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White Lotus? More like LAS CULTCH! On this episode, Matt & Bowen are joined by Meghann Fahy! The breakout star of THEE television program of the moment is here to discuss shooting in Sicily, working with the incredible cast and genius Mike White, and to generally roundtable with our hosts about everything this season of WL has been serving up. Also, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne and how the two interact in music, in culture and at the 2002 VMAs, cultivating a skater aesthetic without ever once skateboarding, O Holy Night, overcoming audition fear and performance anxiety, interacting with Mariska Hargitay, Meghann's experience in Next To Normal on Broadway, the scam that is hot coffee and so, so, so much more. LC <3's MF! Watch White Lotus Sunday nights on HBO. As if you're not already!See for privacy information.
Hi, Las Culturistas fans! Hosts George and Dan welcome you to Man Thinkers, a podcast where facts are up for debate. A safe space from safe spaces, and nothing is off limits. Man Thinkers is a new space populated by iconoclastic thinkers, academic renegades, and media personalities that sound unlike anything else.  Listen here and subscribe to Man Thinkers on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts!See for privacy information.
"Flarge" (w/ Stephanie Hsu)

"Flarge" (w/ Stephanie Hsu)


One of Matt & Bowen's oldest friends, Stephanie Hsu, joins for an episode of Las Cultch that is truly everything, everywhere all at once. Discussed? Everything Everywhere All At Once and how it is truly the essence of Steph Hsu, going to be with the whales, coming up together in college sketch, shaking hands with Hollywood, Jamie Lee Curtis, the Daniels and growing up as an artist and creator. Also, downtown theater legend Liz Swados and the impact she had on Steph and Matt, how to respond to the question "how are you?" over text and Twitter going bye, bitch. This episode puts everything on a bagel. And the most yummy bagel? Is Steph. We love her! And you.See for privacy information.
In the words of one cookie-loving mouse… “The bitch is back.” Pat Regan returns to Las Cultch bearing a newfound obsession with breaking the fourth wall and telling people their FYP is showing. Matt comes in to infect the masses with Meghan Trainor’s latest hooks, and Bowen asks a most pressing question in the culture: Who is mother for this? Stick around for asides on Housewives interactions, The White Lotus, and the concept of using acting to win a competition. And you better believe we draw similarities between Robyn Dixon and Nancy Salzman. Rule Number Culture: We made you look! (Sung to tune of Meghan Trainor song.)See for privacy information.
"Powerful" is a word that one could use to describe this episode of Las Culturistas, in which Matt & Bowen are finally joined by Bitch Sesh's gorgeous duo Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider to touch grass, praise Mandy Moore, speak on forgiveness and vulnerability in a very Brene manner and ruminate on the concept of "hope". Also, all things RHOBH, RHOSLC, RHOP. Kathy Hilton: what's the deal there? Which of the franchises is the *darkest*? Is it better to interact with Housewives in the wild or simply not think of them as human? All this, OG soap operas, female character actresses living out loud, White Lotus season 2, The Vow season 2, The Mole, and more. Do you think psychics and mediums are to be believed? Do you want to see another trip where the Housewives ski? Would you use a gift certificate from a dog therapist to see a wizard? So many questions. *Some* answers. ALL fun. An honor to host these two! Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!See for privacy information.
Two friends, Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, discuss Halloween costume culture, whether or not Rihanna's "Lift Me Up" is a bop or a flop, looking forward to a shocking array of concerts in 2023, performing onstage with world's best band MUNA, Matt's Have You Heard of Christmas upcoming tour and special, Celebrity Jeopardy and using a buzzer, the pros and cons of a game night, The Mole reboot and The Mole OG, Jeff Probst's SNL cameo and cultural impact, if Emma Watson is iconic in The Bling Ring or not, and Chani Nicholas peering into Bowen's ass on this episode of the critically acclaimed podcast "Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang".See for privacy information.
Dear Readers... it's us. Hi. We're the problem, it's us. But there really ain't no problem here, because today Matt & Bow offer up the Midnights episode of Las Cultch. Call it a review. Call it a track-by-track dissection. Call it what you WANT... to. Much to discuss! Has Taylor or Tayla taken over this time, or is this a new TS musical persona entirely? What, exactly, is the distinction between midnight and 3 AM? Is it just us or is there a lot of LAs Cultch on this album?! Is this a fuck album? So many questions! It's what you've been waiting for... and no we didn't forget about Carly Rae! Listen now! Meet us at midnight (or whatever time it is where you're at).See for privacy information.
An encyclopedia of knowledge and a true faunt of comedic genius, the truly beloved Guy Branum finally rejoins his comedy nieces Matt & Bowen to discuss all things Tár and Cate Blanchett's towering performance, the brutal Best Actress Oscar race we find ourselves in the midst of, Mario Bello's surprising involvement in The Woman King, BROS (which Guy stars in and is available on demand TODAY!), performative spectatorship, Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco and cocktail trend culture, how much we love an oral history, the passing of the Queen and whether or not Imelda Staunton will tear in her performance on the upcoming seasons of The Crown, Megan Thee Stallion being a full blown star at SNL, "gut health", Guy's experience writing on the upcoming season of Hacks alongside his new niece Pat Regan, and how MIDNIGHTS IS COMING.See for privacy information.
Carcasses out, readers! It's time to overserve yourselves with cultch. Because Abbi Jacobson is finally HERE! The co-creator and star of A League of Their Own on Amazon Prime Video joins Matt & Bowen on LC to discuss the baseball of it all, re-envisioning a beloved classic, Gilda, classic SNL, Broad City, watering your friendships and D'Arcy Carden being really fucking good. Amongst a whole host of other things! It's one for the books! A home run, if you will! A grand slam! A world series!!! You get it. xoSee for privacy information.
In this very "B"-centric culture catchup, Matt & Bowen discuss Bros as a movie, a press event and a box office story, Smile's success and its star Sosie Bacon, Björk's newest album Fossora, "it justifies the beans", RHOSLC and RHOP, "fuchsia" as both color and word, Beyoncé edging us all with ver visuals for Renaissance, and Rihanna's announcement that she is the next Super Bowl halftime performer. All this, dream setlists for that halftime performance, stunning vocals, honest admissions, laughter, joy, discussion and podcasting at its finest.See for privacy information.
Spooky season! It's here. Haunted houses are jamming up, the wind is howling and Los Espookys is back on HBO. Ana Fabrega & Julio Torres, the creators of the program, join Matt & Bow to discuss casting Kim Petras as the U.S. Secretary of State, how "And Just Like That" is truly international, music video acting, being in your "circus era", the reality of directing, the spectacle that is The Press Tour and how modern weddings should have more drama. Also, treatises on the status of television, the taste of medicine and the dexterity of statues. See for privacy information.
In the three years since our guest’s last visit, Matt and Bow’s octaves may have dropped, but the quality of their conversation with the legendary actor and now-author Betty Gilpin has NOT! The boys waste no time heaping (deserved) praise onto Betty and her new book “All the Women in My Brain,” which you must read and listen to as your Kantian imperative. The three talk about smoke allergies, smoke and MIRRORS, and smoking too much weed during boarding school. Special attention is paid to “The Thing,” an abstract yet undeniable phenomenon that Betty outlines perfectly and which collapses all boundaries for better or worse (i.e. choreography engendering fraternity). All the right questions are asked, including “Does God exist now that Betty has a child?” and “Will Matt sit through a horror film for an actress tour de force?” Many, of course, are answered. Stay till the end for three fab IDTSHs, or else Bowen will stab you in silks.See for privacy information.
The highs and lows of the 74th annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Sheryl Lee Ralph's winning moment, positive advance reviews for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Story, Kate Berlant's incredible new live show Kate, Lea Michele's tour de force as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl, a positive review of The Little Mermaid trailer, the fallout of the Queen's demise and more in a culture catchup with Icon Consorts Matt and Bowen!See for privacy information.
It's time to catch up with the culture, the drama, the too-online mess we have all been watching happen before our internet eyes! Firstly, Matt and Bowen bring the truth to this episode by breaking down humiliation in Iceland to humiliation in Fire Island. Plus the Lea Michele illiteracy rumors (who believes what?!), the Leo DiCaprio break up rumors, Maren Morris' fuck you to the transphobic trolls, beautiful Icelandic horses with perfect gait, Florence Pugh's film festival fits, the heatest of waves, and of course, much more! Get into IT! See for privacy information.
Matt & Bowen guest on the latest episode of StraightioLab, the latest podcast to join the Big Money Players Network. In the first official episode of season three, George and Sam gab wistfully about missing each other’s company, Munchausen as an artistic practice, and The Chromatica Ball. Then, they are joined by network sisters Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang to address the two pillars of straight comedy: awkwardness and randomness. Is being awkward and random a response to fearing the unknown? Can you be one without the other? Was the movie Juno a slay? Plus: Everyone gets in touch with their feelings — for the last time EVER. Welcome back to the lab! Subscribe to StraightioLab on the Big Money Players Network: for privacy information.
A legend has arrived to Las Culturistas! Jenifer Lewis makes her triumphant appearance on the show to chat to Matt about her EVERYTHING - notes from Debbie Allen! Singing Amazing Grace in Icelandic caves with Marc Shaiman! Becoming Patricia in I Love That For You! Therapy! Dealing with scammers! Stories are told and culture history is made. Unfortunately Bowen was in his own Icelandic cave so he wasn't able to make the interview BUT of course he joins Matt for a quick intro / culture catch up about you know what! This episode has LAYERS. Get into it! And then of course get into Jenifer's book Walking In My Joy In These Streets which is OUT NOW! See for privacy information.
With Summer slipping away, Matt & Bowen get tactile to embrace and discuss culture. The girls make some much needed apologies (and accusations) before swearing to never apologize again, clarify their love of Beyoncé's Renaissance for all you Kayteighs out there with doubts, and get into it about therapy. Also, Matt & Bowen reveal some of their Emmy votes, stan Brandy, discuss RHOBH and the recent weaponization of Lisa Rinna's grief, and examine Kathy Hilton's recent and (rumored) upcoming transgressions. All that, the recent Hollywood Reporter cover story on Wendy Williams, a strong case against homeopathy, how Fantine was actually Homeless AND Toothless, what happens when gorgeous nieces emerge from their terrible twos, and an absolute Stephen Sondheim lovefest as our hosts gush over Broadway's Into The Woods and examine what happens when Sondheim's work is adapted to film. Where do you stand in the war of bidets vs. flushable wipes? What would you order between the sizzling chicken shrimp and the watermelon feta salad? Are *you* Sorry? Check this episode out, Kayteighs! Or, readers! Or, publicists! We'll figure it out...See for privacy information.
Jetlagged from their journey to Chromatica, Matt & Bowen still deliver a helluven ep. Because Cody Rigsby... IS THE BAR. BDE? More like 3CHE... Third Co-Host Energy! This u-NIQUE (!) episode of Las Cultch sees Matt, Bow & Cody take the readers, nay, the KATIES (you all have a new name) on quite a journey through culture. In fact, it's basically a culture catch-up! Covered: thoughts on Gaga's aforementioned Ball, Beyoncé's queer twirl about the dance floor with Renaissance and thoughts on the incredible album (of the year), what it's like to partner up with Cheryl Burke on Dancing With The Stars, Shania Twain's Netflix doc, first and best concerts, Britney's fedora-and-bare-feet impact on messy Southern gays, the loss of Anne Heche, what the Delta Skylounge gets so wrong, keeping it positive, recent Michelle Branch news, and how the straight community loves Vegas. Also, Cody's controversial and dangerous thoughts on Tayla Swiff, what it's like to be THEE Peloton instructor, Imogen Heap's influence on both "the girls" and Myspace culture, and the following questions: is it more "Disney Gay" to have a Mickey tattoo on your bicep or go to the parks once a month? Do YOU think this country knows what to do in an emergency? IS Be Real Over? Find out (kind of) THIS WEEK ON... Las Culturistas!!!See for privacy information.
It's giving essential Las Cultch listening experience as Matt & Bowen are joined by the talented icon colloquially known as Josie Totah! The queen is here to talk about turning 21, going to college and experience the darkness of sorority, the experience of being nominated at an awards show that is mass-like in terms of length, hitting on Andrew Garfield unsuccessfully, the reboot of Saved By The Bell, shooting Other People with the legendary Molly Shannon, acting in a drama (???), Teresa Giudice's wedding hair and what happens when you give a tri-state area hair stylist carte blanche, the Kim Petras album leak and Kardashian relationship cycles. Imagine these three are your neighbors and they are banging you. Great. Now you are in the headspace to listen. Check out Josie's upcoming Crooked Media podcast Dare We Say premiering August 11th! What a star. STARRRRRR.See for privacy information.
This Italian feast of an episode feels like doing poppers recreationally at a nightclub: fucking incredible, mama. Pop culture icon, singer-songwriter, drag legend and now Palm Springs motel owner Trixie Mattel joins the artists currently known as Matt & Bowen to discuss geeks, nerds, Barbie, Lisa Vanderpump, responsible standom, the finale of All Stars 7, returning for another all winners season of Drag Race, Little Shop of Horrors, earnest capitalism, zoning laws, and how cigarettes make you a smelly bitch. Also, all episodes of Trixie Motel are now streaming on Discovery+ and it's a damn joy! Trixie is one of our favorites and probably yours too! So enjoy this episode, Mary. And stay the night, why dontcha?See for privacy information.
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Peter Clarke

So I listen a lot and I hear the declarations you make based on your best guesses and shrug. It’s okay. Now you’ve made me have to go Boomer on you. It’s widely known that “Imagine” was not written in California but at Tittenhurst Park in England. Many films show it all happening. As for the dismissal of “Imagine there’s no heaven” as the murmurings of an LSD trip, NO. In 1971 it’s almost a miracle that got airplay. It was sacrilege. Some respect is in order.

Nov 4th


The boys have me actually crying laughing.

Dec 31st
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I keep coming back to this podcast. It is hard to follow, though. Talks to fast, not clear, over talk, sounds alike. Steps on names. Who is that laughing like a dolphin?

Jun 10th

L Hartman

Thank you so much for this powerful podcast. I have been unable to put my anger and sadness into words, and I thank you for doing it so eloquently and passionately for me.

Jun 6th

Luis Gutierrez

I don't think so honey the seasons of Survivor that Matt Rogers recommends anyone knows the season you recommend to newbies is Heroes versus Villains

Apr 24th

Camille-Mary Sharp

this podcast is HILARIOUS and BRILLIANT. Thanks Bowen and Matt!

Sep 29th
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