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In the cutthroat world of professional classical music, Eric Abramovitz was headed toward a shining career. Until something — or someone — got in the way. We’re revisiting this episode from our first season with an update about where Abramovitz is now. 
We have a special treat for you today! We’re sharing an episode of the new podcast from APM Studios and Chalk + Blade called “Tiny Huge Decisions.” This is a story about two best friends, Mohsin and Dalia, as they make a life-changing decision: Will Dalia be the gestational surrogate for Mohsin and his husband? It’s emotional, intimate and more than a little complicated. Here’s Episode 1!   Subscribe to “Tiny Huge Decisions” now to listen to the whole season.
You’re heartbroken. You just got out of a relationship, and now you have to figure out who you are and what you want as this newly single you. But that can be expensive. This week on This is Uncomfortable, one woman’s unique way of coping, plus listeners give us a glimpse into their post-breakup splurges.
This is Uncomfortable wants your help: What question would you ask a financial therapist?    How can I stop feeling guilty about spending money? How do I start a hard conversation with my partner about debt? How can I talk to my friends about the difference in our salaries? Whatever your question is, send it our way. Reema’s going to sit down with a financial therapist and get you some answers.    Send us a voice memo at or call us at ‪(347) 746-4848‬.
What does a wedding cost? In this episode, our friends at “Death, Sex & Money” share what their listeners are paying to tie the knot — from one couple’s micro-wedding that left family members questioning why they weren’t invited to a surprise potluck wedding in the backyard. 
A better life

A better life


When Susan was a teenager, she set out to find answers about her birth parents. As an adoptee, she longed to know where she came from. When she eventually reunited with her birth parents as a teenager, she thought she’d finally feel at peace. She couldn’t have known that many years later, she’d find herself in a very similar position, only this time longing for her own child. We follow Susan’s deeply personal story, taking a look at the interplay of money and adoption, and how history can have a way of repeating itself. Get even more Uncomfortable by subscribing to our newsletter.
Who can you trust with your money? Your parents? Your spouse? Or do you really need to keep control every step of the way? This week on the show, two stories of what happens when people don’t have control of their own finances. Sally, a 79-year-old listener, wrote to us about an experience with her second husband that still haunts her to this day. And we revisit a previous guest on the show, Hayli McKnight, who told us back in season one about the time her father spent her college savings. It turns out, Hayli’s finances have only gotten more complicated since we last spoke, and not just because of her dad.  
Reality (TV) bites

Reality (TV) bites


When reality dating fans tune into their favorite shows like “The Bachelor,” they expect to see dramatic rejections, hateable villains—all the staple elements of the genre. These formulas keep audiences watching and keep the money rolling in for TV networks. And for a relatively small price—networks don’t have to pay teams of writers, and sometimes they don’t even pay the cast. But while corporations profit, there is a hidden cost for the people who make these shows so entertaining. On this episode, we’ll hear about the long-term costs of making reality dating shows from Nadia Jagessar, a contestant on “Indian Matchmaking,” as well as former “Bachelor” producers Jazzy Collins and Michael Carroll. 
This week, we’re sharing an episode from one of our favorite podcasts, “Bodies,” a medical documentary series. In the fall of 2021, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first treatment for achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. But not everyone is celebrating. This controversial treatment is forcing parents of children with achondroplasia to grapple with an age-old question: What’s best for my child?
What do you do when you find money? What if we’re talking about a lot of money? “This Is Uncomfortable” joins up with “Snap Judgment” to explore the ethics of finders-keepers.  To get even more Uncomfortable, subscribe to our newsletter.
When Kate Beaton graduated college, she had exactly one goal: get rid of her student debt as fast as possible. The goal took priority over everything else in her life, including the dream of trying to make it as an artist. But when she decided to take a job in the oil sands of Alberta, Canada, she didn’t know she would be entering a workplace that was a world of its own, where the ordinary rules of society would not always apply. 
We follow up with a listener and former guest who wrote to us about her struggle with class anxiety during our first season. We’ll also share an excerpt of Marketplace’s latest podcast, “Financially Inclined,” featuring an interview with Reema discussing emotions around money.
Matt knew from a young age that he was kinky and submissive, but he never understood the appeal of financial submission … until he tried it for himself. Give now to support “This Is Uncomfortable” during our May fundraiser.
The cost of secrets

The cost of secrets


For years, Quinn held onto a terrible secret. It took a huge toll not just on their mental health, but also on their career trajectory and financial life. When Quinn learns they aren’t alone with this secret, it leads them down an astonishing path they never could have imagined. Content warning: This episode deals with issues of grooming and sexual abuse. We hope our listeners take care while tuning in. Give now to support “This Is Uncomfortable” during our May fundraiser.
The price of eggs

The price of eggs


When Ashleigh was a freshman in college, she saw a flier: earn up to $10,000 by selling your eggs. She thought, “Sure, I could use the money!” Her decision to sell her eggs set her on a journey that would define the next ten years of her life. And it would fundamentally change the way she thought about starting her own family. Give now to support “This Is Uncomfortable” during our May fundraiser.
“This Is Uncomfortable” is back for its eighth season on May 18. This season, we’re exploring how secrets shape our financial lives — the secrets we keep and the secrets we want to know. We’ll look at how those secrets take a toll, from the traumas we hold on to, to the price we’ll pay to learn the truth. Listen to the trailer, and follow “This Is Uncomfortable” wherever you get podcasts. And to get even more Uncomfortable during the season, sign up for our newsletter. Each Friday morning, we’ll bring you a note from host Reema Khrais, new stories from listeners, tough money questions and recommendations from our team. Here’s the latest issue. Give now to support “This Is Uncomfortable” during our May fundraiser.
Wife Strike

Wife Strike


Fed up with her husband not doing his part around the house, Jalie Gil decided to go on strike and document it all on TikTok. When the strike went viral, her private struggle for equitable housework became something of a reality show. Jalie updated every day, and viewers cheered her on from the virtual picket line. But in the real world, her marriage was being pushed to its breaking point. This week: How Jalie’s strike transformed her marriage and her world view.   This episode was reported by Reema Khrais, produced by Alice Wilder, edited by Laura Mayer and engineered by Drew Jostad. 
Marriage is all about beginnings, but staying married can often depend on how well two people adapt to change. The changes for Taylor and Gavin have been constant in the 14 years since they said, “I do.” There have been struggles and arguments over money, or the lack thereof. But even when money’s been the problem, having more of it hasn’t always been the solution. This week, we’ll hear the story of how they held things together and what they expect from each other when the unexpected keeps happening. This episode was reported by Reema Khrais, produced by Marque Greene, edited by Karen Duffin and engineered by Drew Jostad.
“Life Kit” host Marielle Segarra asks friends and family for advice on how to overcome her new-job jitters, meet new colleagues at NPR and stay confident. “Life Kit” was produced by Summer Thomad.
Bait & switch

Bait & switch


How far would you go to right a wrong? When Kari meets a nice man on a dating site, it feels like a dream come true. But when the relationship turns into more than she bargained for — she sets off on a crime-fighting quest that forces her to reevaluate her world and herself. This episode was reported and produced by Peter Balonon-Rosen, edited by Karen Duffin and engineered by Drew Jostad.
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Lamont Peterson

Carrie is the level headed one here. Bringing a kid into this world without a financial safety net is insane.

Aug 4th

Benjamin Lyon

Another great show. Appreciate the great info as always. Would be nice if Kai didn't talk over his co-host as often. LET HER TALK MAN! Just a little suggestion for how to keep improving the show. Cheers!

Jan 12th

Traveling Cello

Just eat vegan. Problem solved.

Dec 12th


If everyone would drive electric cars and install solar panels the way Elon Musk wants everyone to do, this would go a long way towards the US's energy independence. ☺️

Sep 12th

Bridget Collins

What state is Kai traveling in where he thinks the rest stops are gross? NJ, CT, MA & PA all have rest stops with clean bathrooms except immediately after a collection of buses - and someone is usually cleaning.

Jul 10th
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