DiscoverLife (UN)Closeted: LGBTQ+ Coming Out Stories & Advice for living out and proud!
Life (UN)Closeted: LGBTQ+ Coming Out Stories & Advice for living out and proud!
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Life (UN)Closeted: LGBTQ+ Coming Out Stories & Advice for living out and proud!

Author: Rick Clemons - LGBTQ+ Expert

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Stop it! No more mediocre living and hiding your LGBTQ+ truth. Start dreaming, doing, and living your life without apologies. Host Rick Clemons – bold move badass and LGBTQ+ expert – sez “Live Life Uncloseted dammit!” Each episode he takes you on a brash, fun, in your face, provocative storytelling ride to escape your crazy making thoughts, explore your fears, and unabashedly elevate your self-expression so you can live your LIFE (UN)CLOSETED as an LGBTQ+ proud member of society.
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We're kicking off a new series entitled "Living your life (UN)Closeted. Designed to make you think and to guid you out of the closets of your life, host Rick Clemons guides you by the hand to the freedom of living your life (un)closeted. We kick of the series exploring desire and freedom. In this episode you'll Learn how to get real with your desires Awaken to the vision of what true freedom means for you outside your life's closets Unlock the doorway to living by your desires, not your needs About Rick Rick is a life and business coach, speaker, author, and podcaster. With his husband by his side and two grown children, life looks dramatically different than it did more than 20 years ago. “I started living by my expectations rather than others, and gained the confidence to love me. “Instead of seeking out hidden sexual experiences and lying about who I was, I found love with a man who embraced me and my kids. “Of course, none of this was easy. I wouldn’t bullshit you. That’s not my style.” In addition to speaking from stages around the country, today Rick helps men who are struggling with their sexuality to learn to be themselves, to stop making excuses, face their fears, and commit to living an unapologetic life. “The truth of who you are is far more powerful than the false truth you are pretending to be, so let’s work together to show the world WHO YOU ARE!” Ready to explore coaching? My goal is to support you in kicking ass and moving from, "Crap I'm stuck in this rut of life," to "Damn, I'm a badass gay/bi guy living a life the turns me on!" I'm a straight-forward, no BS kind of coach that challenges you to stop jerking yourself off, cut the lip service, and get in action - no excuses, no fears, no apologies. If you're ready to explore, invest a bit of time and a little bit of money in yourself and scheduled a "Your Next Move" coaching session today. Click here to schedule. 
For too long the voices of Christians have tried to silent the LGBTQ+ community. But what happens to their voices when Christian music artists sing the Lords praise, and those performers happen to be members of the LGBTQ+ community? Do they abandon them? Call them fake Christians? Film producer Ry Levey brings his newest documentary to life - Song Silenced - where he explores the intersectionality of Christian Musician and the LGBTQ+ performer. In this episode you'll Discover how quasi-Christians treat LGBTQ+ Christian Musicians Unlock power of what it takes to be Christian and LGBTQ+ Learn why these types of documentaries are so important in our current social climate About Ry Levey Ry knows that music is a vital expression for many people, and a powerful part of the faith community—it's a form of celebration of that belief. But what happens when your voice is silenced, for living your truth? In his new documentary, SONG SILENCED: COMING OUT IN CHRISTIAN MUSIC, Ry features beloved classic and current music artists and personalities like Marsha Stevens, Ray Boltz, Flamy Grant, Semler, Billy Newton-Davis, Jess Grace Garcia, Azariah Southworth, Rev. Diedre Gray, Jason & deMarco, Ricky Braddy, Trey Pearson, Derek Webb, Deacon Ross Murray and Ronté Pierce. The documentary tells the stories of faith-based music professionals, who took a great risk in coming out of the closet and faced silencing, and "Out" artists in the space, who share their message of love, faith, and inclusion far and wide, on a mission of equality and for the right to be who you are without sacrifice or silence. Ry is an Award-winning director of OUT IN THE RING. Support the film if you feel compelled Song Silenced Website
As we wind up Pride Season, why not think about your next beach read. Even more provocative, why not think about the importance of having LGBTQ+ representation in our fiction life. After all, art imitates life...right? Proving that point, author Christopher Rice, writing under the pen name of C. Travis Rice shares a sizzling romance between two gay men in a luxurious coastal beach setting that not only enables you to be taken away in your fantasies, and also reminds us that we are queer, we're here, and we are not going away. In this episode you'll Discover why C. Travis Rice believes that gay romance deserves a place on your book shelves Learn why gay mentors should still be a part of growth for any queer person Unlock how to embrace the challenges of shifting perspectives as you grow into a mature gay adult About C. Travis Rice CHRISTOPHER RICE is A New York Times bestselling author who writes under the pen name C. Travis Rice and delivers the fourth book in his Sapphire Cove series titled: SAPPHIRE DAWN. He is the recipient of the Lambda Literary Award. He is the Amazon Charts and New York Times bestselling author of: A Density of Souls; Bone Music, Blood Echo, and Blood Victory in the Burning Girl series; and Bram Stoker Award finalists The Heavens Rise and The Vines. An executive producer for television, he also penned 2 novels with his mother, Anne Rice: Ramses the Damned: The Passion of Cleopatra and Ramses The Damned: The Reign of Osiris. Together with his best friend and producing partner, New York Times bestselling novelist Eric Shaw Quinn, Christopher runs the production company Dinner Partners. Among other projects, they produce the podcast and video network TDPS, which can be found at He lives in West Hollywood, California, and writes tales of romance between men under the pseudonym C. Travis Rice. Connect With C. Travis Rice Website Instagram X-Twitter
Imagine being a young, closeted TV newscaster trying to make your way during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Then because of one innocent move out in public, your whole world shatters. Joining us today on the podcast is three-time Emmy® award-winning anchorman and best-selling author turned actor, Mark Pettit, to share his journey of coming into being himself in a world hellbent on telling him he would never work again because of his sexuality. In this episode you'll Hear the moments that most impacted Mark's life to help him live his truth Unlock hatred that existed and still exists towards the LGBTQ+ community Learn how live your truth, anything is possible About Mark Mark is a three-time Emmy® award-winning TV news anchorman and best-selling author turned actor. In his new, heart-wrenching memoir, ANKRBOY (a #1 bestseller on Amazon), Pettit reveals what it was like growing up as a young, closeted TV newscaster trying to make his way during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. His first book, A Need to Kill, also went to #1 in three categories on Amazon. Pettit has worked in journalism for more than 30 years on both the national and local level. A former anchorman at CNN, Pettit also worked as an anchor and investigative reporter at WXIA-TV (NBC), KMTV-3 (CBS) in Omaha, and at CBS46 News (WGCL-TV) in Atlanta (Now "Atlanta News First"). As an actor, Mark has appeared in a number of hit TV series including "True Detective," "Mindhunter," "Mr. Mercedes," "Sweet Magnolias" and "The Game." Pettit is also Executive Producer and appears in the horror film "The Curse of La Patasola" which is airing now exclusively on STARZ and will soon be available worldwide. In this episode you'll... Hear Mark's  incredible + inspiring comeback story Why it's important to ignore naysayers and live your most authentic life Learn the importance of remembering history to continue our LGBTQ+ progress Connect With Mark Website Instagram LinkedIn YouTube
The journey of an LGBTQ+ persons life, more often than not, requires the GOD TALK. And even more often that not, that conversation kills their desire to talk about GOD. Today we have a candid discussion, just in time for Pride month, about the relationship you can have with GOD and all the lies you've been told. Author Dr. Jamie Marich shares her forthcoming book - You Lied to Me About God: A Memoir - is a captivating journey to coming to terms with being a Christian and a bisexual - OH MY! It's also available for pre-order now, wherever books are sold. In this episode you'll Discover how you can be Christian and a bisexual Unlock the answers for being with God in your own way Learn how God speaks to you and loves you even when extreme Christians want you gone About Jamie Dr. Jamie Marich (she/they) inspires people and systems to heal the wounds that keep them stuck, allowing for authentic transformation free of shame and stigma. A TEDx speaker, clinical trauma specialist, expressive artist, lay spiritual director, short filmmaker, Reiki master, yoga teacher, and recovery advocate, she unites all of these elements in her mission to redefine therapy. She is a woman in long-term recovery from an addictive disorder and lives with dissociative identities. As a queer woman who survived multiple spiritually abusive experiences in childhood and adulthood, Jamie is passionate about helping people to recognize where religion and spirituality may be causing harm in their lives so that they can chart a course for personalized healing. Jamie travels internationally teaching on topics related to trauma, EMDR therapy, expressive arts, and spiritual abuse while maintaining a private practice and online education operations in her home base of Akron, Ohio. Marich is the founder of the Institute for Creative Mindfulness and the developer of the Dancing Mindfulness approach to expressive arts therapy. Her new book - You Lied to Me About God: A Memoir - captures her story about the tumultuous she has had to be with God and the candid ways she has chosen to be Christian and a bisexual. Available for pre-order now. Connect With Jamie Website Instagram Facebook LinkedIn YouTube
Living your truth, and being who you are, is every human beings right - provided it doesn't hurt someone. Which is always the tricky thing to discern. Yet, how is someone being gender fluid hurting anyone? In reality it is just another aspect of whom a person is. So live and let live, and just go be your own version of an unapologetic rebel. Speaker and coach Don Mamone joins us for the pride celebration podcast about living their truth on their terms - as we all should. Take a listen and learn the how to me more aligned with yourself, and how not to succumb to the guilt and shame of living by others expectations. About Don Don Mamone is a speaker, identity coach & consultant teaching audiences and clients how to reach their maximum potential & impact by discovering & embracing their true identity and supporting companies dedicated to safe spaces that support unapologetic authenticity. Connect With Don Website Instagram Facebook LinkedIn
Embracing your transgender child is hard enough for many parents, but then add to the mix that your child comes from Nigerian descent and is part of the people of color community, and that brings on a whole new set of challenges. Sharing her own journey as a queer parent of a black transgender child, Dr. Lulu - fierce LGBTQ+ advocate - talks truths about how your journey to being a parent of transgender black child is one of our greatest gifts you can have as a parent. In this episode: Discuss the POC challenges of being queer and transgender Learn how a parent can be the best parent to the transgender child Explore and challenge the myths about God and acceptance About Dr. Lulu Dr. Lulu is a queer Nigerian-born pediatrician, mom of a transgender daughter, former Lt. Col., Disabled US Air Force Veteran, TEDx Speaker, certified parent/life coach, corporate consultant and recently added “comedian” and “indie actress” to her echelon. She is the recipient of the 2021 San Antonio LGBT Chamber Youth Advocate of the Year Award, 2022 San Antonio Business Journal D.E.I award and was a 2023 finalist for the San Antonio NAWBO 2023 “Rising Star” Award. Dr. Lulu was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on “The Life You Want” Masterclass on Service, her mission is youth suicide prevention, with a special focus on LGBTQ+ youth, particularly, Black gender-diverse youth and their families. The CEO of Dr. Lulu’s PRIDE Corner, an all-inclusive gender-affirming coaching & Consulting practice, Dr. Lulu speaks about intersectionality and allyship for the LGBTQ+ community and is the chief host of “Moms for Trans Kids Podcast”. Her focus these days is on helping communities affirm Black transgender children one family at a time. She is the bestselling author of 7 books including "How to Teach Your Children About Racism”. Her next books: “Invited In, How to Become the Parent Your LGBTQ+ Child Needs”, “About Your Black Transgender Child”, and "Allies in White Coats: LGBTQ Connect With Dr. Lulu Website Instagram Facebook LinkedIn
Fitness, looking good, wanting to be accepted for who you are as a Lesbian woman. It's all such hard work. Then add to the fact that being accepted as a Lesbian just compounds those feelings of acceptance from others and yourself, and life can really suck. Or does it? It's actually a mind game and a practice. To get you prepared to show off your stuff during Pride Season, I'm joined by Izzy Wagner, founder of Core Confidence Coaching who specializes in helping Lesbian women own their truth, their power, and make the most of their beautiful bodies. Let's go ladies! About Izzy Founder of Core Confidence Coaching, an online fitness business helping members of the LGBTQ+ community gain more clarity, freedom and confidence. I’ve had my own very tough upbringing around being gay and I’m just driven to help women not feel like they’re being held back in their future! Connect With Izzy Instagram
From coming out to losing people in life, grief is part of he equation. Yet you an rise above grief and move forward, if you choose. Helping us unpack the grief of coming out and moving on is author Kevin O'Connor who learned a lot about grief living two floors above it in his family's funeral business. These experiences helped him navigate is way forward through lose, life, and finally coming out of the closet after two marriages. About Kevin Kevin O’Connor enjoys chronicling the stories of families and friends through tracing genealogical histories, writing, and picture collections. His prior writing includes personal letters, articles in professional publications, dissertations, anthologies, and presentations delivered at conferences, seminars, and webinars. He brings people together personally and professionally. Collaborating with friends and relatives, he plans family and class reunions. ​He sings and performs in theaters near his home. He is active with SMART Ride, a bicycling group that rides annually from Miami to Key West, raising funds for HIV treatments and education. He was an elementary teacher, principal, professor, and curriculum coordinator in California, Illinois, and Florida from 1973-2020. In his final educational position, he authored content and provided training in areas including support for substitute teachers, LGBTQ advocacy, and Sexual Health/Family Life. He resides in Ft. Lauderdale with his husband, Leon. Their family includes five sons and seven granddaughters. Connect With Kevin Website LinkedIn
Not sure monogamy is for you, but an open relationship scares you, but you do know something isn't working, and you know you just can't love only one person and make it work. Rather than assume it is all about sex, we're here today to have an open dialogue about all the ways to love and be in relationships. Deanna Fierman of All The Colors Counseling helps us see all the colors of the relationship rainbow in a healthy way. About Deanna Deanna Fierman is a licensed professional counselor in Colorado who established All The Colors Counseling and Consulting to provide a welcoming space for non-monogamous and LGBTQ+ individuals, couples, and polycules seeking support. Deanna has practiced psychotherapy in a wide variety of clinical settings since 2010, and has been an advocate, educator, consultant, and researcher in queer communities for decades. Connect With Deanna Website  
Shocking as it might sound, you can be gay, Christian, a drag queen and to write the 1st traditionally published Christian Devotional as a Drag Queen - Hallelujah! Speaking her truth, Jeza Belle shares Jeza's Jesus Juice: A Drag Queens Christian Devotional for all to consume. Cause who couldn't use a little good in their life? About Jeza Jeza Belle is a Drag Queen, Comedian, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, and Award-Winning Author. With her guest articles appearing everywhere from the Huffington Post to the Advocate, her former celebrity interview column, the hilarious comedic variety live shows, and her multiple award-winning trashy cookbook "The Harlot's Guide to Classy Cocktails," Jeza's wry humor and highly-charged opinions have delighted people around the globe. Connect With Jeza Website Book Website  
Coming out and being out is challenging enough. Then add to the mix your challenges with mental health and it could be potentially too much. So what do you do? You choose to thrive. A great example of this is our guest today, Dr. Zachary Stier who is thriving beyond his bi-polar diagnosis and embracing his life daily as a gay man, step-by-step, day-by-day. About Dr. Zachary Dr. Stier has been the director of Children's Services at Ericson Public Library in Boone, Iowa since October 2011. He has revolutionized services at the library for children and families through the expansion of early literacy programming, the redesign of space to emphasize play, family engagement initiatives, enhanced community partnerships with community, state, and national partners, after-school STEAM programming, to name a few. He was project director for NASA@My Library, is the Project Director for the library's equity project, Activating Community Voices, and Project Director for the library's piloted mobilized family engagement program, Little Engines. He recently became an independent consultant for the Space Science Institute and is the lead researcher on a project focused on STEM and Quality of Life. In 2011, Stier opened Mr. Z and Company, LLC, a consultancy firm for educators and librarians. He is also an adjunct lecturer for the University of Illinois Champaign iSchool graduate program teaching Early Literacy and Public Library Partnerships, a course he recently developed. He serves on numerous state and national boards and was recently selected to be part of the Fred Rogers Institute program, The Educators Neighborhood. He is a published author. He holds degrees from Des Moines Area Community College, Grandview University, Drexel University, and Concordia Portland, as well as postgraduate studies in Early Childhood from Erikson Institute, and a Doctorate in Education from Concordia Chicago. Connect With Dr. Zachary LinkedIn  
Inclusivity doesn't have to be hard, it just has to be human. But to0 many humans today, think inclusivity is just too woke. Well, let's wake them up with the truth about inclusivity and how to have those tough conversations. Inclusivity and workplace culture expert Nate Shalev shares their insights on how this can work without it breaking down systems and relationships. About Nate Nate Shalev is a leading expert on inclusivity helping to create workplace cultures where both businesses and people thrive. They were named a LinkedIn Top Voice and have been highlighted in the Harvard Business Review, the NY Times, the Wall St Journal, and more. Nate earned a BA from Barnard College of Columbia University and an MA from New York University. They are the founder of Revel Impact, a consultancy that specializes in social impact and diversity, equity, & inclusion Connect With Nate Website LinkedIn
You have to be hiding under a rock and not listening to not know that Trans voices are under attack which only means, the entire queer community is under attack. Giving voice to the Trans community, TJ Billard shares their new book Voices For Transgender Equality: Making Change In The Network Public Sphere. This is great episode to learn about why and how to support our trans brothers and sisters. About TJ TJ Billard is an Assistant Professor and William T. Grant Scholar in the School of Communication and, by courtesy, the Department of Sociology at Northwestern University, where they are affiliated with the Institute for Policy Research and the Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing. Outside of Northwestern, they are the founding Executive Director of the Center for Applied Transgender Studies in Chicago—the leading academic organization dedicated to scholarship on the social, cultural, and political conditions of transgender life—and Editor-in-Chief of the Center’s flagship journal, the Bulletin of Applied Transgender Studies. Billard’s research spans political communication, the sociology of social movements, and transgender studies, with a primary focus on the relationship between media and transgender politics in the United States and United Kingdom. They also conduct research on typography and graphic design, with an emphasis on the role of design in political branding. Billard is the author of Voices for Transgender Equality: Making Change in the Networked Public Sphere (Oxford University Press, 2024). The book offers an insider’s view into transgender activism during the first two years of the Trump administration, during which trans people were thrust onto the center stage of US politics. Drawing on extensive on-the-ground observation at the National Center for Transgender Equality, Voices for Transgender Equality shows how these activists developed an unlikely blend of online and offline strategies to saturate a diverse ecology of national news outlets, local and community media outlets across the country, and both public and private conversations across multiple social media platforms with voices in support of their cause. Billard is also co-editor (with Silvio Waisbord) of Public Scholarship in Communication Studies (University of Illinois Press, 2024). Taking the position that “public scholarship” should not prioritize publicity for scholars and their ideas, but rather should prioritize serving the public good in ways that go beyond conventional scholarly work, the volume brings together an all-star cast of public scholars to offer both critical meditations on the role and importance of public scholarship in communication studies’ various subfields and “how-to” guides for enacting public scholarship. Billard’s current research project, tentatively titled Cisinformed: Disinformation and the Media War on Transgender Rights, focuses on the central role of misinformation in anti-transgender movements’ political strategies in both the US and UK, why these strategies work, and what can be done to curb misinformation’s influence on policy and public opinion. This research is supported by a five-year award from the William T. Grant Foundation’s Scholars program. Billard’s research has appeared in a number of prominent academic publications spanning several fields, including Communication Monographs, Digital Journalism, Frontiers in Psychology, the International Journal of Communication, The International Journal of Press/Politics, JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, the Journal of Social History, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Marketing Theory, Mass Communication and Society, Media, Culture & Society, and Politics, Groups, and Identities, as well as in venues such as the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics and the SAGE Encyclopedia of Trans Studies. Billard received their PhD from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the...
Imagine hiding your truth because of your work, your family, and more so out of your own fears of "Can this actually be me?" Today I have a candid conversation with Ron Thomas, actor, voice over professional, radio host, but overall a normal, everyday gay who was afraid to come out until he did. And if that sounds familiar then you will love this show as it is simply straight up truth talking about the fears of coming out. About Ron Ron Thomas a TV and Radio Host focusing on LGBTQ+ projects that deal with coming out later in life.  How to navigate that journey with support and positivity.
Imagine being 19, just coming out, and heading to NYC - broadway to be exact - and all those dreams turn into a different dream you never would have imagined. Now, fast forward 35 years later and you let that twist of dream guide you through all the other coming out journeys that life has to offer. That's where we are arriving today with author, screenwriter, filmmaker and actor, Gregory G. Allen as he shares his multiple coming out stories and a little gem of a book that any of those states that are banning books would have a hard time banning, because the subtext is all about just being yourself! About Gregory Gregory G. Allen is an award-winning author, screenwriter, filmmaker and actor. He has been in the entertainment industry for 35 years having acted in plays, musicals, TV, film and national tours. His short films have screened at 100 festivals around the world including twice at the American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival (Hiding in Daylight: Writer/Producer & Reparations: Writer/Director) in 2019 & 2020. He has been the recipient of several awards including Best Director and Best Screenplay for his short films and was inducted into the prestigious 125th Anniversary Year (2023) Marquis Who's Who for his dedication to the fields of arts, entertainment, and advocacy. Gregory has received writing grants from BMI, ASCAP, the Watershed Foundation and is a member of The Dramatist Guild, the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and a former member of the BMI Musical Theater Workshop. He is the award-winning author of four novels, one nonfiction memoir, two short stories, and four children's books. He has spent over 15 years in arts management and currently is the manager of a theater in Westchester County, New York. Connect With Gregory Website Facebook Instagram LinkedIn    
Were you raised to play it safe because you were afraid to cause others pain? Then, you decide to put on a happy face facade and instead of walking boldly through life, you held yourself back. Leaving the “unspeakable” feelings unspoken, until you finally decide to take a leap that might be your only chance to feel fully alive and to experience your new possibilities of what you are meant to be. In her new book, The Only Way Through Is Out, Suzette Mullen takes you on an introspective, bittersweet, and empowering, journey for coming-out and coming-of-age for every human who is longing to live authentically but is afraid of the cost. About Suzette Suzette Mullen (she/her) is a memoir and nonfiction book coach, retreat leader, and the author of the new memoir The Only Way Through Is Out, published by the University of Wisconsin Press. Her essays have appeared in the New York Times,, among other outlets. As a book coach, Suzette focuses on amplifying the voices of LGBTQ+ writers as she guides them to find their deeper stories and define their big ideas. Suzette made a big leap personally and professionally at midlife and now lives in Pennsylvania with her wife and their rescue pup. Connect With Suzette Website Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
How do you step into an an attitude of being less hateful and more grateful when it comes to Christianity and LGBTQ+ individuals? You step beyond your diversity bias and stop practicing moral exclusions. Out and proud bisexual Amanda Udis-Kessler provides us with insights on how loving others and ourselves is the truest expression of floursing and being more christ like as LGBTQ+ individuals. All of this is explored through the lenses of her new books and spiritual music. About Amanda Amanda Udis-Kessler is a sociologist, writer, songwriter, progressive sacred music composer, and antiracism trainer. She came out as bisexual in 1982 and more recently has been coming out as a progressive Christian, an experience given more urgency by the upcoming (May 2024) publication of her book Abundant Lives: A Progressive Christian Ethic of Flourishing by Pilgrim Press. Find her writing at and her free-use music at   Connect With Amanda Website Music Website    
What do you do when you move from NYC to the Connecticut burbs to create LGBTQ+ Community? You literally create it yourself. Showing us the path on how to do that in any community, is Brian P. McGunagle founder of Westport Pride. Learn how he, his husband and kids are living out loud and proud in a small town community that has even battle the wars of book bans. About Brian Brian is the founder of Westport Pride.  Having moved to Westport with his husband in 2016, he was curious about what the LGBTQ+ community looked like and moreover where they were.  In the fall of 2020, during COVID, he posed these questions to the residents of Westport through a story featured on the popular 06880 blog.  The outpouring was overwhelming, and in 2021, Westport Pride was born. Brian is an active volunteer in Westport and serves on the Board of Directors at Positive Directions, Downtown Plan Implementation Committee, Aspetuck Health District Community Needs Advisory Committee, and The Westport Library Common Ground Initiative.  Brian also represents Westport Pride during TEAM Westport meetings. Brian has spent over 20 years in various senior positions within the financial services, retail energy, and residential real estate sectors.  He holds a bachelor's degree from Trinity College and an MBA from Fordham University.  Though currently on sabbatical, he is also a Postulant for Priesthood with the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Brian lives in Westport with his husband Stephen Gustafson, their two children, several silkie chickens, and their moyen poodle Gracie.  He enjoys gardening, carpentry, and going to Compo Beach in his spare time. Connect With Brian Website Instagram LinkedIn  
From a very young age he knew he was different in spirit, two-spirits to be exact. Yet, he pushed through, did the things that were expected of him, and yet, never lost sight of the essence of who he was. While he left the world of music for a time, the music never left him and the kaleidoscope of his life finally caught back up to him, nudging him back into his passion of music, story telling, and writing about the beauty of being an Indigiqueer artist and creative. Roger Kuhn talks about his two-spirit roots and being as well as talks about his new pop single Kaleidoscope and his new book Somacultural Liberation. About Roger Roger Kuhn’s new single, “Kaleidoscope” - his first since signing with music label, So Fierce Music - is a dance song rooted in classic house and progressive EDM that asks listeners: what do you believe? and what does it mean to be free? For the artist, freedom is pursing his dreams and living his truth, which is why after working as a psychotherapist for the past decade, Kuhn decided to take time away from his practice and prioritize his creative expression once again.  “I love being a music artist,” explains the singer-songwriter whose breakout single from 2008, "What's Your Name," was crowned Song of the Year by the Stonewall Society for the Arts. “Even the lyrics in “Kaleidoscope” reflect on my joy,” Kuhn continues.  “I sing about flying through the sky, never being so high, and how I can’t believe I’m not falling.  That’s who I am when I am performing live or writing songs.  I am living my ultimate purpose and celebrating my authentic self.” Roger Kuhn’s real self includes being a bi-racial, bi-cultural, Two-Spirit Indigiqueer artist.  His father was of German and Russian descent and his mother is a Poarch Creek woman.   He recalls his childhood in rural North Dakota as being a mix of curiosity and wonder where he would spend hours meandering through the forests on the family farm, singing and writing songs.  Sadly, there were moments of horror, too, as his father was an abusive alcoholic who terrorized Roger’s family.  The pain was further exacerbated by the young boy’s feelings of isolation as he began to question his gender and sexual orientation. Roger says his gender is best described as circular, meaning he is not on a fixed binary.   It is the same with his sexuality.   “Gender and sexual orientation can be seen through a kaleidoscopic lens,” he explains.  “When you peer through a kaleidoscope you see multiples shapes, colors, expressions, and beauty, which is what life is like if we allow ourselves to see beyond the ordinary.” Connect With Roger Website Facebook Instagram