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As an entrepreneur or sales representative, your primary goal is to increase your sales and achieve your targets. However, this can be challenging in today's competitive market. With the mission to help others to sell better and generate more income by providing valuable insights and strategies, Elyse Archer founded She Sells. Elyse's experience as a sales professional and her passion for personal development inspired her to create She Sells, which offers coaching and training programs to help individuals succeed in their careers.In this episode of Limitless, Elyse shares her mission to help others reach their full potential, hit the sales and income goals they desire and achieve success as they define it. She explains the advantages of pursuing success from the inside out and how it can positively impact your life and business.IN THIS LIMITLESS PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL LEARNHow to turn your annual income into your monthly income just like Elyse didHow to overcome hidden money blocks that are holding you back from achieving your sales and income goalsHow women can sell more when they stop trying to fit in someone else’s boxHow to feel more comfortable and confident when sellingJoin the Waitlist for Frankly Co.: Frankly Co. resources: more about She Sells with Elyse on LinkedIn: Elyse on Instagram:
Navigating the start-up world can be an exhilarating experience, but it can also be a challenging journey. It is fast-paced and constantly evolving, demanding a unique set of skills from founders. Founders understand the necessity of raising funds and the benefits of leveraging the additional skill-set, network and expertise of the investors they raise funds from. They also understand the time commitment, stress and challenges that arise during the fundraising process. Kelly Lyons created her company to help ease that stress and minimize the difficulty in closing funding rounds. When it comes to successfully raising funds for a start-up, having a strong narrative and transparent financials that are clearly communicated in a compelling pitch deck can make all the difference. Without them, even the most promising ideas can fall short and fail to raise the funding needed to grow. This is where experts like Kelly come in. Kelly founded Lyonshare, combining her expertise in crafting compelling stories and her financial background from years of working in investment banking, to help her clients secure over $2B in funding. She helps entrepreneurs figure out what makes their companies investible and retell their stories in a way that resonates with target investors all while clearly laying out their financial projections. In this episode of Limitless, Kelly shares how start-ups can increase their chances of raising investor funds.IN THIS LIMITLESS PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL LEARNThe strategies Kelly has used to help her clients secure over $2 billion in fundingHow to land investor meetingsHow to increase your chances of getting funded once a meeting is securedThe financials needed in your pitch deck and how to forecast themHow to manage investor relations post raiseWhat the different stages of fundraising are and what metrics you need for each of themJoin the Waitlist for Frankly Co.: Frankly Co. resources: the Lyonshare website: with Kelly on LinkedIn: Kelly on Instagram:
After seeing a viral Youtube Video, while at work,  of a 29-year-old woman hearing her own voice for the first time, Bridget Hilton knew she wanted to recreate that joy in that video over and over again. She sent it to her friend Joe, who had done philanthropic work, cashed out her 401k, worth $5,000,  from Universal Music Group, and quit. She high-fived Joe and hopped on a plane to China, without a business plan or any idea how the electronics industry worked to source products for their idea, without even considering they were going up against some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Apple and Sony.Starting out by filling her apartment’s kitchen with inventory and making their own packaging from purchases at Michael’s craft store, LSTN then grew to 8 figures, partnering with companies such as Delta, Google, Spotify, Wyndham, Virgin, and Amazon. Most importantly, Bridget and Joe donated over a million dollars, traveled to 36 countries, and helped over 50,000 people receive hearing aids through their charitable partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation.In this episode of Limitless, Bridget shares her journey of how she created the first social enterprise company in the electronics industry, and the experiences along the way that caused her to create The Experiential Billionaire Movement, an inspirational movement dedicated to experiencing more and regretting less. From traveling the world helping others hear for the first time, to sharing the stage with Sir Richard Branson and U.S. Presidents, to turning herself into, as she calls it “an experiential guinea pig”, Bridget has truly experienced it all, while growing an 8 figure company that delivers true impact and having a whole lot of fun along the way.IN THIS LIMITLESS PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL LEARNHow to create a positive impact on others through your company How to strategically position your company against the big-name competitors in the market How the power of belief can potentially transform your life Why experiences are the real wealth in our livesHow patience is key in landing major partnershipsLINKS FROM THIS EPISODEJoin the waitlist for Frankly Co.: Frankly Co. resources: with Bridget on LinkedIn: Bridget on Instagram: the LSTN Sound Co. website: Follow LSTN Sound Co. on Twitter: Visit the Experiential Billionaire website:
You have the power to lead your own life. Your predicament, your circumstances, your naysayers do not define your destiny. Since every action begets a reaction, every step you take matters. If you dream of running your own business, you have to be clear about where you are and where you want to be, so you can fill in the gaps by dancing with every opportunity and overcoming every adversity.Lia Valencia Key lived in a homeless shelter for years. Her mother shared with her multiple bits of wisdom that lit a fire in her, helping her see that even though she was surrounded by poverty, that did not have to remain her reality. Her remarkable story took many twists and turns before bringing her to where she is now: creating “wearable joy” through Valencia Key Jewelry to remind people that everything is truly possible when you believe. Her jewelry has been featured in Oprah Magazine’s Favorite Things Issue and Lia was a keynote speaker at Jamie Kern Lima’s “Becoming Unstoppable: Believe It” event, sharing the stage with life changing greats such as Robin Roberts, Ed Mylett, Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi, and Tony Robbins. In this week’s Limitless episode, Lia shares how she infuses her sunshine and joy into every piece of jewelry she designs and how she aims to shine a light on everyone who feels lost so they can pursue their dreams with no fear and no doubt.IN THIS LIMITLESS PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL LEARNHow to stay motivated in reaching your goals despite the hurdlesHow to lead your own life by taking small action steps towards your dreamHow to acknowledge where you are in life and use that awareness to do what’s necessary to get to your desired destinationThe importance of following through and finishing what you started so you can move forward in every endeavor.RESOURCES: Visit the Valencia Key website and use promo code Limitless for 20% off: Join the Waitlist for Frankly Co.: Frankly Co. resources: with Lia on LinkedIn: Lia on Instagram:
Being an entrepreneur has its tricky parts. Sometimes when you get caught up in the process of growing your business, you inevitably skip some essential steps that can protect you from legal issues in the long run, such as trademarking your business, registering your business in a state that can benefit you as you scale, having a proper privacy policy and terms and conditions, and contracts that are written with terms that benefit you with partners, vendors and clients, just to name a few.If you’re asking yourself, “do I need a lawyer for my business? When do I need to hire one?” you’re in luck, because in this week’s Limitless episode, Linda Kagan, founder of Kagan Law Group, tells us what to watch out for in the legal side of the business, so you can avoid getting burned later and focus solely on your growth and success.IN THIS LIMITLESS PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL LEARNThe importance of having a trademark, when to trademark, and how The ways to protect your business from legal issues and ensure you have a solid foundation for long-term growthHow to establish accountability for your employees, vendors, contractors, and clients from the start by having a properly written contractWhether you should file to change the state of formation and legal structure from LLC to C CorpWhen it is time for you to hire an attorney for your business and whether you should hire a firm/outside counsel, in-house general counsel, or bothRESOURCES:Join the Waitlist for Frankly Co.More Frankly Co. resourcesConnect with Linda on LinkedInVisit the Kagan Law Group website
When it comes to looking for investors, founders often make the rookie mistake of creating projections around guesses instead of doing intensive customer research. We often think of ourselves as the customer and we build our plan around that instead of asking other people what their experiences, pain points, and needs are.Now, you need to have a good action plan when you’re pitching to venture capitalists, and you need to have at least six months' worth of money in the bank. These are some of the tips that Supernode Ventures Managing Partner Laurel Touby shares in this week’s Limitless episode.She successfully exited her own startup in 2011, selling it for $23 million, and she is here to give you some expert advice on how to fundraise your business.IN THIS LIMITLESS PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL LEARNHow to be a modern-day founder by being realistic in the environment you’re in so you can start creating achievable milestonesHow to strategically plan ahead so you’ll attract the right investors who will help you grow your businessHow to be a resilient founder in your journey to successRESOURCESAsk Frankly Co. your most pressing business questions and get answers now: Frankly Co. resources: with Laurel on LinkedIn: Laurel on Twitter: the Supernode Ventures website: Supernode Ventures on Twitter:
In recent years, optimizing search engines and social media platforms have become a big advantage to businesses. Search Engine Optimization is now a vital factor in increasing chances of discoverability and sales conversions in the digital realm. With rapidly changing algorithms, the digital marketing industry can be tricky. However, with experts by your side, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve and effectively navigate through these trends and algorithms.Veronica Fielding is the Founder and CEO of Digital Brand Expressions. Her team is marked as an industry leader, the expert’s expert, having more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing. In this episode of Limitless, she shares how to optimize your SEO and digital content to reach and retain more customers.IN THIS LIMITLESS PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL LEARNHow digital marketing works and how you can use it to your advantageHow to strategically position your social media platformsHow to optimize your websites and social media platforms for higher chances of discoverability RESOURCESAsk Frankly Co. your most pressing business questions and get answers now: Frankly Co. resources: the Digital Brand Expressions website: with Veronica on LinkedIn: with Digital Brand Expressions on LinkedIn: Veronica on Twitter:
When we’re too busy running our business, we sometimes miss out on practices that can save us a whole lot of money. We inevitably become blind to certain charges from banks and merchant payment processors. As long as transactions are smooth, we take the charges as they are.Many companies are taken advantage of because the payment solutions being offered to them aren’t long-term. What every entrepreneur needs is to be educated about how to save costs so they can make informed decisions based on accurate data.Karena Bell, founder and CEO of Turtle Bay Payment Solutions joins us this week on the Limitless Podcast to share the best tips on identifying the best payment services you need to support your business’s growth.IN THIS LIMITLESS PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL LEARNHow to determine the most suitable payment processors for your businessHow to make more informed decisions that contribute to your company’s successHow to save company costs by finding out where you’re paying too muchRESOURCESAsk Frankly Co. your most pressing business questions and get answers now: Frankly Co. resources: with Karena on LinkedIn: with Turtle Bay Payment Solutions on LinkedIn: Karena on Instagram:
Finding the right people to work with can be a pain. Sometimes you get a person whose skill set is perfect, but isn’t quite aligned with your company culture. There are times you find someone who seems like the right fit, but doesn’t have enough credentials. How do you even know if you need a project-based freelancer, or if the job requires a full-time employee? So many factors are to be considered when hiring somebody for your business.“Do you know someone who does —?” We know this question all too well, because we get this a lot on social media. If you do crowdsourcing on the internet, chances are you’ll be sifting through a high volume of applications, most of which have been referred by friends and strangers.Elizabeth Eiss is an expert in recruiting quality freelancers. She founded Results Resourcing, a company that connects businesses to freelancers. In this Limitless Episode, she shares her expertise in people profiling and matching companies with freelancers who not only have the best skill set, but are purpose-driven and results-oriented.IN THIS LIMITLESS PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL LEARNHow to save time in recruiting by getting expert advice instead of doing crowdsourcing on your ownHow to find the right candidates for your businessHow to specifically define the role your company requires to ensure you’re led to the person you needHow to identify core work and non-core work, so you’ll know if the role requires a project-based freelancer or a full-time employeeRESOURCESAsk Frankly Co. your most pressing business questions and get answers now: Frankly Co. resources: the Results Resourcing website: with Elizabeth on LinkedIn:
As a female entrepreneur, have you thought about the exit strategy for your business? Are you looking for an acquisition, an IPO, do you have your own succession plan? For an acquisition, it is important to think through how much your business is worth today, how much you would like to sell it for, and what the transition will be like once it’s been sold.Before even going through your current valuation and your desired valuation at an exit, think about who you would like to sell to and why they should buy your company. Your company should address your ideal buyer’s company needs, and at the same time, your buyer has to be the right fit for you, your vision, your ethos, and your culture.Carri Nicholson is an expert in laying the foundations for a successful business exit on your terms. She’s a Mentor, Advisor, Consultant and Entrepreneur, also known as The Leader Whisperer, who creates the best possible outcome for founders who are looking to sell their companies at their desired valuation.IN THIS LIMITLESS PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL LEARNHow to come up with an accurate and desirable exit valuation for your companyHow to exercise your right as a CEO to speak directly to your peer, the CEO of the other company you wish to sell toHow to find the right buyer to sell your company toHow to plan for a successful exit Ask Frankly Co. your most pressing business questions and get answers now: Frankly Co. resources: Carri Nicholson’s official website: with Carri on LinkedIn:
These days, it’s hard to imagine life without the internet. Streaming services and social media have taken over the digital world, and it’s every digital creator’s need to market their content in the most impactful way possible.It takes more than a social media account to market your content. That’s why Cassie Petrey co-founded Crowd Surf, a digital marketing company providing specialized services to a roster of artists, musicians and influential people.Their team has worked with some of the biggest artists of all time, such as Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Fifth Harmony and Guns N Roses. In this Limitless episode, she tells us how she started out as a humble college representative at Warner Music Group, and through continuously putting her heart into her work and through creating lasting connections with people in the music industry, she built a business that is now one of the most in-demand digital marketing companies in the world.IN THIS LIMITLESS PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL LEARNHow hard work and perseverance can lead you to greater opportunitiesHow meeting people and spending time with them can help you understand what they need and how you can help themHow great relationships with clients and contractors are an integral part of any type of businessHow to adapt to current social media trends and apply digital marketing strategies that work best for those trendsAsk Frankly Co. your most pressing business questions and get answers now: Frankly Co. resources: the Crowd Surf website: with Cassie on LinkedIn: with Crowd Surf on LinkedIn: Cassie on Instagram: Cassie on Twitter:
Trauma is a fact of life; everyone everywhere has it. Traumatic experiences may not be our fault, but healing from them is our responsibility. Getting to the root cause of “what happened to you,” instead of thinking “what’s wrong with you,” is essential to your healing. Doing the inner work requires your full commitment in order to take ownership of your future.In 2018, Lauren Zoeller was running a successful business, had a partner she adored and to anyone on the outside looking in, life was pretty perfect. But three phone calls brought her to her rock bottom. The first phone call was from her boyfriend’s mother, telling her he was going back to rehab for the sixth time that year. The second phone call was from her  CPA who said he was dropping her as a client because her business was $30,000 in the red and he saw “no hope” for her future. The third phone call was from her doctor telling her that test results came back showing potential cancer. That day Lauren made a choice to face the healing she was ignoring and found somatic therapy to be the most successful healing modality. The results were better, faster and created permanent change than traditional therapy, meditation, coaching and other healing modalities. This work created a ripple effect and transformed every area of her life. She then went from $30,000 in the red in her business to generating $30,000 a month in her business. Lauren Zoeller is the founder of The Aligned Love Experience, and an expert in reparenting, generational healing and somatic experiencing. In this Limitless Podcast episode, she tells us how she turned her chaos into an opportunity to rise up and fulfill her mission: to help people find alignment, fulfillment and clarity in their relationships with themselves and with others.IN THIS LIMITLESS PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL LEARNHow somatic experiencing can lead to breakthroughs of healing past traumas.How to view struggles as opportunities to grow, push forward and fulfill your purpose.The importance of doing the inner work in order to improve the relationships you attract and the life you want to lead.Ask Frankly Co. your most pressing business questions and get answers now: Frankly Co. resources: Lauren’s website: Lauren on Instagram: Lauren on Twitter:
Why do some videos go viral and some don’t? You could be constantly creating content thinking that going viral is something unpredictable, that it could happen to any video you make at any time. The thing is, not all viral videos actually went viral by accident. If you’re wondering what you can do to optimize your content so it’ll have more chances to go viral and reach your potential audience, think of these 2 things: Intentionality and strategy.Your content has to be intentional. You have to avoid haphazard posting and hoping something sticks. You have to be strategic with creating content that your audience is more likely to engage with, and it also helps to know what time they’re usually active on social media.These are a few of the many things that Hilary Billings has learned over the years of creating viral content that helped her gain over a billion views in the past year alone, 20M likes, 850k followers on Tiktok and that helped businesses she has worked with build their audience as well. She founded Attentioneers, a creative agency that helps brands and their partners drive exponential audience growth through viral content. Her team has created proven content strategies that catch people’s attention and increase engagement tenfold. The results? Their clients get 20 times more video views, 248 times more likes, and 13 times more comments. IN THIS LIMITLESS PODCAST EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN1. How viral videos work, and how important “watch time” is on every video you create2. How intentionality can lead to virality if the correct execution and strategies are in place3. How to craft your videos to match the social media platform you’re posting them to4. How TikTok has proven to be more effective than other platforms in terms of engagement and sales conversionsJoin the Frankly Co. Community: https://franklyco.comAttentioneers website: https://www.attentioneers.comHilary’s personal website: with Hilary on LinkedIn: Hilary on Instagram:
Most start-up businesses fail within two to five years. Ever wondered what their common mistake is? One word: Misalignment. They are not aligning the expertise they need to their business strategy. Business owners have to take a step back and check what is working, what they want to be doing more of, what isn’t working, what they want to be doing less of, what they want to start doing and what those action items are, so they can scale faster and more efficiently. Kareen Zahr Walsh is a growth catalyst. She helps companies grow through revamping their strategies and aligning them with their business goals. She built her strategic growth consulting and advisory company, Revampologist, to help entrepreneurs align their people, processes, and technology under the right strategy and leadership to best scale their business with ease. Revampologist website: with Kareen on LinkedIn: Kareen on Instagram:’s website:’s Retrospective Exercise:
Our world will be a better place if we help each other out more. There are times when we’re too focused on our own plans, we forget to nurture relationships with people in the community, but it is through solid connections that we discover greater opportunities together and grow together.Reda Hicks, has taught multiple communities how to treat each other as resources. She found a way for entrepreneurs to create new revenue streams for their businesses through her free platform GotSpot, while also helping entrepreneurs looking for space easily and affordably rent it as they need it. It’s like AirBnB, but for short-term space rentals for your business.GotSpot website: with Reda on LinkedIn: Reda on Twitter: GotSpot on Instagram:
We crave sweets for many reasons. It may be because we’re stressed out, or we want to celebrate a small win, or we want to finish strong after a savory meal, or perhaps we want to munch while binge-watching something. Let’s face it. Sweets are a part of everyday life, and not to mention the guilt that we feel after eating them.Sweets are not always the healthiest, so we limit them or feel “unhealthy” after we occasionally indulge. But dBut did you know that there’s a perfect alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling any guilt afterwards? Mayssa Chehata founded BEHAVE, a company that makes all-natural, low-sugar and keto-friendly sweets. She built a business around her love for sweets, while also keeping another goal in mind, to promote ; promoting healthier eating habits.BEHAVE does not only promote healthier candy options. T, their company culture also encourages fun and excitement among the team, which makes every employee feel valued. Mayssa’s passion has created a new and healthier way to enjoy sweets and a wonderful environment for her team. to grow together.IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARNHow to turn your passion into a profitable businessHow to create a healthier company cultureHow to shift your mind to see more of possibilities instead of worrying about risksHow important it is to surround yourself with supportive people who believe in you and your passionBEHAVE website: with Mayssa on LinkedIn - Mayssa on Twitter - Mayssa on Instagram - Resources Mayssa Shared in The Episode:Manufacturers:: ePac for packagingName of the pop up shop: Pop Up GrocerPR firm: Jennifer Bett CommunicationsLaw firm: Amin Talati for FDA regulatoryOther: "I used the Create and Cultivate Facebook Group to connect with a handful of freelancers and creatives I worked with in the early days, e.g. designers who helped me with the v1 packaging. It was a great resource and a great way to find female creatives. And LinkedIn really is your best friend"
You may think that you can only be happy if you are in a positive situation and if everything is working out and going according to plan. But did you know that you can still find happiness in difficult situations? Pursuing your purpose and redefining your happiness can sometimes mean stepping outside of your comfort zone in order for you to grow, whether by starting a new business, changing careers, or leaving a toxic relationship or friendship.Happiness is what Renée Bauer advocates for. She’s an award-winning divorce lawyer and the founder of She Who Wins, where women are empowered to be their best selves and create their own “happily ever after” despite the hurdles and the struggles they’ve been through.Renée’s website - with Renée on LinkedIn - Renée on Twitter - Renée on Twitter - Renée on Instagram -
Technology has changed the way we consume all types of information. It has redefined every aspect of life in the 21st century, and that includes healthcare.Dr. Laura Purdy, the COO and Co-Founder of MD Integrations aims to reshape the future of healthcare through technology. Her experience in being a military physician taught her to always think ahead, to see the vision of the future and come up with ways to enhance, improve and innovate.Now, she and her team connect providers with patients through their best-in-class telemedicine portal. Together, they address the discrepancies in healthcare, creating a virtual care space that is more accessible and more time-efficient for telehealth providers, doctors, and patients.Connect with Dr. Laura on Linkedin - Integrations on LinkedIn - Integrations Website - with Dr. Laura on Instagram -
The military community is filled with a goldmine of makers, creators and entrepreneurs. That being said, military families sometimes find it hard to follow their dreams and get the support they need in pursuing something they love because of constantly moving from one place to another.Being a military spouse didn’t stop Monica Fullerton from pursuing her passion for business. She founded Spouse-ly, which is a mission-driven platform that markets products and services made by military spouses across the US. Spouse-ly has enabled numerous spouses to follow their dreams no matter where the military life takes them, as well as support other families in the community. Now every military spouse has more career flexibility and stability.Every dollar spent creates a lasting impact, and at Spouse-ly, all purchases go a bit farther, which is part of the reason why Monica has been able to scale it so quickly. LINKS FROM THE EPISODEConnect with Monica on Linkedin - Monica on Instagram - Website -
What do all successful businesses in 2022 have in common? They all do content marketing. They create content that’s helpful to their audience, content that solves problems and adds value to people’s lives.With all the content being shared on the internet, you may think it’s hard to build your online presence and be noticed by the people you want to reach. So before you start creating content, you have to keep this in mind: BE SPECIFIC. Be specific with what the content is about, who it’s meant to help, and what words to use so that people can find you when they search for you on different platforms.This week’s Limitless episode features Kelsey Raymond, the CEO of Influence & Co., and she has super valuable tips for everyone who wants to build their audience and boost their online presence by creating quality content.Connect with Kelsey on Linkedin - Kelsey on Twitter - & Co. Website -
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