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Love and Noraebang

Author: Sonoro | The Mash-Up Americans

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Jaesun, an heir to a Korean chaebol, and Ana, a Mexican American entrepreneur, fall in love in modern day LA. After months of innocent flirting and one passionate karaoke session later, Ana finds out that Jaesun must return to Korea for his two-year military service. And when her business hits an unexpected roadblock, miscommunications ensue. Ana must decide whether she's going to go at it alone or have some faith in her love. Will their relationship survive the distance? Love and Noraebang is the first romcom, K-drama, telenovela podcast series.

An original production from Sonoro and The Mash-Up Americans. Learn more about the show and characters on our website.


Los Angeles / Randall Park
Ana / Francia Raisa
Federica / Ana Gonzalez Bello
Mark / Rafael Torres
Chloe / Julia Cho
Kunwoo / Steve Lim
Jaesun / Justin H. Min
Sookmin / June Yoon


Love and Noraebang is produced by Sonoro and The-Mash Up Americans

Executive Produced by Camila Victoriano and Joshua Weinstein, for Sonoro, and Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer for The Mash-Up Americans

Directed by: Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer 

Written by: Quincy Cho and Anthony Aguilar 

Supervising producer: Sofía de Antuñano

Project Manager: Shelby Sandlin 

Post Production Supervisor: Israel Perez (Peez)

Story editor: Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer

Script Coordinator: Paola Estrada

Casting by: Camila Victoriano, Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer

Audio Engineer: Meni Bulnes

Dialogue Editor: Daniel Padilla

Sound designer and foley artist: Meni Bulnes

Music Editor: Laura Cruz

Orchestration and score: Laura Cruz

Assembly and mixdown: Meni Bulnes 

Original song Underneath the lights  by: Laura Cruz, with vocals by Jen Kwok and additional production by Jen Kwok and Jody Shelton

Mastering: Alex de Winter

Korean Translation Support: Dongwon Oh
11 Episodes
Presenting Love and Noraebang... A Korean chaebol and a Mexican American entrepreneur fall in love in LA, but he must return to Korea for his military service. Will their love survive the distance? Available today exclusively on Apple Podcasts and July 19th on all platforms.
You are listening to the first episode of our new series Love and Noraebang, available today wherever you are listening. | Jaesun Choi, heir to a Korean chaebol, celebrates a huge work win with his cousin Chloe and his besties at Don Dago’s, his favorite Mexican restaurant in LA, where he fancies the cocktails, the mole, AND the owner, the gorgeous and brilliant Ana Campos. Jaesun finally gets the guts to ask Ana out to noraebang — an invitation she’s been waiting months for — and the music and the mics are just the thing to kickstart their romance. But, not everybody is happy about it.
Jaesun and Ana’s whirlwind romance takes them across all the most delicious spots in LA and Mexico City, and Ana finds herself, despite her best efforts, falling in love. Unfortunately, Jaesun’s time in LA is up, and it’s time for him to return to Korea for his military service. Ana leans on her sister, Valentina, and her bestie, Mark, for comfort.
Jaesun reunites with his billionaire business magnate father, Sookmin, who reminds him that their enemies are always watching, especially after his big victory in LA. Meanwhile, Ana gets some confusing and disturbing news about her own business, but she, Valentina and Mark resolve to figure it out together, as they always have.
Jaesun struggles to escape his rich kid reputation in the military. Ana struggles with business debts piling up at home. Neither of them communicate, and the tension threatens to unravel their long distance romance.
Ana finally faces up to the devastating news that Don Dago’s is closing down and breaks the news to her restaurant family. Later, Chloe sees Ana and Mark … in a kiss.
Mark confesses his lifelong love for Ana. Chloe shares what she’s seen with Jaesun. Jaesun confronts Ana, and all the truths they’ve been holding back tumble out.
Ana attempts to clear the air with Chloe, who learns something that may change everything for the future of Don Dago’s — and the future of Ana and Jaesun.
Ana, Valentina, and Mark say goodbye to Don Dago’s, and Mark says goodbye to Ana. Sookmin reveals the villain that has been masterminding things all along. Chloe presents the sisters with an opportunity of a lifetime — and the Campos sisters head to Seoul.
Chloe shows the girls around Seoul, and Ana gains a deeper understanding of the man she loves while Valentina lives her kpop fantasies. Jaesun returns home from the army to the biggest surprise of his life.
Ana and Jaesun have the heart to heart they’ve been waiting months to have. And we find ourselves back where it all started — the noraebang.
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boystrong1004 eddy

The love story is thrilling and extremely fascinating, I will share this with my friends lol beans

Sep 24th

Mana GD

It's great! All speakers speak cleary, so it is useful to improve English. Both for beginners and intermediate.

Sep 5th

Meta Nunprapa สล็อต เว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ไม่มีขั้นต่ํา วอเลท

Aug 19th

Wiley Walters

I feel like you were made for this genre! Great song choice!

Aug 18th
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Ralph Conway

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Aug 2nd

Sheila Marquez

this novela is awesome!!! From the minute I heard the first episode all of the sudden It felt like I was part of the novela...

Jul 25th


Awfull !!

Jul 24th

Laiba Malik

thankyou for sharing, we ediconsulting really enjoyed it!!

Jul 18th
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