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Author: Natasha Graziano

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Welcome to the Law of Attraction SECRETS podcast! I'm your host, Natasha Graziano.

I'm SO excited to bring you the latest wisdom and neuroscience on how to manifest your goals in life and create abundance in wealth, love, health, relationships.

I'm the creator of the world renowned meditational behavioral synchronicity (MBS) method. By listening to this podcast, you will learn how to refocus your mindset and thought processes with practical and mindful exercises that you can begin right here, right now, simply by pressing play.

Tune in EVERY Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:00 A.M. EST!
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Today we are joined by SELLING SUNSET star Mary Bonnet, on how to BE THE CHARACTER YOU ASPIRE TO BECOME. The main character energy you need ✨ Delve into the SECRETS OF MANIFESTING YOUR DREAMS and how to achieve real estate success. Are you ready? Listen now to hear about:  🙌 The POWER OF MANIFESTATION, with tricks and tips to turn your dreams into reality. Whether it's love, your career, or abundance, learn how to ATTRACT THE LIFE YOU DESIRE.  🤫 The SECRETS to real estate powerhouse, Mary Bonnets’ SUCCESS. From navigating the market to investing wisely, discover the key principles that propelled her to the top. 👷 STARDOM COMES FROM WITHIN: From working multiple jobs to achieving real estate stardom, Mary provides a relatable and inspiring backdrop to the conversation. 🌎 USING YOUR INFLUENCE FOR GOOD "Treat others as you would want to be treated." Explore the profound impact of kindness and positivity, as Mary expresses her belief in creating a world that is kinder and more loving. Natasha and Mary challenge listeners to TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION.  Whether it's:   Embracing a new mindset Getting a coach like Natasha mentors Mary in mindset  Venturing into real estate …SEIZE THE DAY, START NOW. "I chose this life. I chose this for my higher good." - Natasha Graziano  Follow Natasha on Instagram here for more motivation and inspiration. Then tag Natasha on Instagram with your favorite clip from today's show and she will repost her fav’s every week! To access LIVE COACHING with Natasha every week in our VIP community, get your membership and JOIN our SCRIPTING SOCIETY NOW. Each week we have CELEBRITY GUESTS and the latest TIPS on how to grow your name and brand online at lightspeed as well as learning about SCRIPTING your dream life with money, love and happiness!  Follow Mary Bonnet on Instagram
FROM PAIN TO PURPOSE  Brace yourself for a ROLLERCOASTER of an EMOTIONAL AND INSPIRING JOURNEY as we delve into Nancy's life-altering experiences.  From personal health challenges to navigating her son's battle with addiction, this episode explores:  🦄 ESCAPING PAIN AND FINDING PURPOSE: The transformative power of personal challenges and the pivotal moment when Nancy found her purpose.  🙏 THE POWER OF GRATITUDE: How gratitude has a profound impact on mental well-being.   😥 NAVIGATING LOSS AND GRIEF: The emotional journey of grief, resilience, and the unexpected sources of strength that emerged during Nancy’s own challenging times. ❤️‍🩹 THE INFLUENCE OF POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: The significant impact of positive affirmations and internal shifts that can propel you to healing.  😍 THE INTERCONNECTEDNESS OF HELPING OTHERS: It’s profound impact on personal well-being.  🙌 Discover the life-saving potential of the overdosing nasal spray treatment, Narcan.  This is YOUR CHANCE. Embrace gratitude, find purpose and understand the importance of reaching out to those struggling with addiction to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in their life, in yours and in anyone else's who needs it.  Follow Natasha on Instagram for more motivation and inspiration. Then tag Natasha on Instagram with your favorite clip from today's show and she will repost her fav’s every week! To access LIVE COACHING with Natasha every week in our VIP community, get your membership and JOIN our SCRIPTING SOCIETY NOW. Each week we have CELEBRITY GUESTS and the latest TIPS on how to grow your name and brand online at lightspeed , as well as learning about SCRIPTING your dream life with money, love and happiness! 🙌 Learn more about Nancy and the work she does with Cure Addiction Now and The Race to Erase MS.  You can see the beautiful necklace here and get your own! 
From sleeping in his car to 10 x GRAMMY NOMINATED producer and entrepreneur. In this episode, RoccStar takes the stage to unveil his extraordinary experiences with life's highs and lows.  What to expect:  🎶 Hear firsthand accounts of the music industry, how to rise to the top and be valuable.  😱 Learn how to take on your fears. Fears aren’t as real as they may seem. 🤯 The power of your own unique journey, embracing every experience and understanding that to get PERSONAL GROWTH you have to STRUGGLE FIRST.  🎁 How to overcome challenges and embrace your unique gift within. Tap into your potential, unwrap your gifts and share them with the world.  It's a journey of triumph, empowerment and the relentless pursuit of greatness. Follow Natasha on Instagram for more motivation and inspiration. THEN tag Natasha on Instagram with your favorite clip from today's show and she will repost her fav’s of the week! To access LIVE COACHING with Natasha every week in our VIP community JOIN our SCRIPTING SOCIETY. Each week we have CELEBRITY GUESTS and the latest TIPS on how to grow your name and brand online at lightspeed like Natasha did as well as learning about SCRIPTING your dream life with money, love and happiness!  Roccstar’s new song  Follow him on Instagram The Chris Brown 11:11 album produced by Roccstar.
✨ From the red carpet to the surgical room…hear how Dr. Jay TRANSFORMED me.  Dive into the captivating world of aesthetic transformations as Dr. Jay Calvert, a WORLD-RENOWNED PLASTIC SURGEON unravels the myths, fears, and triumphs surrounding plastic surgery. We will take you on an eye-opening journey about beauty enhancement and MY PERSONAL SURGERY EXPERIENCE with Dr. Jay - a chance to hear all about how my boob revision went!  This episode explores:    🗣️ How choices in breast surgery impact not only your appearance, but also YOUR CONFIDENCE.  💆‍♀️ The secrets behind natural facelifts, and why it's not just about looking younger, but embracing a REFRESHED version of yourself that YOU are happy with.  🤝‍ The emotional and psychological impacts of plastic surgery, and how it goes BEYOND PHYSICAL TRANSFORMATION.  😍 The transformative power of procedures and how you can find NEWFOUND JOY and PURPOSE after shedding the weight of insecurities.  💪 The importance of embracing one's unique journey and the role that plastic surgery plays in PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT.   Follow Natasha on Instagram here for more motivation and inspiration. Then tag Natasha on Instagram with your favorite clip from today's show and she will repost her fav’s every week! To access LIVE COACHING with Natasha every week in our VIP community, get your membership and JOIN our SCRIPTING SOCIETY NOW. Each week you will learn the latest TIPS on how to grow your name and brand online at lightspeed and learn from CELEBRITY GUESTS too!! You will also of course learn about Natasha’s method of SCRIPTING your dream life for money, love and happiness (as seen in her TED talk)! Learn more from Dr. Jay on his Instagram and his podcast, and if you’re interested in booking a consultation with him at any surgery, click the link here.
Today you will hear from the one and only…TYLA YAWEH !!!  An eclectic young musician who offers valuable PERSONAL INSIGHTS on his SUCCESS journey and HOW THE LAW OF ATTRACTION CHANGED HIS LIFE!!  Dive in and explore the POWER OF MINDSET and VISUALIZATION!  This UNMISSABLE episode covers:  The Power of the Mind: how Tyla used the extraordinary capabilities of the mind to reshape his mindset.  Gratitude and Abundance: how to embrace gratitude and its role in achieving abundance.  Love's Influence: the various dimensions of love and its profound impact on creativity and joy.  Navigating Hate and Negativity: Tyla uncovers his personal experiences and strategies to handle hate and negativity, reframing it as a form of misguided love.  Transformation and Sobriety: discover the positive transformations you can have just like Tyla, when you embrace a SOBER”ish” lifestyle. Inspired by Tyla’s journey, this episode offers ways to BECOME A BETTER YOU. Fearlessly step towards a positive mindset rich in gratitude, love, and resilience to confront any challenge.  Want to see positive transformations in your life, like Tyla?  CLICK PLAY NOW - available on all podcast platforms! Follow @TylaYaweh on Instagram now to get more inspiration and to listen to his INCREDIBLE music!!      Follow or DM Natasha Graziano on Instagram for more motivation and insights! If you aren’t yet a part of our community on the LAW OF ATTRACTION app you can join HERE for free for the first 7 days, and get access to my TOP courses on HOW TO ATTRACT LOVE, MANIFEST MONEY FAST AND ACCELERATE YOUR NAME!!
How to Accelerate Your Authority Online 1. 👩🏻‍💻 ACCELERATE YOUR AUTHORITY ONLINE 2. 🗣️ TELL YOUR IRRESISTIBLE STORY 3. 💯 SCRIPT YOUR SUCCESS USING A SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN METHOD BE OMNIPRESENT 🫵 If you're truly ready to take your brand and name to the next level, join us in our SCRIPTING SOCIETY ❤️ every TUESDAY, live with me coaching YOU💋 Repost this episode on your Instagram now for a chance to be shouted out by Natasha! 🔥
Special edition compilation of our favorite guests' episodes from the Law of Attraction Secrets Podcast! 🎧 ✨ In today's episode, you will learn from: 🔥 Will.i.Am about Magnetic Manifestation. He reveals his personal techniques for manifesting dreams and achieving success! 🤯 Steve Aoki about Creative Alchemy. He shares insights on tapping into boundless inspiration and manifesting artistic brilliance! 💯 Adrian Grenier discussing his purposeful Pathway through powerful synergy between purpose, passion, and the Law of Attraction! 🏈 Austin Ekeler on Sports Mastery. He uncovers his visualization techniques and mental conditioning to achieve peak performance! Tag me on Instagram with your favorite moment from today's episode, and I'll repost it to express my gratitude! 😍 Connect with Natasha on Instagram for more motivation and inspiration Learn how to fully maximize your power and rewrite your story in the most unique way by joining our SCRIPTING SOCIETY.
Today on the show, we have the pioneer of BIOHACKING. The guy who had the word BIOHACKING added to the English dictionary... Founder of ⁠Bulletproof Coffee⁠ and so many other crazy things, Dave Asprey! 📚 - Dave as a computer hacker - BIOHACKING and who invented the word - SCIENCE and HEALTH - Longevity - Reversing your biological age!! - more FUN and INTERESTING stuff 😍 Dave's story shows whatever seems impossible could still be POSSIBLE. With the development of science and technology, we are able to discover more interesting things that we never imagined were achievable! This episode has taught us a lot and it was truly an honor to be able to host this with ⁠Dave Asprey's Press play now to unlock the Secrets of Biohacking with Dave Asprey 🧬✨ Get ready to transform your life and your body as we delve into the world of biohacking, staying youthful, and mastering manifestation with the one and only father of Biohacking himself! FOLLOW: Dave Asprey's Instagram
Today I did my longest, deepest episode ever!! with someone I know you're gonna know and love!!! We have a true visionary and creative genius today!! THE ONE, THE ONLY... one of one baby... WILL.I.AM!!! In the episode, we dive into: - Will's remarkable journey and discover how he's harnessed the power of the Law Of Attraction to manifest his dreams. - He shares his early experiences in the music industry and his passion for creativity. - FYI and how it's paving the way for the next generation - All things AI 👾 - LOVEEEEEE - The role of self-belief and visualization in shaping his career. - Tech Innovations and Entrepreneurship -'s ventures in technology and entrepreneurship, including founding -'s commitment to philanthropy and education through his angel foundation. - Advice for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs on their journey to success.'s story is a testament to the limitless potential within each of us when we tap into the Law Of Attraction. Remember, YOU have the power to manifest your dreams and create the life you desire. So honored to call you a friend 🙏🏽 Thank you for inspiring the world and spreading your bright light to all ✨✨✨ This is one not to miss!!! Now its your turn to spread the light... SHARE THIS EPISODE ON your instagram stories now and tag me @natashagraziano and @iamwill and who knows you might get a repost!!! FYI - Will.i.Am App
Welcome to a special compilation episode with some of the biggest stars where we are revisiting some of the most inspiring and transformative moments. Get ready to unlock the secrets to success and manifestation as we dive into the wisdom shared by our esteemed guests. Steve Aoki - Achieving Greatness Through YOUR Passion King Bach shares his journey from Vine sensation to Hollywood superstar. DJ Skee - reveals the mindset and habits that propelled him to the top of the music industry. Terrence J - The power of perseverance and networking. Rocsi Diaz - Success in Entertainment Ja Rule - Turning Dreams into Reality Until next time, keep attracting the life you desire, and may your journey be filled with abundance and positivity.
We are doing today by A master of comedy; a true embodiment of success. Actor and huge influencer BACH (a.k.a King Bach) has harnessed the power of the Law of Attraction to create his dream life. In our conversation, King Bach shares; - All things mindset - Habits - Strategies that have propelled him to the pinnacle of his career - From Vine sensation to Hollywood superstar, his story is a testament to the principles of manifestation. - The role of positive thinking and visualization in his success. - The importance of perseverance and believing in your dreams. - Bach's top tips for manifesting abundance and achieving your goals. Whether you're an aspiring actor, comedian creative entrepreneur or simply looking to supercharge your manifestation abilities, this episode is a goldmine of inspiration and practical wisdom. ___________________________________________________________ Follow King Bach: Instagram: King Bach
These 5 tips are your blueprint to becoming the magnetic person in the room. Practice them consistently, and watch as your social interactions transform. Remember, magnetism is not about being the loudest or most extroverted person in the room, necessarily. It's about cultivating qualities that naturally draw others towards you: 1. Confidence and positive energy 2. Active Listening and Empathy 3. Passion and Enthusiasm 4. Storytelling 5. Authenticity Go out there, implement these tips, and become the magnetic person who lights up any room you enter! Join SCRIPTING SOCIETY now to learn how to script your dream life for money, love, happiness, and magnetism.
Slice of Success with Caroline D'amore from Gordon Ramsy's show FOOD STARS. Today we went super deep into the bullsh*t behind what CEOs tell you! AND... we did a live breakthrough exercise to help Caroline tap into her limitless power and release her limiting beliefs... it was powerful!!! AVAILABLE ON ALL PODCASTING PLATFORMS! LINK IN BIO 🫨🎧
This week on the Law of Attraction SECRETS podcast we are sharing with you the recording of the free webinar I did last week on SCRIPTING!! I know many of you were asking for the recording so I’ve decided to share it on my podcast so that it’s easily accessible for everyone❤️ This episode is an example of what our private group coaching calls look like in the SCRIPTING SOCIETY! I discuss… - The importance of clarity, self-reflection, and personal growth in the journey of transformation. - The need for consistent effort and dedication in achieving goals. - The significance of forgiveness. - The importance of finding a mentor, and being part of a supportive community. If you have been contemplating joining our SCRIPTING SOCIETY but feel like you need some more convincing… Don’t waste another second! Get your journal and PRESS PLAY NOW‼️
This week the Law of Attraction SECRETS Podcast has put together another compilation video for you! Only this week it’s an inspiring episode on some of my special guests’ INCREDIBLE success stories💪🏼 Remember, your past does not define you. No matter how hard your situation might be, there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel and these guests are living proof!❤️ If you’re ready to feel inspired, PRESS PLAY NOW🚨‼️✨
This story will make you question your life choices forever. 4 Years ago, I was BROKEN and broke, in debt of hundreds of THOUSANDS, and couldn't afford my rent anymore. 4 years ago, Wes was in prison. Through the power of manifestation and true hard work, Wes started waking up at 2:45 am able to accomplish his DREAMS and be the man he was meant to be. Now he’s an author, founder, and self-made multi-millionaire. You DON'T want to miss this motivational story! LISTEN NOW to this episode and learn how you too can get out of your own prison cell you built around the walls of your mind. Today, he talks with me about his extraordinary climb and their shared experiences. As well as developing a high frequency mindset, finding focus, and learning to be accountable to yourself. As Wes says, “what you believe the world owes you, is what you owe the world”. Find Wes Watson at ⁠⁠, on Instagram ⁠@watson_fit⁠, and on his YouTube ⁠GP- Penitentiary Life⁠. ——————- My latest Wall Street Journal Best Selling book BE IT UNTIL YOU BECOME IT is out now in bookstores. And the ⁠audiobook⁠ has JUST BEEN RELEASED! Penetrate your subconscious mind FASTER with my voice and teachings EVERYDAY NOW! After years of studying and learning ancient methodologies and modern day neuroscience I wrote this book as my gift back to the world to bring joy into every persons life who reads it and help end personal suffering in the same way I ended mine. In the book I reveal the REAL SECRET to Becoming the version of the YOU you want to be NOW. This SECRET is how myself and many of my elite students have been able to reach millions of people with our messages and add exponential Joy and abundance to our lives. Do you want to unlock this abundance for yourself too? All is revealed Inside this very book and with it you get FOR FREE My best selling program (Worth $997) when you get the book!! Go to ⁠⁠ and order NOW! Can’t wait to hear your dreams and intentions come to life!! Hey friend! This is Natasha :) If you got any value from today’s podcast please tag me on Instagram as I would love to thank you personally! ⁠
Tune in to this inspiring book club episode as we dive into the power of a high attitude, high energy, high income, and high outcome! 💪 Tim Storey shares his incredible insights on the miracle mentality - a belief that can be nurtured and mentored to transform your life. Discover the importance of partnering with influential individuals, living by unwavering principles, and taking relentless action to achieve the heights of success! 🔥 Embrace personal growth, believe in yourself, and watch your life blossom with endless possibilities!
This week's episode of the Law of Attraction SECRETS is something a little different... We have put together the best moments with some of our favorite guests talking about LOVE! In this episode you'll hear from stars like Amanza Smith, Austin Ekeler, Gigi Gorgeous, and more. So don't waste another minute! Put in your headphones and press play on this lighthearted, fun episode!
In this impactful episode, we dive deep into the incredible work of Pencils of Promise (POP), a transformative organization building schools and providing resources to underserved communities worldwide. Join us as we explore their journey and the profound impact they've had on education and beyond. From constructing over 600 schools to educating parents and communities, POP's work is changing lives. Learn about the role of teachers in fostering personal growth, hear from CEO @KaileeScales about their work in rural Guatemala, and discover the importance of socio-emotional learning and menstrual hygiene education. Together, we uncover the joy and transformation that philanthropy brings, and the significance of making a positive impact in the world. CONNECT: @KaileeScales⁠
In Todays episode of Law of Attraction Secrets I had the honour of bringing my dearest friend, Gigi Gorgeous, onto the book club where we did an interview about her new book ‘The T Guide’ who she co-authored with Gottmik. We talk about: 🔋 The Power of Belief and Manifestation 📖 The T Guide and Transgender Journey 👩‍❤️‍👨 Challenges of Transitioning and Need for Support 🪞Self-Acceptance and Empowerment Transitioning doesn’t just mean gender, transitioning can be a time in your life where you’re going through a big change and it can feel heavy. This episode will shed light on how to get through those times and what to focus on. Happy listening!!🎧 CONNECT: @gigigorgeous @gottmik
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