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Living Lizzie - A Very McGuire Podcast
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Living Lizzie - A Very McGuire Podcast

Author: Jake Thomas

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Jake Thomas (Matt McGuire) and Davida Williams (Claire) relive their time on the hit 2000s show Lizzie McGuire. Each installment covers an episode of the original Disney Channel series. Support this podcast:
12 Episodes
Call me Bond. Matt Bond. Let's all take the bus to Lizzie's school in this episode of "Lizzie's Nightmare" where wouldn't you know it, Matt shows up and wreaks havoc. --- Support this podcast:
Fore!!! Grab your putter and handcuff your friends so they don't miss a second of this episode covering S1E17 "Sibling Bonds". --- Support this podcast:
Join us for this iconic episode with an iconic guest, Dad/Sam McGuire himself, Robert Carradine! --- Support this podcast:
Join us as we revisit season 1 episode 7, the unforgettable "Here Comes Aaron Carter." 2000s crushes, summer camp antics, and epic music videos. Hop in as we revisit this super nostalgic episode! --- Support this podcast:
Lizzie babysits Matt and Dad doesn't trust her. Also, lawn gnomes are very dangerous. --- Support this podcast:
We're back! This time we cover season 1 episode 5 "I've Got Rhythmic", eat wasabi, and realize that Lizzie had no chill. Also, we're moving episode releases to every other week! --- Support this podcast:
This week we cover episode 20 "Educating Ethan" with special guest, Ethan Craft himself, Clayton Snyder! --- Support this podcast:
Episode 5 - Election

Episode 5 - Election


We're going a bit out of order! Ahh! It's fine, the original series did that all the time. In this episode, Lizzie gets into the super fun world of politics. Meanwhile we talk with Matt's co-star from this episode! --- Support this podcast:
Episode 4 - Pool Party

Episode 4 - Pool Party


This episode covers "Pool Party" aka PILOT. That's right, this was the actual first episode of the series! Also, lets cringe over our teenage decision-making. --- Support this podcast:
Lizzie goes on a field trip that Mom ends up chaperoning, and Matt and Dad have to make dinner? Also, what makes a good Lizzie episode? Did the reboot have those features? --- Support this podcast:
Jake and Davida talk about season 1 episode 2, "Picture Day," where Lizzie has to prep to take her school photo, while Matt pretends to be sick to skip school. Also, Mandela effect?! --- Support this podcast:
Episode 1 - Rumors

Episode 1 - Rumors


Jake and Davida go over episode 1 of Lizzie McGuire. What do we remember? Also questions from the audience! --- Support this podcast: