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Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray

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Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray are BACK for another season of Let's Go! Enjoy in-depth, insightful, and introspective one-on-one conversations with each of these future HOF football players. They'll discuss trending stories from on and off the football field and share stories from their personal life.
105 Episodes
Enjoy the most memorable moments and the biggest names from the 2022-2023 season of Let's Go! Re-live conversations with:- Superstars of today, like Aaron Judge and Kevin Durant- Comedy legends, like Adam Sandler, Tracy Morgan, Bill Burr, and Kenan Thompson- The most powerful voices in sports, like Charles Barkley and Stephen A. Smith- A man in a category by himself, in Snoop Dogg- The icons who inspired Tom Brady, like Steve Young and Roger Staubach- Two of the greatest coaches of all time, in Andy Reid and Bill Belichick- Hall of Famer Peyton Manning and future Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski- The two most important people on Tom Brady's career journey - Galynn Brady and Tom Brady Sr.Plus many more, with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray.
Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray break down Patrick Mahomes’ performance in yet another comeback win in Super Bowl 57. Larry discusses how the game turned on Kadarius Toney's punt return, and whether the late penalty on James Bradberry truly decided the game. Larry compares how the loss should propel Jalen Hurts forward like it did for him after Super Bowl XLIII.  And Jim and Larry give their thoughts on the future of Aaron Rodgers, and the greatness of Rihanna.
Tom Brady and Jim Gray break down Super Bowl LVII, and Tom watching three different ways – as a player, as a fan, and as a future broadcaster. Tom describes how the KC gameplan brought new elements to the offense while still playing to their strengths, and how Philly just played like the same Philly. Tom gets into what makes Patrick Mahomes the champion he is, what will motivate Jalen Hurts going forward, and the amazing journey of the Kelce brothers. Why can no one defend Travis Kelce? Tom explains, with a hat tip to the ageless Andy Reid. Plus, Tom’s take on Rihanna, Super Bowl Halftime shows, and the future of Aaron Rodgers.
Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray talk about Tom Brady retiring after 23 incredible years in the NFL. Then, they get into Super Bowl week, and how players can deal with a strange period of time leading into the biggest game of their lives. Larry discusses what his home, Phoenix, can get out of hosting the big game. Finally, they talk about the game itself - Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts are both dealing with injuries. Can the opposing defenses exploit that? And will it decide the game? Larry thinks the Chiefs have the coaching advantage, with the more experienced Andy Reid against Nick Sirianni... but he picks the Eagles to win the game, and explains why.
Tom Brady and Jim Gray talk about Tom's decision to retire after 23 seasons in the NFL. Then, his coach for 20 of those seasons, Bill Belichick joins the show to talk about the foundation behind the greatest coach/QB partnership of all time, what each of the two has learned from each other, and their road to six Super Bowl wins. Rob Gronkowski pops into the conversation with for a quick roast of Tom, before Peyton Manning joins to talk about their long relationship, on and off the field, being both friends and rivals, and how to decide the right time to walk away. Finally, Tom's parents drop in to talk about his storied career and their family connection, and congratulatory wishes from Patrick Mahomes, Oprah Winfrey, and more.
Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray are counting down the days until the NFL world descends on Larry's home of Arizona for Super Bowl LVII. The biggest play on Sunday was Joseph Ossai's late hit on Patrick Mahomes, and Larry explains the mentality of players coming off a devastating loss. Jim compares Patrick Mahomes to Michael Jordan, in that it's just impossible to take your eyes off him. Should Joe Burrow be willing to take less money to keep the roster competitive? On the other side, the Eagles have been dominant all season, but the 49ers truly had no chance once QB injuries piled up. The overall winner of the weekend was the Kelce family, with Travis and Jason becoming the first brothers to face off in the Super Bowl. And Larry and Jim discuss the first Super Bowl in history to be started by two Black quarterbacks.
Tom Brady and Jim Gray talk to "the man who's controlling the conversation in sports", Stephen A. Smith. They discuss the hard work behind his career and his success, how to talk about sports when you haven't played the game at the highest level, the code he lives by, and his new book, "Straight Shooter". Then, Tom and Jim break down the Conference Championship games, as the Eagles and Chiefs head to Super Bowl LVII.
Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray break down the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, and Dak Prescott and the Cowboys coming up short yet again. Meanwhile, Brock Purdy continues to look like a veteran; can he lead the Niners to a Super Bowl? Jalen Hurts has answered every possible question and looked great in the Eagles' dominant win over the Giants. Larry gets into the incredibly evenly matched NFC Championship game next weekend in Philly. On the AFC side, the Chiefs move on despite a worrisome injury for Patrick Mahomes. Can he still be effective? Joe Burrow was excellent yet again. The Bills had been "America's Team" this season, but didn't play well down the stretch. Should they be worried about Stefon Diggs' behavior? Finally, Jim and Larry make their picks for Super Bowl LVII.
Tom Brady and Jim Gray discuss decompressing after the end of the Bucs’ season last week. You always need to learn from what you did wrong, and use that to get better. Tom discusses his process for determining his future, then Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid joins the show to discuss the Chiefs making their fifth straight AFC Championship Game, Patrick Mahomes’ lingering injury, Chad Henne, the upcoming matchup with the Bengals, and what makes Travis Kelce so great. 
Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray preview tonight’s Wild Card matchup between the Buccaneers and the Cowboys. Can Ryan Jensen slot back in to the Tampa offense after such a long layoff? Larry breaks down the dynamics involved. Then, they dig into the Jaguars’ tremendous comeback against the Chargers yesterday, a truly remarkable performance by Trevor Lawrence, and an embarrassing one by Joey Bosa and the Chargers. Brandon Staley’s job may be in jeopardy after the game, but Larry believes it’s difficult to fire a coach after a playoff berth. Then, Larry touches on the strange decisions from the Vikings down the stretch in their loss to the Giants, and gives his thoughts on the rest of the action from the weekend.
Tom Brady and Jim Gray preview the Buccaneers’ Wild Card matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. Tom is looking forward to the game, and the intensity of playoff football, and playing alongside a returning Ryan Jensen. Then, Rob Gronkowski joins the show to debate how many routes he’d be able to run if he put on the jersey tonight, how much he misses playing the game, the best catch he ever made, what the return of Ryan Jensen means for the Bucs, the upcoming "80 for Brady" movie, and a whole lot more.
Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray discuss the emotions surrounding the terrifying situation with Damar Hamlin, and the Bills scoring on their first play back on the field on Sunday. Then, they dig into Aaron Rodgers' cryptic comments about retirement after the Packers' loss on Sunday. And not just Rodgers - might we also have seen the last of Sean McVay on the sidelines for the Rams this weekend? Plus, Jim and Larry break down whether it's right to rest players in the last week, or play them like the Chargers did, the impact of Lamar Jackson's extended absence on his future in Baltimore, and a look ahead at Cowboys/Bucs and the Wild Card underdogs.
Tom Brady and Jim Gray discuss Tom's desire to start the final weekend of the season, even if he didn't finish the game. In the playoffs, all that matters is how you play for those three hours, and the most prepared team usually wins. Tom talks about how he felt watching Damar Hamlin last week, how it showed us not to take anything for granted, and how he hopes we don't forget the lessons. Then, Tom and Jim are joined by two NFL legends: Roger Staubach and Steve Young. Steve was Tom's hero growing up, and Roger was Steve's hero growing up, and now Tom playing at 45 makes Steve and Roger regret not trying to play longer. They also react to Aaron Rodgers' comments about his potential retirement, and discuss what has kept them going post-football.
Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray discuss the Packers' huge win over the Vikings on Sunday, and Aaron Rodgers rallying the team at the right time. The Giants clinched a playoff spot while playing in the toughest division in the NFL, and Larry and Jim give credit to HC Brian Daboll. They discuss how Tom Brady and the Bucs won the NFC South after a tough year. Also, Mike Tomlin continues to get the most out of his players, Justin Herbert and the Chargers look dangerous, the Jets collapse down the stretch, and Derek Carr gets sent home by the Raiders. Finally, Larry reveals his New Year's Resolutions.
Tom Brady and Jim Gray break down the Bucs winning the NFC South, Mike Evans' fantasy blowup, and everything that went into the team getting to this point, with Tom's 20th trip to the postseason. They also discuss fellow Bucs QB Blaine Gabbert helping to save four people after a helicopter crash in Hillsborough Bay. And Tom details what it takes to still be playing at this level 23 years into his NFL career, playing basketball against his son Jack, and his New Year's Resolutions.
Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray talk about how Larry’s kids met Tom Brady at the game on Christmas Day and the great advice he gave. Then, they discuss the struggles in the game itself, especially for the Cardinals, why nobody should be writing off Tom Brady just yet, the “worst” Wilson in the league, Larry’s memories of Franco Harris, why nobody wants to play the 49ers right now, what happens next for Derek Carr, and a whole lot more.
Tom Brady and Jim Gray break down the Buccaneers’ gutsy OT win against the Cardinals on Christmas night. Tom talks about how the whole team trusts each other and will finish off the regular season strong. Then, Tom talks about how the team is dealing with all of their injuries, the experience of celebrating Christmas with his teammates in a hotel, how to deal with media narratives that don’t seem to be concerned with the truth, and a whole lot more.
Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray talk about Argentina beating France in an incredible World Cup Final. Could we see more American eyes opened to the sport now? Then, they discuss a totally wild weekend in the NFL, including the Vikings' historic comeback against the Colts, and the Patriots' boneheaded loss to the Raiders. Jim wants bad officiating to have more repercussions, especially after the end of the Giants-Commanders game. Finally, the Larry and Jim get into the Jaguars' huge win over the Cowboys, Bills fans throwing snowballs, and Patrick Mahomes' historic season.
Tom Brady and Jim Gray talk about the Bucs losing to the Bengals on Sunday, but also how their whole season is still ahead of them as the leaders in the NFC South. Then, the legendary Snoop Dogg joins the show. They discuss how this weekend was a great example of how sports can bring the world together with Argentina's incredible World Cup Final victory over France. Somehow, Tom has never met Leo Messi and Snoop has never met Michael Jordan. Also, how they approach helping young guys who look up to them, reaction to the insane finish in Las Vegas, a hilarious Willie Nelson story, and Snoop sings a Christmas carol.
Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray discuss the most incredible moment of Week 14 - Baker Mayfield leading the Rams to a shocking win over the Raiders - plus the Vikings laying an egg against the Lions, and the still-dangerous Niners. The Eagles clinch a playoff spot, but the Cowboys keep winning as well. Finally, what's up with Odell Beckham Jr?
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