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Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

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Ding dong! Join your culture consultants, Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, on an unforgettable journey into the beating heart of CULTURE. Alongside sizzling special guests, they GET INTO the hottest pop-culture moments of the day and the formative cultural experiences that turned them into Culturistas. Produced by the Big Money Players Network and iHeartRadio.
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“The second third of the nominations are revealed…”See for privacy information.
Jon Lovett on Las Cultch?! Likely story! And also literal story. Because it's true... Lovett (the host of the Lovett or Leave It, and Pod Save America podcasts and co-founder of Crooked Media) is finally here on LC - live from Vanessa Hudgens' former home! - to chat with Matt & Bowen about all things CULTURE under the sun. Topics include Succession, Brian Cox's sense of humor or lack thereof, edutainment, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Barney as "hustle culture", gaymer culture and a referendum on the N64 controller, Tony Hawk, Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas as a voice for women, and "not knowing about music". All this, an insight into Jeremy Strong's process, our smart and dumb areas, whether we should be challenging ourselves to use more expressive and complicated words than "smart" and "dumb", and the usefulness and validity of book blurbs by famous people. Get tickets to Lovett or Leave It's upcoming "The Errors Tour" at!See for privacy information.
“The first third of the nominations are revealed…”See for privacy information.
Here's what: Andy fucking Cohen is on Las Culturistas. And this, readers, is THEE definitive Andy-On-Bravo unfiltered podcast episode you have been waiting for! It is ALL discussed. The author of the new book "The Daddy Diaries" goes deep with Matt & Bowen on not only all things Housewives and Vanderpump, but also Andy's relationship with Jimmy Buffett, his iconic first meeting with the legendary Susan Lucci, MetLife as a flop venue for concerts, All My Children as formative culture and Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos "fucking like rabbits". Also, Watch What Happens Live drama with BOTH Matt & Bowen gets cleared up! All this, JoBros culture, Sunny Hostin as a RHONY housewife, and a discussion on Housewives as both the modern soap and a model of how to navigate (and NOT navigate) conflict in everyday life. Read the book and watch all the shows! We loooooooove Andy!See for privacy information.
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BAM. Surprise! Yeah, today is different. Not only because we have reader/Kayteigh/publicist/finalist favorite D'Arcy Carden (The Thanksgiving Play on Broadway) on the pod, but because it is officially AWARDS SEASON. Publicists, start campaigning for your Las Culturistas Culture Award nominees! Whatever that means to you! Matt, Bowen and D'Arcy discuss doin' Broadway, Succession lately, hearing Melanie Lynskey say the name "D'Arcy Carden" out loud, Sunny Hostin vs, Bethenny Frankel, leaving room in the culture for flirtation, the phrase "six of one, half a dozen", changing mindsets around sex as spring begins to really spring, Katy Perry's PRISM, and LaGuardia being THAT GIRL. All this, the problem of Skin, the concept of Time, and the inevitability of Death. Kiss, kiss. Comp, chomp. Roar. We're horny <3See for privacy information.
The sisters are back at it! They're joined by Milly Tamarez and Alise Morales - the hosts of the Betches Sup podcast. You may even recognize Milly's voice from a certain Clown Parade series?? (The Janelis J Show!) This episode has topics! Including nepo babies, Minions, and straight men?? But really they get into doing improv at UCB and the jobs you do in order to survive. And of course they need to discuss child actors and the culture that made them who they are today! This episode? It's wild and you need to get with it! And yes, it's true, the WGA is officially on strike! See for privacy information.
This is a culture catch up about legacy MEDIA! And this media includes being put in your place, being self-indulgent, sharing psychics, ContraPoints, drones in Oz, Kelly's new singles, wedding playlists, and a very gay X-Files? Canned messy talking heads? Are the sisters next? Media personalities are being hunted but don't worry because vacation is slaying and certain sponsors are staying. We're talking corporations, globalization, and making memories with friends! An informative break down of what it means to be a reader, finalists, and/or a Kayteigh. Yes it's true, these gay guys just want to hear themselves talk. Anyway the sisters are at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida! Mother??See for privacy information.
It's festival season. It's allergy season. It's gala season. Divas down! We need an antihistamine for ALL of it. Enter Melanie Lynskey! One of the great acting talents of our time graces the pod to discuss Yellowjackets, The Last of Us, working with Jessica Biel, Matt Damon, Juliette Lewis, Jamie Babbit, Steven Soderbergh, Cate Blanchett and MORE, her husband Jason Ritter and their recent very honest visit to the Drew Barrymore Show, mastering accents and dialects, and transitioning from character roles to lead roles. Also, Coachella thoughts and reactions (including the Frank Ocean of it all), Blink 182 in retrospect, "stealth wealth", the release of the recent Wicked production stills, how "fanny" means "pussy" in British, and living with misophonia in the face of gum chewing. Yellowjackets has new episodes out now on Showtime, and new episodes stream Friday and air Sundays!See for privacy information.
It is sometimes nice to get together with your sister and have a Sunday Morning Talk. And on this episode of talking-based podcast Las Culturistas, that is what Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers do. Over weed and coffee, the two dive into all things recent (except Succession, sorry sorry sorry): the Disney-DeSantis war, marijuana in NYC, Chappell Roan's imminent ascendance to That Girl, "being a finalist", the definition of a "sneaky link", the Porsha and Gizelle of it all on RHUGT, wifi and internet wars both on land and in the skies, the end of Taylor and Joe, the Super Mario Bros movie, boygenius slaying it, and AO Scott's retirement. Also, Luigi as a queer figure, Peach as a nothing figure, and republicans as physically ugly figures. All this, Yellowjackets/Melanie Lynskey, Monster's Inc./Shrek, improv/roleplay, Ellen Pompeo quietly leaving Grey's Anatomy, reviews of The Thanksgiving Play and Sweeney Todd on Broadway, "Thatgirlability", Drew Barrymore being an icon, and coffee shop milk counter etiquette. Where were you when Taylor and Joe broke up? When do you think was the end of glamour and taste? Does your FYP give you what *you* want or what *they* want? Regardless of the answers to these questions... Katie, you're a finalist. Now have a great day.See for privacy information.
Four glowing, radiant and ravishing people gather to record a podcast. We?! Did THAT! Hosts of the Exploration: Live! podcast Charlie Bardey and Natalie Rotter-Laitman are in a small, warm room with Matt & Bowen in NYC to talk sad girl pageant culture, being on INDICTMENT WATCH (and hey...we GOT HIM!), social anticipation, the use, pronunciation and spelling of words, SLUCK's return to nightlife, product placement in porn, identifying as Mommy or Daddy, and the era when Brie Larson was serving "The Sister". Also, Austin Powers and the discourse around "mojo", Heather Graham, Elizabeth Hurley, STAR magazine, the Brad and Jen divorce drama, Fashion Police and the sartorial evaluation of celebrities in the tabloid era, Bowen's mother's intense and storied reaction to a photo of Jessica Simpson, and how we approach Britney nowadays. All this, as well as the following "hows": how straight guys need to realize stand up is theater, how being an adult means nothing (even if you're a teacher), how maybe a capella actually needs instruments, how Madame Morrible is the most crucial role in Wicked, and how Gizelle Bryant just went for it re: the F slur. And!!! There's more!!! Moana, Again?! Harry Potter, Again?! "Skip Ad culture"?! A discussion on "top billing" culture?! Carolyn on Survivor?! You know what? Bye Felicia! Go listen. This shit is jam packed. We're obsessed with Charlie and Natalie.See for privacy information.
Good moods abound on Las Cultch this week as Matt & Bowen welcome true renaissance man, host of NPR’s All Things Considered and now author of the wonderful new book The Best Strangers In The World, THEE Ari Shapiro! The host with the most gets together with the gals who host this pro-gig economy podcast to talk “this is from my garden…” culture, performing with magic men Alan Cumming and Henry Koperski, Obama as chill president with razor bumps, PBS performances of Into The Woods and Sunday In The Park With George, Ari’s familial connection to Mandy Patinkin, Sweeney Todd and “Steve” Sondheim, Traitors, The Mole, journalistic responsibility during national tragedy, obituary culture, and bringing personal perspective to the stories that Ari reports. All that and just a bissle on The Eras Tour, metallic bookmarks and the trial of the century: Gwyneth vs. The Skiier. See for privacy information.
It is believed to be Cece Penniston who once said "Finally!". And she would say the same thing once she saw that Matt & Bowen are joined this week by the one and only Brian Jordan Alvarez! The three gay male actors discuss how it felt being part of the Openly Sobbing Community at the Adele Las Vegas residency, Vegas at large (they're pro), astrologically and astroNOMICALLY bad weeks, the concept of "upstate", Rat Race, Prometheus, Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz, the golden age of soap operas and how Real Housewives fills that cultural niche, Selling Sunset and how Chrishell Stause is all of us, navigating a black diamond while skiing, having your star moments as a little gay boy, and Miami/Will Smith culture. Also, M3GAN, Allison Williams, and Allison Williams dealing with Drew Barrymore as M3GAN. All this, prank and fail culture, Larsa Pippen's unhinged Miami reunion performance thus far, and Lydia Tár as real person and fictional female phenomenon. Brian is one of the brightest and RIGHTEST, and you can stream M3GAN now on Peacock (as well as Tár).See for privacy information.
It’s Hollywood’s Biggest Podcast Episode About A Night! Matt & Bowen join together to discuss the historic Everything Everywhere All At Once sweep, the Jamie Lee Curtis of it all, the Angela Bassett of it all, the concept of a “career Oscar”, Harley Quinn’s obvious manifestation in the mind and body of one Lady Gaga on the Oscar stage, Gaga as the Musical Mascot of the Academy Awards, and the idea of “Malala Best Dressed”. Also, a new perspective on the Naatu Naatu Oscar performance from Producer Hans, Matt’s Big Broadway Week, coughing and wheezing in the audiences of Broadway shows, what happens when a Disney ride hits it from the back, galvanization vs. dissociation on red carpets, Cunk On Earth, the Girls re-watch phenomenon of 2023 and tap water. Hold Our Hand, Readers! Everything will be okay!See for privacy information.
SOS, girlfriends! Marla Mindelle, star of TITANIQUE, joins Matt & Bowen on Las Culturistas in the heart of Pisces-season, the beginning of the Receivassiance, and the aftermath of a cathartic SZA concert to discuss cringe vs. camp through the lens of Angela Basset-did-the-thing, Countess Luann and Bad Cinderella, "honest discovery" in acting, becoming a musical theater assassin as a result of a weaponized BFA, How To Tell If Someone's Gay, overcoming stage fright, being an alum of Ellen's Stardust Diner, what *really* earns a low Uber rating, Titanic as monoculture, Titanique as a New York theater sensation, the memefication of Jennifer Coolidge, Facebook Marketplace culture and this year's Best Actress Oscar race, among many other subjects! Titanique is extended through September 10th and if you do not see it, you are a fool! GO!See for privacy information.
This is a re-release of a CLASSIC Las Culturistas episode: In this legendary episode, there is joy, there are tears, there are discussions that need to be heard. Naturally the only guest for this episode would be Michelle Yeoh! Her new film Everything Everywhere All At Once is important cinema and if you haven't seen the film, we recommend you stop right now, go watch the film, and then come back and listen! And if you have watched, do not wait any longer! PRESS PLAY! You will not regret it. Also, of course, we hear about Michelle's upbringing and how the experience of going to a movie theater really lit up her life. Love, tears, cinema history, and some IDTSH's that will have you jumping from your seats! Plus so much love for Stephanie Hsu!  See for privacy information.
Hey Readers! Check out this episode teaser with Big Money Player's Network head honcho, Will Ferrell. If you want to listen to the full episode, subscribe to "How Did We Get Weird with Vanessa Bayer and Jonah Bayer" on the iHeartRadio App, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. See for privacy information.
Matt. Bowen. Jinkx. DeLa. Four names. ONE stirring episode of Las Culturistas! This love quadrangle explores topics such as David Bowie in Labyrinth, Larping, choosing one's avatar, resisting an adversarial dynamic as a queer performance duo, Amanda Palmer's Art of Asking, negotiating persona and personhood and the asses on Broadway. Also, Jinkx bringing drag to the great white way in Chicago, DeLa's Type A powers, Barb & Star, Ryan Murphy's Feud, macaroni linguistics, the de-evolution of the English language through TikTok, and how the attacks on drag in America are both new and quite familiar. It's an EPIC one, readers! Nobody's GOT nooooo Claaaaaaaaassssss! Except DeLa and Jinkx. We love 'em!See for privacy information.
Take your tops off, readers! Because today Las Cultch is letting it all hang out on an episode with ALISON BRIE! Yes! The writer and star of Amazon Prime's new film Somebody I Used To Know joins Matt & Bowen to talk getting physical, getting hurt, getting naked, getting rimmed on screen and getting a perfect husband (who even makes a cameo in this ep)! They're *also* talking Glow, the rigor of professional wrestling, attending a clothing-optional art school, the perfect Ayden Mayeri and the also perfect Molly Shannon, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, sneaking HBO as a kid, The Real World, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, photo booth culture as whore-at-the-party-reveal culture, mini golf, baggage claim blockers and cat haters! TW: the word "hole" is used many times on this episode. Fill YOUR hole by listening to it. See for privacy information.
This is not hyperbole: Margaret Cho is so mother for this. "This" means appearing on Las Cultch with Matt & Bowen in a true time of need. The three friends and Fire Island co-stars discuss bouncing back from a breakup, dick as a metaphor for love and romance, and whether sex actually helps as a coping mechanism in life. Also, Margaret's dog Lucia (whose presence is like medicine), the POWER of Pedro Pascal, the POWER of Chow Yun Fat, and the POWER of John Travolta (at least at one point. All this, The Grammys, Beyoncé, Olivia Newton John's Bad Sandy transformation, hagsploitation, "The Hillsong Aesthetic", Reese & Ashton's awkward press tour, Tiffany Pollard, Monique as host of Charm School, Robyn Dixon's latest flop, The Cut's Etiquette Rules, The Geneva Convention and recent Madonna discourse. Get tickets to see Margaret on tour this year at!See for privacy information.
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BigNic Meile

these gay guys j7st want to hear themselves talk ❤️‍🔥

Apr 29th

Peter Clarke

So I listen a lot and I hear the declarations you make based on your best guesses and shrug. It’s okay. Now you’ve made me have to go Boomer on you. It’s widely known that “Imagine” was not written in California but at Tittenhurst Park in England. Many films show it all happening. As for the dismissal of “Imagine there’s no heaven” as the murmurings of an LSD trip, NO. In 1971 it’s almost a miracle that got airplay. It was sacrilege. Some respect is in order.

Nov 4th


The boys have me actually crying laughing.

Dec 31st
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I keep coming back to this podcast. It is hard to follow, though. Talks to fast, not clear, over talk, sounds alike. Steps on names. Who is that laughing like a dolphin?

Jun 10th

L Hartman

Thank you so much for this powerful podcast. I have been unable to put my anger and sadness into words, and I thank you for doing it so eloquently and passionately for me.

Jun 6th

Luis Gutierrez

I don't think so honey the seasons of Survivor that Matt Rogers recommends anyone knows the season you recommend to newbies is Heroes versus Villains

Apr 24th

Camille-Mary Sharp

this podcast is HILARIOUS and BRILLIANT. Thanks Bowen and Matt!

Sep 29th
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