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​A sister relentlessly picks on her brother despite their mom's best attempt to make peace between them. Psychologist Becky Kennedy shares advice with a parent who feels out of ideas — and patience.
Got a side hustle and not sure how to handle your money? Financial coach Paco de Leon, author of 'Finance for the People: Getting a Grip on Your Finances,' explains why you should put your freelance funds into a separate bank account and how to prepare yourself for tax season.
What kind of gear should you wear? How cold is too cold? And how do you stay motivated to say, run outdoors, when the weather is dreary? Athlete and activist Alison Mariella Désir, author of Running While Black, and Dr. Kelechi Okoroha, a sports medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic, share their best advice.
This is the story of one particularly devious octopus who lost a limb, was captured by humans — then managed to make an escape from its aquarium tank back into the ocean. This episode comes from our friends at 'Terrestrials,' a podcast presented by Radiolab for Kids.
How helpful are personal connections? When should you send a thank you email? Cynthia Pong, founder and CEO of the career coaching firm Embrace Change, answers questions about how to find a job now.
All Things Considered host Juana Summers interviews Aubrey Gordon, author of the book " 'You Just Need To Lose Weight': And 19 Other Myths About Fat People." Gordon explains how the concept of 'anti-fatness' keeps fat people on the margins of society.
Lowering individual greenhouse emissions may be easier than you think. Here are some New Year's resolutions experts agree have an impact in addressing climate change.
Can you successfully motivate someone else to change? Clinical psychologist Jody Adewale shares advice with a letter writer feels put off by her partner's lack of direction.
Everyone can have a profound connection with a work of art. You just need the right mindset and attitude. Art professionals share tips on how to navigate museums and observe paintings and sculptures.
Life Kit's Andee Tagle talks to networking coach Lynda Peralta about how to present her personal life and her professional life on Instagram. See how her experiment went, then try it out for yourself.
Is your to-do list helping you reach your goals? Or is it holding you back? Productivity experts explain how to level up your list so it prioritizes what matters.
Clear out your clutter

Clear out your clutter


Got piles of stuff you just can't seem to get rid of? Professional organizer Star Hansen explains how to let go of unnecessary items – and keep your home neat and tidy.
Happy New Year! Team members at Life Kit share some of their favorite tips they are looking to trying in 2023, from how to start an art habit to how to get kids to listen better. For more great New Year's resolution ideas, check out
You don't have to be a marathoner or gym rat to get meaningful health benefits from exercise. In fact, that die-hard mentality can actually deter you from getting movement. Here's how to start a fitness routine that you'll actually stick to.
When is the best time to start a new habit? And why are some habits easier to practice than others? Behavioral scientist Katy Milkman, author of 'How to Change,' explains how to get a behavior to stick.
It's the wild card of every big event — the toast. Done well, it can be a memorable highlight. Done badly, it can be a total cringefest. Here's a helpful way to remember how to give a terrific toast, whether it's at a New Year's party or at wedding reception.
If you know someone struggling with despair, depression or thoughts of suicide, you may be wondering how to help. Psychologists and researchers explain how to recognize the warning signs and what to do and say when a loved one is in crisis.
This guide — which comes with a fun brochure you can download and print at home — offers advice on how to pick a film, get outside your comfort zone and deepen your enjoyment of movies.
Want to skip the champagne and cocktails this holiday season? Here's how to take a break from drinking alcohol — including in social settings — and start healthy habits.
Would you ever consider going to therapy with a friend? In this episode from NPR Invisibilia, two best friends — who are so close they call themselves brothers — were drifting apart, so host Yowei Shaw asked psychotherapist Esther Perel to help. This episode was recorded in collaboration with Perel's podcast, Where Should We Begin?
Comments (80)

Angie Livesay

I love Aubrey and Maintenence Phase. Once you realize how deeply anti fat or society is, you see it *everywhere*. movies, TV, books, magazines, etc.

Jan 18th

mohadese kazemzade

چطور میشه ب متنش دسترسی داشت

Dec 25th

Bahareh Davoudi

is it just for me or his voice sounds rather nasal!! not pleasant at all I'm afraid!

Dec 18th


Loved this episode so much when it first aired that I bought Oliver Burkeman's book, Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals. It's an excellent read and I highly recommend it.

Nov 11th

Hans Meier

Like sorry but uninviting a sibling/family from the wedding because they bring a child and a plus one is just rude.

Nov 11th

Dapper D

So you should rename this podcast, "Life help or immature Valley girls"

Sep 20th

Megan Burk

the art on this is amazing

Aug 31st

Saman Sarraf

Finally... something worthwhile for people's material lives out of NPR instead of the sameold platitudes for the everyday consumerism of the American brunch-class.

Jul 14th

The Diet of Common Sense Podcast

Start by cooking your own food, make a grocery list, don't go shopping when you're hungry to prevent impulse buying, track your expenses. Here are more ideas on the subject:

May 22nd


Loved this episode, will definitely be putting a fair chunk of it to use (in a "I have basically no money to spend on it" way 😅) #TIL @nprlifekit The fact that I've already decided to learn to do my own #tailoring since I was recently gifted a sewing machine will hopefully help ^_^

Apr 11th


Really great episode, I've certainly noticed that after hours of binging YouTube I often feel "bleh" but now I have a much better understanding of why. @nprlifekit

Apr 9th

Erin Nelson


Apr 5th


Very, very interesting. Something I had never really thought about but now that I have, it's making me think quite deeply 🤔

Feb 3rd


Nice episode!

Jan 5th

Donna Morris

Quite inspiring!

Dec 6th


Great episode, I just wish I had this info before my great-grandmother passed, but I'll be sure to make use of it with the #family that's still living 😊 #lifetips #thankful

Nov 23rd

Donna Morris

Daylight savings time vs standard time messes up my sleep, wake times. Plus my father worked shift work, so as a child my schedule changed weekly. As a natural night owl, my sleep, wake schedule is completely screwed up.

Nov 4th

Tony Zac

I work in a company that has a 9/80 schedule. what that means that in a 2 week period, first week we work Mon-Thur 9 hrs each day, Friday 8 hrs (Total 44hrs. No OT pay.) Then second week, Mon-Thur 9 hrs each day and then have Friday off (36 hrs for that week). A total of 80hrs worked in the 2 week paid period. I feel like adding that extra hour at the end of each day to benefit the fact of having a Friday off every other week without losing work time is totally worth it. That extra "Day Off" does make a difference in my work life I would say, I can choose to dedicate my day off of work on my start up business or simply relax and spend more time with my kids. I would encourage employers to give it a try with their company. As soon as my business take hold I'm most definitely going to apply that.

Oct 11th


Nice list of SciFi and Fantasy books that I haven't read yet but sound good! 😀

Aug 27th

Lenor Dolker

I prefer Dave Ramsey's way instead. family should only have a joint account, a lifelong commitment and openness. I can even imagine marrying a guy, who says "your" or "my" money!

Aug 17th
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