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Author: Kim Komando

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The tech world changes by the minute. Stay up to date with Kim Komando, award-winning radio show host, nationally syndicated columnist and digital lifestyle expert. Kim brings you insider secrets to protect yourself online, make money from home, secure your devices, avoid scams and more.

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It’s tax time. Get ready for hair-pulling, nail-biting and double-checking numbers so you don’t upset the IRS. Luckily, I’m here with everything you need to know this tax season, from COVID’s impact to the different tax websites you can file through. We’re talking about loans, finding your tax rates, common pitfalls and more with Rachel Cheek, a certified public accountant.
SpaceX is poised to bring fast internet to the areas that need it most, and it just got faster. Malware is targeting new Macs, and Ben has a Windows 10 pro tip every PC user should know. Plus, the crew talks about the best ways to sell old tech — or which cupboard to stash it in if you can't be bothered.
If you’ve ever used an app for messaging, dating or even praying, your secrets have gone to X-Mode, which sells location data to military contractors. Which apps are tracking you the most? Kim talks to Sean O'Brien, the principal researcher at ExpressVPN's Digital Security Lab, about all the creepy details. By the time you're done, you'll be looking at your phone in a whole new light.
This week, the team dives into the hot new app Clubhouse and the security gotchas you need to know. It's time to update, whether you have a Windows PC or Mac, and there's a file-sharing app you should seriously reconsider using if it's on your phone. Plus, 2020 was a wild year for robocalls. How will 2021 stack up?
In part one, you learned about the many secrets your car collects. Law enforcement leaders are using car data to track down criminals. If you're ever accused of a crime, your car could be used against you. So, what exactly does your car know about you? Find out in today's episode, co-starring Chelsey Colbert. She works as Policy Counsel at the Future of Privacy Forum, where she leads the portfolio on mobility and location data. We're answering your biggest questions. How can a car be a weapon of abuse? And why is it legal to collect biometric secrets, like weight, through your car? Find out in today’s episode.
The Google Play Store just pulled a dangerous app with 10 million downloads. Is it on your phone? Plus, the mother of all data leaks could put you at risk and a cautionary tale before you fall asleep with earbuds in. Then, the team dives into digital photo storage and a Valentine's Day gift no one wants.
Your car is collecting your data. And if you’ve been driving unsafely, cops can steal that data away. Law enforcement leaders are already using your car’s secrets to track down criminals. If you’re ever accused of a crime, your car could be used against you. So, what exactly does your car know about you? And how is this legal? Find out in today’s episode. I'm sitting down with Chelsey Colbert. She works as Policy Counsel at the Future of Privacy Forum, where she leads the portfolio on mobility and location data. You'll learn all you need to know about the surprising twists and turns of car data.
Apple's new app privacy labels are here. So far, they're not all they're cracked up to be. Plus, a reason to think twice before posting a certain photo if you got the vaccine. We've got details on a big upgrade to Google Maps for Android, and a deep dive into food delivery. And can Ben break his Brand New or Not True losing streak?
Amazon just had its most profitable year yet. Want to get in on the action? Third-party sellers made up around half of those sales. Find out how you can make money on Amazon, too. Kim takes a look at how the e-commerce giant uses the troves of data on what sells to craft its own product line. All that and more with guest Jason Boyce, author of "The Amazon Jungle: The Truth About Amazon, The Seller's Survival Guide for Thriving on the World's Most Perilous E-Commerce Marketplace." Jason has nearly 20 years of experience as a seller on Amazon and is the founder of Avenue7Media.
This week, a ruling on whether iPhone's MagSafe chargers and medical devices mix, Facebook in hot water yet again and Google's plan to replace internet cookies. In the tech tip, Ben has the answer on just how often you should restart your computer. And can Allie win again in Brand New or Not True?
Take a look at your phone. You probably carry it with you everywhere you go. That takes an enormous toll over time. You can get premature neck wrinkles. You could even get a crippled attention span. Today we’re opening your eyes to the little-known impacts our tech takes on our bodies. You won’t believe some of this stuff!
In this episode, the steps you can take if your stimulus money hasn't arrived, Android apps spamming phones with ads, and a dangerous charger recall. Then, see if Ben can defeat Mike and Allie in Brand New or Not True. And a deep dive into the bad tech habits the team is trying to break in 2021.
In the age of smartphone cameras, it's easy to amass a mountain of pictures. But how much do you really need them? And how do you organize thousands of pictures? In this episode, Kim and Mike give you all the secrets to conquer your smartphone's photo albums. You'll also learn the surprising ways AI can sort your pictures for you!
Allie, Ben and Mike dive into the tech news of the week, including the timeline behind the Parler ban, their favorite tech of CES 2021 and a major bug impacting Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Plus, Brand New or Not True, getting your photos off Facebook and the scam of the week.
There are few words that strike fear into the hearts of digital professionals quite like the term SEO. It stands for “search engine optimization,” and it’s the secret that stands between you and website traffic. In this episode, Kim sits down with SEO expert Steve Wiideman. He's worked with tons of brands — think Applebee's, IHOP and Skechers. He knows how to launch a brand online, and he's got the insider secrets to help you transform your website into a traffic magnet.
Ben, Allie and Mike dive into the new year in tech news, including a COVID conspiracy theory too ridiculous not to share, price hikes coming to cable and internet bills, and a highly-convincing PayPal scam. Plus, tips for your new Amazon Echo and the scam of the week courtesy of the FBI. Find out if Ben can fool Allie and Mike in Brand New or Not True.
Go past the websites you visit every day, into the depths of the Dark Web. You'll find marketplaces selling ransomware, kits to start your own phishing campaign and even hackers for hire. In this episode, Kim is joined by top cybersecurity pro John Hammond of Huntress. Find out how he tracks down Dark Web criminals and the real-life consequences.
Two years ago, hikers found a dead man in a tent. A year before that, he had left his tech job, with no phone or identification, to find peace on the Appalachian Trail. We told you the story late last year. In this Best Of episode, Kim dives into the mystery that captivated the internet, with a brand new update on what happened to the man who called himself “Mostly Harmless.”
Can robots write movie scripts? Actually, they already are. But how widespread is the use of AI in movie-making? In this episode, Kim breaks open some Hollywood secrets. Sit down with two digital movie professionals who use artificial intelligence every day. In this episode, you’ll learn all about the starring role AI programs play in your favorite films. It goes a lot deeper than you realize.
Get an inside look into Have I Been Pwned? — one of the best tools at your disposal when it comes to protecting yourself online. It’s the world’s largest database of stolen login information. In this Best Of episode, Kim talks to the man behind it, Troy Hunt, to give you a step-by-step guide on what you can do if your info has been compromised. Don’t miss this deep dive into online security, no IT degree required.
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Doug Ruggles

Kim, why does your add for buyraycom/kimk.... take me to a bogus website with links deemed potentially harmful? (

Nov 12th


Just started listening to this podcast. One episode in (virtual concerts) and I must say I realy like the ping pong aspect of host and guest. My only complaint is please sync the volume better. It might be on my end but from what I noticed is the ads that roll are super loud and im finding myself having to adjust the volume every time an ad rolls.

Nov 3rd


Freaks and Geeks is such a fun highly underrated show with an 80s vibe, no idea where to find it though but its well worth the search. Red Oaks is another coming of age series with a strong 80s vibe made by Amazon Prime video. I really like the Prime series, Mozart in the Jungle.

Oct 28th

Clinton Knight

last year the Prime Day prices were the same as July prices. It was truly a disappointment.

Oct 11th

JC Preston

True story. Several of my podcast guests have been Digital Nomads. Many of them prefer to be called "Citizens of the World".

Mar 30th

Ray Jayatunga

Great discussion and really valuable insight. My only criticism is that the background track is extremely distracting

Jan 18th
Reply (1)

Russell Hicks

love Kim Komando,

Jan 16th

Phil Conti

thkq..very informative in laymen language.

Aug 2nd

Pamela Grebe Richardson

Interesting content (have listened to several episodes) but it's a painful experience. There is way too much noise underneath the speaker and/or used to "illustrate" the information being presented. Unfortunately, with this episode, I have finally been driven away and will be unsubscribing.

May 18th
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