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Author: Kim Komando

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Stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the digital world the easy way! Digital expert, national radio host and USA Today columnist Kim Komando wastes no time and gets right to the top stories, scams, security alerts, product reviews and crazy happenings in the world of tech. Listen and you’ll be in the know with Kim Komando!
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It’s confirmed - Alexa, along with thousands of Amazon employees ARE listening to your conversations. Learn how "Next-Gen TV" is yet another invasion of your privacy. Google wants you to use your smartphone as a physical key. How to stay safe when requesting an Uber or Lyft. A robotic vacuum is responsible for a tense police standoff. Find out how you can request a personalized shout-out from your favorite celebrity. Listen to the tech news you need to know.
By now we all know that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' phone was hacked. A new theory claims the Saudi government did the deed. A new hotel in China is using facial recognition for many of its services. While other companies are rolling out their 5G phones, Apple can't get a critical component. Amazon's Alexa is moving into the health care industry. The online game Fortnite is having serious adverse effects on kids. Listen to these stories and more tech news from Kim Komando.
Four major robocall scam operations were shut down by the Federal Trade Commission. Make sure to read the fine print before applying for that new Apple credit card. Experts say a 5G wireless network's fast speed may make it harder to know if your phone has been hacked. Amazon says that with a robotic body and eyes, Alexa could follow you around your home. A new artificial intelligence model may predict when some people will die. Listen to these stories and more tech news from Kim Komando.
Facebook stored hundreds of millions of unprotected passwords for years. If you’re filing a disability claim, be careful what you post on social media -- the government is watching. Ransomware attacks are becoming more personalized. A new smart paintbrush can turn anyone into a digital artist. AT&T's CEO is embarrassed by a robocall. How to avoid being scammed by fake IRS agents. Tune into these tech news stories and more from Kim Komando.
Check your laptop’s battery: There’s another big recall involving batteries that could catch fire. Targeted advertising might soon be annoying you through your smart TV. Research shows many Android anti-virus apps don’t work. Facebook had a major power outage that was believed to be a server error, but could it have been a hack? An AI-powered robot is being built for unbiased job interviews. As part of a fun meme challenge, Apple AirPods are being Photoshopped onto famous works of art. All that and more in tech news from the digital world of Kim Komando.
Mark Zuckerberg says he wants a privacy-focused Facebook. Doctored photos are the new trend for real estate listings. Hackers are stealing from fraudsters who tricked their subscribers. Google can now make phone calls to book restaurant reservations. Alexa can control your Roku streaming devices. The best software for filing 2019 taxes. All that and more in Tech News This Week from the digital world of Kim Komando.
An open database exposes millions of records from a Dow Jones watchlist. IBM is apologizing after racially insensitive terms were found as options on their job site. Motorola has confirmed they’re also releasing a foldable phone. Amazon is working on even more ways to get packages to you. A robot replica of a long-dead deity is teaching Buddhism at an ancient temple. All that and more in Tech News This Week from the digital world of Kim Komando.
YouTube is pulling hundreds of channels and deleting millions of comments after an outcry over child exploitation. If you have a drone, make sure you get a registration number. Samsung has unveiled their new folding phone, along with a lot of other new tech. We’re getting a glimpse at just how far China goes with their mass surveillance. Apple is teaming up with Goldman Sachs for a new credit card. And Sphero is crowdfunding a robotic car for you to hack. All this and more tech news from
Thousands of Android apps are tracking you, and there's not much you can do about it. Amazon and Google want to collect even more of your data through their smart speakers. A new viral internet challenge wants kids to go missing. A new study looks at the effect of video games on kids. A piece of artwork generated by artificial intelligence is going up for auction. Ford has created a conveyor belt bed to keep your partner in their own sleeping lane. All that and more tech news from the digital world of Kim Komando.
Mobile phone carriers might have sold your location data even more than first reported. A new online calculator could give you your odds of getting kidney stones again. Amazon might be testing their facial recognition software on sellers. A new study says electric cars lose a lot of power during extreme cold weather. A smartphone just helped complete a nearly 200-year-old symphony. Jack Spirko from the Survival Podcast will also be here to talk about food storage.
Last month's massive data breach has grown even larger. Another health insurer is offering an Apple Watch, but with a new app. Con artists are adapting in the Instagram era. A new floor lamp from Panasonic could raise privacy concerns because of a secret camera. And a Florida museum is unveiling an A.I. replica of an artist who died 30 years ago.
For a fee, men can "brainwash" their wives using social media. A doctor has won the right to remove certain Google search results. A Canadian bank is being blamed for allowing a big scam to keep going. The new GMC Sierra has cameras allowing for a transparent trailer view. Connect to Wi-Fi using a small wooden block. New Apple AirPods are rumored to also be able to monitor your health. 
More than 770 million personal records exposed in massive breach. Stockholders want Amazon to end facial recognition sales to the government. New malware found in Telegram app. Apple wants seniors on Medicare to have Apple Watches. The Motorola RAZR is set to make a comeback. All that and more in Tech News This week from the digital world of Kim Komando.
A new take on a nearly 50-year-old game becomes an unexpected hit at CES. A tech refresh of a backyard staple means you can keep your drinks cold and your phone charged. A relatively new iPhone feature could be used to spy on you. The government shutdown could lead to frustration with your phone. New malware is hitting businesses to steal more data. And Jack Spirko from the Survival podcast joins to talk about storm safety for your family. All that and more in Tech News This Week from the news desk at
Doctors in Bulgaria figured out a way to create a rib replacement with a 3D printer. A futuristic hotel on wheels might change travel forever. Researchers have created artificial fingerprints that could ruin biometrics security. People in Arizona have been physically attacking self-driving cars. All that and more in Tech News This Week from the news desk at
Hackers are now taking control of smart appliances just to mess with people. Scientists at Cambridge have come up with a clever new way to study cancer. There's a fake Amazon Alexa setup app that you need to avoid. Amazon's Alexa was so popular on Christmas the system crashed for a while. All that and more in Tech News This Week from the news desk at
A huge growth in robocalls in 2018. Apple has amazing deals on iPads. Patch your Internet Explorer now. Saturn might lose its signature rings. Facebook keeps on sharing your information. All that and more in Tech News This Week from the digital world of Kim Komando.
Netflix is working on a new feature that you might love. You won't believe which song is now the most-streamed. If you live in California, you might soon be taxed for sending text messages. Amazon has some great news for all you last minute Christmas shoppers. Apple is building a new campus in Austin, TX. All that and more in Tech News This Week from the digital world of Kim Komando.
New app can test for anemia with a single photo. This new tech might be able to help doctors diagnose some cancers early. There's a fake IT company scamming ransomware victims out of money. Microsoft is working on a new web browser that will compete with Google Chrome. A new "cyber tongue" can test food. Facebook made some shady moves with users' information. All that and more in Tech News This week from the digital world of Kim Komando.
Another massive data breach has been found, exposing information of millions of U.S. citizens. If you’ve ever collected Precious Moments figures, your ship may have come in. One woman's obsession with Netflix drove her to extremes. You won't believe the new "smell-o-vision" type technology on the way. All that and more in Tech News This Week from the digital world of Kim Komando.
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John Great

It's just terrible that Google should be letting these apps do what they do. There should really be some sort of class action law suit against Google.

Mar 21st