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Laugh Out Loud is your radio and web destination for Canadian comedy. From the famous to the newly found, you are guaranteed to laugh out loud. Every week, host Ali Hassan crosses the country and cruises the Web to bring you what's new and hot in Canadian comedy from stand-up to sketch to musical comedy and beyond.
106 Episodes
From the Icebreakers Comedy Festival, Dylan Gott shares how he was fooled into attending Christian Camp. And from Hecklers in Victoria, Randee Neumeyer talks about her bed wetting. It went on longer than you think.
From the Icebreakers Comedy Festival in 2022, Nour Hadidi reminds us that depression - as serious and challenging as it is - when talked about openly, can be great for comedy! And Host Ali Hassan gets some tips on how NOT to sunburn.
From the 905 Comedy Festival in Oshawa, Ontario, in November 2022, Mike Wilmot tells us about a dog treat no one would want.
Happy Mother’s Day! From her album Overnight Sensation, Deb Kimmett takes us on a journey of her life with her mother – from the days of being a belligerent teen to eventually becoming her caretaker. It’s a comedic tribute to mom's everywhere!
From Hecklers in Victoria, Dan Duvall shares the comedy behind his recovery journey, while Syd Bosel dishes out some real info about her adult children. And they are not going to like it.
From the Icebreakers Comedy Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Jarrett Campbell shares what finally cured his fear of flying. And Nitish Sakhuja shares the joy of being new puppy owner!
The stand-up comedy community lost one of the really good ones last weekend. This week on Laugh Out Loud we pay a tribute to the comedy, and the life, of the late, great Darryl Lenox.
From Accent on Toronto, Frank Spadone takes you DEEP inside the world of Ducks. This man has studied their ways! And from the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Chad Anderson says he may look like he knows the woods, but he does NOT know the woods.
Derek Seguin looks back three years to the craziness at the start of the pandemic - from lockdowns to toilet paper to buying a canoe from Costco. Derek tells us how he navigated the early days of the end of the world.
Ron Josol takes the audience on a journey to all the countries he’s performed in. And Crystal Ferrier tells us that she will exact revenge on her children. She has planned it out very carefully!
From Rumours Comedy Club in Winnipeg, Dean Jenkinson offers some marriage advice – he’s had a couple, so there’s some experience behind that. And Damonde Tschritter reminds us about the dangers of believing a rumour! Especially when that rumour revolves around booze.
From the Icebreakers Comedy festival, Fiona O’Brien details a waxing session she’ll never forget. And from the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Rob Bebenek talks about his parents’ rules in the 1980’s. There were NONE!
Carol Zoccoli outlines very specific ways a husband can let down his partner. Garrett Clark goes through the crazy names in his family tree. And Patrick Haye waxes poetic about the strange strange language we call...English.
From Accent on Toronto, Jean Paul shares some of his Trinidadian Grannie’s wisdom...and from the Icebreakers Comedy Festival, Joe Pilliteri dives into the obliviousness of the male teenager.
From Accent on Toronto, Evan Carter tells a Danforth Music Hall audience what Canadians and kindergartners have in common. And Viveth K explains that he keeps his last name as a letter for you, not for him. It's called respect.
As a black man from Newfoundland, Trent McClellan shares how hard it was to make a “normal” first impression. And from the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Danish Anwar comes out swinging with his jokes – come for the comedy...stay for the patriotism?
From the 905 Comedy Festival, Cathy Boyd takes some serious digs at some very serious protestors, and Laura Leibow has watched so much scripted reality that she could be writing those scripts herself!
From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Ryan Williams takes you through construction sites and football fields, and from the 905 Comedy Festival Chris Robinson navigates gossipy conversations with his grandmother.
We shine our spotlight on comedian Graham Clark - and Graham shines his spotlight on the phone book.
From the Okanagan Comedy Festival, Mayce Galoni demands more credibility from the UGO seeing community, and Danny Martinello teaches us how to recognize the people who've worked on themselves, It involves soda cans!
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Samira Hamiditehrani

#MahsaAmini please be our voice

Sep 28th

Mmm Taylor

love Martha, everytime

Jun 20th

Kim Dagorne

pretty annoyed I wasted data on what should have been new stand up comedy after a long frustrating day at work. it's not stand up or funny. this is a very tricky way to get your numbers to look better than if this was a stand alone offering and I doubt I'm the only person blindly downloading content listed as new on a stand up comedy podcast!

May 15th

Andy Rondeau

Love Derek's humour!

Mar 22nd

Andy Rondeau

What a hater. If you think race is that important then You're the racist.

Mar 3rd

Andy Rondeau

Caught the last five minutes of this one on the car. Thanks for putting this in a podcast! Really enjoying this series.

Nov 11th

Dave Savard

2 Toronto. LOL I love u Steve Patterson. u make life real. thanks.

Sep 24th
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