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S8E8: Two's Company

S8E8: Two's Company


Erica Spates and Sam Littenberg-Weisberg have been professional television writing partners for 13 years. Together, they’ve co-written dozens of TV episodes, pitched and run their own Netflix series, and even won a couple Emmys. They are also married, which means they understand both the emotional highs of working with your partner and the financial lows – like the ongoing Hollywood writers' strike that's put both of their careers on ice. Email us at
It’s easy to understand why prenuptial agreements get a bad rap. We think of that rich guy, selfishly protecting his assets just in case wife No. 3 doesn’t work out. But it turns out that’s a pretty narrow view. There are plenty of people whose marriages have been made stronger by prenups. For Anne and Nick, it wasn’t a hedge against their marriage falling apart. It was an important gesture of trust. Email us at
S8E6: I Need a Toaster

S8E6: I Need a Toaster


As a food and travel influencer, Anela Malik’s social media feeds used to be full of inviting dishes and beautiful vistas. Then, in the spring of 2023, her posts took a turn: Anela announced tearfully to her many followers that she was getting divorced. It was an emotional hit but also a financial one. Anela was suddenly forced to make a major investment in a whole new life. And yet … it wasn’t all bad. Email us at
A portrait of two daters in their 20s — Jackie in Chicago, and Nick in Washington. Both of them have been on lots of dates; Nick went on 46 last year alone. When you date this much, the expenses add up quickly: drinks, food, hair, parking, Ubers, clothes, and more. So how do they do it? What happens when the bill comes — who pays? And is it all worth it? Email us at *Programming note: The next full episode drops July 11th.*
A story about partnership and compromise, told in two acts. Two working spouses — writer Kara Baskin and psychologist Sadé Soares — talk about how they and their partners have navigated money, ambition, career, and sacrifice. How do people combine finances and lives and priorities without losing out or getting resentful? Email us at
No matter how much you might click with a potential partner, there will always be something you don’t quite see eye-to-eye on. Maybe it's religion. Maybe it’s kids. Sometimes? It’s money. In Vicki's case, she and her girlfriend, Jessica, seemed to be a good match — if they could just get past that one thing. Email us at
Meredith’s childhood friend Justin L. Wilson was standing at a funeral, listening to a eulogy, when he had an epiphany: I’m going to quit my job. This decision to follow his passion took Justin on a journey that involves falling in love. Breakups. Martin Scorsese. Hall & Oates. The Kelly Clarkson Show. And a lesson – very much still-in-progress – about the price of a dream. Email us at
S8E1: Tim's Big Secret

S8E1: Tim's Big Secret


As a 20-something, Alex was determined to “win” at adulthood. And they did. They got a job, responsibly grew their savings, even bought a house. And then Alex met Tim, a kind and smart man who shared their passions, hobbies, and values. But a few years into their marriage, Alex discovered that Tim was carrying a pretty big secret – one that would jeopardize their hard-earned sense of security. Email us at
After years of being told she wasn’t enough – good enough, smart enough, pretty enough – Tooky Kavanagh discovered that, yeah, actually, she was enough. This revelation came in the unlikeliest of places: the basement of a burger place, at a comedy open mic night. For the first time, Tooky could see who she was supposed to be. Email us at
S7E9: From Roz With Love

S7E9: From Roz With Love


Finding and sustaining love takes real work. It takes intention. But we never know when life is going to throw someone important in front of us. Then we’re forced to confront a big question: Is my heart open to love, or is it not? The story of Roz and Ralph is all about that: being open — remaining open — across six decades, multiple states, one bowl of pea soup, and a whole lot of letters. Email us at
S7E8: Heart & Solo

S7E8: Heart & Solo


Pebbles is a well-known morning radio show host in the Boston area. Being happily single has long been part of her brand. But her story – how she came to understand her priorities and know her own heart – is far richer than most people realize. Email us at
There’s a reason Meredith and her friend Kumar hit it off when they first met. Well, two reasons. One, they’re both obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Plus, they both operate with expansive definitions of love, commitment, and partnership. That’s why, when Kumar was going through a major change in his life, Meredith knew just what it felt like. Email us at
Ever since he was young, Jared believed he had to choose between being gay and being Muslim. Because everyone around him was telling him he couldn’t be both. This impossible choice tore Jared apart, up until the day he met a kind, blue-eyed stranger on a park bench. Email us at
S7E5: Ana in Paris

S7E5: Ana in Paris


Ana’s first impression of Paris wasn’t very good. First of all, she was from Mexico. So she didn’t know a lick of French. She also hated the food. But she returned 10 years later and fell in love with the city – and with a tall Frenchman who had kind eyes. This storybook romance came with a cost, though. Email us at
S7E4: Still the One

S7E4: Still the One


Mel and Jay met way back in seventh-grade social studies class. Then in high school, they co-led the Gay Straight Alliance. Mel was straight; Jay was gay. In the years that followed, their love and connection remained durable, even as their relationship took many different forms. Email us at
In 2020, Somerville, Massachusetts became the first municipality in the country allowing polyamorous relationships to qualify for domestic partnership status. Meredith talks to one of the first people to register for the new designation. They discuss what it means – and what it doesn’t. Meredith also talks to a legal expert about the broader social and legal implications of the Somerville ordinance. Email us at
Michaela always craved the kind of life she didn’t have as a kid. She’d find a stable guy, settle down, and start a family. For several years, she seemed to be on her way. But then she discovered that, no matter how clear that original path may have seemed, she ultimately had to build her own. Email us at
All this season, we’ll be telling stories of big changes and how they reshape people’s romantic lives. In the first episode, Meredith shares the story of Bill and Jen, who did that thing many people fantasize about: They quit their day jobs and built a business from scratch. What has this shift meant for their lives – and for their marriage? Email us at
For our final episode of the season, we collaborate with the podcast This Is Dating to bring you the story of Manny, a San Francisco thirty-something who’s been kinda sorta breaking a big relationship rule for 11 years and counting. The one that says: You’ll never get over an ex without making a clean break. Email us at For more on This Is Dating, visit
Yes, Devin Tomb knows that TV isn’t real life. That “Sex and the City” never explicitly promised her anything. And yet, it was hard not to believe in the future the show presented. Devin figured she, too, would have a squad of single women for adventurous nights and opulent brunches well into her 30s. So what happened? Email us at
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McKenna Lynn

Really loved this! This was my introduction to this podcast and I'm so excited to keep listening!

Feb 7th

janaweshra mishra

This is good to believe the best way to have the free fortnite accounts here at

Dec 8th

Lou Dunkling

Incredible, as always 😍

Sep 20th


Some wonderful points made during this episode. There are a couple of things I would have liked to hear about: What are Jia's and your feelings about the laws regarding property and medical decision rights within marriage? If one of them ends up having a catastrophic event (illness, accident), how have they prepared so the partner can have decision-making rights. Do they have power of attorney for each other? The idea of taking a husband's name is indeed old fashioned. So, don't take his name 🤷‍♀️. I guess I felt the episode focused more on why Jia didn't want to conform to the conventions of weddings than simply making it their own. If they don't want to be married, more power to them. But if they do want to be married but don't want to change her name or have a wedding, that's easily surmountable. Thank you for tackling this subject. Rachel VanDemark Longwood, FL

Mar 11th

Heather Edseth

ooh darn I ran out of episodes!!!

Apr 24th

mari arana

That George Michael song is MY breakup song!

Mar 18th
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