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Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

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Ding dong! Join your culture consultants, Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, on an unforgettable journey into the beating heart of CULTURE. Alongside sizzling special guests, they GET INTO the hottest pop-culture moments of the day and the formative cultural experiences that turned them into Culturistas. Produced by the Big Money Players Network and iHeartRadio.
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It is believed to be Cece Penniston who once said "Finally!". And she would say the same thing once she saw that Matt & Bowen are joined this week by the one and only Brian Jordan Alvarez! The three gay male actors discuss how it felt being part of the Openly Sobbing Community at the Adele Las Vegas residency, Vegas at large (they're pro), astrologically and astroNOMICALLY bad weeks, the concept of "upstate", Rat Race, Prometheus, Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz, the golden age of soap operas and how Real Housewives fills that cultural niche, Selling Sunset and how Chrishell Stause is all of us, navigating a black diamond while skiing, having your star moments as a little gay boy, and Miami/Will Smith culture. Also, M3GAN, Allison Williams, and Allison Williams dealing with Drew Barrymore as M3GAN. All this, prank and fail culture, Larsa Pippen's unhinged Miami reunion performance thus far, and Lydia Tár as real person and fictional female phenomenon. Brian is one of the brightest and RIGHTEST, and you can stream M3GAN now on Peacock (as well as Tár).See for privacy information.
It’s Hollywood’s Biggest Podcast Episode About A Night! Matt & Bowen join together to discuss the historic Everything Everywhere All At Once sweep, the Jamie Lee Curtis of it all, the Angela Bassett of it all, the concept of a “career Oscar”, Harley Quinn’s obvious manifestation in the mind and body of one Lady Gaga on the Oscar stage, Gaga as the Musical Mascot of the Academy Awards, and the idea of “Malala Best Dressed”. Also, a new perspective on the Naatu Naatu Oscar performance from Producer Hans, Matt’s Big Broadway Week, coughing and wheezing in the audiences of Broadway shows, what happens when a Disney ride hits it from the back, galvanization vs. dissociation on red carpets, Cunk On Earth, the Girls re-watch phenomenon of 2023 and tap water. Hold Our Hand, Readers! Everything will be okay!See for privacy information.
SOS, girlfriends! Marla Mindelle, star of TITANIQUE, joins Matt & Bowen on Las Culturistas in the heart of Pisces-season, the beginning of the Receivassiance, and the aftermath of a cathartic SZA concert to discuss cringe vs. camp through the lens of Angela Basset-did-the-thing, Countess Luann and Bad Cinderella, "honest discovery" in acting, becoming a musical theater assassin as a result of a weaponized BFA, How To Tell If Someone's Gay, overcoming stage fright, being an alum of Ellen's Stardust Diner, what *really* earns a low Uber rating, Titanic as monoculture, Titanique as a New York theater sensation, the memefication of Jennifer Coolidge, Facebook Marketplace culture and this year's Best Actress Oscar race, among many other subjects! Titanique is extended through September 10th and if you do not see it, you are a fool! GO!See for privacy information.
This is a re-release of a CLASSIC Las Culturistas episode: In this legendary episode, there is joy, there are tears, there are discussions that need to be heard. Naturally the only guest for this episode would be Michelle Yeoh! Her new film Everything Everywhere All At Once is important cinema and if you haven't seen the film, we recommend you stop right now, go watch the film, and then come back and listen! And if you have watched, do not wait any longer! PRESS PLAY! You will not regret it. Also, of course, we hear about Michelle's upbringing and how the experience of going to a movie theater really lit up her life. Love, tears, cinema history, and some IDTSH's that will have you jumping from your seats! Plus so much love for Stephanie Hsu!  See for privacy information.
Hey Readers! Check out this episode teaser with Big Money Player's Network head honcho, Will Ferrell. If you want to listen to the full episode, subscribe to "How Did We Get Weird with Vanessa Bayer and Jonah Bayer" on the iHeartRadio App, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. See for privacy information.
Matt. Bowen. Jinkx. DeLa. Four names. ONE stirring episode of Las Culturistas! This love quadrangle explores topics such as David Bowie in Labyrinth, Larping, choosing one's avatar, resisting an adversarial dynamic as a queer performance duo, Amanda Palmer's Art of Asking, negotiating persona and personhood and the asses on Broadway. Also, Jinkx bringing drag to the great white way in Chicago, DeLa's Type A powers, Barb & Star, Ryan Murphy's Feud, macaroni linguistics, the de-evolution of the English language through TikTok, and how the attacks on drag in America are both new and quite familiar. It's an EPIC one, readers! Nobody's GOT nooooo Claaaaaaaaassssss! Except DeLa and Jinkx. We love 'em!See for privacy information.
Take your tops off, readers! Because today Las Cultch is letting it all hang out on an episode with ALISON BRIE! Yes! The writer and star of Amazon Prime's new film Somebody I Used To Know joins Matt & Bowen to talk getting physical, getting hurt, getting naked, getting rimmed on screen and getting a perfect husband (who even makes a cameo in this ep)! They're *also* talking Glow, the rigor of professional wrestling, attending a clothing-optional art school, the perfect Ayden Mayeri and the also perfect Molly Shannon, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, sneaking HBO as a kid, The Real World, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, photo booth culture as whore-at-the-party-reveal culture, mini golf, baggage claim blockers and cat haters! TW: the word "hole" is used many times on this episode. Fill YOUR hole by listening to it. See for privacy information.
This is not hyperbole: Margaret Cho is so mother for this. "This" means appearing on Las Cultch with Matt & Bowen in a true time of need. The three friends and Fire Island co-stars discuss bouncing back from a breakup, dick as a metaphor for love and romance, and whether sex actually helps as a coping mechanism in life. Also, Margaret's dog Lucia (whose presence is like medicine), the POWER of Pedro Pascal, the POWER of Chow Yun Fat, and the POWER of John Travolta (at least at one point. All this, The Grammys, Beyoncé, Olivia Newton John's Bad Sandy transformation, hagsploitation, "The Hillsong Aesthetic", Reese & Ashton's awkward press tour, Tiffany Pollard, Monique as host of Charm School, Robyn Dixon's latest flop, The Cut's Etiquette Rules, The Geneva Convention and recent Madonna discourse. Get tickets to see Margaret on tour this year at!See for privacy information.
Grab the rabbit and the beaujolais, boo. After a meeting in Miami that fortunately did *not* end in a confrontation at a Hertz, Matt & Bow have invited the luminous and talented Reneé Rapp & Alyah Chanelle Scott from HBO Max's The Sex Lives of College Girls to laugh, gab and snarl with them on Las Cultch and chat about bringing "I Dunno, Man..." energy to daddy HBO, their friendship origin story at a Residence Inn, the imperious "mothers" of the Charlotte high school theater scene, the Jimmy Awards, anger, being the therapist amongst a friend group, and calling the people you love little names tehe. Also, Alyah attended Beyoncé's Dubai concert and shares details, Reneé discusses an awakening she had watching Teresa Giudice flipping a table on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and the girls tell tales of throwing hands for one another. All this, The Last of Us, Reneé's new EP Everything to Everyone, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Wicked vs. Avenue Q, Kenya Moore and That French Bitch At Customs. See for privacy information.
Sound the alarm and belt to the high heavens because, God?! Today on the podcast is Bonnie Milligan! The star of the incredible hit Broadway musical Kimberly Akimbo joins Matt & Bowen after some quick updates (we did not yet watch #ReFroWeHo, Matt went to Sundance and Disney World, Bowen battled through a cold to play George Santos) to talk working with legends like Victoria Clark, Jeanine Tesori and David Lindsay Abaire on this new show, vocal health and making good choices while singing *and* speaking, the value of both being and being *around* a loud laugher, the great diva voices of the 90's, The Rocky Horror Picture Show as an influence on little performances at recess, and the journey that Bonnie (who currently holds the distinction of singing the highest belted note on Broadway) took to finally realize herself as a BELTRESS. Also, the girls witchily predict Andrea Riseborough's Best Actress Oscar nomination for To Leslie and love even more on two It Girls of the moment: M3GAN and Stephanie Hsu (CONGRATULATIONS, FLARGE!) They also get into "snub" culture, "sirens in pop songs" culture, and ask the question on everyone's lips: when the hell can we watch A Diva's Christmas Carol starring Vanessa Williams as Ebony Scrooge?! Listening to this ep? Will make your life... better! #IYKYK See for privacy information.
Keke Palmer on Las Culturistas. Must we elaborate?! NOPE. Pun intended, tbh! The legend has landed to talk shooting Nope, hosting SNL and being a part of a "team" making art, bodying "Freddy, My Love" in Grease Live! and knowing when it's time to turn off. Also, Keke's experience as a child star, navigating the industry as a multi-hyphenate artist, the cultural impact of the "Sorry To This Man" meme, Jenifer Lewis, hosting a daytime television show and how Keke's skincare secret is getting knocked up. All this, Selena, The Wood, and why Keke believes James Cameron "has to be stopped!" Could Keke be the next Sigourney?! She IS the queen of our lives. Listen to her podcast, Baby, This Is Keke Palmer now! #HandsFree See for privacy information.
Matt and Bowen's baby (Las Culturistas) is strong this week as the podcast storms into 2023 with a much needed culture catch up! Up for discussion and dissection: Avatar: The Way of Water, a visual, technical and water-ful marvel from James Cameron that begs the question, "what's with that whale's yellow juice?" M3GAN, the new doll on the block in both a literal and figurative sense, as well as Allison Williams culture and the current horror film mini-renaissance. The nepo-baby phenomenon and cultural conversation surrounding what it means to benefit from daddy-or-mommy-be-famous. The 15th season premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race on its new home, MTV, and the announcement that Las Cultch is now a Real Friends of WeHO (ReFroWeHo) recap podcast. Miley and Dolly's New Years Eve party and how icons were hugged and met there. Jen Shah SENTENCED: an analysis and Lisa Rinna OUT: a retrospective. All this, anticipation for Keke Palmer on the pod next week, a dragging of Rolling Stone for their Celine Dion disrespect, and an acknowledgment that London has a meat pie problem. See for privacy information.
Matt and Bow come together from a Fairfield Inn in Englewood Colorado to close out the year with one last list. This time? The 60(!) things everybody wants. Best wishes for 2023, we’ve got work to do, readerspublicistskayteighs. We love you so so much. <3See for privacy information.
Let's go, Atsuko! And by "let's go" we mean "THANK YOU" for being on this episode of Las Cultch with Matt & Bowen. What a time it is! Discussed: being in an Android-iPhone relationship, centering Jonah Hill, Atsuko's mentor and director Tig Notaro, The White Lotus and Big Italian Emotion, funeral culture in the east vs. west, having "range" vs. being "singular", portraying sing-talky villains, "crossover culture" in the form of a Snoop Dogg and Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, Pop Up Video, the stigma and anxiety around the words "Disney adult", how the Ticketmaster of it all is a "country-pop problem", finding love and friendship, and sweepstakes culture being fake as hell. Also, Atsuko describes cultivating her incredible HBO comedy special The Intruder, her colorful and vibrant aesthetic, working with Tig and Mike Birbiglia to bring the story of The Intruder to life, and being responsible for the phenomenon that is "The Drop". You can watch The Intruder NOW on HBO via HBO Max and you absolutely SHOULD. What a star! xoSee for privacy information.
Genuine Hollywood icon Gabrielle Union ALERT! Again, this is a genuine Hollywood icon Gabrielle Union A-LERT. Matt & Bow can't believe she's joining them today on Las Cultch to discuss speaking truth to power in Hollywood, her dating "bucket list" back in her single days, Bring It On and the bizarre perception of her character Isis during the film's 20th anniversary, Love & Basketball bringing she and bestie Sanaa Lathan together, and work ethic vs. abusing yourself. Also, her new film The Inspection, based on a true story by writer-director Elegance Bratton, and how she drew on difficult experiences in Hollywood and at large to play the dark reality of her homophobic character Inez. All this, raising a queer child that's educating her, Grease and Rizzo's "There Are Worse Things I Could Do", Debarge, sitting with Janet Jackson at dinner while she orders the eggplant, her cousin Saweetie, our collective obsession with Jaboukie Young-White and the concept of "Miami vibes". The Inspection is in wide release right now and you should definitely check it out. Gabrielle Union! Ahhh!!!See for privacy information.
White Lotus? More like LAS CULTCH! On this episode, Matt & Bowen are joined by Meghann Fahy! The breakout star of THEE television program of the moment is here to discuss shooting in Sicily, working with the incredible cast and genius Mike White, and to generally roundtable with our hosts about everything this season of WL has been serving up. Also, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne and how the two interact in music, in culture and at the 2002 VMAs, cultivating a skater aesthetic without ever once skateboarding, O Holy Night, overcoming audition fear and performance anxiety, interacting with Mariska Hargitay, Meghann's experience in Next To Normal on Broadway, the scam that is hot coffee and so, so, so much more. LC <3's MF! Watch White Lotus Sunday nights on HBO. As if you're not already!See for privacy information.
"Flarge" (w/ Stephanie Hsu)

"Flarge" (w/ Stephanie Hsu)


One of Matt & Bowen's oldest friends, Stephanie Hsu, joins for an episode of Las Cultch that is truly everything, everywhere all at once. Discussed? Everything Everywhere All At Once and how it is truly the essence of Steph Hsu, going to be with the whales, coming up together in college sketch, shaking hands with Hollywood, Jamie Lee Curtis, the Daniels and growing up as an artist and creator. Also, downtown theater legend Liz Swados and the impact she had on Steph and Matt, how to respond to the question "how are you?" over text and Twitter going bye, bitch. This episode puts everything on a bagel. And the most yummy bagel? Is Steph. We love her! And you.See for privacy information.
In the words of one cookie-loving mouse… “The bitch is back.” Pat Regan returns to Las Cultch bearing a newfound obsession with breaking the fourth wall and telling people their FYP is showing. Matt comes in to infect the masses with Meghan Trainor’s latest hooks, and Bowen asks a most pressing question in the culture: Who is mother for this? Stick around for asides on Housewives interactions, The White Lotus, and the concept of using acting to win a competition. And you better believe we draw similarities between Robyn Dixon and Nancy Salzman. Rule Number Culture: We made you look! (Sung to tune of Meghan Trainor song.)See for privacy information.
"Powerful" is a word that one could use to describe this episode of Las Culturistas, in which Matt & Bowen are finally joined by Bitch Sesh's gorgeous duo Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider to touch grass, praise Mandy Moore, speak on forgiveness and vulnerability in a very Brene manner and ruminate on the concept of "hope". Also, all things RHOBH, RHOSLC, RHOP. Kathy Hilton: what's the deal there? Which of the franchises is the *darkest*? Is it better to interact with Housewives in the wild or simply not think of them as human? All this, OG soap operas, female character actresses living out loud, White Lotus season 2, The Vow season 2, The Mole, and more. Do you think psychics and mediums are to be believed? Do you want to see another trip where the Housewives ski? Would you use a gift certificate from a dog therapist to see a wizard? So many questions. *Some* answers. ALL fun. An honor to host these two! Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!See for privacy information.
Two friends, Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, discuss Halloween costume culture, whether or not Rihanna's "Lift Me Up" is a bop or a flop, looking forward to a shocking array of concerts in 2023, performing onstage with world's best band MUNA, Matt's Have You Heard of Christmas upcoming tour and special, Celebrity Jeopardy and using a buzzer, the pros and cons of a game night, The Mole reboot and The Mole OG, Jeff Probst's SNL cameo and cultural impact, if Emma Watson is iconic in The Bling Ring or not, and Chani Nicholas peering into Bowen's ass on this episode of the critically acclaimed podcast "Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang".See for privacy information.
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Peter Clarke

So I listen a lot and I hear the declarations you make based on your best guesses and shrug. It’s okay. Now you’ve made me have to go Boomer on you. It’s widely known that “Imagine” was not written in California but at Tittenhurst Park in England. Many films show it all happening. As for the dismissal of “Imagine there’s no heaven” as the murmurings of an LSD trip, NO. In 1971 it’s almost a miracle that got airplay. It was sacrilege. Some respect is in order.

Nov 4th


The boys have me actually crying laughing.

Dec 31st
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I keep coming back to this podcast. It is hard to follow, though. Talks to fast, not clear, over talk, sounds alike. Steps on names. Who is that laughing like a dolphin?

Jun 10th

L Hartman

Thank you so much for this powerful podcast. I have been unable to put my anger and sadness into words, and I thank you for doing it so eloquently and passionately for me.

Jun 6th

Luis Gutierrez

I don't think so honey the seasons of Survivor that Matt Rogers recommends anyone knows the season you recommend to newbies is Heroes versus Villains

Apr 24th

Camille-Mary Sharp

this podcast is HILARIOUS and BRILLIANT. Thanks Bowen and Matt!

Sep 29th
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