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Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne

Author: Corinne Crabtree

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Tired of starting your diet over every Monday and ending up at the drive-thru by Wednesday? Have you ever thought, "I know what to do I just don't know WHY I don't do it?"

If that's you then you need Corinne who lost 100lbs. She gets what it is like to be overweight and feel defeated. She did a complete mental and physical transformation and teaches you how to do the EXACT same thing.

In this podcast, we don’t focus on doing things that lead to yo-yo dieting, like counting calories, weight watchers, time-consuming workouts or extremely low-carb diets. Instead, you’ll learn practical tools that have helped 1000s of women lose weight from someone just like you telling you like it is each week. No sugar coating here!

For show notes, her free video weight loss course, blogs and more, visit Corinne is changing the weight loss industry, cutting the crap diet advice and telling you exactly how to lose weight and keep it off.

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Today on the podcast you'll meet Adia -- one of the many No BS women who's lost 100 pounds and kept it off for years. When you're desperate to lose weight, it's important to know that it IS possible. And sometimes, hearing from women like you is the exact kick in the ass you need to get going. So check out today's episode -- 100 Pounds Down: Adia's Inspiring No BS Weightloss Story. Adia joined No BS to lose weight. But what she learned inside the membership changed every part of her life. Today, she's sharing: The powerful realization that changed how she saw herself The mindset shift that helped her stay committed Everything she gained from No BS beyond weightloss Did Adia lose her weight perfectly? No! She didn't even start trying until months after joining No BS. But lasting weightloss doesn't require you to be perfect. You only have to keep showing up. If you're just starting out or struggling with weightloss, listen to today's episode. Adia's story will inspire you to keep going. Because you can do it, too. Get started losing weight for the last time at
Have you ever daydreamed about the future version of you? You're at goal weight. You're wearing clothes you've always wanted to wear. Maybe you've become a walker or a runner. Your life is perfect. But then you wake up. You feel so far away from "future you" that you feel unmotivated. Like you'll never get there. That's because you think losing weight will magically make everything right in your life. But here’s the truth: losing weight is great, but it doesn't change many of the things you're struggling with today. Listen to this episode -- Why Weightloss Isn't a Fix All -- for why setting a goal weight isn't enough. You need to think about your goal LIFE. And today, I'll share how. You'll learn: Why weightloss alone won’t solve all your problems Simple, actionable ways you can think about your future self How to set a goal life that excites you (even if your goal weight feels far off) Real-life strategies for handling the ups and downs of life without relying on food If you’re trying to lose weight and every day feels hard, this episode is for you. I’ll teach you how to lose weight the way you want to live your life. Because you deserve more than a goal weight. You deserve a goal life. Get started today at
Have you done all the things to “get ready” to lose weight? Like: Google all the diets Listen to podcasts Follow fitness influencers And now you're waiting for Tinker Bell to sprinkle you with motivation dust to get started. Let me hit you with some truth: that bitch ain't comin'. That's not how weightloss works. You don't magically get motivated and then lose weight. For how it really works, listen to today's episode -- The Truth About Weightloss and Motivation. I'm sharing the very first step in lasting weightloss. For YEARS I sat around waiting for motivation...until I finally tried something different. Today, you'll hear what my first steps looked like. They weren't pretty. But guess what? They worked. You don’t have to overhaul your life to lose weight. But you do have to start. Listen in today for your first step. Lose up to 10lbs this month. Visit to get started.
"It's not hard. Eat less and move more."  Have people in your life given you weightloss "advice" like this? And did you think, "No shit, Sherlock! If it were that easy, I'd be at my goal weight."  Losing weight can be lonely. It was for me. Partners and friends who haven't struggled with their weight just don't get it. Because food is much more than "fuel" or "calories" to you. It's comfort. It's a break in your long-ass day. Sometimes, it feels like the only joy in your life. You might think, "If they would understand and support me, I could lose weight." Wrong. Waiting on support from people who don't get it will keep you stuck. I share why in today's episode. And, what to do instead for lasting weightloss. Join No BS and lose up to 10lbs this month:
Do you ever think: "I can't ever lose weight. I'm doing it all wrong" "Everyone at work will find out I have no idea what I'm doing" "I should love my body, but I'm just disgusting" You're not broken for having thoughts like this. And you're not alone. It's normal for women to have these thoughts. From a young age, your brain absorbed TONS of messages about what is expected of women. How you "should" and "should not" think, feel, look, etc. It's obvious where some of these messages came from. For years, magazines, TV shows, and social media posts only showed one type of woman (thin and perfect). But some of the messages you received weren't as obvious. Like only seeing men in leadership roles. Or feeling pressured by your family to get married. These "unspoken" messages also impacted you. Get ready to learn how these messages hold you back in life and in weightloss. Today, I interview Master Certified Coach and podcast powerhouse Kara Loewentheil. She wrote a new book: "Take Back Your Brain: How A Sexist Society Gets In Your Head - And How to Get It Out." Kara is a master at helping women understand how they've been socialized -- and what they can do about it. Listen to Take Back Your Brain with Kara Loewentheil to discover: The 2 brain gaps that hold us back The importance of normalizing our "bad" thoughts Simple ways you can start to unwind harmful messages Knowing all of this can be a game changer for weightloss. I didn't lose my weight until I stopped talking to myself like an asshole. But, back then, I didn't know WHY I was so mean to myself. In today's episode, Kara helps you understand why you always make yourself wrong. Or feel like everything is your fault. Or have a hard time trusting yourself and making decisions. And, most importantly, how to take back your brain so you can live your life as the badass woman you are.   Get the Free Course here:
Do you ever have these thoughts when you're trying to lose weight: "It's gonna be so hard"  "I just lack control" "It's not easy for me" "I'm gonna have to be uncomfortable" And if you have these thoughts, does that mean you're a bad person who's doomed to never lose weight?  NO! It's normal to have shitty thoughts. Stop making yourself wrong for having them.  So what can you do about them?  Listen to today's episode -- "Transforming Self-Doubt into Weightloss." I share 4 ways you can listen to -- and accept -- your "bad" thoughts instead of: Beating yourself up for having them Waiting until they "stop" (because they won't) Eating to silence them There ain't enough food in the world to shut up the inner critic. So stop trying.  Tune in to discover how to pause and hear your hard thinking. And what to start doing when you hear it, so you can lose your weight for good.    Get the Free Course here:
Weightloss isn't just about what you eat. It's also about what you THINK.  I tried a million things to lose weight and keep it off. But nothing worked until I stopped talking to myself like an asshole. If you're used to giving yourself mental beat-downs, you need this podcast episode. I share the "3 Keys to Feeling Better, One Thought at a Time." And I'm not out here talking about positive affirmations or mantras. That shit doesn't work.  I'm talking about changing your thinking in simple, realistic ways. Because our thoughts need to be believable, or they won't stick.  Listen in for specific examples of how to level up thoughts like: "My body is disgusting" "I hate myself when I screw up"  "I don't like my legs" (This is a thought I have) You're not "bad" if you have thoughts like these. It's normal. The problem comes in when you ONLY think these kinds of thoughts and don't ever question or change them.  To get some relief from talking to yourself like an asshole -- and lose weight -- check out this episode right now. Get the Free Course here:
You CAN make mistakes and lose weight. Here's how. How many times have you tried to lose weight by telling yourself: "It's time to get serious. On Monday, I'm starting keto/ Whole 30/ Weight Watchers and THIS TIME, I'm going to do it perfectly." There are so many things wrong with that thought. But let's start with this: You ain't got to be perfect to lose weight! In fact, it's impossible. You WILL make mistakes along your weightloss journey. And you WILL still lose weight as long you don't: Talk to yourself like an asshole when you "screw up." Say "fuck it" and turn a small mistake into a tsunami of eating. Give up because you didn't do it "100%." There's a better way. Listen to today's episode Why We Screw Up When We Really Want to Lose Weight to discover: What I did when I started losing my weight. The four phases you WILL go through as you lose weight. How to keep going when you make a "mistake." If you tell yourself you have to be perfect to lose weight, you're making it so much harder than it needs to be. Tune in today for how to make weightloss easier. Get the Free Course here:
"Calories in, calories out." "Food is fuel." "Count points/calories/macros/etc. to lose weight." These are weightloss myths the diet industry wants you to believe. And sure, if you restrict what you eat, you'll lose some weight. Until you can't stand it anymore and eat all the things. Because here's the truth the diet industry won't tell you. If you don't address WHY you overeat, you'll never lose weight and keep it off. In today's episode, Why We Keep Overeating (And How to Fix It), you'll discover 6 things you're really hungry for—and none of them is a donut. If you overeat, there's probably something missing in your life. There sure as hell was in mine! I struggled a lot, especially as a new mom. And I used food to cope. To finally lose all my weight, I had to figure out what I really needed. Things like connection, self-compassion, and relaxation. Tune in today for common reasons you overeat. And simple things you can do to meet those needs without reaching for food. So, like me, you can lose weight and start living your best life.   Get the Free Course here:
Today you're getting another sneak peek inside the membership. It's a full Weightloss Q&A session with me and my members. Listen in for how I tackle their issues with real talk. And I don't overcomplicate weightloss, unlike a lot of bullshit diets. You'll hear relatable topics like: How to handle hunger when it's extreme in some parts of the day but not others. I give advice on how to handle it and share how I handle my own hunger during the day. Why low carb is NOT the answer for most women. I get fiery with this one, y'all. Whether or not you have to eat less and less to keep losing weight. What to do with gurus who highlight only "one way" to eat during and after menopause. How to deal with a big disappointment in life, and What to do when you feel like you "should" eat when everyone else is eating (but you're not hungry).  There's a shit-ton of helpful tips you can take away from this episode.  To join the No BS Weightloss Program, visit
Have you ever had a moment where it's like time stands still? You caught yourself in the mirror, saw a picture of yourself, or maybe had a moment when you felt absolutely defeated. It made you think, "Damn, I need to lose weight." But you've tried so many times. You know you need to do something. But WHAT? I've been there. I remember my rock-bottom moment. I was 250-plus pounds, depressed as all get out, trying to get my shit together because something had to give. On today's episode, I share how I started my journey and exactly what you can do to start yours. I give you seven FREE things you can do right now to start losing weight. I know you might not believe you can do it. I've been there. But I believe in you. So take a listen and let me help.   Lose Weight this Week - Get the Free Course here:
You may know what you need to do to lose weight, but it's thoughts like these that get in the way of your weightloss.  Today, you'll hear a masterclass (with a side of ass-kicking) on how to deal with stuff like this and keep losing weight.  Listen in for how to: Stop beating yourself up because it's normal not to feel like it Know the difference between not wanting to and not being able to Motivate yourself when you don't want to Quit "shoulding" all over yourself Get into action even if you're overwhelmed So sit back, relax, and pretend you're a member of No BS. And if you're ready to take your weightloss to the next level by becoming a member, visit You'll get weekly trainings, live coaching, baller courses, and a community of women you won't find anywhere else.   Get the Free Course here:
Do you... around the clock? ...take care of everybody but you? ...always think you should be doing more? ...feel guilty for taking breaks? You're not alone. Many women only feel good about themselves when they're accomplishing shit. Especially you perfectionists out there. And there's always a "next time" to get more done. You're tired, but instead of resting, you overeat to keep going. Then gain weight. And feel like crap. So you do more to feel better about yourself... It's a never-ending cycle.  What's the answer? Rest. Rest is essential for weightloss. And I'm not just talking about taking a nap. Today's episode breaks down "The 8 Types of Rest That Are Key to Weightloss." You'll hear: Why rest and self-care are essential for losing weight What real rest does for your body The 8 types of rest, including things you can try today How to start believing you're more than what you do Listen now to get some relief from the cycle of doing. You'll learn that when you allow yourself to rest -- and take actual breaks -- you'll also lose more weight.  This is the stuff we work on in No BS. Taking care of ourselves (even if we feel guilty). Loving ourselves more. Learning how to lose weight in a way that works FOR us. Are you tired of making weightloss another "to do" on your long list?  Become a No BS woman today at
Y'all know I'm an open book. If you've been listening to the podcast recently, you may know I'm in perimenopause. It's the stage right before menopause. And it can start as early as your 30s! 🤯 Now, if you've never heard the term "perimenopause," you're not alone. Women have been kept in the dark about this important stage of life since... well, forever.  We've been told to suffer through terrible sleep, weight gain, night sweats, and mood changes... you name it. The message to women has been, "good fucking luck."  Well, you know me. I'm not going down without a fight. I'm fixin' to learn everything I can about perimenopause and menopause. Today I'm interviewing Dr. Diedra Manns. She's a Doctor of Physical Therapy and menopause health coach. She's also a badass. Dr. Manns survived breast cancer and is dedicated to helping midlife women flourish. In this episode, Dr. Manns shares easy tips to improve the quality of your life during this stage. Especially when it comes to rest. Listen in for:  How hormones impact our bodies, brains, sleep, etc Ways to get better sleep (and exactly what to do if you can't sleep) Why we seem to be hungry all the damn time What exercises to focus on (especially if you're a cardio junky)   Get the Free Course here:   Website: Socials:  IG: @drdiedra FB: @dr.diedra LI: @drdiedra As mentioned on the podcast Blue light filters for devices Link to applying a blue light-blocking filter with a shortcut for iPhones Link to applying a blue light-blocking filter to Android phones Link to applying blue light blocking filter to Mac computers 
Losing weight is easy. Don't agree? Think of all the crazy diets out there. Someone is trying them and losing weight. Maybe even you. Hell, if they gave Olympic medals for losing weight, I would've been the Michael Phelps of weightloss. I lost it over and over with so many diets.  Nothing lasted. Because all those diets were just a bunch of bullshit rules. I didn't change anything except what they told me I "should" eat. The minute I stopped following their rules, I'd gain the weight back. It wasn't until I changed my relationship with food -- and with myself -- that the weight stayed off for good. So, how do you know if your relationship with food is changing? In today's episode, I share five major signs you're improving your relationship with food. And I've experienced every one of them. A few signs might surprise you. Like that you no longer burn your mouth because you "just can't wait" to eat that Hot Pocket right out of the microwave. Or you stop obsessing about what your mother-in-law is thinking when you order food at a restaurant. As your relationship with food improves, you'll free up the time and energy you used to waste stressing about food. And you can spend it working on creating the life you want. Lose up to 2lbs this week - Get the Free Course here:
Today, I'm sharing a sneak peek into a recent class I taught on how to feel in control around food. This episode will help. You'll hear: 3 main reasons you struggle to stop eating when "you know you should" How to stop overeating so you never leave the table thinking, "I blew it again" What healthy eating looks like (It ain't what you think) Now, after listening, you might think, "Wow, this is what I need to hear more often. It would make losing weight so much easier."  The good news? You can! Join my No BS Weightloss Program right now.  You'll immediately get:  The No BS Weightloss Course that makes losing weight simple, easy and long lasting Coaching calls so you can get answers to some of the toughest weightloss questions A community of women to lean on 24/7. (Because let's face it, weightloss feels so lonely.) Head to if you're ready to lose weight today.
Let me set a scene for you. It's 3pm and you're at work. You're tired and can't concentrate, so you reach for a snack. Maybe a soda, too. The snack and soda get you through to the end of the workday, but then you have to start your "second shift:" dinner, dishes, and whatever else comes before bedtime. As you finally crawl into bed, thoughts rush in. You remember the snack and soda were NOT on your plan and you didn't take a walk at lunch like you promised you would. You beat yourself up, thinking... "Why can't I get my shit together and lose weight?" Today on the podcast, Master Certified Life Coach Neill Williams will tell you exactly why: because you're not meant to go-go-go all day, every day. Your body has a natural rhythm and Neill will help you recognize it and work with it to: Stop relying on overeating, Get better sleep, and... Improve your energy levels by up to 30%! If you feel burned out and could use real-life hacks on how to have more energy during the day, check out today's episode. "The Secret to Hacking Your Habits to Reach Your Goals." Get the Free Course here: Connect with Neill here:
Do you ever say asshole things to yourself like: "I should’ve gotten more done today" "I'm never going to get this. I may as well quit" "When I... lose the weight/get a promotion/find a partner... THEN I'll feel good about myself" Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Women are hard on themselves, especially my Gen X ladies who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. If you're over 40, you've had alllll the unrealistic expectations put on you. And you beat yourself up every day for not living up to bullshit outdated rules. During our conversation, we get vulnerable and share our struggles with being hard on ourselves. Katie goes deep on what it really means to give yourself grace in your every day, messy-ass life. We're not talking about becoming a perfect, graceful human being, putting a band-aid over a bad day, or "letting yourself off the hook." Quite the opposite. Giving yourself grace may be the most important thing you do to lose weight faster and easier. And share this episode with the women in your life. I want to help release the pressure on women to be everything to everyone at all times. This perspective on grace has the potential to change their lives. To learn more about Katie Pulsifer, follow her here: Website: IG: FB: LI: Get the Free Course here:
This bonus episode is for all my online coaches and course creators. If you're just here for weightloss, you can skip over this episode, but if you're wantin help on building your online business, this ones for you. Confusing Marketing is Costing You Clients How many of these can you relate to?  I don't know what I should be doing each day to get clients    People don't sign up for my offers    I don't have a marketing strategy - I'm just posting and hoping for clients    When I send emails, nobody is opening or clicking them It's a fact -- If your marketing is the least bit confusing, customers will find someone else to pay. At the No BS Marketing Bootcamp, you'll get a step-by-step plan with easy frameworks to simplify your marketing so you can consistently get clients. Head to to sign up.
I've got a treat for you today -- a full Q+A session with me. I tackle your burning weightloss questions like:  How do I restart?  How do I handle stress eating?  But what if it just tastes so good? How do I stop nighttime cravings?  What is WRONG with me?  How do I move on from regret? In today's podcast, I give you answers the diet industry never will, like: Why it's hard to restart and how to get your ass in gear The real cause of your overeating How to enjoy tasty food without the guilt My surprising hack for overcoming nighttime cravings Understanding you're not broken and what the real problem is How to move on from regretting the choices you made in the past I brought the fire in this episode and there's a shit-ton of good advice for you.  Get the Free Course here:
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Andi-Roo Libecap

I needed this today!

Jun 4th

Andi-Roo Libecap

Confidence is about the past — relying on the knowledge you've gained from experience, with faith based on evidence of how far you've come, learning lessons from every mistake. SELF-Confidence is based on the future — taking a chance and trusting that the risk is worth the outcome, for better or for worse, because you have faith that you'll gain something worthwhile even in the worst case scenario.

Aug 8th

Laura H

I'm surprised that Corrine discourages following any healthy diets, WW in particular. I found her inspirational, including how she went on WW in order to lose the last 25 pounds of her 100 pound weight loss.

Apr 9th

Jennifer Stevens

This is one of her best best podcasts!

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thank you

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Melissa Himel

omg. Will listen to this one over and over. thank you Corrine!!

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Just listening for the 1st time. Want the help and info - but too distracted by the consistent swearing. It’s not necessary, and takes away some integrity in the teaching.

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Who ever shared this with me, thank you for sharing it

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Thanks for this.

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my friend lost a wagon full of weight and led me to Corinne.All that I can say is YAY!!! Phew!!

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sorry I'm on the other side of the spectrum of anger over wasting time talking about the self-righteous, small minded, who want to control, and complain about someone's vocabulary. Ignore them and tell them to F#@k OFF.

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Hey #Corinne my Episode 261 is Titled What to do the day after Thanksgiving 🤷‍♀️ I do notice that your Episode numbers often don't match the content you are referring to. I'm in the UK, is this why?

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I loved everything about your podcast. Thank you for a great start to my day❤ Looking forward to The Challenge!

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I'm huge, been huge for 20 years...and I am scared. I have a daughter with Down Syndrome and she is following my fat pattern. she thinks about food for dinner at BREAKFAST! I've had weightloss surgery rhat I paid for myself and I've still failed. I'm starting with you today. Holy fuck I could cry. Wish my luck...gimme strength to believe in myself and follow "simple". PS I am not hungry right now.

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Louise McAfee

Good Podcast, I will suggest this on my Website

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Corinne, You girls are singing my song. I have been overweight since I was 9 as well. And I believe you and I've worked together at Ivy Tech. I really enjoyed the show today and I'm going to listen to all of them. You girls have put some hope in me that I could actually be this weight. Thank you so much!

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love this teaching

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I'm a professional dogwalker and when the out and about around the neighborhoods I usually listen to Podcast. And I gotta tell you... hands down, This Podcast is great. I'm only a handful of episodes in but I'm already hooked and can totally relate to the real life scenarios

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I’m sad. I had a really hard time understanding Karen.

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Andi-Roo Libecap

Developing self-love is never easy, but it's a lot less difficult when you are provided a safe space to get your shit together. Yes, the work you do to develop a better relationship with your own body is definitely a tough row to hoe, but let's not act like the support of a devoted partner is nothing. I'm sure Corinne would have found a way no matter what, as she is strong-willed and determined, but we aren't all made of the same material, and we don't all have the good fortune to cross paths with that special person who will love us unconditionally. I'm super lucky, and so grateful, my husband is that person for me. I couldn't do the work without him. I feel sure I can't be the only one who needs a partner to push me and pick me up.

May 22nd