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Kimberly Lovi is a wife, mother and CEO. In this podcast we discuss all the ways we can level up in life from mindset, business, wellness and more. We discuss overcoming adversity, mindset and unpacking success stories of changemakers. We highlight bumps and bruises that we all encounter on our way to becoming the best version of who we are and aspire to be. Kimberly speaks with entrepreneurs, professional athletes, influencers, and friends around the globe. So buckle up and get ready to be entertained, educated and inspired!
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Episode #126:  Have you ever felt stuck in a rut, not knowing when or how to pivot? Discover the art of making swift, impactful changes in both your personal and professional life. This episode is packed with real-life examples and practical advice on recognizing when something’s not working and having the courage to pivot hard and fast. From exploring new hobbies like golfing to reimagining what family time can look like, we share personal stories that illustrate the exhilarating and transformative power of embracing change. Balancing work, family, and personal aspirations can often feel like a juggling act. In this episode, we reveal how overscheduled summer plans led us to a more relaxed and enjoyable approach, filled with new activities like horseback riding. We dive deep into the importance of taking calculated risks, managing financial obligations, and setting boundaries for new ventures. Whether it’s launching a business or picking up a new hobby, we offer insights and motivation to live authentically, pursue your dreams, and break free from societal expectations. Tune in for a motivational journey on making strategic pivots that enrich your life and help you achieve your goals. Follow Kimberly on Instagram and TikTok @kimberlylovi or @iconicnationmedia Chapter Timestamps: (00:00) Pivoting for Personal Growth and Success (11:00) Exploring New Opportunities and Experiences (14:58) Taking Calculated Risks and Making Changes
Episode #125: Ever wondered how a volunteer stint on a presidential campaign could change your entire career trajectory? Our guest, Laura Gassner-Otting, shares her compelling journey from aspiring lawyer to working in the White House, and finally, to becoming a successful entrepreneur and celebrated author. Listen as Laura recounts her experiences with AmeriCorps, her transition to headhunting, and the bold decisions that led her to start her own firm. From childhood dreams to significant professional growth, Laura's story is a masterclass in seizing opportunities and making courageous choices. In this episode, Laura also reflects on her time in the White House as a volunteer on Bill Clinton's presidential campaign and how that changed her trajectory. She opens up about the challenges she faced, such as feeling out of place among elite peers and how her perseverance led to significant opportunities, including briefing the president. Her journey is a testament to the importance of making bold decisions and embracing new opportunities, illustrated by memorable anecdotes like her encounter with Willie Nelson. We also discuss the concept of consonance, exploring how aligning work with one's true self can lead to greater fulfillment in both personal and professional realms. We then shift gears to explore Laura's insights on parenting and leadership, emphasizing the importance of seeing and celebrating children for who they are. Laura shares personal stories and practical advice on fostering meaningful connections with children, allowing them to embrace their unique traits and interests. She also highlights her transition into writing and speaking, with her influential books "Limitless" and "Wonder Hell," and how these ventures continue to shape her impactful career. Don't miss this episode packed with valuable lessons on entrepreneurship, career success, and the importance of authenticity in all aspects of life. Follow Kimberly on Instagram and TikTok @kimberlylovi or @iconicnationmedia EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: Working on Bill Clinton's White House Campaign and AmeriCorps  Agency and Opportunity in National Service Discovering Personal Definition of Success Success vs Happiness in Executive Search Success and Happiness Alignment Concerns Strategic Information Disclosure in Relationships Taking Action to Create Luck Parenting Advice The Gift of Being Seen
Episode #124. Unlock the secrets to syncing your soul's purpose with your entrepreneurial endeavors as we sit down with the sensational Marley Rose Harrison. Her journey from personal tragedy to triumph as a seven-figure business owner is not just inspiring but filled with practical steps and a powerful app—Higher Self—to guide you there. Through her story, we learn the importance of surmounting subconscious barriers and how embracing our holistic selves can lead to not just financial prosperity, but deep fulfillment. This episode is loaded with heartfelt tales of transformation, the kind that remind us that our past struggles can be the bedrock for future success. From the potency of therapy and spiritual awakening post-trauma to the role of 'expanders' in shaping our vision of what's achievable, we traverse a range of topics that are vital for anyone looking to elevate their life and business. The conversation is an intimate exploration of the inner workings of goal setting, visualization, and the crucial role of emotional resonance in manifesting our deepest desires. Prepare to be coached through mastering the subtleties of building effective teams, leadership skills, and overcoming personal roadblocks. Marley and I discuss the nuances of steering a business as a female leader, appreciating the strengths within ourselves and our colleagues, and fostering a work environment that thrives on mutual understanding and motivation. This episode isn't just a narrative of success; it's a blueprint for aligning your life with your passions and sculpting a future that resonates with the core of who you are. Chapter Timestamps: (00:00) Journey to Personal Growth and Fulfillment (10:51) Healing and Manifesting Business Success (14:48) Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs for Success (28:21) Identifying and Clearing Limiting Beliefs (41:10) Clearing Limiting Beliefs for Success (53:10) Power of Visualization in Goal Setting (01:01:49) Mastering Subconscious Goals and Overcoming Roadblocks (01:06:42) Embracing Growth Through Hard Work (01:11:09) Building Effective Teams and Leadership Follow Kimberly on Instagram and TikTok @kimberlylovi or @iconicnationmedia
Episode #123: Kimberly is joined by Lindsey and Ryan Goldman where we discuss detailed events that lead up to their son Skylar suffering birth injuries. We get a peek into how they responded and what they are creating today for disabled children to play at their local park. We also discuss what it means to teach your children about how to be inclusive with people with disabilities and to be the most supportive you can be.  They are looking to raise 500k and are only 80k away from being able to build their dream for the entire community!  Donate by going to follow them on Instagram @morrisonparkplayground
Episode #122: In this episode Kimberly answers the question she gets multiple times a week...should I start a podcast?! She gets raw and real with you about why you should or shouldn't launch a podcast. We cover equipment you need, all the steps from A-Z that podcasting requires to execute.  We also cover who podcasting very good for and who it's not good for. If, how and when you make money podcasting and how to consistently publish content. If you've ever wondered what it really takes to publish a podcast, we break it all down here.  Unlock the raw truths about podcasting and understand the genuine commitment it demands as we pull back the curtain on a world where passion meets practicality. Prepare to be enlightened on the myth-busting realities of starting and sustaining a podcast, as we share the nitty-gritty details of production, the intricacies of content creation, and the sobering truths about the often elusive podcast monetization. Whether you're mulling over the microphone to choose or strategizing the release of your episodes, this session is packed with personal anecdotes and hard-earned insights from four years in the audio trenches. For professionals seeking to amplify their voice and those curious about the power of audio influence, this episode delves into how podcasting can forge a unique personal connection with your audience, establishing trust and showcasing your expertise. However, with a cautionary note on the significant time and financial investment required, we extend an open invitation to join the conversation as a guest, offering a collaborative gateway into the podcast community without the full plunge. Tune in to this candid discussion that serves as a compass for aspiring podcasters and a beacon for seasoned pros looking to navigate the podcasting seas. Chapter Timestamps (00:00) - Podcasting Basics and Misconceptions (15:00) - Challenges of Starting a Podcast (21:45) - Benefits of Starting a Podcast Follow Kimberly on Instagram and TikTok @kimberlylovi or @iconicnationmedia
Episode #121: Kimberly takes the mic with an open heart and authentic approach. She is just NOT inspired, SO she picks up two books that will infuse good energy, positive thougths and inspiration to take back the reigns and get your week off to an amazing start! We first take a quick glance and summarize Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power and how it gave us a bit of the "ick." Have you read this book and if so what are your thoughts? Kimberly gives an honest perspective on how she felt about it.  Next, you can listen to her orate portions of famed basketball coach John Wooden from his bestselling book "Wooden." We cover the importance of Helping Others, Making Each Day Your Masterpiece, and Make Friendship a Fine Art. As we read passages, we carefully extract meaning and find ways to practically apply these concepts to our own lives.  The second book we read excerpts from are "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F&@ck!" by Charles Manson. We read short passages on Pleasure and Material Success. As we consider these concepts, we highlight the importance of not chasing material things too much and becoming aware of when we begin to caught up in material things defining us. We also remember that constantly applying pleasure seeking behaviors is NOT a winning strategy to a fulfilling life. We remain humbled, grounded and rooted in our deep values, even as we continue to climb and ascertain material wealth. We speak on the dangers and pitfalls of both of these ideals that can become diminishing to our overall happiness, as they often have diminishing returns after a certain point.  Please rate, review and comment on Apple and Spotify. Please share with your friends that you know can benefit from this content. Also find Kimberly on Instagram and TikTok @kimberlylovi or @iconicnationmedia Thank you for listening! 
Episode #120:  We unpack the complex topic of fear of success, particularly from the perspective of women. We reflect on the influence of family and culture on our views of success, and how women face unique challenges in balancing career strides with motherhood. The conversation acknowledges the difficulties women often encounter in finding supportive partnerships with other successful women, as opposed to competitiveness and envy. We consider why women may not collaborate as naturally as men, proposing that the novelty of women's roles in leadership could lead to a protective instinct over their positions. We also recognize the importance of women supporting one another, the significance of female mentorship, and the societal progress made since the Women's Liberation movement, all while understanding there's still a long way to go in achieving true equality and camaraderie in the workplace. We explore the societal judgments faced by stay-at-home moms versus working moms, drawing from personal experiences of trying out both roles. I share insights about the unexpected challenges and loneliness of being a stay-at-home parent, despite the common misconception that it's a luxurious and easy lifestyle. We discuss the importance of support systems, such as having family help or a cleaning service, to manage the relentless demands of home life, highlighting that parenting is not a job meant for one person. Additionally, we touch on the evolving role of fathers in child-rearing, the potential benefits of a four-day workweek, and the positive impact involved fathers can have on their children's confidence. The conversation also addresses the pressures of competitive sports on children and the impact it can have on the entire family, questioning the balance between competition and enjoyment in youth activities.   Dr. Karen and Kimberly examin the concept of an internal self-image temperature and how personal growth can challenge this set point, leading to discomfort and potential self-sabotage. I share my personal journey from a modest upbringing to taking the risk of investing in a startup, highlighting the internal conflict between the security of a steady job and the aspirations of creating impactful change. We discuss the importance of confronting these changes and the accompanying sense of loss, while also embracing the growth that comes with stepping into uncharted territory. Throughout the conversation, we emphasize the value of taking calculated risks to live life fully and authentically, with the ultimate goal of encouraging listeners to be the best versions of themselves and make a meaningful impact in the world.   This segment features an engaging conversation with an esteemed guest, celebrated for both their professional prowess in athletics and their remarkable character. We explore their experiences and the enjoyment they've had participating in this discussion, reflecting on the fun and the deep connection made during our time together. Our guest expresses a willingness to return, which is met with enthusiasm and an offer to make accommodations for a future visit. I express gratitude for the guest's time and valuable insights, acknowledging their expertise in various areas and their status as a top athlete. The guest reciprocates with appreciation for the platform and the opportunity to contribute to our ongoing journey.   Episode Highlights: Women in New Roles Finding Place  Parenting and Youth Sports Challenges  Navigating Change and Scarcity Mindset  Navigating Uncharted Entrepreneurial Waters  Maintaining a State of Improvement  Follow Kimberly on Instagram and TikTok @kimberlylovi or @iconicnationmedia
Episode #119: Join us on the Level Up Podcast for a riveting exploration of the intricacies of human development and the powerful role infancy plays in shaping our personalities. Listen in to Part I, as the esteemed Dr. Karen sheds light on how the tender exchanges between a baby and their caregivers lay the foundation for who we become. We also tackle the shifting paradigms of parenting, the struggles new parents face amidst a sea of conflicting advice, and I share a personal tale that reveals the profound impact caregiver personalities have on our children. The journey of self-discovery is never-ending, and in this discussion, we unpack the moments that spark change. From the sudden emotional epiphanies in the most mundane of settings to the challenges of altering long-standing personal issues, this conversation is about embracing the brain's lifelong capacity for growth. We delve into how life's various stages prompt us to reevaluate our values and find joy in new places, all while challenging the myth that we grow more inflexible with age.  Wrapping Up, our dialogue takes a heartfelt turn as we address the often unspoken topic of caring for aging parents. We contrast Western practices with other cultural approaches to elder care, considering the emotional toll and logistical complexities involved. Caring for aging parents can feel like navigating a labyrinth of emotional and logistical challenges, yet it's a journey many of us face. We open the dialogue on this tender topic, contrasting Western elder care with the wisdom of other cultural practices and sharing personal stories that underscore the weight of this responsibility.  Episode Highlights: (00:00) Impact of Infancy on Personality Development (15:42) Opportunities for Personal Growth and Change (26:08) Navigating Aging Parents and Responsibilities Follow Kimberly on Instagram and TikTok @kimberlylovi or @iconicnationmedia
Episode #118:  Unlock the secrets of business law with Natela Shenon, your guide through the legal labyrinth, ensuring you never miss a step when it comes to protecting your business. On the Level Up Podcast, we navigate the complexities of contracts and the strength of oral agreements, providing entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike with invaluable insights. Natela, co-founder of Grant Shenon Law Firm, shares her wisdom on when to seek legal counsel, how to leverage legal tools like Letters of Intent, and the art of balancing a high-powered career with personal life commitments. Feel the pulse of the legal profession as Natela reveals the colorful personalities that drive the industry and the importance of tailored legal services. From engaging attorneys to forming corporations, we cover the spectrum of legal needs for any business, big or small. Our conversation illuminates practical steps for safeguarding your interests and the nuances of legal etiquette that can make or break business relationships. Whether you're dealing with employment agreements or negotiating deals, you'll learn how to approach each challenge with confidence and clarity. Step beyond the boardroom and into the personal realm where self-acceptance and hard work forge the path to success. Discover Natela's strategies for assembling a supportive team and fostering operational efficiency in a bustling law practice. We delve into the challenges of work-life balance, the importance of self-care, and how to maintain passion amidst chaos. Join us for this episode of the Level Up Podcast for a comprehensive journey through the legalities of business and the pursuit of professional fulfillment. We know you will get so much out of this. If you think you may need legal support for your business, look no further. Her firm handles anything from basic contracts to real estate transactions, mergers & acquisitions and so much more. You can find her on Instagram @NatelaShenonEsq or visit her website at She will help you map out your best next steps for your legal business needs, so don’t be afraid to reach out to her if you need some guidance. Please share this episode with friends, family and colleagues that may benefit from it and may be in need of legal assistance. And if you do reach out to her, please use our  discount code Lovi!  Highlight Timestamps: (00:00) Navigating Business Law With Natela Shenon (08:36) Engaging Attorneys and Forming Corporations (18:32) Oral Agreements and Business Etiquette (32:39) Building Confidence Through Self-Acceptance & Hard Work (42:53) Effective Team Building and Operational Efficiency (52:06) Managing Work-Life Balance and Self-Care Follow Kimberly on Instagram and TikTok @kimberlylovi or @iconicnationmedia
Episode #117: Kimberly unveils ways for you to stop looking around and wishing your life looked different and starting to actually CREATE it. We remind ourselves of our 2024 New Years Resolutions and hold ourselves accountable. If you're off track, NOW is the time to realign yourself. We discuss overcoming your fears and not continuing doing whatever is easiest and most comfortable, but TRULY making steps towards the life you desperately want! We discuss the importance of "less talking, more doing!"   Follow Kimberly on Instagram and TikTok! 
Episode #116: Kimberly shares one of her top tools for having a happy confident and fulfilling life using a tool that NOBODY talks about...REFRAMING! She walks you through what reframing is and exactly how to apply it to ANY situation in your life. This powerful tool allows you to not be bogged down by toxic people or situations and always remain happy and productive. This tool helps you to create emotional boundaries and preserve really positive mental strength. This episode is one that you don't want to miss! Follow kimberly @kimberlylovi on IG and TikTok!
Episode #15: Kimberly helps your BULLDOZE down your limiting beliefs and self-imposed barries in 3 clear steps that will set you in motion. We discuss risk-taking, decision making with confidence and so much more. Don't miss this episode, and share it with friends!    Follow kimberly @kimberlylovi on IG and TikTok!
Episode #114: Kimberly walks you through how to immediately gain self-confidence. Hint - it requires you to be intentional, listen to your inner self and get to work! We discuss how to go from still and stagnant to full of life and vibrant again by taking action and start DOING. Don't miss this knowledge packed episode!   Follow kimberly @kimberlylovi on IG and TikTok! 
Episode #113: Kimberly shares her NEW Podcast name and does a deep dive discussing what topics we will and won't cover. We have deep discussions about taking risks in life and living life to the highest and best of your ability. Take a listen and message us @kimberlylovi and let us know what you think! 
Episode #112: In this episode we FINALLY share ALL the secrets! We discuss the detailed behind the scenes of Kimberly's new show, new network and most importantly, we talk about YOU and your dreams! Sit down and relax, because this is a good one! 
Episode #111: In the episode Kimberly spills SECRET #3. For secrets #1 & #2, go to last week's episode! Additionally, we discuss the BIG inspo behind becoming the person you want and bringing your dreams to life. That person you envy on social media or in your life, can be YOU. The idea is to identify your dreams and make them your reality. This epsiode is packed with wisdom, motivation and inspiration, so buckle up and share with your friends and family!
Episode #110: Kimberly FINALLY reveals some massive breaking news. Hint - there are 5 parts to this, and she's sharing not one, but TWO parts to this 5 part secrets series. We also chat about Taylor Swift and Usher at the Super Bowl. And we recap and give an inside look at Universal Studios, the good, the bad, the ugly. Take a listen and share the episode! Follow Kimberly @kimberlylovi on social! 
Episode #109: In this episode we cover "Girl Football", recap some Grammy's highlights and discover what it's REALLY like coaching youth basketball! Don't miss the polls on Kimberly's Instagram @kimberlylovi 
Episode #108: If you're feeling down, stucked, anxious or depressed, this is a great episode to listen to. Kimberly walks you through 5 very practical ways you can digest, experess and manifest for your new chapter. We also have some fun life updates, so don't miss this one! 
Episode #107: In this episode we recap and analyze Paris in Love and we talk about our NEW wellness routine that's simple and easy to do! We also talk about how awesome it is to see so many moms taking great care of themselves and looking FIRE. Cheers to the hot mommas out there!