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Schools restricting students’ access to social media; SpaceX plans to launch thousands of internet-providing satellites by 2019; Think tank company predicting all self-driving cars will account for 95% of the miles driven in the U.S. by 2030; New report shows shocking number of apps used monthly per person; Uber is being investigated by the federal government for using secret software; Google, Twitter, and Facebook are being sued for supporting ISIS; All this and everything you need to stay up-to-date in today's digital world from Kim Komando.
Google warns users of a massive phishing scam, Facebook fights back against violent live video streaming, but some people are skeptical; Apple has more cash on hand than the United Kingdom and Canada combined; Learn the fascinating number of cable subscribers who have cut the cord this year, Tech Interns making more than most adults in the workforce. Why a Florida couple was ordered to hand over their passwords; All this and everything you need to stay up-to-date in today's digital world from Kim Komando.
A drunk man beats up a robot that was patrolling a parking lot - guess who won? Verizon has released its fastest internet ever; A tech company launched software that digitally duplicates anyone's voice; Computers around the world are recovering after one overzealous anti-virus program improperly flagged Windows files and safe websites as malicious. Police are warning parents against bogus celebrity social media accounts that ask kids to send naked pictures of themselves; A woman says her Fitbit burst into flames while she read a book. All this and everything you need to stay up-to-date in today's digital world from Kim Komando.
Uber made more than $6 billion in revenue last year - so why aren't they generating any profit? WhatsApp is at the center of a child porn ring in Europe; A high-schooler in Texas has been arrested for hacking into the district's computer system to change grades for money; Netflix is hitting a big milestone this weekend; Is the new Galaxy S8 all that it's cracked up to be? Sobering statistics regarding the number of drivers who use their phone behind the wheel, increasing their chances of getting into a crash. All this and everything you need to stay up-to-date in today’s digital world from Kim Komando.
The future is now! Fully autonomous cars will hit the streets in just a few years. Hear first hand from the head of the Google self-driving car project and industry experts about the benefits and shortcomings of a driverless car. Plus, I'll tell you what that big red button is for in the Google car. So sit back and enjoy the ride! Listen to my latest free podcast now.
Another data breach exposes 1 billion Yahoo customer accounts, and it's time to close your account before it's too late. Amazon launches a brand new delivery service and it's changing the way packages will be delivered: the first delivery took just 13 minutes! This router has a serious security flaw so turn it off now if you have one. Plus a typo causes huge security mass email leak. These stories and more are in Tech News This Week.
The source of all those fake news articles in your Facebook feed have been traced to a specific country. Plus, researchers think they may have discovered why all those Samsung phones caught fire. And could you imagine never having to make your bed again? These stories and more are in Tech News This Week.
A million Google accounts have been hit by malware that can access 74% of all Android phones! Is yours affected? Netflix will now allow users to download movies and TV shows to play back later when they don’t have internet access. Some people are letting strangers use their washing machines to make some extra cash! All these stories and more in Tech News This Week
We talk to a savvy shopper who is forced to provide for her family when her husband looks for work. Hear about the steps she takes to save $11,000 on a $15,000 annual grocery bill, and how that sparked a whirlwind of change. Find out what they did, and how you can do the same.
A major cellphone maker is allegedly secretly sending user data back to servers in China. Plus, all your smarthome devices are likely the cause of some major internet outages. And, how one employee’s blunder knocked out email for 1.2 million people! These stories and more are in Tech News This Week.
This holiday season see what fascinating light shows Disney has in store. Smart holiday lights are bound to be a hit. Guess who started testing a self-destructing blackphone. NASA built a warp drive and it actually works. Adobe's program changes everything and so much more tech news to keep you up-to-date on what's happening in the digital world.
Everything else is going high-tech so why not funerals? Did you know smartphones can disrupt your sleep even when they're off. Elevators have a close button, but does it really serve a function? Learn what to buy and not to buy this November and more.
Apple introduced three new MacBooks this week right after Microsoft's new all-in-one Surface Studio. Twitter is shutting down the short form video app Vine in the coming months. Google appears to be pulling the plug on its high-speed internet service. These stories and more are in Tech News This Week.
Depending on how you look at it, this could be the WORST or maybe the BEST time to buy a new laptop. An old familiar hoax is making the rounds on Facebook. How many of your friends copied and pasted a bogus privacy status on their pages? Plus, is Amazon bigger than we think? These stories and more are in Tech News This Week.
After months of phones exploding, smoking and catching fire, Samsung is putting an end the sale and production of the Galaxy Note 7. Yahoo is stopping a critical feature making it difficult for people to leave the service, and Facebook wants a bigger piece of your work and personal life. These stories and more are in Tech News This Week.
Yahoo insiders say hackers may have stolen more than a billion user accounts and have admitted to searching customer emails for the U.S. government! Google is out with its latest phones and other devices, but will its new phone lure any customers away from Apple and Samsung?  There’s a privacy setting you must turn on if you use Facebook messenger to make sure your messages stay private. These stories and more are in Tech News This Week.
Hundreds of millions of devices such as security cameras, recorders, routers and more were hacked this week. Is your gadget on the list? And you won't believe how close we are to Star Trek tech becoming a reality. There's a massive scam spreading on Facebook you need to know about. Plus, Samsung's troubles are never-ending. Now, there are more of their products exploding. These stories and more are in Tech News This Week. Listen now. It's the easiest way to know what's going on in the digital world.
Find out what hackers discovered while trolling White House emails-the truth will shock you. 500 million Yahoo accounts compromised in data breach. Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is back on store shelves despite a recall. What kids 10-years old and younger are really doing online – it’s a parent’s nightmare.
An inside look at the great features of the much-anticipated iPhone 8 just as the iPhone 7 hits store shelves. A so-called fix for the Galaxy Note 7 adds pointless restrictions on what people can do with their smartphones. Why some say there may be an upside to teen texting.
The iPhone 7 is here but should you upgrade? And a big brand phone is going on fire so much that the FAA has banned it from planes and it’s also being recalled. You need to make sure you don’t have this phone. All that and more Tech News This Week.
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John Great

It's just terrible that Google should be letting these apps do what they do. There should really be some sort of class action law suit against Google.

Mar 21st
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