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“Let’s just take it day by day.”  “We may not be ‘official,’ but I basically act like your boyfriend. Aren’t actions enough for you?”  “I like you too much to be with you . . .” Any of these sound familiar? Trying to decode the excuses guys give for the reason why they don’t want an exclusive relationship can get incredibly confusing. How is it that you can have great communication with a guy in nearly every area . . . yet when it comes to talking about the relationship, you feel like you’re speaking different languages? For today’s brand-new episode, I asked you to send me the “most confusing thing a guy’s ever said to you,” and you didn’t disappoint.  From classic excuses to creative new ones, you’ll learn how to figure out whether what he’s saying is actually a red flag indicating that he’s just looking for something casual with you, or whether it’s safe to proceed. Together we’ll walk through 9 of the top excuses so you know how to spot them in the future and avoid unnecessary pain. ---   >> HOLIDAY SPECIAL! Unlock 67 Text Messages That Put You in Control & Move Your Life Forward + 4 Special Bonuses → >> FREE download: "9 Texts No Man Can Resist" → >> FREE download: "5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You" →
You're on a date with someone. You're both sharing stories.  He tells you that he plays the guitar. You notice that he seems really proud when he tells you about playing his first gig. Then without missing a moment, you start enthusiastically telling him about your friend who's also in a band, is the best guitarist you've ever seen, and has just released and album. Suddenly, his eyes narrow and he seems emotionally checked out, maybe even less interested. Why? What happened? In this episode with my brother Stephen, I'm going to reveal a simple flirting mistake that is all too easily made, and why it's can be such a turnoff to guys in dating. --- >>> Want to learn more about the psychology of attraction in dating? Download a free chapter of our bestselling program at
There may be few more controversial and divisive topics than that of watching porn in relationships.  For some, it’s cheating. For others, it’s a useful way to balance out differences in sexual appetites. For others still, it can be a fun thing for couples to share and explore sexually together. So in this episode, Matt, Stephen, Audrey and Jameson get together to discuss healthy vs unhealthy attitudes to porn, how to communicate your boundaries around porn in a relationship, and what to do when it becomes something that drives you apart.   ---   Email us! You can in touch with the show and give your feedback/thoughts at --- Follow Matt on Insta @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen on Insta @stephenhhussey ---   FREE download: "9 Texts No Man Can Resist" >> FREE download: "5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You" >>
In the early days of dating, figuring out if someone is actually open to a relationship is key. But what does it mean when you ask them whether they're interested in a committed relationship and they respond, "I could be open to that. . . with the right person"? This sentence can make us feel safe to dive in, but do we really know whether they're truly looking for a relationship. . . or just telling us what we want to hear? In today's episode, I give you three things to look for in those early days to limit the guesswork and know if things are actually progressing toward real commitment. --- FREE download: "9 Texts No Man Can Resist" >> FREE download: "5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You" >>
Compliments are like gifts. In fact, they’re even better, because the right compliment can be something the receiver never forgets. When in a relationship, most people don’t give enough compliments, despite them being so powerful in creating connection and making people feel loved. So here are 3 compliments men love to hear that can get you started! --- ►► FREE download: “9 Texts to Get Any Man” → ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” →  
Have you ever had a guy say things that give you completely mixed messages? Or you've heard a phrase several times and are left scratching your head wondering what it actually means?   You're not alone.   In this episode we asked YOU for your best examples of confusing phrases you've heard from guys and got together to crack the code once and for all!   --- Email us! You can in touch with the show and give your feedback/thoughts at --- Follow Matt on Insta @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen on Insta @stephenhhussey
You felt like the date couldn’t have gone better. They told you they had the best time, and as soon as you got home, you started counting down the minutes until you could see them again . . .  Except you never got that second date. Why would someone disappear after saying they had a really great time? Today’s episode reveals the #1 reason why this happens, and what you can do about it. I’ll give you a hint: chemistry is the key factor that turns a first date into a second one—and in this new video, I show you 7 simple ways to create incredible chemistry on a date. These tips are the difference between someone thinking, “Well, that was nice,” and someone telling themselves, “I must see this person again!” Whether you’re headed out on a first date tonight or just want reignite attraction with someone you’ve already been out with, this video is for you. (And if you’ve ever wondered what to text someone after a date to leave them wanting more, don’t miss tip #7.) --- Download "The Momentum Texts" >> 
Back in ye olden times, the fear that a partner might be cheating was enough to keep someone up at night. But in recent years, we’ve added a new layer of anxiety to the mix: “micro-cheating,” a.k.a. “back burner relationships.”   In fact, when Psychology Today recently polled people who are in a relationship, 56% revealed they had a back burner person: someone they’re in contact with who could be an option if their current relationship doesn’t go the distance.   That’s not to say that everyone realizes what they’re doing. Many feel it’s harmless—that they’re just being friendly and keeping in touch with a friend. Today’s clip will give you a simple test to figure out if you’re in a back burner relationship, and provide you with the mindset you need to give your current one its best shot. --- ►► FREE download: “9 Texts No Man Can Resist” → ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” →
Why are toxic relationships so hard to leave? One reason is because you hold onto the small good moments and fail to acknowledge the extent of the bad.  And when we feel sympathy for someone, this also makes us doubt ourselves. We think "Maybe I'm wrong?", "Maybe I'm being too harsh on this person?", "Maybe it's actually ok?"  In this episode, Matt, Stephen, Audrey and Jameson talk about how to get the courage to let go of a narcissistic or toxic relationship and feel certain in your decision when you keep doubting yourself. --- Email us! You can in touch with the show and give your feedback/thoughts at --- Follow Matt on Insta @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen on Insta @stephenhhussey
Have you ever created an entire relationship in your head before going on a date with someone? Perhaps you’ve been texting with them for weeks and have already deduced they could be “The One,” or maybe you live for the two minutes of conversation you have with them before spin class. And in order to fan the flames of your excitement, you turn into a social media detective, where their posts and information become “compatibility clues” that either build up or tear down the relationship you’ve created in your mind . . .   Unfortunately, living in our heads in this way can turn into obsessing, and render us incapable of feeling excited about anything other than seeing or hearing from that person. In other words, they occupy a space in our minds they’ve not yet earned! In this week’s new video, I share with you the mindsets that can both help and hurt you in dating, as well as the best way to determine if you and this person could really work out. --- LAST CHANCE to join our next Virtual Retreat (November 11th - 13th)! - Claim Your Spot Today at
People always ask how to spot red flags in relationships. But often the red flags are right in front of our eyes - we just choose to ignore them.  In this clip, Matt and Stephen explain why this happens and how you SHOULD respond when the warning signs appear. . . --- ►► FREE download: “3 Secrets To Love” → --- Email us! You can in touch with the show and give your feedback/thoughts at ---  Follow Matt on Insta @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen on Insta @stephenhhussey
In a previous episode, we talked about the struggles dating can pose when women are thinking about their desire for children and their biological clock, and all the associated anxieties that can come with it.  And we had some incredible and thoughtful responses to what is rightfully a very difficult and emotional topic to discuss (but also an essential one). In this episode, we take the conversation further and look at the disparity between men and women in future planning, why freezing your eggs and planning fertility can be its own enormous challenge, and how to think about making decisions about the future you want when you haven't met the right person yet. --- Download my free guides and give your love life a kickstart today!  ►► FREE download: “3 Secrets To Love” → --- Email us! You can in touch with the show and give your feedback/thoughts at ---  Follow Matt on Insta @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen on Insta @stephenhhussey
It’s Halloween time, and for the occasion, in today’s video I talk about what might be the most insidious form of ghosting.  If someone ghosts you after a couple of tepid dates (which doesn’t feel good, don’t get me wrong) you can usually assume they just weren’t feeling the chemistry . . .   But what does it mean when someone pulls away after saying they want to be exclusive, or after texting constantly and telling you they want to see you all the time?  In this brand-new episode, I give you three reasons why someone might do this, what you should do when it happens, and the strange reason why they may choose to ghost but leave the door open. You can’t miss this topic! ►► Protect Your Time & Energy. Move On Strong in Your Love Life. Unlock Your FREE Video Training at . . . →
Ever notice how you completely fall apart when you try to speak to that guy you’re really attracted to? It’s like with your best friends you can be effortlessly funny, talkative, and smart, then suddenly you’re talking to this guy and your brain turns to mush. Then begins the negative self-talk: “I’m not pretty enough,” “I have nothing interesting to say,” “He’s not going to like me.” It’s like you instantly lose all of your game. You go into “impress” mode. You over-analyze everything you say. You get in your head. Instead of just having fun in the moment, you start playing it cautious, like you’re in a game of chess and the stakes are life and death. If you want to finally stop putting guys on a pedestal and instill new empowering beliefs that will make you bring your best to the table (no matter who you’re talking to) listen to this clip before you do anything else... --- ►► FREE download: “9 Texts to Get Any Man” → ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” →
What do you do when you're not attracted to men who want you, and the men you ARE attracted to are unwilling to commit? In life, as we get older, we can find the dating world changing around us. We want different things, we're not as young and carefree as we were in our twenties, and we feel like we want something serious in this phase of our life. In this episode, Matthew, Stephen, Audrey and Jameson go deep on the dilemma of attracting the wrong people when you want to get serious, how to get excited to date again after facing painful life events, and what to do if you're facing the possibility of never finding the love you're looking for. --- Join our next Virtual Retreat (November 11th - 13th)! - Claim Your Spot Today at --- Email us! You can in touch with the show and give your feedback/thoughts at --- Follow Matt on Insta @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen on Insta @stephenhhussey
Do you feel like your brain is wired wrong because despite your better judgment, you’re only attracted to the bad boys or the players? You know . . . you love the idea of a great, stable guy who treats you right, but somehow you’ve become so accustomed to the highs and lows of roller-coaster relationships that you can’t imagine feeling chemistry with such a man. At this point, you may be asking yourself if it’s possible to feel a spark with someone who isn’t always playing games with you . . . In this episode, I’ll give you 3 ways to create real attraction with the right kind of guy . . . because glorifying unavailable people is a recipe for heartbreak, so instead, we can start learning to enjoy healthy attention and find a loving partner. --- Join our next Virtual Retreat (November 11th - 13th)! - Claim Your Spot Today at
The technique I give in this clip shows us how to feel connected to the things we have to do in our day so that we don’t become list-checking zombies with no real joy in our lives. You can use it to be ultra-productive AND happy at the same time.  This technique has become an indispensable part of my daily practice. Perhaps it will for you too. --- Follow Matt on Insta @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen on Insta @stephenhhussey --- Email us! You can get in touch with the show and give your feedback at --- Join our next Virtual Retreat (November 11th - 13th)! - Claim Your Spot Today at
There are certain types of romantic partners who present themselves as having amazing qualities: deep, thoughtful, self-aware, spiritually evolved…   But, can these qualities be just another form of seduction that hides ego and selfishness? What if someone is good at appearing have all the right character traits, but then you find out yourself feeling neglected or hurt when you’re in a relationship with them?   Matt, Steve, Audrey and Jameson talk about how you can get fooled by first impressions, and what to look for to know if someone is actually going to have the traits of a great partner.   ---   Join our next Virtual Retreat (November 11th - 13th)! - Claim Your Spot Today at --- Email us! You can in touch with the show and give your feedback/thoughts at --- Follow Matt on Insta @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen on Insta @stephenhhussey
What can you do when you’re sick of the excuses and deep down want to see them more? Well, you can listen to this brand new Matt Monday, in which I’ll share with you how to avoid the most common mistake in this scenario and finally see some progress. --- Get the Exact Scripts to Communicate Confidently in Dating. Unlock a Chapter from How to Talk to Men for FREE →  
I’ll keep this short. If you’re experiencing any kind of pain right now from a “situation” or a relationship ending, this clip is a must-watch for you today. It could be the pain of having been ghosted . . . It could be the pain of someone you were seeing regularly going cold on you . . . Or it could be the terrible heartbreak of a long-term relationship falling apart when you didn’t want it to end. In this clip, my brother Stephen and I are not merely talking about how to get over your pain, but how to deal with it while you’re still in the middle of it—perhaps even in the worst phase, when it feels like it’ll never go away. I’m here for you. P.S. This video may be the greatest gift you can give a friend or family member who is experiencing this kind of pain right now. Who could you send this to to help them get through the day? --- Follow Matt on Insta @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen on Insta @stephenhhussey --- Email us! You can get in touch with the show and give your feedback at --- Join our next Virtual Retreat (November 11th - 13th)! - Claim Your Spot Today at
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Jessica Pagnan

I think the 'I like you too much so I have to leave' is reflective of both people. The lady lowered her standards (as many do), is dissmissing her intuition and the guy, recognizing that he is the lesser and over-shot way above his quality. He would be exhausted trying to keep up to her level. The pauper and the princess.

Nov 17th

Sabrina Carelli

dam, felt like you were talking to me. 😥💗

Sep 13th
Reply (1)


Love the podcast guys!!! And audery is gorgeous ❤️ she is a great addition

Aug 5th


Love the podcast guys... And loveee audery she is amazing... U got a good one Matt!

Aug 5th

Sh Td

the small talk before the actual content is just excruciatingly long, this time almost 12 minutes!

Jul 18th


hi i m really keen to your podcast , but i m irainian and sometimes i cant understand that what you say , can i ask you if it s possible put transcrip in your podcast for foreigners? thank you so much 🌺🌷🌺🌷🌺

Jun 2nd

Esaruddin Esar


May 30th

Shawn Clark

I really liked this podcast. What you said about men and women being the same in that we're both trying to prove ourselves is true. As a woman, I hardly ever get asked out and am not yet been married. If I were getting asked out all time and no longer single at my age, it would prove that men notice me, that I'm beautiful, desireable and able to get a date. If I don't meet any of those important criteria now, seems like hookups maybe are all I can do.

Feb 22nd

tanya mullen

no women have been and still are shamed for it. Even if they get attacked, they're shamed ie out late, wearing certain clothes, "asking for it".

Feb 12th


i have the same situation as well. but the guy is 28 and he says he loves me, and we have an emotional connection and sexual connection. i understand that we are not yet independent in our careers but i am not asking him to marry me just yet . i just want a commitment that he wants me , he needs me and only wants me. what should i do? what should i understand from this situation?

Jan 31st

Jenny Collard

Matthew, you are such an inspiration! And one of my favorite things you have done is brought your brother on to the show because you guys are so complementary to each other. Thank you so much for everything! I am a loyal listener of about five years now. Keep up the good work guys! PS, I'm a mother of two adult boys and it is so fun listening to you boys and your antics.

Jan 6th

s.ghasem mousvi


Jul 11th

Maryam Chalabi

hi Mathew, about 8 month ago my boyfriend had dumped me and cheated on me with his cousin who was our guest for a while. I am an independent woman and not only was my ex living in my house but also I used to pay all the expenses of our life. After this has happened I've lost my confidence. there are lots of unfinished plan that I can not complete. More over I've lost my dreams . I don't want him back. I am good with being lonely it's ok, but it seems there is nothing interesting out there to encourage me to become creative, happy and feel alive again.

May 28th
Reply (6)

Mozhdeh Mohammadpour

Why I think Mattew is very empathetic, when he speaks. It is like his heart cannot bear that much understanding of others emotions. I can relate to him. I think my heart will explode with loving people. But when I am in a relationship, in which I self-sabotage such that I finish the relationship with scaring them with lots of love. 🤦‍♀️ Then I feel free.

May 23rd

Mozhdeh Mohammadpour

Hi, I think I always intentionally scaring the guys by not mirroring their text and showing more attraction and attention. and when they scared and run away, I take a deep breath and I say to myself OK, finished, good. 😅

May 22nd

Farnaz zangeneh

loooooovely tips💜

Jan 17th

Claire Howdle

I absolutely love this! I'm so tired of people thinking that i am delusional or in denial because I like being single and you Stephen have hit the nail on the head as to why I am so happy ☺ what's the point in making myself unhappy or less happier than I am now, just to settle for someone because it's the societal norm to be in couples 🙄 no thanks 🤣

Dec 1st

Mora Neda

i just wanted to simply thank you for your amazing content that you're sharing all over different social medias.

Sep 6th

parasto ben

you are awsome

Aug 23rd

Nour Hane

I really loved this episode!

Mar 29th
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