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We’ve reached the Season Finale of another wonderful season, and we want to thank you for your support all throughout the year, in which we became one of the biggest Spanish learning podcasts and reached thousands more than we ever had. And, to end Season 2, we want to take you on a journey like no other in this special DUAL-NARRATOR episode.Have you ever felt the threat of burnout, wanted to travel across Latin America and discover the hidden gems and beautiful locations that are nowhere near the typical tourist traps everyone is going to? Well, we’ve got the perfect episode for you. In this episode, Anthony, struggling with serious burnout, receives an amazing gift from the mysterious Raquel, which will take him to some of the most incredible locations in the Latin American region. Guatemala, Belize, and more, you'll love it!Join them in this special season finale episode that uses sensory descriptions to boost our storytelling techniques even further… and see you in the next season, Spanish learner!Transcript of this episode is available at:
When you think of the most impressive empires in the world, you cannot avoid thinking of the Aztec Empire, the powerful Mesoamerican civilization that conquered much of modern-day Mexico and was comprised of several million people. This is because, for a civilization that ruled over 500 years ago, the Aztecs accomplished many impressive feats in terms of medicine, society and technology, and were extremely skilled at the arts of diplomacy and war. However… this civilization also had a great lust for conquest and blood, and both their practices of human sacrifices and slavery made them hated among local tribes that they had subjugated. Because of this, it is no surprise that when the Spanish colonizers arrived on their shores, a great alliance of indigenous people rose up to smash them. But how exactly did the Aztecs fall, and how was their society structured? Find out in this week’s episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast! Transcript of this episode is available at:
In the history of Latin America, political extremes have caused great pain and suffering, especially to innocents throughout the rural areas of Central and South America. Communism has not been an exception to this rule. And in Peru, during the 70s, 80s and 90s, one particular Communist party made Peru an extremely dangerous and unwelcome place to live in. Led by a narcissistic leader who believed in using violence to further his goals, Sendero Luminoso is a fantastic example of terrorist groups hiding behind a “political party” to accomplish their goals. With Abimael Guzmán at the helm, the so-called Shining Path recruited college students, teachers, and even high school teenagers as soldiers, forming an army that would later be the cause of bombings, kidnappings and murders, with drug trafficking and executions also being among their preferred activities. The government’s response was equally as violent, and war came to Peru. But how did this terrible story end, and what happened with Abimael and his army at the end? Find out in this action-packed episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast! Transcript of this episode is available at:
Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez. You may love him, hate him, or wonder who we’re even talking about – but the truth is that Nayib Bukele has changed the direction of El Salvador’s history forever, simply by turning it from the world’s most dangerous nation to one of its safest, practically overnight. But we must ask the important question here: is he the Central American nation’s savior? Or is he a tyrant slowly controlling the population’s lives with an iron fist? In this episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast, we are going to discover not only what Nayib Bukele has accomplished in a few years, but everything that led (historically speaking) to today’s situation in El Salvador and why he was elected to begin with. After all, as the old adage goes: “Hard times create strong men”. Enjoy the episode! Transcript of this episode is available at:
Did you know Panama has no army? Probably not, but it wasn’t an arbitrary or random decision. You see, it was all due to one man: a dictator, a tyrant, an enemy of the United States of America. Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno, who grew from low-ranking soldier in the Panamanian Army to the most powerful man in the country in just a few decades. And – while they initially loved him as a strong ally against Latin American communism – his relationship with the U.S. soon turned sour and brought about the last foreign invasion Latin America has ever faced. In this episode, we learn the story behind the United States’ famous ‘Operation Just Cause’, a controversial invasion of Panama which left civilians and enemy forces dead in its wake, and which still causes certain bitterness and anger in the Central American nation to this day. And… just what was Noriega’s darkest, deepest secret that shocked the world long after the invasion had ended? Find out in our latest episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast! Transcript of this episode is available at:
So, by you now you know your Latin American beaches, your mountains and waterfalls - of which there are many, so congrats for that – but you probably haven’t yet heard of the lesser-known “bizarre” or even “haunted” places in Latin America. But what makes a place bizarre? Any number of things, starting from a worryingly high number of suicides having occurred there, or a horrific backstory of drowning or demonic possession… anything goes when it comes to the weirdest places in Latin America. Tequendama Falls, the Island of the Dead Dolls, the Devil’s Island… travel from Mexico to Argentina in this episode dedicated to the places you may actually love the idea of visiting, but make sure to prepare yourself: there is some horror to discover as we visit each place. Are you ready to learn of the places that makes Latin Americans’ blood run cold? Join us in this latest episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast!  Transcript of this episode is available at:
While today we may recognize Medellín as a beautiful city that is not only welcoming of tourists and digital nomads but also a safe place to live, it was not this way just a few decades ago… You see, in the 1980s and early 1990s, a wanted criminal known Pablo Escobar had made this city – as well as much of Colombia – his personal territory in which he would grow what was the biggest drug trade business in history. It didn’t only earn him much riches and recognition, even being named on the Forbes list of international billionaires seven years in a row, but also put him in the sights of the U.S. government. A troubled man who some considered Colombia’s “Paisa Robin Hood”, this individual had a strong resentment for the oligarchy and wanted to change the political and social order in his nation by force. But was this violent drug lord who brought the region to a standstill a maniac or a genius? We will discover this in our latest episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast. Enjoy! Transcript of this episode is available at:
Diego Maradona. Lionel Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo. They have all been the greatest of their times at some point… but there is a player who is even greater than these footballing giants. The winner of 7 Ballons d’Or (you’ll understand in a minute), 3 World Cup trophies (sorry Cristiano), Player of the Century and so many more awards, O Rei Pelé was on a whole different level. Furthermore, having been born into extreme poverty was unable to destroy his self-belief or his willpower, and you’ll discover more about this in this episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast. But what is the story behind Pelé’s success? And what else happened in this man’s fascinating life; a life that came to a sad end so recently in 2022? This footballer who we must remember was also an actor, an ambassador for UNESCO and so much more – the time has come to dive headfirst into the biography of the (disputed) greatest footballer of all time. Transcript of this episode is available at:
Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderón. You may know her simply as Frida Kahlo… An artist with a tragic past. A woman who knew suffering and sadness. A wonderful warrior who fought like no other, both against the societal reality of her time, as well as the difficulties of disability and chronic pain. And yet, her story is not always well told, as it also seems to leave out some important events.  You see, for all her strengths and virtues as an artist and a human, she had one massive weakness. A man, who played with her feelings and humiliated her whenever he could, to the point in which she was quoted as having two great accidents – the one that left her body destroyed, and Diego Rivera. But let’s go more in depth in our latest episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast, in which we question: was Frida Kahlo truly a feminist icon? Enjoy! Transcript of this episode is available at:
South America is fascinating and has some incredibly remote areas, but what if you want to go even more south and even more remote? Well, good news for you, as you would find yourself in Antarctica, the land of the penguins and sea lions, the place where the coldest temperature in history has ever been recorded.  But what is the link between Antarctica and Latin America, how do you get there, and what crazy story surrounds its discovery and exploration? Find out in this week’s episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast by Lingo Mastery! Enjoy… and take a sweater! Transcript of this episode is available at:
This is it. The episode you’ve been waiting for… the long-awaited What If? episode, in which we travel through realities and find out what could have happened in Latin American history. Join Anthony and Li as they make use of a time machine to move across realities and witness the greatest moments of Latin American past, present and future transformed into something very different, with quite surprising outcomes... This special edition episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories will blow your mind – all while teaching you the best in Spanish fluency! Enjoy! Transcript of this episode is available at:
Over time, more and more Latin Americans have left their nations and traveled across the world – sometimes out of necessity, other times out of the desire to triumph in a nation that offers them opportunities. However, this has sometimes brought conflict with the locals, who have disregarded them or their culture. In this episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast, we want to remind the world of how special Latin Americans can be, whether in the arts, the sciences or any other fields where they apply their efforts. With Nobel Prize winners, world-class musicians and even NASA scientists featured in this episode, we are about to dispel all the myths you’ve ever heard about Latin Americans. Check it out and enjoy! Transcript of this episode is available at:
In September 2017, life changed forever for Puerto Ricans and other inhabitants of the Caribbean. With an estimated cost in damages of over $91 billion dollars and causing the death of over 3,000 people, Hurricane Maria was a disaster that will never be forgotten. Whether affected directly through damages or indirectly due to the long-term loss of services in their nations, Caribbeans are still reeling from the memory of this disaster. But just how bad was it and how did the storm start? Find out more about Maria (and other famous hurricanes) in our latest episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast! Transcript of this episode is available at:
You know the Brazilian Carnival, but have you heard how incredible all of the other famous parties and celebrations across South America can be? They get really wild – there is nobody in the world that can party like Latin Americans, after all. But where to find the best ones? And we don't just mean ANY best ones... we mean those that will turn into life-changing experiences! In this episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast, we travel all around the Latin American region to discover the best parties in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, and many more countries that know how to celebrate a special date like no others in the world! Enjoy la fiesta! Transcript of this episode is available at:
Let’s talk about Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll – better known as Shakira –but also known as the world’s top Latin American singer, an extremely successful businesswoman, and a dancing and songwriting icon. She is one of Latin America’s great figures and has become the face for Latin music, impressing us all with her hips that simply don’t lie. Whether surrounded by praise for her charity work or shrouded in controversy over her relationship and tax issues, this wonderful artist is rarely out of the headlines. But let’s go further back… who was Shakira before all of the fame? Where did she start, how much did she struggle to get to where she is? In this episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast, we tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Shakira… and more! Transcript of this episode is available at:
Today, Colombia is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations for those looking to escape for a while to South America, and is considered a safer option than several other nations in Latin America… but a few decades ago, this was not the case. With kidnapping, bombing and assassinations taking place as daily events, Colombia was a total hellscape that led to a mass exodus of its inhabitants to other nations. But what actually was happening behind the scenes, and how did Colombia end up on the brink of a civil war (though some actually do classify it as one)? And what did they do to fix the nation? Find out in the latest episode of our Learn Spanish with Stories podcast!Transcript of this episode is available at:  
There is a famous historic figure who eclipses most others who have ever existed in Latin America, especially South America. His glorious cause led to the liberation of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, with this latter nation being the country where he was born. We’re talking about Simón Bolívar, “el Libertador”. And the most interesting part about The Liberator is the fact that he was born into privilege – a young man with all of the wealth and support anyone could need – and still somehow found the drive and the passion to fight for the slaves, the natives and the downtrodden of South America. Find out more about this magnificent historic figure in the latest episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast and enjoy! Transcript of this episode is available at:
Shakira, Lionel Messi, Elton John… What do these and other high-profile celebrities have in common? That they have all been in the news lately is one feature they share, of course, but the other is the fact that they’ve all recently been caught evading taxes. But what is tax evasion, and what does this have to do with the Cayman Islands? The Cayman Islands is probably the world’s most famous tax haven and a place where a countless number of companies have been formed, and… that’s probably all you know about it, right? In this episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast, we discover much more about these wonderful islands that are much more than just a major financial center. History, shipwrecks, cost of living… let’s open our minds and discover more about the Cayman Islands than we’ve ever known! Transcript of this episode is available at:  
Digital nomads - you may have heard of them. One of the coolest trends in the latest decade(s), we're talking about those freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs who travel the world while making money online, be it from long-term employment, freelance gigs, or their own businesses. An amazing thing about Latin America is the fact that it has its own fair share of digital nomads and DN destinations.From Mexico to Colombia, Costa Rica to... Paraguay? There are a ton of places to get to know if you're traveling and working online. The only obstacle? You will want to learn Spanish... but that's where WE come in, with the latest episode in our Learn Spanish with Stories podcast!Transcript of this episode is available at:
Have you ever witnessed a volcano eruption? It is one of the most terrifying forces of nature – pillars of thick, black smoke usually accompanied by sudden flashes of lightning; followed by the flowing rivers of lava pouring down its flanks… Now, imagine you were caught just several kilometers away from one, with no hope of escape. This is precisely what happened to a town in Martinique in 1902.In this episode, we travel to Saint-Pierre, or more precisely to the location of the Mount Pelée volcano, which was a source of great destruction in April of 1902. Find out just exactly what happened, why the town wasn’t evacuated on time, and how a couple of people actually survived miraculously, in the latest episode of the Learn Spanish with Stories podcast! Transcript of this episode is available at:  
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