DiscoverLearning To Mom ™ The Pregnancy and Birth Podcast for First Time Moms, New Moms and Expecting Mothers
Learning To Mom ™ The Pregnancy and Birth Podcast for First Time Moms, New Moms and Expecting Mothers
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Learning To Mom ™ The Pregnancy and Birth Podcast for First Time Moms, New Moms and Expecting Mothers

Author: Laila | The best pregnancy podcast for new first time moms! If you're looking for a natural pregnancy podcast, or if something is normal in your pregnancy, or for a podcast for early pregnancy, or a week by week pregnancy podcast- then this is the

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The best podcast on pregnancy and birth where first time moms, expecting mothers and new moms are informed and empowered WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed.

Join Laila on the Learning To Mom Podcast each week as she asks amazing guests in the field of prenatal health the answers to our gazillion first time mom questions:

-  What does a contraction feel like? 
- What's the difference between a doula and a midwife? 
- What questions should I ask my OBGYN in my prenatal appointments? 
- How should I prepare our dog to meet our newborn?
- Do I have prenatal depression?
- What should I include on our baby registry?
- Can I keep exercising during pregnancy?
- How much kicking should I feel?
- What are Pregnancy symptoms>

- What are First trimester tips?

- What Prenatal vitamins should I take?

- What's a healthy Pregnancy diet?

- What are Safe exercises during pregnancy?

- Are ultrasounds safe, and how do they work? 
- How do I make a birth plan?

- Morning sickness remedies?

- Gestational diabetes?

- Pregnancy books?

- Labor signs?

- Breastfeeding tips?

- Postpartum care?

- Childbirth classes? 

- Maternity leave rights?

- Pregnancy health insurance?


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Let's dive in, mom friends!

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41 Episodes
Is Birth Photography worth it???Why you should consider getting a birth photographer- regardless if you’re wanting a natural, medicated or C-section birth!This week's episode of the Learning To Mom Podcast we dive DEEP into birth photography from Kristen, a birth photographer:Kristen gives us the answers to these questions (and more!!)- Why have a birth photographer? - What are the common poses or shots a birth photographer can get?- What are the misconceptions around birth photography?-...
What to expect POST Birth in the FIRST 48 hours postpartumIf you're a first time mom, then this episode is for YOU! Today's episode we're getting realistic and spilling the TEA on what immediate postpartum is like.Today's episode on the first 48 hours postpartum/ post birth: What can women expect physically and emotionally in postpartum?How does the hospital stay look different for moms who had vaginal births vs c-sections?What happens if baby fail a newborn test (APGAR or hearing t...
How to set up and organize your nursery as a first time mom for maximum efficiency and organization! Today's episode on nursery organization / nursery set up covers:How to set up your house for postpartumHow to set up your house for breastfeedingHow to organize your nursery closetNursery organization tipsNursery closet tipsHow to set up your bedroom for babyNursery organization dresserNursery organization hacksNursery organization tipsNursery organization ideasHow to set up your nurseryH...
What to expect in labor and birth as a first time mom!Today's episode we're breaking down all things contractions, labor signs and birth with Emily from Serving Tomorrow.Today's episode on labor expectations:What are some things that women experience in their final weeks before laborHow does someone KNOW they are in labor as opposed to Braxton hicks or false labor?Can we expect our labor to go similarly to how their sister’s or their mom’s labors went? Or does that not matter at all?Wha...
Today's episode we're shedding light on and breaking down all things infertility with Dr. Pero, a specialist in reproductive health. Dr. Roxanne Pero is BACK to share some insight into infertility today, in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT LINKS:- Sign up for the Learning To Mom Newsletter HERE:- Fit Mama In 30: Prenatal Workout Program that I’m Doing: C...
HOW to prepare for postpartum it's JUST AS IMPORTANT as preparing for birth.Today's episode we're breaking down all things postpartum with Stacia from Postpartum Care USA.Today's episode on postpartum preparation will cover:- Why is preparing for postpartum important?- What does postpartum look like?- What can I expect postpartum to look like?- What does postpartum depression feel like?- What is postpartum depression?- What are baby blues?- Postpartum anxiety- What is normal in postpartum?- H...
OH SNAP! I'M PREGNANT?!?!?! I’m not just stopping at the announcement though, I’m also sharing:- How we found out- What’s different this pregnancy- What I’m doing differently this pregnancy and birth- And more!!!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT LINKS:- Sign up for the Learning To Mom Newsletter HERE:- Shop HERE for the BEST Montessori toys and furniture at ...
Samantha breaks down all things Caesarian Section! A must listen for every pregnant woman!Today's episode with Samantha from DC Metro Maternity sets realistic expectations going into a C-section as well as practical c-section recovery tips!Today’s episode is going to cover these questions and more!:- What is the standard c-section procedure? - How to prepare for a Caesarian birth?- What are some reasons that providers may encourage women to have c-sections? - What are the cons...
Breaking down the most common birth interventions- Foley Bulb, C-sections, Cervidil, Breaking your waters, Epidural, Pitocin and MORE!We're talking about EACH ONE's purpose, pros and cons, and how each is administered. Get out your birth plan or note pad, because you'll want to take notes!Today's episode Amy from the Somatic Mother walks us through labor and delivery 101.Today’s episode is going to cover these interventions:- Cervical checks pros and cons- IV’s and monitoring pros and cons- C...
What I wish I would have known about postpartum before!I am SPILLING the tea on postpartum, so buckle up! We'll be discussing things like:- The Postpartum 6 week appointment- Postpartum night sweats- Postpartum intrusive thoughts- Postpartum hormones- Postpartum bleeding (lochia)- Postpartum sex - Postpartum hair loss- And more!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT LINKS:- Sign up for the Learning To Mom Newslett...
Today's episode we dive deep into what a doula does and is, and postpartum tips!!Today's episode, I sit down with Maggie from Visitation Birth, who is a Childbirth Doula.Today’s episode is going to cover questions like:- What is a doula?- What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?- What are the different kinds of doulas? (ie: birth, postpartum, etc.)- What are some misconceptions people may have about doulas?- What does a birth doula NOT do?- How does it work with insurance?- Postp...
Hypnobirthing in labor explained! Today's episode, I sit down with Briahnna from Heart and Womb Indy, who is a Childbirth Doula & Gold Certified HypnoBirthing International Instructor. Today’s episode is going to cover questions like:- What is hypnobirthing and what are the benefits to it?- What are the misconceptions around hypnobirthing?- Is it like being hypnotized? - Who should do hypnobirthing and is it for all deliveries or only if you’re having a homebirth or a birth center birth?-...
Today we're breaking down the 5 most common third trimester symptoms and sharing how to overcome them: Lightning Crotch, Fatigue, Heartburn, Leg Cramps, and Nesting.What are 3rd trimester symptoms, what does third trimester feel like, what are the symptoms of third trimester of pregnancy, at what week does your 3rd trimester begin, is the third trimester the worst, how to feel better third trimester, what to avoid in the 3rd trimester, what to expect in 3rd trimester pregnancy, ut...
Preparing for Birth: How to prepare your mind and body to give birth + How to prepare your team! Taylor answers all out first time mom questions on preparing for birth like:- Why is preparing for birth important? - Where do women go wrong in preparing for birth?- How do you prepare your mind for birth?- How do you prepare your body for birth?- How do you prepare your team for birth?- What are some of the common decisions or things that women unintentionally leave out of their birth plan?- Whe...
Childcare Options 101!This week on the Learning To Mom Podcast, Laila shares all the details on choosing the right childcare. We break down the pros and cons, average cost, what questions to ask during interviews, etc!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT LINKS:- Shop HERE for adorable handmade children's clothing at ...
Pregnancy and Postpartum Sex Coach Kaci answers ALL our questions!!- What are the benefits of having sex during pregnancy?- What are some of the most common obstacles you see couples trying to overcome regarding sex during pregnancy?- Is sex safe in pregnancy?- What are the biggest misconceptions around sex during pregnancy?- What advice would you have for couples who have unequal libidos during pregnancy?- What are some of the best tips for improving your sex life during pregnancy?- Wh...
Baby Registry Building 101! This week on the Learning To Mom Podcast, Laila spills the tea on the must-have items to include, what items to skip out on and even some baby registry strategy secrets!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT LINKS:Links to Specific Products I mentioned HERE- Sign up for the Learning To Mom Newsletter HERE: Shop HERE...
There's a GAP in childbirth education and today we're filling that gap!! It's a crash course on everything you need to know regarding pregnancy and childbirth, think prenatal health 101.This week on the Learning To Mom Podcast, we chat with Jackie, a nurse practitioner out of Miami Florida and ask her all the questions related to prenatal health.- What is an OB nurse practitioner, how does that differ from an OBGYN? What are the pros to seeing an OB nurse practitioner over a midwife or an MD?...
Ever wondered how to introduce your dog and baby?? Wanting to safely prepare your dog to meet your newborn? Curious how you should introduce your dog and baby? Then this episode is for you!Whether you have a puppy, and older dog or know that your baby will encounter dogs SOMEWHERE, you need to listen to this episode.This week on the Learning To Mom Podcast, we chat with Jen, owner and founder of Family Paws, and get all the details related to pets and babies!- What can I do to begin preparing...
Tips for Making a Succinct, Empowering and Comprehensive Birth Plan!This week on the Learning To Mom Podcast, we chat with Doula Lindsay and ask her our first time mom questions related to birth plans:- What are some things people should consider when making their birth plan?- Do nurses and doctors respect birth plans?- What to make sure we include or add to our birth plan?- How long should a birth map be?- How many birth plans should you bring?- Where do we put birth plans in the...
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