetic Principles & How Everything Connects  31:16 New Discovery: Pyramids Built on the Harmonic & Musical Grid 35:40 The Process of Awakening & Becoming One 43:35 Principle 1: Mentalism - The All is Mind 1:00:11 Principle 2: Correspondence - We are all connected 1:05:48 Principle 3: Vibration - Everything is in Motion 1:12:25 New Technology: The Tesla Tower & Wireless Electricity 1:19:56 Principle 4: Polarity 1:33:00 Principle 5: Rhythm & Life’s Cycles 1:39:45 Principle 6: Cause & Effect - Opposites Are Identical in Nature  1:48:05 New Discovery: Decoding the Declaration of Independence 2:10:08 7th Principle: Gender - Everything Has Masculine and Feminine Energy  2:23:22 Embodying the Feminine as a Man & Heartistry  2:26:56 Creating a New Earth 2:35:14 Conclusion ___________ Polymath Robert Edward Grant is a successful entrepreneur and bestselling author of Philomath who is fascinated with the interconnected strands that weave throughout sacred geometry, math, art, and music. Robert peers between the layers of our reality, finding clues that have been waiting for centuries to be found — in ancient artwork, inscriptions, and structures — that perfectly align with modern sciences and mystery school teachings handed down for hundreds of years. He’s a prolific inventor, artist, sculptor, music theorist, musician, and author of several research and patent publications spanning biology, DNA combinatorics, number theory, geometry, and physics. Website: Podcast: Instagram: Watch CodeX on Gaia: ___________ Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson joins the podcast today to share what a new political paradigm looks like, in a world of heart-centered leadership.  Williamson first ran for president in the 2020 election, where she was heavily criticized by mainstream media for her emphasis on a return to love in governance. Today, as she is running for office again, she shares her perspective on how our current system is broken and what it would look like to create a brighter future for America. She opens up about her struggles with the media and the judgement of others, revealing what the future of embodied, feminine leadership looks like. She also shares why it is essential for the spiritual community to step up and take a stand for the collective. ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 2:03 Breaking Free from the Prison of the Ego Mind 6:09 It's Time to Stop Playing Small  7:13 Our Destined, Collective Return to Love  12:36 Merging a Spiritual Revolution with Real Change 15:04 Why We Need Spiritual People in Politics 21:50 Choosing the High Road within Criticism 23:52 Why Love Must be Fierce  35:26 Challenging the Patriarchal Perspective: Embodied Feminine leadership 42:31 Blackballed by Mainstream Media: The Importance of Political Conversations 45:40 The Dying World and the Birth of a New World 48:43 Thoughts on Robert F Kennedy's Campaign 50:40 Marianne's Action Plan: How We Change America  59:44 Maintaining Inner Peace in the Fire of Politics 1:01:43 Resentment Towards the System and Men 1:02:20 Conclusion  ___________ Marianne Williamson is a bestselling author, political activist, and spiritual thought leader. For over three decades, she has been a leader in spiritual and religiously progressive circles. She is the author of 15 books, four of which have been #1 New York Times bestsellers. Williamson founded Project Angel Food, a non-profit organization that has delivered more than 16 million meals to ill and dying homebound patients since 1989. The group was created to help people suffering from the ravages of HIV/AIDS. She has also worked throughout her career on poverty, anti-hunger and racial reconciliation issues. In 2004, she co-founded The Peace Alliance and supports the creation of a U.S. Department of Peace. Williamson ran for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020. Website: Instagram: ___________ Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Charles Eisenstein shares his vision for a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible. He explains why all the crises we experience today, are rooted in the single origin of separation, and how by healing this wound within ourselves, we can heal the world.  Charles dives deep on the importance of energetic intention within any revolution for change, the limitations of labeling things as 'good' and 'bad', and how to alchemize anger into a collective awakening. In this era of change, everyone plays a role. And each person's role is just as valuable, no matter how big or small it may seem. Charles shares the vision of a harmonious collective consciousness, and how you alone can contribute to it. ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 2:37 The Peril of Separation in Our Society 11:31 Why Energetic Intention is Essential for Change 16:35 Transforming Our Anger into Awakening  22:04 Why 'Good' and 'Bad' Labels are a Limitation 26:11 The More Beautiful World That is Possible: A State of Interbeing 29:50 Charles' Personal Experiences & Working with Robert F Kennedy 33:38 How our Purpose is Unveiled to Us 39:57 The Power of a Harmonious Collective Consciousness  43:34 How You Alone Can Make a Difference 46:17 Creating Spaces & Communities to Experience Our New Reality  49:31 Will Things Get Worse Before They Get Better?  54:29 Robert F Kennedy as a Presidential Candidate  58:31 Life is a Gift  1:01:39 Conclusion  ___________ Charles Eisenstein is a teacher, speaker, and writer focusing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution. His writings on the web magazine Reality Sandwich have generated a vast online following; he speaks frequently at conferences and other events, and gives numerous interviews on radio and podcasts. Writing in Ode magazine's "25 Intelligent Optimists" issue, David Korten (author of When Corporations Rule the World) called Eisenstein "one of the up-and-coming great minds of our time." Eisenstein graduated from Yale University in 1989 with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, and spent the next ten years as a Chinese-English translator.  Website: Books: ___________ Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Spiritual guide and YouTuber Aaron Doughty joins the podcast today to share his tips for raising your vibration and magnetizing the life of your dreams. He explains how he went from a 9-5 women's shoes salesman to a full time YouTuber in 6 months, and why creating the life of our dreams can be as simple as making a choice. Aaron shares how to heal the wounds of the past in order to step into a new future, and why vulnerability is the secret ingredient to healing the limiting beliefs of shame and unworthiness. Aaron also explains how to implement multiple practices including the Ho'oponopono and Frame Technique to help you on your spiritual path.   If you’re struggling, consider therapy with our sponsor BetterHelp. Click for a 10% discount on your first month of therapy with a licensed professional specific to your needs. ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 2:01 What it Means to Raise your Vibration 6:35 What High Vibration Feels Like 8:33 Healing the Past to Create a New Future For Yourself 25:10 Healing the Limiting Belief of Shame 31:35 Using Vulnerability to Heal Unworthiness 35:10 Ho’oponopono: Forgiveness as a Tool to Heal 44:42 How Aaron Went From 9-5 to Full-Time Youtuber 1:02:28 Practices for Ridding the Spiritual Ego & Staying Humble 1:07:20 Understanding Spiral Dynamics & the Process of Evolution 1:20:46 A Practice for Empaths & Self Autonomy 1:31:44 Connect with Aaron 1:34:00 Aaron's Secret Mystical Experiences 1:37:57 Conclusion   ___________   Aaron Doughty is a spiritual teacher and YouTuber, with a community of over 1.5 million subscribers, aimed at supporting people to expand their consciousness. He went through a spiritual awakening in 2012 that changed his life. That propelled a journey of self-discovery of reading 100’s of books, listening to seminars and going within to look for the answers. Through that journey he let go of my painful past, dropped labels that didn’t serve, and become FREE of much of the autopilot beliefs he was operating from. From that point on, he has felt it's his mission to empower other people to know that they are high vibrational beings that can become FREE of the past pain and past negative experiences. He believes his life purpose is to raise his vibration and level of consciousness and to help others do it too. He believes that deep down, you are also on a journey of raising your vibration and that as you do, it changes the world.   Youtube: Website:   ___________   Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel:   Listen to all episodes on Audio: Spotify: Apple:     André Duqum Instagram:   Meraki Media
To find a sense of peace and improve your mental wellbeing, get started with Aura today for free. The first 500 people to use my link will also get 25% off + a free trial to the Aura membership: Steven Kotler reveals the secrets to achieving peak performance and discovering the transformative power of flow. He shares his insights behind what flowstate is, whether it's the same as a meditative state, and how we can train ourselves to experience it regularly. He discusses procrastination, dopamine addiction, and why clarifying our passion and purpose in life is essential for achieving our dreams. Steven describes the 4 stages of flow, and how we can engineer our environment to provide the ideal space to experience it. He also dives into the mystical side of flow, and explores the mystery behind what it actually is. ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro  2:15 Is Flowstate a Spiritual Experience? 8:10 Defining Flowstate 9:34 Using Your Procrastination for Optimal Performance 14:51 Why Breaking Dopamine Addiction is Essential, and How to Do It 18:46 Clarifying your Passion and Purpose to Motivate You 23:15 Combining Passion & Purpose and Stacking Motivation 26:57 The One Mistake Everyone Makes on Purpose 33:03 How to Turning Work Into Play  42:50 Learning New Things: Conscious Competency 54:40 Micro vs Macro Flow: Flow in Our Daily Life 1:00:19 4 Stages to Achieve Flowstate 1:02:49 Setting Up Your Environment for Flow  1:10:23 Manicuring Your Internal Space for Flow 1:20:20 Group Flow: Maximizing Creativity with Others 1:26:06 The Mystical Side of Flow  1:37:34 Conclusion  ___________ Steven Kotler is a New York Times bestselling author, an award-winning journalist, and the Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective. He is one of the world’s leading experts on human performance. He is the author of 11 bestsellers (out of fourteen books), including The Art of Impossible, The Future is Faster Than You Think, Stealing Fire, The Rise of Superman, Bold and Abundance. His work has been nominated for two Pulitzer Prizes, translated into over 50 languages, and has appeared in over 100 publications, including the New York Times Magazine, Wired, Atlantic Monthly, Wall Street Journal, TIME, and the Harvard Business Review.  A lifelong environmentalist and animal rights advocate, Steven is the cofounder of Planet Home, a conference/concert/innovation accelerator focused on solving critical environmental challenges, the cofounder of The Forest + Fire Collective, a network of individuals, organizations and institutions dedicated to ending catastrophic wildfire and restoring forest health to the American West. Alongside his wife, author Joy Nicholson, he is also the co-founder of Rancho de Chihuahua, a hospice care and special needs dog sanctuary. Website: Books: Instagram: ___________ Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Jonah Kest delves into the transformative power of yoga, offering insights and practical wisdom for individuals seeking inner peace and spiritual growth. He shares his personal journey, growing up in a yoga family and the profound impact it had on his life. Although Yoga was something he grew up with, it was also something he chose. Jonah shares the steps to following our dharma and aligning to a greater vision of our life. He sheds light on the process of revealing and healing samskaras, the deep-rooted impressions that shape our behaviors and experiences. Additionally, he shares valuable insights on managing energy, cultivating prana, and playing big at a young age. ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro  3:03 Prioritizing Clarity of Mind Before Pursuing Your Dreams 5:31 Growing Up in a Yoga Family 8:26 The Steps to Following Your Dharma  11:33 Cultivating Equanimity and Observing Thoughts 20:30 Using Yoga as a Science to Self Actualization  22:19 Understanding the 8 Limbs of Yoga  31:14 Revealing and Healing Samskaras  33:18 Managing Your Energy & Cultivating Prana 36:32 Playing Big at a Young Age  43:45 Creativity as a Path to Enlightenment 48:26 How Yoga is Evolving Globally 52:01 Authenticity as a Content Creator 55:18 Holding a Vision for the Future & Commitment to Growth 1:01:08 Guided Heart-Opening Meditation 1:04:24 Conclusion ___________ Jonah Kest was born into a Yoga Legacy. With his father, Vinyasa Yoga pioneer Jonny Kest, and his mother, Milla Kest, as one of the first Yoga business owners and Yoga teacher training programs in the midwest - He was destined to follow the path. At the age of three, Jonah was walking the Yoga room with his dad and shortly thereafter he began to learn the importance of a daily practice and evening meditation.  Today, Jonah is a well traveled ashtanga/vinyasa teacher whose classes are both graceful and intense. Impermanence, compassion and humility are just a few of the elements that Jonah seamlessly weaves through each healing practice. Instagram: Website: ___________ Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Movement Coach & Author Aaron Alexander reveals how to find true alignment in the physical body through simple lifestyle changes. Aaron sheds light on how our modern lifestyle has led to a profound disconnection between our physical bodies and our mental well-being. He shares insights on how we can rediscover alignment in our physical selves and, in turn, liberate our psychology.  The journey of alignment goes beyond the physical realm, Aaron also discusses the power of a meditation practice, healing sexual shame, and rewriting limiting subconscious beliefs. Tune in to this episode and unlock the secrets to becoming your most aligned self.  ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 3:14 The Disembodiment of Modern Culture & Returning to Play 10:18 Using Our Physiology to FREE our Psychology  19:24 How Our Environment Impacts our Well-Being 24:04 The Importance of Movement and Body Positioning 32:31 Rebalancing the Body through Floor Sitting 35:20 The Power of Simple Changes 37:06 How & Why to Sit on the Ground  39:50 The Importance of Going Outside and Connecting with Nature 41:56 Embodied Cognition: Broadening Your Perspective 44:59 Rewriting Limiting Subconscious Beliefs & Healing Repressed Emotions 49:59 Finding Stillness within Yourself through Meditation 54:50 Aaron’s Micro-Moments of Awakening 56:13 Exploring Darkness Retreats 57:46 Shame and Conditioning around Sexuality 1:03:33 Finding Motivation Through Doing the Impossible  1:05:34 Returning to Our True Divine Potential 1:07:29 Seeing the Light Within Others 1:09:44 Self-Validation & Sitting Through the Internal Noise  1:12:12 Becoming Your Most Aligned Self  1:18:36 Conclusion ___________ Aaron Alexander is a pioneering manual therapist and movement coach, founder and creator of the Align Method, author of the Align Method book, and host of the Align Podcast, which has ranked #1 in Nutrition on iTunes. Aaron has worked with some of world’s greatest professional athletes, performers, celebrities, and everyone in between, to relieve pain while creating greater strength, flexibility, and ease in their mind and body.  After working with thousands of clients and spending years backpacking around the world, being immersed in various cultures, he has come to the conclusion that the healthiest people are not gym rats. Instead, they naturally integrate the foundational principles outlined in The Align Method to strengthen their bodies, balance their minds, and activate their innate systems of healing in daily life. Aaron has simplified ancient techniques for cultivating vitality and assimilated them into modernized, simplified, movement-based principles for you to easily integrate into any situation throughout the day. When you do, every moment becomes an opportunity to develop greater strength, flexibility and confidence to truly step into your physical potential and drop the baggage of pain and limitation. Instagram: Website: Join the Align Method Program: Get "The Align Method" Book: ___________ Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Download André's FREE Book Recommendation List: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
Darin Olien, a wellness expert, author, and co-host of the Netflix documentary series "Down to Earth with Zac Efron," discusses the hidden dangers of everyday conveniences that are making us sick. Darin reveals that many products and technologies that are marketed to make our lives easier and more convenient, such as processed foods, cleaning chemicals, and electronic devices, can actually be detrimental to our bodies and the environment. Darin provides insights and practical tips on how to reduce our exposure to these invisible fatal conveniences and make healthier choices. He discusses the importance of reading labels, choosing natural and organic products, and reducing our reliance on technology. This is an informative and thought-provoking discussion on the hidden dangers of everyday conveniences and how we can make healthier choices for ourselves and the planet. ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 2:49 Witnessing my Father's Suffering & Taking Action for a Healthier Life 10:48 Fatal Conveniences: The Toxic Products and Harmful Habits That Are Making You Sick 16:37 How Personal Care Products are Poisoning Your & Better Alternatives 26:20 Why Are We Trading Health for Convenience?  35:43 Choosing to Create Change 39:55 Improving Water Quality: Filters and Mineralization 44:50 What Even ARE Natural Flavors? 45:56 The Problem with Conventional Meat Consumption 49:48 Organic vs Nonorganic Food 50:52 Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation 56:22 Simple Steps to Reduce EMF Exposure 1:00:13 Harmful Chemicals in Clothing: Stain Resistance and Endocrine Disruptors 1:05:15 The Environmental Impact of Consumption: There's No "Away" 1:12:57 Eliminating Harmful Chemicals in Your Home & Everyday Life  1:18:59 Chemical Sensitivity as a Superpower  1:27:02 Simple Changes You Can Make TODAY 1:30:34 Inspiring Solutions That Companies are Creating  1:37:28 Conclusion ___________ Darin Olien is co-host of the Emmy™ Award Winning, #1 Netflix docu-series, Down to Earth with Zac Efron.   Spending nearly 20 years exploring the planet discovering new and underutilized exotic foods and medicinal plants as a Superfood hunter Darin developed, Shakeology – grossing over $4 Billion in sales since 2008 for Beachbody. He also created a plant-based Ultimate Reset 21-day detoxification program for the company.   From his years of experience within the health space, he wrote his New York Times best-selling book, “SuperLife: The five fixes that will keep you healthy, fit and eternally awesome”.   As host of the widely popular podcast The Darin Olien Show, Darin curiously explores people, solutions, and health as well as life’s Fatal Conveniences™ – a segment of the show uncovering modern-day flaws and challenges that may be undermining our health and our environment.   Darin the founder of Barukas™, the most nutrient-dense nut in the world coming from the Savannah “Cerrado” of Brazil. Through sustainable business practices, the company is committed to supporting this important biome by planting 20 million Baruzeita trees while getting out the most delicious nut on the planet.   Darin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Physiology/Nutrition and a Masters in Psychology. Instagram: Website: Buy "Fatal Conveniences" Book: Shop Barùkas Nuts - The Healthiest Nut in the World: Watch "Down to Earth with Zach Efron": ___________ Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio:  Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media
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