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Author: Stitcher & Claire Fallon, Emma Gray

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A snarky but affectionate dissection of the love we see on-screen – and what it says about all of us. Hosted by culture critics Emma Gray and Claire Fallon, Love To See It is a weekly podcast that recaps reality dating shows like “The Bachelor” and revisits the romantic movies that shape the way we date and love today. We laugh, we cry, we break down every juicy detail and unpack all the weird messages that pop culture sends us about love, sex, and dating.
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The Bachelorette is back and the Jenn-ergy is palpable! The men are arriving at the new mansion with all kinds of limo exits from balloon harnesses, fancy cars, face bandages, and plenty of shots. Jenn’s looking for a fiery, ruthless, reckless love. Are any of these men up to the task?
It’s time to gear up for Jenn’s season of The Bachelorette with a deep dive into her men! The boy bosses are coming in force this season with plenty of finance bros and entrepreneurs. Let’s hope Jenn is looking for a guy in finance!
Some films age well, others age poorly. This one ages… confusingly? Today we’re breaking down She’s The Man which somehow feels both ahead of its time and wildly outdated. But that just means there’s a lot to unpack! Joining us today is actor and friend of the pod Erin Darke!
Nothing quite says Perfect Match like five reality TV couples trying to convince us that they’re in love… right before breaking up a few weeks later. While this cast might not be the best at finding love, they are really great at stirring up drama! This finale kept things exciting all the way to the end, when Netflix came prepared with receipts. Justice for Melinda!
Only days left to find the perfect match! We’re down to women yelling at each other… about the fact that they’re yelling at each other… over mediocre men.
When you’re titling your outfit things like the Keep Her Man 3000, you know it’s getting serious! The ladies are really putting in the work to keep their matches and the men are… actively sabotaging those same matches? Look, it’s messy and dramatic, but that’s why we love it.
Perfect Match is back! The cross-franchise show brings together Netflix’s reality stars to remind us just how awful these men are. Will anyone find their perfect match? Maybe! But either way, we’re here for the ride!
Surprise! The final three episodes of Lovers & Liars dropped last week which means we have a super-sized episode recapping the end of the season, including the unexpectedly heartfelt finale. Plus, we’ll check in on the latest news & gossip from Bachelor Nation.
Lovers & Liars is bringing answers! Who’s an F-girl? Who’s looking for love? The pieces are coming together as we get our first couple of reveals, all guided by reality TV’s best faux therapist, Nikki Glaser. Plus, we’ll take a look at Jenn’s first Bachelorette teaser and check in on Ryan Sutter’s cryptic Instagram posts.1:59 - News & Gossip26:20 – Lovers & Liars1:06:23 - Final Rose
Throw on Sarah McLachlan! It’s time to dive into the central couple of the hit TV series Felicity. Felicity Porter moves to New York to follow her crush, Ben Covington. Over the next four seasons, the two get together, break up, get back together, and become involved in numerous love triangles, all while learning about making choices in life. Oh, and did we mention there’s time travel? Helping us navigate the twist and turns is the host of Dear Felicity, Juliet Litman!
After months of speculation, we finally have our first Golden Bachelorette, Joan! But that’s not the only news & gossip. We have updates on Maria, Daisy, and the Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 reunion. Then, we’ll cap it all off with Lovers & Liars where it’s always the guys getting dunked.2:32 - News & Gossip29:34 - Farmer Wants a Wife Reunion45:29 - Lovers & Liars1:29:40 - Final Rose
Who knew fields and relationships had so much overlap? Not only was the Farmer Wants a Wife finale last week, but an absurd rumor is flying around that Gerry and Theresa split due to conflicting thoughts on corn fields. Big week for farm land! Plus, Lovers and Liars tries to find some F-girls by exploring their social media.2:25 - News & Gossip30:37 - Lovers & Liars1:03:12 - Farmer Wants a Wife1:44:53  - Final Rose
If Anne Hathaway is involved, we’re on board! Today, we’re looking at a recent rom-com that we just can’t get enough of. The Idea of You stars Anne Hathaway as a 40-year-old L.A. mom in a steamy love affair with a 24-year-old boy band front man. Of course, things can get really complicated with age gaps, fame, and the responsibilities of parenthood. We’ll also discuss the original book and some of the key differences between the two – including the ending. To help us along the way is author Alison Rose Greenberg! 
Reality dating shows are full of drama– that’s part of the reason we love them! But while it can be entertaining to watch, living through it is a totally different experience. Today, Madina Alam joins us to talk all about her time on Joey’s season of The Bachelor, including being stuck in the middle of the Maria-Sydney drama. We’ll also touch on the latest news & gossip and wrap up with the latest episode of Lovers & Liars!1:45 - News & Gossip37:15 - Madina Alam Interview59:57 - Lovers & Liars1:22:56  - Final Rose
Nick Viall and Natalie Joy got married this weekend! Emma was in attendance, and she’ll be filling us in on the whole event, from the wide variety of reality stars to the cowboy hats and mechanical bull. Of course, the farm fun doesn’t stop there! We’ll also be checking in on Farmer Wants a Wife and the latest from Lovers & Liars.1:46 – News & Gossip: Nick & Natalie’s Wedding23:19  – Lovers & Liars1:08:31 – Farmer Wants a Wife1:31:08 – Final Rose
Some of our favorite Bachelor alums are back in the reality game! Going Home with Tyler Cameron features the former contestant and some of his Bachelor friends renovating houses in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. Then, Patti Stanger: Matchmaker brings Nick Viall to help non-millionaires find love.1:48 – News & Gossip17:37 – Going Home with Tyler Cameron51:54 – Patti Stanger: Matchmaker1:20:33 – Final Rose
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were such an impactful pair, the celebrity couple portmanteau was invented just to capture their relationship. The story of Bennifer is one straight out of a rom-com. After a high-profile engagement, break up, other marriages, and kids, they found their way back to each other for a classic second chance romance. Most recently, J. Lo’s multimedia projects This Is Me… Now and The Greatest Love Story Never Told shed a new light on the couple’s dynamic. Joining us to discuss all the iterations of Bennifer are co-hosts of Even The Rich, Brooke Siffrinn & Aricia Skidmore-Williams!5:20 – Timeline Recap46:40 – Conversation with Brooke Siffrinn & Aricia Skidmore-Williams1:31:45 – Tropes & Recommendations  
Well, Bachelor Nation’s favorite (and only) Golden couple are calling it quits. This week, we’re discussing Gerry and Theresa’s recent announcement, the premiere of the F-Boy Island spin-off Lovers & Liars, and the reverse Bachelor-trauma dump on last week’s episode of Farmer Wants a Wife.1:41 - News & Gossip26:04 - Lovers & Liars first impressions1:03:46 - Farmer Wants a Wife1:30:22 - Teaser Time1:31:24 - Final Rose
While we were busy covering the latest season of The Bachelor, Reality Dating TV has soldiered on to give us two wildly different shows: Couple to Throuple and Farmer Wants A Wife. Join us as we check in on the latest from these two series! Plus, we cover the latest Bachelor News & Gossip, including Joey’s unhinged appearance on 9-1-1. 1:50 - News & Gossip16:00 - Couple to Throuple1:09:15 - Farmer Wants a Wife1:36:15 - Teaser Time1:39:43 - Final Rose
With Joey’s season wrapped it’s time to take stock of Bachelor Nation! There are new couples, new babies, and a new Bachelor Mansion! In this episode we discuss… Joey & Kelsey’s post-finale interviewsJenn’s upcoming season of The BacheloretteASKN falling outSusie & Justin’s relationship launchPlus, plenty of other updates from Bachelor alumni!
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Leslie Quinones

I think Kelsey A looks like Rebecca Romijn.

Mar 5th

yaara gerchman

I love how every conversation you have about nick ends with 'Nickk..'

Aug 19th

Julia Terry

I think you two are the funniest and most real too. I choose your Bachelor podcast first, before any of the others.

Apr 4th
Reply (1)

Jackie Harris

Obsessed with this show!! I love watching reality TV through a race informed, critical viewpoint. This show delves into the sociological implications of the Bachelor franchise and it's fascinating. Been listening for four years and won't stop anytime soon!

Jun 11th

Kathleen F

Taking yourselves way too seriously! I totally agree about the need for diversity etc but holy cow. Say what needs to be said then MOVE ON. When I want that kind of commentary I'll go to places like NPR. I come to The Bachelor for brainless fun.

Dec 8th

Ann Kavanagh

I think you need to change the name of your show. I am looking for recaps ..not feminist I the only one?

Nov 5th

Kathleen F

The first half of this interview was great! While it was cool to hear from her, the portion with LeNease could've been way shorter.

Jul 14th

julie mckenna

I agree with some of the other more recent posts. I know you might have to review these shows for you career but it seems lately you watch more for all the ways to point out your platforms than for the entertainment. and there doesnt seem to be any enjoyment. sometimes it is ok to allow a show to be for heterosexual dating. especially since it seems to be pointing out just how off track it has become. maybe some good comes from these shows. and if even some people learn communication dos and don'ts from watching its could be slightly helpful. also, its ok for a heterosexual man or woman to want to find a realtionship and even marriage with another heterosexual. I believe that you both, as well as some of the people you have on your show, are in committed relationships. as a woman we should be free to make choices even if that is choosing to stay home with their children if it is an option and shouldnt be seen as less than.

Mar 1st

Ann Kavanagh

like your show but you spent sooo long talking about feminism...yes this season is horrible but....

Jan 25th
Reply (1)

Jaime Lester

I get what yall are trying to do, but yall take it too far sometimes. Saying someone's hair is great, who HAS AMAZING HAIR, isnt racist. Not every dang word that comes out of someone's mouth is racist. Chill on the racism, feminism before you scew too far, then lose the goodness of what you are trying to do

Dec 24th


OMG, please stop saying "like". You can't be taken seriously if you use that word in every sentence.

Aug 30th

Jess Javier

Nick is so annoying.

Sep 6th

Leslie Quinones

pretty sure he said wanker.

Jun 5th

Dani Kock

"The friendzone isn't a real thing." 😂👏👏👏

Jun 1st

Kickboxerhitstar Baam Baam Sedam

eease all media

May 18th