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What’s the greatest celebrity notes app apology of all time? Who is Hollywood’s most divorced man? And which society is torturing the poets? Wanna know the answers, but have no time to scour the internet all day? Well, Peyton Dix and Hunter Harris have your back. These two beacons of truth and connoisseurs of mess have been bonded for over a decade, sharing the traumas of a crappy Boston dorm room and a pitiful Brooklyn dating scene. Now, these certified haters and internet carnivores are ready to cut your faves straight to the white meat.

On Wondery’s newest show, Lemme Say This, you’re getting added to Hunter and Peyton’s group chat - a weekly conversation, going all-in on the pop culture news you didn’t realize you cared so much about. These best friends are chronically online so you don’t have to be. There’s nothing too niche or nosey. This is a show for Eras Tour scholars and Love Island obsessives; a safe space for silly questions and doing-too-much addictions. If you want the gossip, they’ve already got the 10-page Canva presentation handy.

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5 Episodes
Are you still waiting for your federally-mandated younger boyfriend? This week, the pop girlies who aren’t flopping, a May-December dynamic that isn’t stopping (particularly the Demi Moore + Joe Jonas of it all), and a summer filled with women jumping, sweating and yelling. We’re very into sports now. And for W+ subscribers, we explore Jennifer Lopez’s possible, maybe, could be, downfall. We also implore JLo to take some days off.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Do you remember when Katy Perry killed a nun? This week, we're talking Popes, pop flops, and Paul — Mescal that is. Come get into white boys with gold chains, disloyal snitches in Vatican City, and the one and only Camila Cabello... Because it’s always Camila Cabello. And for W+ subscribers, we're revisiting the best couple on the HBO series Girls: Marnie and Desi.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Are you starting the fights or finishing them? This week, we’re talking Bridgerton, bisexuals and Bennifer. Not necessarily in that order. We’re getting into Shonda Rhimes’ swirl agenda, the few Bridgerton shooters left, and the death of love itself: Is Bennifer…over??? And for W+ subscribers we’re getting all up and through Challengers. Thigh, sweat, sex. See ya there.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Are you a lover first and hater second? This week, we’re on our lover girl, talking Billie Eilish’s new album and Cannes. And we’re also chatting Selena Gomez, that man she’s dating, and his naked feet. For Wondery+, we explain the babygirlification of Martin Scorsese. Welcome to the group chat, children of divorce.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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